Posted on December 10, 2007

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Remember the Tea Party 23:52:26
FUR-FISH-GAME AD 100% FUNDED - WE ROCK!!! 19:22:02
The Landslide Continues 18:57:38
The Ron Paul PHENOMENON 17:50:28
More on how to help Ron Paul in NH 16:35:19
Have More Fun With Your Ron Paul Dollars 14:35:17
LA Casting Call - Ron Paul Supporters for eLIB3RTY TV Ad! 12:49:17
Introducing 'The Paulinator' 04:25:08
'I Support Ron Paul' Posters Coming Soon 04:26:08
Ron Paul Interview with Producer Kevin P. Miller 00:49:00
Nation Wide State Capitol RP Rallies - Dec 14 -16, 2007 00:28:50
Call for Donations for Jeremiah Black's TV ads in Iowa, NH and early states 12:50:17
Univision GOP Debate Sun Dec 9, Miami FL 18:58:38
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I just picked a fight on Digg 23:51:54
Ron Paul: Time to Kill the Death Tax 23:51:40
Help finish off a few more States by emailing Bookstore Libetarians.. 23:42:49
International Observers 23:40:45
Need Help 23:37:40
Words of Encouragement for the 16th: Americans Living Overseas Can Join in Ron Paul's Tea Party Sunday 23:32:56
Costa Mesa mayor says he’ll endorse Ron Paul 23:30:52
How I KNOW polls are bogus 23:25:00
Henry the Fifth Speech 23:21:14
With only 6 days left ... 23:19:20
Tell me what you think 23:15:38
Is there any presidential candidate that disputes Dr. Paul's economic numbers? 23:15:12
Braveheart Freedom Speech 23:12:30
Ron Paul "infomercials" 23:07:55
Baby Tax and or sterilisation is needed to save the planet 23:02:05
If Ron Paul doesnt get elected 22:52:29
Would Sean Hannity Support Hillary over Ron Paul? 22:51:18
Best Ron Paul Video of all time 22:50:48
A call for local action. 22:50:36
Email Meet The Press About Ron Paul's Exclusion From "Meet The Candidates" 22:48:53
speaking of the blimp 22:48:40
Contact Oprah about ex-Obama now Ron Paul Supporter (Letter below) 22:41:52
Any new news on the blimp? 22:41:16
RP in SC at his Very Best 22:40:01
Grass Roots TV ads need $2.5k to begin release in iowa 22:37:52
Paul, on Paul Supporters 22:27:40
Those of you who are new to this process...MINNEAPOLIS 22:19:31
Should Paul's campaign issue a TV director add contest? 22:19:28 "Gold and Economic Freedom" by Alan Greenspan 22:11:21
Americans Living Overseas Can Join in Ron Paul's Tea Party Sunday 22:10:57
Call for$3k to put Jeremiah Black adds on the air in iowa 22:08:59
A Good & Bad Article In My Local Newspaper About RP 22:03:51
Americans Living Overseas Can Join in Ron Paul's Tea Party Sunday 22:02:32
Times Square Project - up now 21:56:45
Cost of the Empire? 21:56:14
Newspaper ad in Seattle 21:55:20
Chicago Tribune Article 12/10/07 The Ron Paul revolution: It has just begun to fight. 21:44:37
Is Ron Paul 1st or 3rd in W. VA Delegates? 21:37:47
Why isnt grass routs put a huge efortt in Michigan??? 21:30:42
Teaparty front page! 21:27:10
Meetup Alliance Ron Paul has the Largest Alliance 21:26:39
Forced innoculations for children going to vote 21:16:18
Time To Put Heat On Members Of Congress 21:15:36
DEC 15th instead of DEC. 16th ? 20:57:01
Help, just got a cousin to jump on board, 20:38:56
Ingenious idea....(please don't take it as racist) 20:32:50
Question: Where do I bet Online that we will raise over 6 mil on Dec. 16th? 20:31:56
The Paul Effect in California 20:29:18
Al Gore in Norway - Greeted by Ron Paul Supporters 20:24:18
I'm SOOO sick of seeing 20:17:37
Iran dropping the dollar from oil deals 20:17:18
Another sub-par Ad 20:16:42
Ron Paul says "why don't the put you on a diet you're a little overweight!" 20:07:48
Who won the Univision Republican Debate? Vote for Ron 20:03:28
UPDATE: Over 75% of Ron Paul Supporters Online, Have Never Been Politically Active Online Before (early results) 19:58:57
