Posted on December 15, 2007

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Tea Time - Donate Now! 23:25:58
The Power of Focused Intention 19:12:55
Ron Paul - Perfect for CB Radios & Ham too 13:04:20
Dancing in the Streets for Ron Paul 10:42:10
Bored Saturday? Call New Hampshire! 10:09:13
Watch the Canvassing Numbers Grow This Weekend 08:39:20
Ron Paul on NHPR - 12/20/07 02:32:19
Have a RON PAUL Christmas! 00:30:43
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Huckabee cancels campaigning on Dec 16th 23:59:24
Mini-Bombs within Big Bomb! 23:58:57
Another Ron Paul cameo! 23:57:01
On illegal immigrants, from anonymous source - 23:45:23
Donation teaparty countdown Clock? Did I screw up? 23:40:28
Gun Shows shun Ron Paul supporters; Thomson has "monopoly" 23:38:51
Good thing about recent donations. 23:30:51
National Mainstream Media Ignores The Tea Party - Use the media contact list attached 23:28:47
4 Armageddon-Proof New Year Resolutions 23:27:14
Google America Freedom to Fascism While you wait 23:24:44
Sign Slogans for RP 23:24:35
Motivation 23:20:51
We need to average 416K per hour to reach 10 Million on Dec 16 23:18:47
Like Christmas morning… 23:12:42
The Charters of Freedom "A New World is at Hand" 23:07:08
Des Moines Register Endorsement 23:00:46
Locked in the meat cooler? Don't call 911 - call 877-RON-PAUL! 22:59:40
We The People? 22:59:35
Inspiring Story From College Student 22:58:38
Money Bombs for Charity when Ron Paul is President? 22:57:05
Philisophical Motivation for Tonight 22:56:13
Des Moines Register endorses McCain 22:52:58
Looking for something to do while you wait to donate? Judge Napolitano interview 22:52:16
Why Ron Paul's support is so mind blowing! 22:51:27
Donate hard the first 30 minutes.... 22:51:23
Des Moines Register supports Clinton & McCain! 22:45:40
Terminology 22:32:30
Guys the last thing we need is to 22:28:33
Ron Paul Radio 24 Hours Continuous Coverage & Live Chat 22:25:50
Taser for kids! 22:14:42
Washington Post Article 22:11:48
This video needs to be spread all night long! - The Revolution Begins 22:10:06
T-minus 0.5 hours until the RP campaign hits critical mass....farewell neocons, new world order, you will not be missed 22:05:45
I dare you to browbeat this graph! 22:01:00
Stupid Tea Party Question 22:00:37
Ron Paul's electability 21:59:59
To my brothers and sisters in the Revolution 21:58:05
Which OM Pundits Should We Awaken to the Tea Party? 21:51:31
Song for Ron Paul released from Camelot Castle England 21:50:44
Michigan ads by Arab Americans for Ron Paul 21:46:23
New Video: Ron Paul after the U of Miami Debate 21:42:41
Add some comment to this Des Moines Register story... 21:38:04
Distributing Ron Paul fliers in my neighborhood and nearby 21:37:53
Libertarian Glenn Beck sends the Paulheads another video... 21:37:42
The Media Coverage has already STARTED!!!!!!!!! 21:09:23
Excellent Website for Flyers, Banners, & DVDs 21:04:21
This one's for Katie Couric, CBS, Old media and rigged polls 20:55:53
Imagine a Campaign that Called for Slashing Military Spending by 75% 20:54:05
I'm sitting in a rollercoaster... 20:51:08
$10Million National Advertising Blitz (ELIBERTY Commercial) 20:39:15
Why the RNC MUST choose Ron Paul 20:10:03
My First Ever Ron Paul Video - Feedback Please :-) 20:06:24
ALL AT ONCE 19:59:29
Is there anything foreigners can do to help Ron Paul to win? 19:57:23
For web savy readers: How to set up Rosary counter? 19:57:19
How we Converted a Democrat 19:50:13
Help! My parents are... 19:41:20
Update that thermometer already 19:39:11
12 Steps to Victory (fwd to 19:34:01 19:31:02
Vital RP NOTE: Let's not forget... 19:29:53
Tea Party Donation Rates and Graphs 19:29:30
Huckabee and Romney 19:29:29
Ron Paul press interview video 19:26:38
Teparty07 website needs updates! 19:24:45
The Million Dollar Hour for Ron Paul 19:23:43
Anybody going all in for Tea Party, or more than $100? 19:07:41
What's the most important issue for you in this election 19:04:33
