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Ron Paul on Charlie Rose Show? 22:55:40
1773 Boston Tea Party vs. 2007 Boston Tea Party 16:22:51
Ron Paul Has Already Won 14:14:50
Daily Paul on Ron Paul Revolution Radio Tonight 8PM ET 13:00:53
Secret Crowds 12:50:33
Austin Tea Party and Baby Blimp 02:24:51
Tea Party Press - Washington Times 02:18:40
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My revised Iowa letter -- please critique 23:57:04
Congratulations are in order - To the Tea Party organizers, volunteers and Donors! 23:51:40
YouTube: Tucker endorses RP + Hillarious lead in 23:49:52
RP's brother Pastor David Paul on 11 o'clock news on WOOD NBC channel 8 23:48:11
Does anyone know? 23:45:41
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 23:42:25
Ron Paul "Might"(if need be) Run As Independent? 23:41:03
Tucker Endorses Paul? 23:35:21
Who would you trust with their fingers on the football? 23:31:47
YOUR-tube, *IMPORTANT 23:30:16
Its time for a NEW DIRECTION... HAND-OUT/MAIL BOMB JAN 1 23:28:12
The Huckster's Foreign Policy: 23:27:44
ron paul money bomb satire 23:26:20
I got called by the USA Today/Gallup pollsters today 23:23:28
Paul sounding very very Presidential (Video) 23:19:59
Would you please Spend 2 Minutes to Give Liberty to Real Slaves? 23:15:44
HUMOR!!! Roin Paul the Jedi Knight VIDEO 23:11:31
Canvassing your office building 23:10:03
Canvassing your office building 23:09:57
Scottsdale meetup Gets Free TV time For Ron Paul 23:03:17
Bloomberg Really Aims at Ron Paul or "How the Republicans are terrified of Ron Paul" 23:03:02
The Future of the Revolution 23:01:46
Dan Abrams: Ron Paul is today's big winner. 22:58:21
Quote from the Huckster's forums... 22:55:26
Other Candidates focus on Image, Ron Paul focuses on Issues 22:54:58
I wonder if Glenn Beck will mention Dr. Paul in the last 10 minutes? 22:52:35
In case you didn't see what Dr. Paul was doing last night.... 22:46:24
The founders warned us. Take heed ! 22:46:23
A Faux News Article Worth Reading! 22:43:14 poll right now! 845 pm central! 22:42:40
***Vote Now In Larry King Poll*** 22:42:00
Media Black Out 22:41:55
Finally, a Reason to Vote, Ron Paul! 22:41:51
Running Mate That Would Attract Conservative Christian Voters 22:40:36
Baptists for Ron Paul, could a four year old lead the way? 22:39:27
I'm gonna be sick..... 22:37:59
2500 NEW donors today! 22:37:15
Need gracious RP supporters 22:32:33
How about knights of Columbus,AOH,VFW 22:30:55
Half page Ron Paul add in Seattle Weekly 12-19 22:30:53
Huckleberry is a diversion; ROMNEY IS THE REAL THREAT 22:28:39
Don't worry - THE NEWS COMES TOMORROW :-) 22:23:16
Why it's really good to be a Christian RP supporter. 22:21:21
The Seminary Student's Quest 22:19:48
Ron Paul on Cavuto NOW 22:16:35
Awesome! Ron Paul Blimp Flying over Columbia, SC! [Video] 22:14:56
Veteran GOP strategist signs on with Huckabee 22:11:01
Bogus Polls 22:09:55
Ron Paul and Kent Synder’s Statement After Historic Tea Party Fundraising Event 22:09:07
The Religous Right and TRUTH - What do you think? 22:08:02
Ron Paul Infomercial 22:07:49
What is the status of the Iowa volunteers? 22:07:26
Time to start planning Tea Party 08! 22:06:37
Betsy is NOT happy.... 22:04:05
A tool for use when campaigning 22:02:02
Huffington Post Reports on Ron Paul's Plans for Cash Haul 21:56:52
Small Bomb for the 25th December celebrate GW crossing The Del. 21:53:36
Nancy Reagen 21:51:34
Concord Hymn 21:47:31