Any high quality beta or hdtv quality footage of Ron out there? 19:49:33
PBS BLOCKAGE!!!!!!!!! 19:45:08
Survey USA - Again refuses to include Ron Paul! 19:27:20
Norway! We need pictures! 19:23:35
Ron Paul's Christmas Songbook 19:22:51
Ron Paul on the Role of Government 19:19:49
What about a national TV director contest for the paul campaign 19:08:46
does anyone have the link to that Speech from the Iowa Campaign Chair 18:58:49
When Ron Paul wins… we will be forgotten. 18:50:17
FEC site 18:47:30
Need Large Ron Paul sign 18:46:10
McLaughlin Group (12/09/2007) on Huckabee's Parolee Problem 18:41:24
An Omen, Ron Paul signs still standing after Ice Storm 18:40:40
Why Gay Marriage Can't Be "Legalized" 18:40:30
List of Gun Shows- Get a booth- great places to recruit Ron Paul supporters 18:34:39
3000 dollar donation blitz need for tv adds in iowa 18:30:19
please tell this guy the truth about Ron PAul 18:29:20
Winning Escambia County Florida for Ron Paul 18:11:28
Explain to my grandchildren that I was one of the “good Germans.” My story. 18:10:55
NJ Deadline to Switch to Republican is 12/17/07 - Form Attached 18:03:04
Radio poll, guess who won? 17:44:23
Remember the 4th amendment? 17:38:44
Help the "Ron Paul on Oprah" drive 17:32:22
A simple test to see which candidate has real support 17:27:29
Newsweek again confirms media blackout 17:20:01
Please Ignore Ron Paul 17:19:36
Ron Paul 2008 For the children of the world! 17:04:04 reaches top 25 sites 17:02:51
Aimee Allen repost---Ron Paul song 16:56:54
Ron Paul fights the assumptions of the MSM 16:56:00
How to talk to people about Ron Paul! 16:40:45
New Ads on Healthcare from the RP Campaign 16:37:10
Preview: The Ron Paul Phenomenon 16:32:37
Use Youtube " Send This as Holiday Video Card! " 16:26:28
Because we all need a laugh sometimes... 16:22:30
How non-Americans can help Ron Paul legally. 16:16:44
YOU can stop the "Thought Crimes" Act (H.R.1955 / S.1959) with just one click! 16:11:10
12/10/07: New Article: Ron Paul Wins the Poll that Counts 16:10:54
Ron Paul picks favorite Super Hero 16:01:18
Ghouliani: Ron Paul supporters are everywhere 15:58:48
NOW - The Ron Paul Phenomenon - Airs December 14th 15:58:23
Get Granny to the Tea Party 15:57:27
Ron Paul's Message 15:54:36
Stossel's Paul interview posted online prematurely? 15:49:56
Something that would be an interesting read... 15:47:55
We cannot forget the Granny Warriors 15:37:17
Can the servers handle our power?! 15:36:44
Is the blimp in the air? 15:31:33
Were You Politically Active Online Before Ron Paul? 15:30:02
The R[evol]ution WILL BE TELEVISED! (12/14) 15:25:09
This is what Ron Paul tells us over and over! 15:17:23
UPDATE: Over 70% of Ron Paul supporters online have NEVER voted in a primary! 15:14:29
Ron Paul Christmas Songbook 15:12:13
An Acceptable MSM Nickname for "Ron Paul supporters"? 15:03:11
Ron Paul Says no to Libertarians 14:59:22
Daillypaul and Ronpaul2008 rival Freerepublic and Dailykos 14:23:02
Major Recording Artist Aimee Allen creates a song for Ron Paul 14:22:19
My idea... what do you think? 14:14:08
We have a Ron Paul Store - You should too 14:13:21
Nice ego boost for the RP grassroots 14:08:07
Foreign Policy In the face of human rights violations 14:07:08
One of THE BEST videos to date!!! 14:04:39 added to 13:53:02
Many Ron Paul Delegates Not Currently Involved in a Meetup 13:42:04
Dealing with the "Wasted Vote" Objection 13:41:24
Miami Herald Article on Univision Debate w/ POLL 13:29:13
Nevada residents must be registered by the 19th to participate in caucus. 13:27:58
REMINDER: Mail South Carolina!!! 13:24:02
Ballot confirmations 13:23:06
PBS NOW preview video looks great. Should Boost the Tea Party Results 13:22:04
is ron paul on maines ballot? 13:21:26