Winner predictions: Real Cash placed in Casinos around the World 18:57:37
Keep the Sabbath AND donate! 18:52:41
What we could do with money saved by closing foreign bases. 18:50:19
IMHO Best New Video: RP Change the World 18:48:41
a simple encouraging observation regarding fundraising and the huckster 18:48:02
Re-evaluating foreign policy 18:42:53
RP ON CBS Evening News Tomorrow!! 18:41:07
Midnight donations:) 18:38:32
Low Poll Numbers and Bulging War Chest. What's Wrong With This Picture? 18:38:25
1-888-369-4762. call FOX news!! 18:37:18
National Restaurant Association 18:27:45
WIFI for Paul Do it Today Call to action for the Major Cities 18:10:15
C-Span reported.... 18:00:28
Protecting Paul 17:54:36
Fox News Ron Paul Plug HOLY GOD! 17:50:59
Ron Paul is now the G.O.P. Frontrunner 17:39:33
Ron Paul on NOW 17:32:34
Huckabee DWI Clemency, Donations Raise Questions 17:29:46
McCain Military endorsements?? 17:21:30
Email Campaign 17:19:13
Promote Ron Paul Radio! 17:18:21
Ron Paul Needs Wisconsin Delegates! 17:14:59
Media blitz Time magazine 17:11:50
Guam is already at the Teaparty! Dec 16th is on! 17:09:11
Who is John Galt? 17:08:51
Las Vegas Tea Party Takes Front Page at 17:02:48
EVERYONE! Post This Video Everywhere! 16:56:57
A Call to Arms (Figuratively) 16:54:40
Testing 16:50:49
EARLY START for the 16th of Dec??? 16:49:31
Reminder to all to obey the dailypaul guidelines.... 16:42:53
Ron Paul Blimp in Raleigh Chronicle 16:42:08
Undecided voter in New Hampshire needs a good pitch from RP supporters 16:26:48
Hold! Hold! 16:23:07
Ron Paul for President—if You Really Want Change. 16:17:47
Matt Pyeatt and Dr Osborne now on 16:07:21
Ron Paul supporters launch billboard in Iowa 16:05:11
Tomorrow-I Pledge Allegiance and $234 to the Quiet Man, 16:05:09
Dr. Mercola- Article on Ron Paul 16:00:11
Huckabee fundraising shenanigans? 15:58:55
Ballot Base calls it a day due to server issues 15:57:14
Ron Paul and Lipton 15:54:42
Out With The Speaker 15:51:55
Average Daily Donors at 1776 UNBELIEVABLE! 15:37:43
Just got in Boston and suddenly a bolt of energy just ran up my spine... 15:36:38
Replica Blimp for car?!?!? 15:28:20
Vote in this Iowa poll for Ron Paul! 15:26:33
Text Message 15:24:52
The normally negative Houston Chronicle has a very positive article. 15:24:12
Minutemen don't endorse Huckabee "DIGG" 15:23:38
RON PAUL article on front page of Kansas City Star today 15:22:43
What did you do for Ron on Bill of Rights Day? 14:54:29
Hope is our weapon 14:49:33
** we need help over at** this means YOU! 14:42:53
Tea Party Crate-making? 14:39:55
Can someone throw my credibility a flotation device? 14:36:18
Imagine Ron Paul through James Madison 14:34:51
Anyone know the law here? Cannot sign wave without a permit?? 14:30:46
Big time HOT AIR from the Edwards camp 14:30:18
What Will You Be Brewing? 14:29:56
Presidential candidate Ron Paul may be little known on the national scene, but in Hillsdale County 14:23:44
Ron Paul is being marginalized. 14:19:11 phone banking in NH Now 14:14:17
How is this for a BIG new idea?? 14:14:01
Puppies for Paul 14:07:55
A message from Ron! Enjoy your tea!!! 14:00:41
Had to send an email today?!? 13:56:35
Teaparty pledge #'s?? 13:55:05
Online poll from NH Indy Media... 13:53:54
Have a Ron Paul Christmas 13:50:47
Good news! 13:29:30
Thanks Daily Paulers! 13:29:16
Jim Cramer on MSNBC w/Tim Russert NOW 13:19:25
Huckabee 13:17:54
Cool Old Music Video 13:13:51
TV AD Challenge now up on for all Paul supporters 13:06:50
Paul website neglects to advertise Beck interview 12:58:19
Would a Religious Person Do Something Like This? 12:57:04
Ron Paul: A Thought Experiment 12:57:02
My Cousin Got Polled [Rigged?] 12:53:42
Daily Paulers call into Ron Paul Revolution Radio 12:19:18
Why Did Huckabee Destroy Almost 100 Computers Before Leaving the 12:18:40
Call-in Event TODAY!! We need people! 12:09:48
We are with Ron Paul - My original song dedicated to Dr. Paul 12:09:28
