Posted on December 7, 2007

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Free Money 20:46:35
Paul Beats McCain in Iowa; MSNBC/NW Censors Own Poll 19:10:25
Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul 18:01:24
The Blimp Will Fly! 17:51:38
Ron Paul: A True American Underdog 16:30:38
Media Money Donations Push Ends Friday the 14th 12:47:46
Ron Paul's Roots - The Nation 11:30:13
The Primaries are Coming! - ANNOUNCING!!! - National Canvassing Kickoff 04:56:45
Las Vegas I.R.S. Tea Party '07 and PAUL-a-Palooza 11:30:14
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This REALLY annoys me! 23:53:15
Cellphones Challenge Poll Sampling -- NYT today 23:52:48
National Caucus Results - 23:52:07
On Being My Brother's Keeper 23:50:15
Rush 23:40:57
Ron Paul on Natrual Disasters, Forest fires/Hurricanes/Katrina 23:36:10
The Philosophy of Liberty and Jonathan Gullible 23:33:37
Ron Paul on "NOW" on PBS 23:30:56
Jedi Ron to the Rescue. Beware Darth Hilary 23:28:47
Help Me... I got a live one! 23:13:25
Huckabee Misses Filing Date; Still Gets On Illinois Ballot? 23:03:00
West virginia delegates 22:58:43
Hey why can't I log in for some reason 22:54:15
The Blimp 22:46:19
ENSURING OUR VOTES COUNT AT THE BOX- a couple ideas!! Feedback, or let's get on it.... 22:46:08
Question for all you Free Market whizzes 22:37:36
3rd of 7 adds now complete from operationnh--jeremiah black 22:32:46
We need a Teaparty07 video that will make it to Number 1 on youtube! 22:26:13
National Republican Primary Poll says Paul not mentioned 22:23:12
The Blimp is pure genius! 22:18:47
Hannity + Colmes: Ron Paul 3rd in Iowa 22:16:49
Slander piece in college newspaper 22:14:56
THIS Is Why We Are Here 22:11:03
Ron Paul on NOW next week 22:09:47
Club for Growth says it's taking its anti-Huckabee ad national on FOX News etc. 22:06:57
Giuliani Gets Exposed As Fraud by Firefighters 22:03:21
Grassfire Poll 21:57:59
Ron Paul Unplugged > John Stossel Interviews Ron Paul. 1 of 6 parts only on the web 21:26:02
Second place: Texas Rep. Ron Paul, 23 percent (73 votes). No, that's not a typo. 21:24:31
Alice's restaurant.. the anti war hymn 21:20:08
Ron Paul Journal LIVE Broadcast - Now 21:06:04
"[The] ron paul people are all over the country." 21:03:06
The Human Side of... Glenn Beck?? 21:02:32
Pat Buchanon has a link to Ron Paul on his web site Plus a video 20:54:18
What Ron Paul Has Done For Me 20:46:17
NEW AD 20:45:50
Tucker on Blimp Video 20:42:46
Fair Poll Project 20:19:40
Has anyone alerted the local media along the blimp's flight plan route? 20:19:39
Blimp on CNN - Video 20:19:36
I'm sure if we had all donated to 20:04:09
Ron Paul interview with poll 20:03:53
Sorry rpcallblits, atvdude et al 19:59:08
When will the Blimp launch? 19:58:54
Wolf Blitzer covered the BLIMP once again!!!!!!!! 19:57:07
Ron Paul for TIME Person Of The Year! 19:56:24
Letters to your Senators about H.R. 1959 19:51:20
TUCKER JUST ENDORSED RON PAUL! (kinda, sorta, did, not, maybe, will, has, can't, would like too, shouldn't, should, doh! ) 19:43:33
Blimp making more Washington Post... 19:36:27
Blimp coverage on tucker...... 19:34:00
Please Digg Best Ron Paul Videos 19:33:49
Tucker is gonna mention the blimp and find out if its legal 19:33:07
Ron Paul on the sub-prime mortgage crunch... 19:31:38
Blimp Story on CNN with Wolf Blitzer 19:28:26
Faux News-Blimp coming up 19:26:59
Fox News Special Report about to cover blimp 19:26:37
A pick-me-up for ALL ...... 19:25:50
Nationwide House Parties 19:24:24
Nationwide House Parties 19:23:48
New Hampshire Independent Media Center not having a very good day. 19:22:15
Ron Paul Says: Sound Money is the Answer 19:20:49
New Video idea 19:20:24
Waht do people think about Oprah and Bill Clinton throwing there names around 19:19:52
