Posted on December 1, 2007

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Most Underrated Ron Paul Ideas That May Cost the Election 16:05:44
"He may one day be the brother of the president..." 16:00:46
Ron Paul Revolution: The Movie 16:02:46
Ron Paul Now GOP Front Runner Based on Fundraising 11:49:59
MP3 | G4's Layla Kayleigh interviews Dr. Paul 10:06:50
Ron Paul Blimp Site Changed! Fiat Money Donation Time! 16:01:46
Naomi Wolf -- The End of America 10:06:50
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NO MORE MENTION of Money Bombs except for Dec 16th please... 23:48:39
Democrats Strip Michigan Delegates 23:48:07
Huckabee - direct line to God? 23:45:11
Ron Paul blimp 23:44:36
Chris Matthews Would Like Ron Paul on for an Entire Hour 23:40:48
Although Sceptic I am a STRONG Paul supporter 23:32:09
OMG! is it a flying saucer?..NO IT'S JUST THE RON PAUL BLIMP!!!! 23:28:52
(Iowa) Ron Paul up 3% from Oct. to November now tied with McCain 23:26:09
History of Ron Paul? 23:23:24
Ron Paul wins Virginia Straw Poll 23:19:40
Shock & Awe Money Bomb 23:19:24
Crackpot Revolution. 23:13:06
Shock & Awe Money Bomb 23:13:04
Out of the blue, I met a fellow supporter... 23:13:02
Rockefeller scared of Ron Paul 22:57:54
Mail South Carolina! 22:51:40
A win at the Virginia straw poll 22:35:49
Costs of the ron paul blimp 22:30:39
VA GOP Chairman 22:24:43
Some Blimpish Thoughts 22:22:20
BLOG "TeaParty07.c om" on a variety of non-Ron YouTube Videos 22:03:58
NAFTA Highway To Hell? Newsweek ..Ron Paul's worked up about U.S. sovereignty. 21:52:03
Roughly $1.5 Million from Q4 Goal! 21:47:26
Florida Primary 21:36:10
Whats The Deal With The Blimp ? 21:34:36
Someone brought this up - why isn't it PAC? 21:29:54
And the winner is............... 21:27:52
Michigan Primary 21:16:15
Tea to DC! 21:14:32
Selling Ron Paul To Evangelical Voters! 21:11:32
Military families support Ron Paul 21:03:27
Who Wouldn't Want This For Christmas? 20:52:27
Ron Paul Wins Virginia Straw Poll 20:45:19
New Ron Paul Ad 20:45:04
Ron Paul Wins Virginia GOP Straw Poll 20:43:10
On the subject of Paul vs McCain 20:38:20
The Registration Bomb - Make Ron President 20:28:11
A visit to the "dark side" 20:25:21
mini bomb idea 20:20:47
Where is the millionaries' club for Ron Paul? 20:15:42
Ron Pauls Message in care packages to the troops 20:13:09
I apologize to all of you for my negativity 20:12:22
RONPOOGLE 20:10:47
Anybody seen this video? 20:07:04
New Video for the Ron Paul Revolution !!!!! 20:05:00
The Tea Party has percolated... 19:54:12
Senate Bill 1959 - ACT NOW!!! 19:43:53
My letter to "Progressives" 19:35:34
Ron Paul + Google = 19:32:55
14 Million Service Sector Workers @ $5ea. = $70,000,000 19:30:31
Anybody got a spare $50 million? 19:25:48
Targeting Service Workers with Tax Free Tips Info 19:24:50
Ron Paul on U-tube Debate 12-1-07 18:49:22
How do we win NH? 18:42:28
Nation wide rally day? 18:39:23
Has Anyone seen the new numbers! 18:36:14
New Video Supporting Our Troops 18:32:28
Video Response to Independent Question CNN Debate. 18:24:26
Blimp Legal Team Page Live 18:21:37
Huck on Canada's National Igloo 18:21:18
Great L.A. Times article! 18:20:52
An idea to protect RP votes 18:13:18
Spread the message of Hope and Freedom to your friends and family 18:08:05
Blimp message: Discover Ron Paul! 18:00:30
1 min. video commercial script - pro defense – military endorsement approach 17:50:30
Miami Herald Article on Trevor Lyman 17:49:08
Talk to your parents 17:46:33
Article on us the Supporters 17:42:24
Blimp - Notification of Donation Collection? 17:35:57
Please tell blimp management what you think of the change of wording 17:24:53
Need Artist to Draw or Paint or Photoshop RON PAUL Picture 17:19:53
Most Startling Admission in the CNN YouTube Presidential Debates 17:19:15
Jim Rogers on cnbc, about the dollar, market and Bernanke 17:13:10
Bump the Blimp 17:09:46
Asian threats, David Rockefeller, and Ron Paul? 17:07:23
What about the possibilty of rigged polls? 17:01:37
Minneapolis youtube/Cnn straw poll results 16:57:31
Five for Freedom - Operation Live Free or Die 16:54:35
Let's Try For A $1M Week 16:54:18
RP Santa with Bill of Rights gifts 16:45:24
People concerned about other cannidates donations need not worry 16:45:04
buying tickets to NH 16:39:06
A Prayer for a Miracle 16:03:06
Zogby Analyst Says Ron Paul Strongest Candidate to Beat Hillary 16:02:46
Assitance Needed to Educate Uninformed 15:55:24
Pat Buchanan talks about blowback on the front page of his website 15:53:50
univision debate 15:51:49
Mobile Truck Billboards for Ron Paul in New Hampshire 15:51:36
Pilots For Paul...Flying with RP banners 15:42:03
Ron Paul's Legislation 15:40:52
We won't take it anymore! 15:35:29