Digg: The Million Dollar Hour for Ron Paul 12:06:43
Tea Parties around Mobile or Pensacola?? 11:52:15
Blues singer Jimmy Vaughan endorsement 11:46:34
Do you know how to win the Caucus? 11:41:37
just a question.. 11:36:01 11:34:55
PBS wants feedback on "Ron Paul and Internet Politics" 11:33:44
Ron Paul's Lies, Non-Constitutional Votes, and Tax Hikes 11:23:24
Berlin Wall Crashes - part 2 11:18:29
Mormons Rule! (Jackson, WY) 11:03:53
RP: Global Warming 11:01:57
Happy Bill of Rights Day 10:55:33
Please Help Me Raise the Flag @ Digg! 10:49:34
Possible Conversion Tactic, Let me know what you think 10:47:16
Get the Ron Paul Girl on Howard Stern 10:46:54
Ron Paul WINS National caucus 10:43:56
List of Congressional candidates? 10:40:39
All I Want for Christmas... 10:24:17
Jan 1 2008 A day to celebrate; & Resolve to never vote for corruption 10:18:38
Amazing Video that will definitely Inspire 10:15:57
Ron Paul in Interviews and Debates 10:14:20
Why the time counter in Tea Party web page... 10:01:51
Damn it Acala! You made me cry! 10:00:14
Ron Paul almost made me crash last night! 09:56:24
WorldNetDaily: Ron Paul Interview 09:47:14
Pastors For Ron Paul - Send to Huckster fans 09:38:29
a few last minute preparations 09:21:52
Envy Thermometer Rising! 09:18:58
Interesting attack plan! 09:17:48
Owning gold in your IRA 09:15:59
Ron Paul Party For Years To Come 08:54:59
Tea Party! 08:49:19
Jealousy of RP, Treasonous Politicians, S I Groups & And a New Strategy 08:11:19
Boston Plays National Anthem 07:28:12
Graphics on donor page. 07:28:06
Property Rights - You Won't Believe What Happened To This Couple 07:09:32
Rand Paul To Speak At Tea Party - Boston 06:59:03
Vijay Boyapati deserves a Congressional medal of honor 06:03:30
Donation Prediction.... 11.5MIL 05:51:37
Article about possible Huckmeister Fabrication 05:46:43
Decades for 2008 05:45:41
Ohio May Replace Voting Machines 05:30:20
14 Year old Ron Paul 'er Schools his Father! 04:48:33
Encourage Anti-RP repub. to vote counter Huck. 04:20:36
WOW.....simply amazing....a MUST read for everybody! 04:05:56
Ron Paul landslide 03:59:36
Operation Live Free or Die Activist Videos 03:48:04
ronpaulforums please help 03:37:13
Zogby poll 33%Paul 19%Giuliani 15% Mitt. No Joke!!! 03:29:47
Obama Supporters 03:27:25
Help woman who's brother died in Iraq choose Ron!! 03:26:05
Lance Armstrong 03:21:50
Hope springs eternal 03:05:47
More important than the Tea Party? 03:01:02
Thanks to Dr. Mercola for telling his 1.3 million subscribers about Ron Paul! 02:44:49
colorado springs gazette 02:42:08 02:38:30
Collection of Open Letters on Behalf of Ron Paul 02:36:09
What Dr Paul and all realists are up against...knowledge is power 02:34:27
New Ron Paul website targeting women. . . 02:28:35
Is Tea Party Countdown Clock 1 hour behind schedule? 02:17:01
Brand New Ron Paul Music Video! 02:07:40
Has anyone noticed? 01:54:20
Why WE will win the primaries! 01:34:03
Imagine a Campaign that Called for Slashing Military Spending by 75% 01:30:16
after lunch tea? 01:24:15
Gold Investor for Ron Paul!! HUGE! 01:21:47
Download 1 hour RP interview on KNPR 01:10:51
Trash Piece on RP and My Letter to the Journalist 01:08:28
PBS NOW SPIN - new way to campaign GARBAGE! 01:04:48
Send to Rudy Giuliani supporters.... 01:03:18
Please BEHAVE during Tea Parties 01:02:36
Secret **HUGE** Project Happening in LA - MORE DETAILS!!!! 01:00:48 Ron Paul Ad Contest Winners Announced! 00:59:42
Dr. Mercola's newsletter supporting Ron Paul 00:57:21
Criticism of RP from the left 00:50:56
You are FREE to use our local radio ads from Columbia, MO. 00:36:29
Take Action To Defeat the New Shamnesty from Mike Huckabee! 00:36:04
Ron Paul new campaign headquarters in Miami-Dade 00:32:00
Great Parody... THIS is Our Competition 00:22:04
New Hampshire Phone Bank Instructions!!! 00:18:54
A Force to Be Reckoned With 00:16:55
Neocon Jewish Groups Are Unrepresentative of American Jewish Opinion. 00:15:05
Quick Reminder To "Stumble Upon" Users. 00:07:23