Chris Dodd on CNN SITUATION ROOM taking just like Ron Paul 19:18:24
MSNBC blatantly ignores Ron Paul. 19:16:41
Help With Catchy Ron Paul Christmas Song 19:15:58
21 Academics Support Ron Paul 19:15:18
CNN breaking Newsweek Poll. 19:14:45
Check this article out... 19:12:07
Tea Party bash in Hollywood, FREE 19:11:34
Blimp Just Mentioned On Tucker. You Won't Believe How He Contrasted Rudy, More to Come. TUNE IN! 19:03:39
Does anyone know when the next Republican Debate is? 19:02:17
RP needs help in DC 18:59:08
What is your favorite Ron Paul Video? 18:50:22
Tea Party: Only Eight Days Remaining - Make Sure and Pledge Before Time Runs Out 18:50:12
An Ideological Interlude on Historical Perspective 18:49:15
What's on the front of my Jeep? 18:48:07
Does anyone know who the Westboro Baptist Church endorsed yet 18:44:17
Hm.. they just raised the price on the Blimp 18:41:05
My Apologies to Trevor Lyman 18:31:47
85% of DailyPaulers Have Never Voted in a Primary (early results) 18:17:40
"Ron Paul - Underdog" moving up Digg 18:16:48
FL Straw Poll Video...Rigged 18:06:29
CNN mentioned the amount of Military ,family and so on 18:01:33
Seen on Craigslist 17:53:02
Ron Paul in 1st Place in West Virgina Delegates 17:46:11
Ron Paul Blimp on CNN's Situation Room, coming up!!!!!!!!!!! 17:41:04
Ron Paul Item Coming Up on Situation Room (CNN) 17:40:38
Ron Paul vs. The Christian Right 17:38:35
New to Daily Paul Forums 17:36:43
Hillary Clinton about sub-prime mortgages 17:26:57
Nice Article on Ron Paul's Accomplishments 17:24:43
FREE BUMPER STICKERS!! Good Idea or Not? 17:24:32
"Ron Paul blimp charts unprecedented course"...... 17:18:38
50k challenge for tv ads in iowa 17:13:42
Going Door to Door vs. Hanging Slim Jims 17:12:26
3000 dollars already lets get to 15k today and flood iowa with ron paul 17:05:48
Vote in this poll and watch the Awesome video! 16:54:21
A personal account of why Ron Paul is a great man.... 16:54:04
Would anybody like to feature this video in a blog? 16:53:27
Look Mortal....Look upon The Mask of Medusa! 16:53:24
My Open Letter to the View 16:44:01
Countdown to President Ron Paul 16:38:04
James Kotecki for VP? 16:34:44
Dump Flyers for Legit Landscaping Companies on Romney's Estate 16:32:55
Veterans for Ron Paul 16:24:06
Yet Another Superhighway Denial 16:22:46
Dump Monopoly Money on the Federal Reserve 16:21:19
WIFI Revolution Call to arms 16:17:44
Pearl Harbor 16:16:40
Tactics to use in Door to Door campaigning? 16:16:37
Why Dr. Paul? Truth still matters > Nice write-up 16:15:57
House party ideas for Dec. 16th 16:13:09
UPDATE!! Please help me help this person understand. 16:11:14
AOL article on the blimp 16:09:17
Sign up for the Teaparty Today and Donate Whatever You Can on the 16th 16:00:10
Media Blackout/Negative Coverge Of Ron Paul a Blessing in Disguise. 15:55:23
Tea party myspace profile?? 15:51:55
Harpers Magazine on "What’s driving the movement for Ron Paul?" 15:46:54
Huckabee money oddly tracking RP's 15:45:05
Quarterly GROWTH!! 15:43:10
Who are Ron Paul supporters! a poem 15:41:02
Newsweek: Interview with Ron Paul (new) 15:29:05
The “Blimpin’ Coffee Party 07” 15:27:32
NH Straw Poll (12/13/2007)! 15:23:09
Supporters Pump Ron Paul Full of Hot Air 15:19:56
Now that we have our Blimp, what should we do with it? 15:15:41
even Univision is censoring Ron Paul 15:11:35
I hear that train a comin'-----The Ron Pauler Express! 15:10:41
Local Virginia newspaper just called me about Ron Paul! 14:59:02
Voting in the Primaries Help 14:58:02
Dump Tea into Harbor from Blimp 14:57:39
Ron Paul on Fox News Business 14:48:59
Hijacking the Campaign 14:47:02
Creating News for Ron Paul 14:45:44
I already put the following in a thread about the blimp 14:38:29