No More Money Bombs! 21:41:26
New Ron Paul Respect Video 21:40:43
What's This? 21:33:27
20 mil for 4th quarter? 21:28:29
The Battles of Lexington and Concord 21:26:26
***GREAT**** write-up from the Nation 21:25:40
HAHA! Rand sounds exactly like his old man 21:25:01
I am on the phone with Ron Paul!!!!! 21:22:01
Money bomb hangovers 21:18:14
Money bomb hangovers 21:18:06
$$$ for National Ad Campaign 21:16:47
Media Deception: Refuse the Dope and Don't Give the Pusher a Penny 21:07:46
"" makes Common Sense. We just need to change the graphics on the tea party site 21:06:16
Jon stossel airs ron paul 2001 21:03:42
Guys! We don't need another MONEY BOMB! We need a VOTER BOMB!! (Pledge site inside now) 21:02:58
This picture disgusts me. Ron Paul deserves so much more! 20:59:17
TAXES! 20:51:11
Congressman Ron Paul newcomers to the Daily Paul. 20:49:56
Tucker and Kent Snyder on Ron Paul's $6 Million Haul 20:48:23
Create "RP Trust Fund" for portion of new money? 20:47:40
!! Any Iraq Servicemen Out There !! 20:43:30
Some more CNN coverage 20:40:18
MAHALO.COM Looking for Help with Ron Paul Information 20:39:48
glenn's a little snippy 20:36:12
Ron Paul Interviewed By NPR's Robert Smith 20:34:42
CNN's Own Polls for Ron Paul 20:32:37
30 Min Iowa Special ON TV THIS WEEKEND! 20:31:53
Tuesday a busy day for Dr. Paul 20:31:50
Coast To Coast 20:29:47
EU - The new federalist supranational superstate has been born. 20:16:04
Primaries 20:14:48
Neo-Cons Poised to Play Voting Fraud Trump Card 20:09:12
Stamps Needed for NH Letters 20:06:32
Paul poised to do well in Iowa 20:06:14
"Ron Paul IS common sense." 20:05:49
BS Bloomberg News an attempt to steal Tea Party thunder 19:57:10
Freedom Message Unites, but RP Campaign Seems to Divide 19:52:25
Suggestion for Meetups: "Adopt a Neighborhood" program 19:49:44
Let's Do It - Christmas MONEY BOMB! 100 MILLION in one day! 19:49:00
Paul talk next on CNN (3:50pm PST 12-17-07 19:48:00
Katie just mentioned our $6M Man on CBS 19:47:48
Tucker on MSNBC and RP's campaign manager NOW! 19:47:25
Tucker Carlson just said ... 19:46:04
Ron Paul Campaign: "Must redo tea party." 19:44:07
Just on ABC nightly news 6:38pm 19:41:15
Andrew Sullivan endorses Ron Paul 19:39:00
January 10th --- A day for COMMON SENSE ! 19:36:24
Attack the media where it hurts...their pocketbook 19:32:53
It will be interesting to hear 19:29:44
Has Huckabee Ever Had An Original Thought on the Issues or 19:26:10
Why $6.04 M? It's $6.45 M! 19:23:14
Getting Some PR Dec 18th! 19:21:41
Paul on Jay Leno Tonight?? 19:20:51
Another GREAT Idea!! For Christmas, raise money and increase our numbers! 19:20:38
America First - 2008 Republican Presidential Race 19:19:52
RON PAUL 43% IN POLLING 19:17:11
Help 4 Michigan 19:16:31
Paul on Cavuto Now! (6:15pm eastern) 19:16:11
Could anyone please... 19:13:18
New MSNBC Rate the Candidate "Poll" 19:12:55
Ron Paul on WHO1040 (Iowa) for one hour Tue Dec 18 19:08:45
WSJ on Tea Party '07 19:06:09
New Ron Paul Supporters: WELCOME!! 19:04:59
CNN - Tea party benefits Paul 19:04:09
URGENT - We need registrations! *bomb* 19:04:00
TUCKER will be talking to RP Campaign Advisor 19:03:49
Pilgrimage for Paul 19:01:14
R u tired of polls? 18:58:54
CNN will cover Ron Paul right now 5:55 EST 18:56:25
A Holiday Gift: Ron Paul Beyond Words 18:55:41
What about a voter's registration bomb? 18:51:40
HELP!!! Organize a National Rally? We did 6 mill, We can do this!!!!! 18:47:28
huck-a-bomb 18:46:15
