Posted on December 11, 2007

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Wired: Paul Supporters Hack Campaign Finance Law with Blimp 12:03:12
Name Recognition - One Solution 11:05:50
Not just a blimp - A finger to John McCain & Russ Feingold 06:39:51
That's Our Blimp, Baby! 00:19:53
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US Mail Ron Paul Message 23:58:14
Concentration Camps in the US aka REX 84 23:54:39
If we only talk to our families(and no one else) 23:52:05
Breakfast with Dr. Ron 23:51:56
Any plans to go on Glen Beck or Chris Mathews? 23:51:18
11.3 million!!!!!!!! 23:49:43
Nice RP image on right now 23:46:27
An ad that needs to be seen... 23:42:26 - Exposes how we are being controlled - MUST READ! 23:34:23
Ron Paul's "Statement of Faith" 23:31:37 supports Ron Paul 23:28:52
Has This Site Been Posted Before? 23:26:38
Awakening Farmers 23:12:58
Deleted 23:08:10
Blimp banners delayed - earliest launch is Friday the 14th 22:59:29
Clueless Clinton Crashes: Darth Hillary ignores Ron Paul!! 22:58:31
Jim Gilchrist Endorses Mike Huckabee 22:58:25
How many can commit $200 or more for the Tea Party? 22:57:23
"The New York Time Magazine" article on "The Web User's Campaign" 22:56:09
Why not start national TV ads after the 16th? 22:46:57
Donations over $11 million!!!! 22:43:58
Could Ron Paul have a Christmas number 1 single? 22:40:26 went from 10,865,000 to 11,355,000 in an hour 22:37:55
Huge Jump in Donations!!??!!?? 22:37:25
11, 4 MILLION!!!!!! YEAH!! 22:36:47
Paulunteer polling indicates a HUGE December 16th! 22:31:39
National Review Endorsement... 22:30:20
Video: Ron Paul on New Hampshire Local Station 22:25:47
"Older video of Former IRS agent Joe Banister and Ron Paul on CNBC". 22:23:31
My New Hero!!!!!! 22:22:38
New RP commercial 22:19:27
(Youtube) Ron Paul on New Hampshire's WMUR 9 on 12-11-2007 22:15:38
VIDEO: Ron Paul Surge in Iowa local Station 22:12:15
Is the Ron Paul blimp taking off tomorrow 22:10:57
online poll 22:02:12
Rick Perry disses Ron Paul as "non-Texan" 21:46:54
is Vijay Boyapati a bit crazy? 21:30:45
Tea Party Countdown 21:26:24
It's crucial for Ron Paul to have his Own Internet TV Station now 21:19:43
Some Libertarian Love 21:10:14
"Paul's pals move to N.H. to cast votes" 21:08:30
Hacking the Old Media 21:07:12
After watching CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX I know why some people 21:06:49
Ron Paul----Real ID 21:01:30
Drudge is trying to destroy Huckabee 20:57:32
If the Republican Presidential Nomination was held today which candidate would you vote for? 20:46:19
Good news from compete blog re Ron Paul internet traffic 20:43:54
Resource Videos - Liberty Sells Itself 20:39:16
Libertarian Party is supporting Ron Paul!!! 20:30:51
Ron Paul Represents the Republican Core Values 20:21:43
Ron Paul blimp sitrep? 20:15:31
Paul Campaign Releases New, Aggressive Ads 20:11:27
Huge Tearjerker: Perfect RP Video 20:04:23
Whoa ..... there's a debate tomorrow????? 20:01:56
Video; Norway for Ron Paul, globalists cant escape RP fans 19:54:52
Petition ABC to put the John Stossel interview on TV 19:54:25
Tucker- Why not put Stossel/Dr Paul on TV 19:46:45
Tucker Carlson just said Ron Paul is his hero 19:44:59
Does anyone know how to post an article? 19:42:57
Chicago Tribune - PR 4 RP 19:39:49
Ron Paul up next on Tom Becka show 19:20:28
Ron Paul vs. The Vampires 19:18:40
Could Someone PLEASE Inform/Remind RP about the Grace Commission Report?! 19:14:32
Austin Tea Party 19:12:50
Scam Brigade 19:09:50
Ron Paul Super Bowl Ad 19:04:41
"I walk my talk" An open discussion Idea for a better dialouge in T.V. ad.. What do you want to see? 18:52:40
Ron Paul Endorsements 18:37:33
Digg this - Ron Paul LEGO Mosaic on EBAY! Masterpiece! 18:33:19
Tea Party Timing Strategy? 18:32:33
Ron Paul has Big Cojones 18:26:46
Best Quote from Newsweek's interview 18:26:11
Dr. Paul all over TIME SQUARE!!! 18:23:00
Your One Laugh for the day!!! 18:22:20
WI Presidential Preference Committee meeting today 18:22:17