Been to lately ?? 14:34:10
Are You A Primary Virgin? 14:33:15
Loneliness of Long-Distance Ron Paul 14:30:30
Pimping the blimp! 14:05:05
Mark Levin's invitation to the Boston Tea Party 14:01:41
Wasn't another candidate 13:55:46
Moneybomb #9 starts at 1 p.m. Eastern time today 13:55:31
Biased Polling 13:52:02
Tea from Ron Paul (Good PR)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13:49:32
The Tipping Point 13:48:16
New Article in San Antonio Express-News 13:45:06
Nationwide canvassing results -- The numbers are climbing! 13:40:33
Just recieved my NRA straw poll ballot... 13:39:56
Just what is wrong with Huckabee 13:39:43
The military complex gets another 10 billion 13:39:01
Shmuckabee ads on dailypaul??? 13:34:16
Council On Foreign Relations Interview with John McCain 13:30:40
Ron Paul DONATIONS NEEDED!!! Tea Party Will Take Care of Itself!! 13:23:25
The official campaign should publish its own polls 13:21:45
Real Time Nation Wide Canvassing Results 13:20:06
Newsweek part 2, Howard Fineman and Ron Paul 13:18:33
My Mom's getting Political 13:17:59
Interesting Idea from this blogger 13:17:22
Blimp Is doing it's job - Already! 13:14:52
But What About Israel? 13:14:02
Newsweek has went too far. 13:11:58
The msg on the blimp 13:09:59
Really good article on heath care freedom. 13:08:50
Led Zeppelin / Ron Paul Blimp 13:02:02
Keith Olbermann rips into Bush 13:01:24
Chuck Baldwin Speaks Truth For Christians 13:00:03
Anyone know of printable Ron Paul fliers??? 12:59:49
Long Island Iced Tea Party 12:56:12
Forget the Blimp. A RON PAUL TANK! 12:54:16
Massive News Coverage of Blimp Already 12:47:49
A Great Book That Supports Ron Pauls Foreign Policy 12:41:39
Michigan Getting Love 12:41:23
The Blimp is flying, for sure 12:38:28
New Website Dedicated To Keeping Media Honest 12:34:48
blimp news article 12:33:00
Great article about the blimp and a poll for Ron Paul 12:26:41
Christians4RonPaul 12:16:49
New Song Lyrics - Ronny B. Goode! 12:16:35
Expect Media Coverage 12:15:44
Blimp will fly! It just reached $200,000! 12:14:57
Healthcare Solutions 12:14:21
'Twas The Night Before Christmas...... 12:12:48
"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." The Blimp 12:04:32
Ron Paul the Freedom Fighter (Rudolph song) 11:58:08
Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Has a Blimp - Reuters 11:47:22
Neo Con Policy: Idiotic or Evil? 11:46:36
New York Delegate Registration Deadline is Today Dec. 7th 11:36:13
Great ABC News story on the blimp 11:31:54
Rampant speculation by insiders on RP surprise in Iowa! 11:31:50
Ron Paul? You Know for the Christians! 11:30:32
Are we contributing to the Competition? 11:29:00
Gold standard and Ron Paul on Marketplace NPR 11:27:26
Reuters: New Strategic Vision (R) Poll Shows Iowa Republicans Still Want Withdrawal from Iraq 11:26:48
Ron Paul 3rd in Iowa Independent Power Rankings 11:23:46
Front Page AOL Blimp Story and Poll 11:23:20
Excellent Article on Ron Paul 11:17:48
Another Obama Defection 11:15:09
Congrats to the Ron Paul Blimp!!! 11:12:17
New Website: Best Ron Paul Videos 11:11:46
bunny ranch on Sirius 11:08:41
Huckleberries camera presence 11:06:48
Ron Paul Speech About HR 1955 "Homegrown Terrorism" 11:04:04
Great Positive Article - and a Poll we are losing! Run, Ron Paul, Run! 10:57:53
California Mayor endorses Ron Paul 10:50:32
Ron in 2009 - Fabulous Photo! 10:45:39
We've Only Scratched The Surface of Internet Support - Please Read! Very Important! 10:45:19
Ron Paul 3rd in Iowa!!!! 10:45:14
Huge Ron Paul Sign over Interstate Highway 10:36:28
How do the primaries work? 10:34:39
Ron Paul Is Captain America 10:33:35
about to be on c-span 10:21:58
LA Times / Military and their families lose faith in Bush / Iraq War 10:17:34