Touching portrait of Ron Paul.. 18:45:00
Huckabee 3 million money bomb? 18:36:59
Ron Paul Quiz 18:35:01
Money bomb on Thomas Paine's birthday? 18:27:16
EP's Weekly Poll - Vote 18:26:34
[Poll] Ron Paul has raised over $17 million so far this quarter. How will Paul's huge cash reserves impact the GOP primary race 18:25:37
Rand Paul Worried Vote Stealing May Hinder Ron Paul Campaign 18:23:01
They're never going to give Ron the nomination unless.... 18:19:57
McCain names Broxmeyer top Jewish adviser 18:19:04
Will Someone Please! 18:18:51
DR. Paul needs some endorsements 18:16:53
We should have a national rally in Iowa and freak them all out 18:03:31
Check out Paul's MSM line up tomorrow! 18:03:04
Ron Paul Morning Blast (Dec 18) 17:54:17
Superbowl Ad? 17:48:32
Tomorrow Old Media BONANZA!! Paul will appear on a ton of shows 17:46:46
Blast back to 1988... The views have not changed 17:45:14
Getting a handle on the true number of Dr. Paul Supporters. 17:41:03
Los Angeles Tea Party Video (MASSIVE TURNOUT) 17:40:39
This USA Today survey is a blast 17:38:49
Ron Paul has finally won and accomplished what he was after 17:38:15
Veterans need a page on the RP2008 site 17:37:06
CNN Cafferty File: 6mil pull 17:32:25
Everyone must eat a pig every day. 17:30:00
Think this isn't a fight for your rights 17:29:53
RP endorsed over Huck by homeschoolers! 17:26:15
Go figure, John McCain talking about a sound dollar, Wonder where he got that from? 17:24:48
Lieberman saying McCain is a classical Democrat 17:24:17
I think Lieberman endorsing McCain can be good 17:24:14
Huckabee Supporters Discouraged By Money Bomb? 17:22:04
Iowa press confrence ??????????? 17:18:44
Cafferty is all over Ron Paul right now 4:58 et 17:08:34
Money Bombs in January? 17:06:51
WHO Radio Poll! Down to Paul and Huck! 17:04:54
A new website idea...PHOTO YOUR 16:57:29
The Six Million Dollar Ron (video) 16:55:35
Analysts know something we don't - The system is rigged 16:53:45
Do Endorsements even matter? CNN Poll results, interesting 16:53:01
Paul on Radio Live Interview coming up at 3PM CT 16:52:02
Working with the media discussion 16:51:11
Media Misinformed - Ron Paul's PR Could Be Vastly Improved 16:50:29
RP Campaign Efficiency / Results - can't we do better? 16:47:34
Re-airing of CNN's Newsroom coverage of Ron Paul, plus an analysis of his chances coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16:47:02
Converting Christians 16:46:28
Is McCain going to pick Leiberman as his VP to try to unite dems and reps against us? 16:45:12
Love watching the blimp GPS map... 16:39:26
blimp Donations are up and running again 16:37:48
Sen. Chris Dodd got the Message! Say goodbye to your rights! 16:37:07
America's New Year's Day! (New Awesome Video) 16:35:38
South/Central New Jersey Ron Paul supporters 16:28:08
Local News Needs a Ron Paul boost! 16:26:37
Will Ron Paul will be the surprise Candidate within the Republican Party? 16:25:13
Andrew Sullivan ENDORSES Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!! 16:22:59
Will Ron Paul will be the surprise Candidate within the Republican Party? 16:21:52
Newb needs help! 16:21:25
REASON on Tea Party '07 16:20:49
Andrew Sullivan endorses Ron Paul 16:15:53
More Important: 1 Man's Endorsement or 50,000+ Endorsers/Donors 16:11:23
Target: Pro-Life Advocates, March for Life, Washington DC, Jan. 22, 2008 16:08:43
Teachout says Ron Paul won't win on PBS 16:08:33
Clinton vs McCain 1993, McCain made sense once upon a time. 16:08:31
