Posted on December 19, 2007

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WSJ: Ahead of Iowa, Republican Race Is Wide Open 21:54:57
Ron Paul Cavuto Inverview Video 21:33:43
Generation Liberty on RPR Radio - 7 Central 20:52:12
The Real RP Revolution 16:54:27
"Watch the Vote" - On the Ground or at Your Computer 13:48:38
Blimp Gets Second Banner 11:11:34
Operation Live Free or Die - Tea Party Vids 01:28:50
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck - One Full Hour - All 8 Parts 00:08:37
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck - Comments 11:11:35
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FEC Shutdown ??? 23:59:32
help me sway my sister to vote for ron paul (dept of edu. -related) 23:39:34
More Slanderous Supremacist Allegations 23:38:31
Iraq War - Where'd all the bad news go? 23:37:11
Youtube vids 23:34:37
Who will be running as a Delegate for Ron Paul? 23:34:15
Wheeling IL Man Fights for his 1st Amendment Right 23:16:24
Senior vote at zero? 23:14:11
From Ron Paul's MySpace Moderator - Please Read 23:14:00
Registration Deadlines: South Carolina 12/30 & Florida 12/31 23:09:53
Next Moneybomb theme - "F@#! the MEDIA!" 23:08:44
Confessions of a Defecting Democrat -- Why RP is the ....... 23:07:33
New Ron Paul Graph: How about 3 thermometers showing delegates in the first three primaries? 23:07:30
Delegate Questions 23:03:43
Bill O'Reilly is very dishonest saying that Ron Paul called Huckabee ... 23:02:10
Boston Update 22:59:13
Will Tancredo Endorse Ron Paul 22:49:47
My CHRISTMAS Wish 22:43:53
RP crosses the 100K Friends mark on MySpace 22:43:19
Ron Paul Flip-flop on Fed? Austin, we have a problem..... 22:43:09
McCain one of the Keating Five 22:37:07
Us Paullites are such OPPORTUNISTS!!!! 22:36:01
New Ron Paul Video-SOS 22:33:01
Lou Dobbs Email - you know what to do 22:31:48
Bush Third Termers 22:26:05
Heed The Founders' Warning 22:16:55
Iowa Paulites on the move 22:14:46
Rudy Guiliani owned in St. Louis - 12/19/2007 22:13:32
Centralized Site for Caucus / Primary Voter instructions? 22:09:13
Anyone Know Why the Campaign Web Site Doesn't Show the Money Ticker? 22:08:49
Help spread Fox's Hit Piece On Ron Paul that has blown up in their face 22:07:30
Matching Funds, John McCain has applied. 22:06:46
Michael Steele Changes Tune On Ron Paul 22:06:41
Hannity & Colmes... RON PAUL IS A SENSATION!! 22:06:20
That's why Ron Paul is a rock star 22:05:53
1/2 Page color Ron Paul Ad in Seattle Weekly today's issue! 22:00:37
New Ron Paul website: official "Grand Opening" 22:00:37
News on Cuba going the Doctor's Way! 22:00:03
The Ron Paul Bus - A Land-Based Blimp! 21:57:56
Election reform 21:53:41
Hunter S. Thompson 21:44:08
Tancredo is Out 21:41:17
Two good questions?? 21:38:48
My "Ron Paul MSM revenge" dream 21:38:22
YAHOO Frontpage News NOW - Paul keeps white supremacist donation 21:32:07
msnbc is looking fishy 21:31:03
Can we chip in to buy our own... 21:29:51
Link to Rand Paul's Boston Tea Party Speech 21:29:35
To Ron Paul Youtube junkies NEW VIDEO 21:29:23
What happened to the money counter on 21:24:20
Any one from Iowa here? 21:23:44
Free At Last! The next money bomb is ready!! 21:19:31
Glenn Beck Video - for those who missed it 21:16:21
Ron Paul Throws barrel Like a Man !!!! 21:07:35
WSJ/NBC Poll - Republcian Race Wide Open 21:03:48
Help support the SOUTHERN MISSOURI RON PAUL-A-THON!!!!!!!!! 20:57:24
Andrew Jackson Quotes 20:57:13
Ann Coulter : Mike Huckabee Like GOP Jimmy Carter 20:54:35
Scumbags Stole My 4’ X 8’, 75lb, Hand Painted RP Sign. 20:52:02
Mahatma Paul 20:49:48
What HAPPENED to the campaign web site? 20:48:56
does anybody know - has anybody heard... 20:45:08
Ron Paul flier 20:40:04
INSPIRATIONAL SONG AND VIDEO, Steve Dore: Message of Freedom 20:33:09
Absurdity of Old Media 20:23:25
Grassroots Hero Vijay Boyapati Presents 20:23:21
A Vote of Confidence. 20:19:01
And the grass roots continues to spread 20:18:18
Blimp in Richmond, VA today 20:17:10
Tancredo Fights Bigotry with Bigotry 20:16:34
I need your help!!! 20:10:35
Tancredo rumored to be 'pulling out' 20:10:20
9pm interview interrupted 20:07:08
TANCREDO 20:03:09
Ron Paul Yahoo New on their main page!!! 20:02:30
The Real Giuliani 20:02:09 Smears Ron Paul 20:00:12
$6 Million Dollar Drop In Funds - WTF? 19:57:56
Is everyone a Registered Republican? 19:56:39