Don't think we can actually cut billions? 10:12:19
the MSM is all over the Blimp!!!! YEAH! 10:07:07
Buying our own Poll 10:03:42
Ron Paul #1 in West Virginia Republican Delegate Race! 09:50:48
Pass it around while its still hot... 09:50:00
For People That Support The War(s) 09:49:38
Today is the day! 09:37:49
Less than $10,000! 09:37:13
Reuters, ABCnews: Ron Paul Blimp! 09:28:01
Costa Mesa mayor says he’ll endorse Ron Paul 09:17:37
call bill press 09:12:42
Anyone interested in C-span open phones NOW 8am? 09:03:49
DVD of Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin in Iowa project 09:02:13
Yard Sign Recycling 08:57:19
A constituency of 46+ million...we need speakers of Spanish 08:50:42
MSNBC Swooning over Romney 08:45:43
Romney supporters voted multiple times at the San Diego straw poll 08:35:54
Military Families Question Iraq War as Support for Bush Slips - Bloomberg News 08:27:19
$14530 to go 08:19:43
Ron Paul Campaign on Fox Business Network this morning 08:16:50
Kent Synder from RP campaign on Fox Biz now 08:16:30
Name mix up 08:05:12
Campaign having trouble spending all the money?? 07:50:10
30 min mainstream media time 07:31:22
How about an OC chopper 06:39:09
Global Ad Posting 06:17:50
Every candidate is shooting themselves in the foot 06:14:58
Huckabee: Force Behind My Rise in Polls Is 'Not Human' 05:15:06
International Paulites Donate to the Blimp! 05:12:32
It’s the end of the party as we know it… And I feel fine...(original article) DIGG!!! 04:47:43
The MSM's Game 04:38:34
An Idea - Can Someone Run With It??? 04:10:35
The Energy Non-Crisis 04:00:36
Does Warren Buffet support Ron Paul? 03:59:36
Is it time to take it to the streets? 03:41:51
1983: Ron Paul Debates Federal Reserve Governor 5of7 03:32:15
Google Ron Paul = 03:27:50
BradBlog Covers Romney Straw Poll Fraud in Tampa 03:21:28
Help Manystrom 03:10:25
One of the silliest things I ever read 03:09:23
Help Trevor. 02:50:21
San Diego Straw Poll Results! 02:40:00
This Needs To Be The #1 Rated News Video on YouTube - RATE PLEASE! 02:39:03
Watch the MSM's game unfold before our very eyes... 02:36:18
Predictions for the early states... UPDATED 02:31:44
Important Point on the Blimp 02:28:22
Great article in Atlanta AJC**** great publicity and very fair 02:25:06
McCain talks about RP on MTV 02:24:49
Ron Paul WHY HE WILL WIN!! Opponents Cannot Match His Record! 02:00:35
Why the income tax is EVIL 01:58:03
HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!ROFL ron paul 300 parody!!! 01:56:59
Why free advertising for Google on the BLIMP? 01:44:17
Semi-Official Tea Party $ guess estimate 01:41:31
Is it Me of is the Blimp Message not very good? 01:38:24
See Banned ad 01:29:07
Christian Right Just Doesn't Get it 01:05:35
An Appeal to All Catholics 00:59:31
Grim Lyman Fights on to Save Ron Paul Blimp 00:57:45
Do You Remeber? 00:54:49
Help - 97,603 addresses to go 00:52:34
Will SF straw poll shutdown be repeated at precinct Caucuses ? 00:52:24
AHHHHHH!!!!! THE BLIMP IS IN THE SKY!!!! read this now!! 00:45:29
Free Bumper Sticker Update 00:36:28
Unity for Peace 00:36:21
New Rambo Movie: A GOLD MINE talking point 00:33:45
Ron Paul in Sioux City, IA Tuesday Dec 11th! !!! 00:33:12
Great assesment and "endorsement" of Ron Paul by former Head Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter!! 00:33:04
Who would the world elect? 00:31:55
Two Good News Articles on the Blimp 00:30:54
The Money is pouring in 00:28:20
A Proposal for Holiday Canvassers 00:27:24
Academics for Ron Paul 00:26:33
An Hour of Silence at DC 00:20:02
Ron Paul's National Breakfast 00:13:47
30 Days to Iowa contact info? 00:06:17
Free Bumper Sticker Update 00:04:59
Ron Paul in SC Saturday 12/08!! Be There or be Square!!!! 00:01:02