Stop Cursing the Darkness and Light a Candle! 16:07:47
California investor subsidizes DVDs 25 cents each 16:06:26
How to get better polling numbers.. 16:03:00
Huck 15:58:12
When MONEY has no VALUE... 15:55:52
A policy of trading, not invading 15:52:50
"Ring in Liberty" 100K New Donors on thisdecember31st 15:49:56
Press Conference??? 15:42:39
Make NYTimes Pay For Their Bias! 15:41:06
It's all about the Polls 15:39:56
URGENT: Stop complaining about "media blackout" 15:39:46
Ron Paul Endorsements? 15:38:59
The campaign needs to hire this guy 15:37:38
Copying the great form at flatterly? 15:36:36
A new event idea 15:36:12
Are you familiar with the Wayne Dumond story? 15:35:44
I am Ron Paul! 15:35:25
Listen to Ron Paul live radio interview 15:34:38
Would Jesus Support the War? 15:34:15
Does this strike anyone as funny 15:31:56
andrew sullivan endorsement... 15:25:39
Online Constitution Classes 15:25:08
Need help finding a video 15:21:05
Time to set the timers on the vote bombs. 15:20:12
***Ron Paul on Meet the Press 12/23 15:18:46
Businesses for the Ron Paul Revolution 15:01:37
The Campaigns 14:59:27
Mainstream Media Tactic Has Backfired 14:57:25
Go post a response for today's Cafferty File question about Ron Paul 14:56:24
Greenspan Uses the "Stagflation" Word! 14:54:09
Dr. Paul on Beck 14:53:32
Rudy retreats from NH; Surge Not Working 14:52:16
NEW IDEA 1million, 1st of the year, $10 donation 14:49:55
Ron Paul excluded from yet another poll . . . 14:47:21
Chat Room Presidential Poll Puts Ron Paul in Top Spot 14:44:49
Ron Paul and his chances just covered on CNN!!!!!! 14:44:22
20 Million Dollars! Please Bump 14:44:04
Roe v. Wade & Personal Liberty 14:42:32
George Will - Ron Paul supporter? 14:39:11
I was interviewed on the radio this morning about Ron Paul 14:31:56
Dailypaul mention in NY SUN 14:31:54
Google News "Ron Paul" 269 stories on the Money Bomb 14:30:03
We need to reach out to the Christian Right 14:28:20
Time for a FIRST CLASS Campaign! 14:27:14
Where can I find Ron Paul videos by topic? 14:26:34
1997 Budget = No Income tax / No IRS Just imagine. 14:24:53
Response to the Tea Party 14:21:17
USA Today RP Video plays Lieberman McCain Video!!!! 14:20:41
Current blimp position on 14:20:32
Unreliability of Ohio Diebold machines in the news 14:14:52
why is the media saying we raised 6 million? 14:13:39
Ron Paul front page of ABC right now! 12/17/2007 10:08 PST 14:08:28
Why Is Paul Not in New Hampshire? 14:03:47
Presidential Poll Puts Republican in Top Spot 14:00:27
Andrew Sullivan Endorses Ron Paul 13:55:31
Daily Papers 13:52:11
deleted 13:50:39
Andrew Sullivan Endorses Ron Paul 13:50:26
Need a prolonged, focused action... one network at a time 13:49:50
We The People endorse Ron Paul and no one can top that! 13:47:34
Deleted 13:44:48
So Much for Paul Sending Two Arkansas Lawmakers to Iowa 13:44:14
Why National Polls Don't Matter 13:41:05
Newspaper Endorsements? 13:38:58
Don't React - Go On Attack 13:35:42
what does it cost 13:35:37
USA Today promoting Paul Links 13:33:59
press confrence@ 12.45 pm from iowa 13:32:50
Instead of Another Money Bomb What About an 13:31:24
How Ron Paul Has Already Won 13:30:25
TEAPARTY: 15th or 16th, or both 13:27:58
INVADING YOUTUBE ENTERTAINMENT - Please Rate This "Stop Dreaming" Advertisement!! :) 13:23:29
Blimp doubter converted 13:14:31
Bump Teaparty Story on Yahoo News 13:14:05
Tea Party Rally Videos from Across the Nation 13:12:18