Question about Electoral College for RP peeps... 18:16:57
GUNS, GUNS AND MORE GUNS! How to get mainline conservatives to listen. 18:15:00
Interesting - Betting on TeaParty07 - The oddsmakers (repost) 18:10:42
Howard Stern/and other talk radio shows 18:06:10
It's the constitution Duh 18:04:55
HR 1955 - Anyone know why Ron Paul abstained from voting? 18:04:31
Repost: Need a lift? Listen to a good tune 18:01:21
a good way to boost # of Dec. 16th donors? 17:45:54
Tap Into Emotions And Win The Election 17:35:30
Call for door to door volunteers in Iowa 17:34:07
Huckabee's eyes 17:23:55
Tea Party Blowout 17:22:34
A new Party? 17:17:44
Better, Faster, Harder, Stronger 17:16:08
My Uncle the far left socialist 17:12:16
A simple and very effective way to start a conversation about RP 17:11:36
Meetup Organizers! Join Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Alliance 17:09:06
Is the blimp flying Wednesday? 16:58:21
Ron Paul winning CBS Poll...and his name isnt even mentioned!!! 16:46:06
OMG Huckabee is dominating the polls! (lol) 16:45:33
New Video: Ron Paul Impossible Dream? 16:40:53
What a Commercial, MUST SEE!!! 16:29:26
John Kerry's rise from 4% on December 21st to 53% on February 12th 16:29:06
Wyoming's Caucuses are taking place NOW! 16:26:30
Any one care to discuss the Fed once again dropping rates today? 16:17:23
Immigration rank of candidates based upon past record 16:15:17
New official campaign Ron Paul radio ad 16:15:08
Lets get Ron Paul over 11 million for the debate 16:09:38
Ron sign-waving event in Oslo, Norway! 16:04:17
Ron Paul Babies Group 16:01:13
Legal Review Needed for Large TV Commercial Project 15:56:54
Ron Paul LEGO MOSAIC on EBAY! 15:51:39
Huckabee Is Not Evil 15:50:47
NEED VOLUNTEERS: NW Arkansas Area, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas 15:43:57
If you are a band that supports Ron Paul please add yourself to the list 15:38:49
Libertarian Party Supports Paul Via Call Center: "We can no longer stand by when such an incredible opportunity exists." 15:37:35
I just read a comment about sending youtube emails 15:30:01
Tomorrows Debate is On! ? 15:29:47
Detroint News - Independents & Dems could cross to vote GOP... no mention of RP 15:28:08
Question about voting machines 15:26:50
Ron Paul Wins Fair Zogby Poll 15:25:33
Huckabee Vs Paul: An Email that speaks the Truth 15:15:27
Pillars of Prosperity - Ron's New Book is Coming Soon 15:09:40
I was frustrated until.... 15:02:59
Let's Get Ron Paul on the Big Idea w/ Donny Deutsch!!!! 15:00:54
Operation: Front Door------------Ron Paul 14:58:40
NEW video from local Meetup member in Oregon 14:58:02
commission a poll for the r3VOLution 14:54:21
Welcome to the rEVOLution, National Review! 14:50:01
A Thought From The Edge of the Earth 14:38:54
The Ron Paul Ad I've been waiting for! 14:31:23
NEW Radio Ad - No IRS, No Income Tax 14:15:31
The Messenger Does Make A Difference 14:11:09
Ron Paul Election Terms 14:01:24
MSNBC is asking for Photos and video of campaign trail 13:45:00
Man Arrested for Supporting Ron PAul 13:44:03
MSM, RIP - It's time for new terminology - IMPORTANT! 13:42:42
Ron Paul's Positions in a 2 Minute Video Interview, Great for those with Attention Deficit Disorder 13:30:34
help us get the grass roots commercials out and float Ron to top in IA 13:21:08
Fred is bailing on New Hampshire 13:14:02
Huck is Stuck 13:11:18
Simon covers Stossel interview at Huffpo 13:04:34
Ghouliani jumping on Pauls wagon, in a very very fake way 13:00:01
What about Wyoming? 12:57:40
MSM Ratings Plummeting!! They have to pay back advertisers ($500,000 each)!! 12:50:08
CNN Poll: Huckabee would get a** handed to him against any dem. 12:47:56
Stand up to Rudy 12:47:51
Ron Paul has Big Cojones 12:43:42
Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy will Make us Safer 12:41:28
Iowa Vote Fraud - Report from Grassroots **Urgent** 12:38:03
Does anyone out there remember... 12:25:44
Ron Paul Time in Times Square 12:25:06
Action Required: Polls we are losing 12:22:24