Huckabee raised taxes more than Bill Clinton. 15:23:13
Liberty for Christmas or honika (sic) 15:22:14
An Idea for a commercial: USE IRAQ WAR VETERANS 15:06:57
The Only Candidate That Appears To Understand 15:06:07
article i wrote on ron paul 15:05:35
Calling Iowans 15:05:19
Proof of romney voters cheating straw poll 15:04:04
Pledge for Paul 14:49:51
Please join poll for Blimp Message 14:49:04
Something to pass to your Democrat friends 14:43:51
Ron paul on key social issues 14:42:08
Life in the Paul Administration 14:21:47
Ron Paul Vendetta T-shirt / Other 14:19:09
Are you drinking tea on the tea party? 14:16:35
"We should not lose our honor" 13:55:53
Do Americans really want liberty? 13:49:58
Working on new video 13:41:37
TaxHikeMike raised taxes more in Arkansas than Bill Clinton 13:25:23
New to this 13:22:37
Responding to rips on Paul 13:19:45
More Smears! 13:16:32
Open Campaigns -- Huckabee Out, Paul Stands Alone 13:10:06
Could this be put into a positive commercial? 13:04:00
Any Marylandians or what ever you call youselves see this? 13:00:04
Buyer Beware!!!!!! 12:53:41
Los Angeles Times article - front page, above the fold!!! 12:52:43
blimp now taking donations, pony up time 12:47:51
massive sign bomb before tea party dec 13-15 12:41:32
NY for Ron Paul - part 2. (Photos) 12:38:10
Operation Call 4 Paul - Check This Out. 12:37:48
RON PAUL Sing Along 12:37:43
New Yorkers for Ron Paul...? 12:27:22
What is up with Pat Buchanan? 12:21:13
Whos familiar with Flogging Molly? 12:20:45
Ron Paul Supporter Shooting For $2 Million Haul In One Week ... And A Blimp 12:17:22
Common Sense: Shop for the TEA PARTY 11:37:46
RP Losing in this Poll 11:30:48
Important - How much MORE do you plan to give Dec 16? 11:08:55
Liberty Dollar raid came just after delivery of 60,000 Ron Paul dollars 11:07:38
REC Chairperson, Tony DiMatteo, threatens bodily harm to REC RP supporter!! 11:06:09
I believe the 2nd blimp site is a scam. not associated with trevor 11:04:28
blimp now taking donations 10:58:06
ron paul mentioned on coast to coast last night 10:48:44
Alabama - For those of you not up last night. 10:44:50
History is on Paul and our side for a win! 10:16:12
Republican National Committee is hiring 09:40:51
www.the case for ron 09:39:32
FreeRPCellPhoneAdvertising 09:38:26
deleted 09:18:07
Thought Crimes Anyone??? 09:17:31
A Foreign Policy to Freedom: The best way to get someone support Ron Paul. 09:14:09
CNN: Corrupt News Network 08:55:43
Huck Bomb today? 08:25:58
Blimp message 07:59:20
Rush Limbaugh: Remember when Ron Paul Defended you? 07:39:07
New York Post on Ron Paul 06:56:21
Rush Limbaugh on Ron Paul in the debate 06:38:21
Superhighway? NAU? 06:34:39
New LA Times Article (12/1)-A good one 06:19:48
Larry King Live Poll! Go Ron Paul! 05:35:36
We gotta Pimp this Blimp! 05:31:37
Sectarian Violence in Iraq. We can't just leave right? 05:31:05
It looks like the "new" blimp site is a scam 04:59:48
The Blimp and the other candidates 04:28:34
Blast from the past 04:26:40
New Poll 04:25:38
Wait, there's no law requiring you to pay income tax 04:22:01
Ron Paul Video: Iraq Reminder 04:10:46
Ron paul will be on ....CNN's "Late Edition" Sunday 04:01:38
When and how did YOU hear of Ron Paul? 03:48:30
08 GOP Debates Are A Worthless Circus 03:48:22
If you search Ron on Google Ron Paul comes up 03:35:40
How to make water & wind proof RP signs from cardboard 03:15:01
What does Ron Paul mean to you? 03:01:55
Wanna know why the MSM ignores Paul? 02:58:15
A simple idea to help Paul out. 02:55:28
The Granny Warriors for RP tour. 02:53:57
CFR Advertising for a Web Producer 02:53:01
Does it seem like the campaign is on autopilot? 02:44:35
An advertisting Idea 02:37:12
Bob Marley... 02:33:49
Something is wrong with the blimp site, there are 2 of them 02:18:50
do not live in fear... 02:17:42
Excellent College Article on Dr. Paul 02:09:25
Did you guys notice Anderson's face when people applauded his "conspiriacy" answer. 01:47:06
A little pick me up from Alabama....enjoy. 01:45:54
Wikopedia Term *Money Bomb* 01:41:47
FRONT PAGE LA Times *RIGHT NOW* 01:38:40
Still November for Huckleberry? 01:34:45
Even a biased debate is good. 01:12:46
LA Times to cover RP supporters 01:09:02
Paul on Mike Church Video/Audio 00:54:19
money bomb, MONEY bomb, MONEY BOMB!!! DEC 16th... 00:46:24
advertising tactics lacking punch? 00:45:36
PAULer Express 00:37:45
Poverty, Healthcare, Social Security...Problem Fixed in ONE day!!! 00:36:51
St. Pete Video-Palladium 00:35:41
Political Folk Art? 00:31:50
Ron Is Winning 00:29:23
History Matters--Ron Paul and Guy Fawkes Day 00:27:06
I remember when they said 12 million was impossible for the Ron Paul Campaign 00:22:35
TODAY, itself is our 4th best fundraising week! 00:21:41