Mega Town Meeting 13:06:19
What are the Best Ron Paul Videos? 13:05:31
Time to really put on the thinking caps. 13:02:53
USA Today on $6M. haul 12:58:08
Adopt A Library 12:56:31
Who remembers "Fill the Quill"? 12:53:39
Deafening Silence From the Right Wing Noise Machine on Ron’s Haul 12:53:25
CBS interview 12:51:26
Star Power 12:44:40
The Sign Bomb!!!! <- Let's get back to the basics! 12:36:53
Transition $$$ into issues 12:36:48
The Grid Iron Ron Paul Patriots 12:35:55
Hang on to your seats...sources close to Bloomberg stated that he is going to run on the Independent ticket. 12:35:11
Our Founders Gave us a Republic not a democracy - Ron Paul Knows the Difference 12:32:18
The Patriotpost internet Journal 12:26:42
Tea Party on Drudge Report- at top, in RED!! 12:25:22
Homeland Security Nightmare 12:24:11
The next bomb!!!! 12:23:15
Telecom immunity 12:21:20
MLK "Free at last" Money Bomb 12:18:44
There is no media conspiracy 12:17:13
Can Someone Please Confirm Primary Dates? 12:14:10
As if we weren't mad this clip! 12:11:51
CNN tea Party video 12:10:54
Great Mention of Ron Paul and HIs Cuban Stance.... 12:08:39
New Study--Scientists Say Humans NOT Causing Global Warming 11:55:30
Meet the Press! 11:54:52
Ron Paul NOT the first 3rd party candidate? 11:53:38
media coverage 11:50:51
How Ron Paul has already won. 11:47:53
Will Ted Kennedy Be The Next To Endorse McCain? 11:43:42
Repository of Ron Paul Quotes on the Issues 11:40:44
The Next Step 11:40:07
CBS on the net Acknowledges 6 Million 11:36:49
Ron Paul press conference today, in Iowa 11:34:46
WND poll 11:34:21
Donate Gift Card Money to Ron Paul 11:32:42
Next Event-National Cancel Cable Day 11:32:40
Ron Paul—inspiring wicked idiots since 1984 11:22:42
Dean vs. Paul Campaign - what's the difference? 11:19:41
Who ya gonna call? RON PAUL! 11:19:25
Dennis Kucinich Would Choose Ron Paul As Running Mate 11:16:54
What happens when... 11:16:40
Enough with Money Bombs 11:13:48
Meetup preventing messages on Dec 16 "TeaParty Pooper" 11:11:43
Google News ~ Ron Paul front page! 11:09:23
Why the media rages against us... 11:06:58
Tea Party Total ... 11:04:17
Australian News Totally Biased against Ron Paul 11:03:08
Best Ron Paul Song Ever!!! 10:47:56
promising article 10:44:44
Video: Judge Napolitano 10:43:56
Boston Tea Party mentioned again on CNN for 10 seconds, then went to talk about McCain 10:42:30
New Money Bomb on V-Day "Love your Liberty" 10:40:08
Digg this up 10:39:01
And Now, Those Voting Machines 10:33:12
Now a possible 3rd Party Run? 10:31:40
The Six Million Dollar Man Could Concentrate on Right to Assemble and be Anonymous 10:24:18
New Poll :) you know what to do 10:22:26
MSM on Ron Paul Record (Cartoon) 10:22:07
Think 30 Million! 100,000 NEW Donors 10:13:08
CNN YouTube: $6mil haul + Blimp mentioned. 10:04:54
$6.4 Million, but shouldnt we allow more time for the servers crashing? 09:51:50
why doesn't duncan hunter pack it in? 09:51:02
Fox News YouTube: $6mill pull 09:48:05
The End of Old Media Politics 09:41:52
Anyone familiar with Campaign Finance Law? 09:41:28
The Blimp is here to stay!!!! 09:41:05
USA Today + Questionnaire/Poll 09:34:32
My Family is done with the MSM 09:32:40
< TO ALL THIS MONEY METER IS OFF BY + $406,000 09:25:38
The War On Democracy 2007 09:14:19
An L.A. Times Blog about 16th 08:57:40
Ron Paul coming up on Morning Joe's "News you CAN'T use" 08:56:59
Concerted Media Strategy 08:51:02