Ron Paul Time Is NOW: Times Square Video Screens, Donate by Tonight 12:21:48
Is the Blimp flying yet? 12:18:30
The Genuis of the Ron Paul Campaign 12:07:53
NYT Finds Republicans Apathetic 12:03:16
donate today to get Jeremiah Blacks TV adds on the air 12:00:45
Put on screen in TIMES SQUARE on December 16 for Tea Party 07 11:55:44
Zeiteist 11:48:04
Expose the crimes of the media [digg it] 11:39:45
Message from Edward Griffin (Creature from Jekyll Island) 11:31:22
Global Warming Is Total Fraud… Proof 11:29:45
Paul Ad in Military Newspaper 11:22:08
Contact the media for Ron Paul coverage on December 14th 11:21:04
Ron Paul Unplugged - Link from 11:15:11
We need 11:13:10
Cato article: includes specifics on McCain and other Big Gov opponents of RP 11:01:29
Campaign is budgeting advertising buys through the Feb. 5 primaries, no matter what happens in earlier states 10:46:37
Snowy Tea Party in Boston? 10:32:19
Am I being paranoid? 10:31:38
Email Your Favorite Websites to Post the Tea Party 10:27:50
Ron Paul supporters greet Al Gore in Norway 10:26:05
Why Iowa is important... 10:20:04
Big Government is KILLING US! 10:18:53
Will Blimp Fly Today? 10:16:38
Interest Rate *Freeze* = FRAUD 10:01:54
Funny picture re: Blimp 10:01:32
Vote "Daily Paul" for 'Best user-generated content site' 09:58:56
Has the Ron Paul Blimp Checkmated the MSM? 09:49:54
Is there an annotated list of Ron Paul websites? 09:47:54
CBS Continues Censorship of the Message 09:46:55
Rochester NY Straw Poll 09:46:11
Now, Detroit Traffic and Weather brought to you by .... Ron Paul??? 09:32:07
Ron Paul Signs at Gore's Nobel Prize Ceremony in Norway 09:08:32
Interesting Comment from H&C Roundtable 08:26:59
deleted 08:15:09
Do We Have Enough Paul Supporters To Get The Nomination? 07:45:22
We need to have a REAL Tea Party and a REAL REVOLUTION! Mass boycott of evil corporations! 07:11:32
Iowa, Subsidies, Corporatism, Ron Paul 05:55:46
Videos about What's Great about Free Market Environmentalism 05:34:27
An Anthem for Ron Paul - History's Call 04:19:29
Popular vote & the Electoral College 03:58:44
Mainstream Media Alert, Ron Paul news assault starts 03:43:21
Good reason to get rid of the CIA 03:43:15
Dr Paul needs a Train. 03:28:09
Just Having A Blast! 03:25:44
ANCHORMAN / ANCHORWOMAN Newsreader contest 03:14:48
They have no clue( Big 3 Republican candidates/msm)...Romney ads vs Huckabee. 02:50:00
Biblical Stewardship - Why Ron Paul Matters 02:47:10
Uninspired? I Don't Think So! 02:24:45
A Perfect Storm? 02:21:02
STRESSED? 02:03:39
Don't mess with Bill C. 02:03:34
help me choose 02:02:11
Slim Jims in books? 01:41:38
Super Bowl time! 50 States, 50 Hot Air Balloons For Ron Paul 01:40:26
$4 for the blimp for every $100 for the tea party 01:38:07
Ron Paul and Craigslist's Rant's n Raves 01:34:35
Did someone mention Huckabee?? 01:30:22
Can someone create a new web page for donations 01:29:27
New Ad Comments 01:23:18 reaches top 10 sites! 01:22:01
I don't like the new Healthcare ad 01:16:18
Ron Paul Volunteers in New Hampshire 01:13:34
Can you argue Ron Paul's foreign policy? 01:13:03
Proposal to create our own professional News Broadcast 01:09:42
Remember National Event this weekend 00:50:53
Spanish Debate 00:44:05
My heart is bigger then my wallet 00:42:22
Ron Paul Moneybomb Goes Nuclear 00:38:27
I'll get a Ron Paul tattoo if we raise over 10 million on the 16th... No Joke 00:37:40
Facebook 00:36:52
I think I have a good idea 00:36:05
Get ready for Tea Party Blowout 00:32:57
Steve Kubby campaign video with Ron Paul 00:30:35
POLL - You Know What to Do -- :-) 00:30:06
Media Caught Censoring Ron Paul Support in Miami Florida 00:27:41
Can one mans example change another mans thinking 00:26:19
Operation Front Door VIDEO 00:16:23
Current Odds on Ron Paul 00:14:11
This Sunday, Tea will be served. 00:11:26
I'm a brand new USA citizen and a proud Ron Paul supporter 00:07:54
POLL - You Know What to Do -- Idaho Statesman :-) 00:02:17
How to beat Huckabee 00:01:20
Ron Paul Tea Party Parade Float 00:00:08