Me: Liberal, not voting for Paul. Just donated $50 to the campaign. 13:12:20
Carbon tax or Income tax? 13:04:32
Will this make sense to Iowans 13:00:03
Kucinch should drop out and give support to Ron Paul 12:58:49
Should we buy McCain a plane ticket to Baghdad? 12:48:44
Whose shippin up to Boston? 12:46:45
Ron Paul Is His Own Entourage 12:44:33
How to stump for Ron Paul - YouTube 12:43:58
What's with the Blimp? 12:32:57
Academic support hits media 12:30:46
Tucker on the Ron Paul Blimp 12:29:11
when you talk to people who support other candidates... 12:26:43
USA Today 12:08:11
Ron Paul on the Tom Becka show 12:06:57
New teaparty07 video 12:03:17
The Streets of San Francisco 11:54:09
Don't Alienate Evangelicals 11:48:37
McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. Two hit pieces and counting... 11:46:16
DVD Bomb - awesome idea 11:30:59
John Stossel Part #2. What should Government Do? 11:19:26
Adam Curry's teaparty! 11:17:01
More media coverage 11:13:14
Huckabee, head nod, eyebrow raise, 11:13:11
I have just declared WAR in the name of all Ron Paul supporters 11:10:22
Ron Paul Search engine 11:04:21
Vote Count Watch for Ron 10:44:54
Americans Living Overseas Can Join in Ron Paul's Tea Party Sunday 10:44:11
"Republicans and Democrats,please protect us from Ron Paul"! 10:41:26
BUY TICKETS NOW for the January 10th FOX DEBATE 10:39:46
Blimp Wars! YouTube Video 10:31:37
Huckster fan in SC writing on RP 10:14:45
Bogus Huckabee Polls 10:12:40
Ron Paul in Summary 10:12:37
Why Huck must be defeated at ALL COSTS!!!! 09:59:40
One of the Most Important Documents We Can EVER READ!! 09:57:23
Are we already living in a Police State? 09:43:39
Today Show Sign Wave? 09:41:43
200,000 signs 09:40:13
Everyone needs to sign-up for the Zogby Polls, here's a link. 09:36:36
We have to deal with "Opr-ama" 09:31:16
Giuliani Won't Release Client Names 08:22:29
Ron Paul "Elevator Speech" 08:00:25
Donations can now be accepted from overseas expats 07:53:23
Pat Buchanan mentions on Morning Joe Ron Paul to make a good showing in NH 07:44:23
How to reach 7million people every month 06:33:46
Supporter arrested for JAY WALKING!!! 06:22:00
Ron Paul got me in trouble again? 05:56:03
Hotties 4 Ron Paul 04:43:55
S.F. Straw Poll: response from Mrs. Santa 04:40:33
Blimp launch now seems to be rescheduled for 12th (Wed) 04:24:54
When Bill Maher and Pat Buchanan agree on something... 04:01:36
Military member Money-bomb/TeaParty 16th participation 03:49:47
Fascist! Fascist! 03:41:21
The Interesting Thing About The Polls 03:28:17
Gloves back on at GOP debate in Coral Gables, Florida... 03:22:06 ***Update*** 03:16:20
Take this straw poll at WTAM... 03:11:04
Old but Good: How Romney spent $50Million 02:55:53
Thinking Big, Thinking Ahead... 02:50:51
News article/Post comments 02:40:00
How Ron Paul won the election 02:00:43
Does Paul have "large and splendid cojones"? 01:53:58 - A Nationwide Free Concert For Freedom 01:53:20
My Iowa letter-please critique 01:50:32
MSM Highlights the "boos". Ron doesn't change his message for anyone. 01:43:30
any videos of the debate in English? 01:28:39
I motion in limine to prevent Giuliani from mentioned 9/11 01:18:49
Let's face it ! The "debates" are a sham 01:14:31
Let's all have tea parties on DECEMBER 16(You may serve other drinks as well ;)) 01:13:01
12/9/07: The Blimp Lives: The Blimp Hanger Video 01:09:01
Thompson top searched GOP Candidate, Paul 7th? 00:49:17
Ron Paul Bobblehead "Champion of the Constitution" 00:33:44
West VA needs Delegates 00:32:56
$400,000 in total donations by December 21st for blimp!!! 00:30:29
voter fraud-iowa and new hampshire 00:24:54
If you had to who would you vote for on the dem side 00:03:13
Paul Just Might Buckle The Belt! 00:03:02
CNN on the blimp 00:02:31
Amendment Numero Dos 00:00:37