Paul Raises Millions In 24-Hour Effort CBS 08:50:06
Do endorsements matter? MSM 08:48:05
Mysterious article appears, is DHS gearing up for martial law ? 08:24:25
Hillary on ALL 3 NETWORKS at the same time. No Tea Party coverage yet. 08:17:31
Vote for RP in the Independent Primary concluding tomorrow 08:08:36
Morning Joe? 08:03:56
Morning Joe Is going nowhere 08:03:09
MSNBC Coverage on tea party NOW 6.52 am est 07:53:44
Expect more donations, 100,000 in N.E w/out power since Saturday 07:36:36
FOX NEWS ignores $6.2M day 07:14:36
Some simple math? 07:14:30
Tea Party on CNN Morning Express 07:14:11
If any of Ron's family or campaign is reading this... about Iowa 06:34:51
Lieberman Endorsement Ruse 06:26:30
Help!!! How Much Does This Cost? 06:23:14
Make the next BOMB a VOTE BOMB!!! *update another idea* 06:17:51
strasbourg tea party 06:11:37
Ron Paul Statistic Question 05:56:39
Ron Paul Surpasses Fund Raising Record Held by John Kerry 05:16:02
Michigan National Bill of Rights Day Sign Wave VIDEO 05:11:41
"Dr. No On Ice" - The American Spectator (Don't let the title fool you, this is a positive piece) 04:58:36
"Paul is the best suited to restore hope in U.S." - Nashua Telegraph (op-ed) 04:56:33
Help with The Patriot Bomb! 04:54:13
"If money bombs become vote bombs, Paul could be a force" - Southern Political Report 04:50:12
please ignore ron paul(not really, its the title of the letter) 04:30:35
Iowa TV Special A Waste 04:17:31
How a demolition of a Building 04:14:44
Walking door to door in your neighborhood, a How-To video! 04:07:39
Where is the Blog Post about Dr Paul introducing a Bill to abolish the Federal GAs Tax? 03:51:19
ROSS PEROT 03:45:21
Darth Hillary 03:43:55
What's the next moneybomb? 03:41:52
Need a Dedicated "Media on Ron Paul" Website 03:38:33
Breit Bart, RON PAUL!+FREEREPUBLIC 03:28:35
Fox News coverage, KY and IN 03:18:13
CNN coverage in Boston 03:10:28
YAHOO 03:00:33
Paul attracts crowd with ‘Boston Tea Party' 02:55:21
What should Ron Paul do with all this money? 02:54:04
What is the Best Ron Paul Song? 02:53:24
CBS Nightly News 02:51:59
Storm Donors: How many could not donate, no power? 02:48:09
$6 Million in 24 hours -> $6 Million NO CORPORATE MONEY! 02:47:55
congrats all! we are front page on Politico! 02:46:27
Huckaflea on Larry King 02:46:13
Official campaign 30 min Iowa "tv special" 02:38:00
Why is this not the main headline at the DRUDGE Report? 02:37:53
Dancing with Ron Paul!!! 02:35:24
How to address "front-runners" 02:35:22
Dr. Paul.on - bad news and good news. 02:34:37
Deleted 02:34:03
Livingston County, Michigan Ron Paul Sign Wave 02:31:31
Las Vegas Tea Party Was Amazing! 02:30:53
Rudy is finished if we can circulate the first minute of this video. 02:26:08
Austin Tea Party Rally!!! Check out this video! 02:25:23
Lessons from Iowa 02:15:14
Lessons from Iowa 02:14:19
Dr. Paul picks the tea at the Party 02:11:36
New music video: We are with Ron Paul 02:09:49
Meetup Organizers Locked Out of Meetup during Tea Party? 02:06:04
Political Dashboard's Yahoo Buzz!... and how it helps us 02:05:12
message from RP MySpace 02:00:16
AP article: Fund Raising and Blimp Coverage 01:56:48
Is he a presidential hopeful now, or still a presidential long shot? 01:53:14
Dancing with Ron Paul!!! 01:53:11
Jump From 17,979,000 to 18,079,000$... 01:47:14
Server Crash? 01:31:10
Dec 16th Headline: RP beats HRC 6.3M Raised - a message for every Republican Primary voter 01:16:11
last seconds - DONATE!!!! 00:45:22