Just an idea 19:56:11
Who do you think Tancredo will endorse ? 19:55:28
We NEED to concentrate on VOTES *NOT* money!!! 19:53:54
Why are all the Graphs Suddenly at 11.9 Million ? 19:53:19
all our money gone??? 19:52:45
Why Hasn't the Dobbs Show Extended an Invitation to Ron Paul? 19:45:57
Where is Ron Paul's Money Counter??? 19:45:51
The Ron Paul Bus Tour is on the road! 19:42:33
Ron Paul rebels: Cheney is building a "Death Blimp" 19:39:52
Ron Paul rebels: Cheney is building a "Death Blimp" 19:39:39
2 more converted finally 19:34:22
Hi, Welcome! Y'all all say hello to the new folk! 19:30:24
Fundraising Tally Not Up On Official Site Anymore 19:28:03
Glenn Beck Show Scrolls Paul Is Dead Message During Interview 19:27:32
Why would the blimp 19:25:35
Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto 12/19/07 19:22:53
New Moneybomb Idea 19:21:20
Keep the Ron Paul blimp a float!!! 19:17:08
Total Collected has changed 19:16:15
Red Herring 19:13:00
Campaign site donation total is wrong: $11,971,493 ??? Anyone in contact with them? 19:06:50
Superbowl Endorsements 19:04:12
Lets help Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich 18:58:25
Dr Paul on CNN....He's had it with Congress!! Kudo's to Dr Paul 18:54:43
Tancredo is done 18:53:45
Howard Dean Just Said on the Situation Room that "All Republicans are Swearing Loyalty to President Bush" 18:52:55
Paul improves to 8% in new Washington Post / ABC Iowa poll 18:40:10 - December 31, 2007 18:36:47
ABC News reports that Christmas in Iowa is "buying votes" 18:33:20
AP Headline on MSN Headline Page 18:29:01
Two polls, two different stories in Iowa 18:27:44
Fair vote count 18:19:43
Glen Beck threatens to KILL Micheal Moore 18:16:50
Ron Paul Superbowl Ad "Divided Nation" 18:10:14
Downloadable Ron Paul Brochure in PDF 18:03:57
Mention In Robert Novak Newsletter 17:57:42
LA RAZA: Instructs Illegals how to break law 17:54:41
Something is not right here!!!! 17:52:36
Huck funded by Clinton? 17:52:20
4 Successes Today 17:49:06
Rudy: I will win 18 of the 29 states. (When are we a 29 state country?) 17:42:51
Save the grassroot efforts! 17:32:18
Cavuto Gets RonPauled! 17:30:32
When Huck's 15 minutes of fame has expired who will 17:30:09
Check the Blimp! It's doing us proud... 17:27:36
Warmonger Henry Kissinger and John 'Bomb Iran' McCain 17:25:36
Ron Paul destroys Neil Cavuto on Fox News 4:10 pm EST 17:15:38
Paul just CRUSHED the Don Black question - Cavuto 12-19-07 4:05pm 17:13:30
Ron Paul Blimp next to Washington DC right now and heading north 12/19/2007 1310 PST 17:13:16
Why Ron Paul Won't Run as an Independent-3rd Party 17:08:38
Dr. Paul & Katie Couric? 17:07:39
Ron's CNN photo 17:04:44
downsizing big government 16:59:57
Who do you want for President Poll! 16:58:45
Great CFR Graphic 16:58:38
Penny Bomb day to better gauge votes? 16:55:39
New photos of Blimp over Norfolk , VA 12-19-07 16:55:06
New poll, with a twist 16:54:32
Quick Poll -Who's New Here? 16:53:23
Ron Paul Now In The Top 2000 On Alex 16:51:27
Iraqi Ethnic Groups Say US Invasion Is Root Of Violence 16:49:29
Beck Death Threat 16:45:23
"Paul is dead"???? 16:42:54
Lethal Chinese Imports 16:41:01
Glenn Beck Show Scrolls Paul Is Dead Message During Interview 16:39:09
Next Money Bomb website is ready! 16:38:26
Another video of Paul from the Past! This is awesome!!!!! He totally ownes this guy!!!! 16:38:05
It's official, Ron Paul is a top tier candidate 16:38:02
Blimp Over Richmond Federal Reserve 16:34:19
Bush bans light bulbs, mandates fuel economy 16:29:16
Take The Time To Read This Document 16:24:32
Mises and Austrian Economics: A Personal View (video) 16:16:42
Tancredo to get out? 16:13:19
Change the way the media reports 16:10:51
IA Question; Wyoming Update? 16:10:14
Ron Paul Top Yahoo Search 16:09:44
Do poll numbers = primary winners in past elections? 16:09:12
They don't get it: MSM/Political Scientists...No Clue! 16:08:51
Epic Thread 16:07:45
Canadians seem to be more aware than Americans 16:07:25
Endorsements from American small businesses 16:05:15
New forum poster with a question... 16:01:21
Meetup Membership Decreases? 15:54:17
Just Completed a Poll from PollingPoint 15:54:01
Ron Paul "not in favor of closing the Federal Reserve?" 15:48:50
Big suggestion to the campaign. 15:47:43
Organized effort to urge Congress to support Ron Paul's bills 15:43:06
House Passes HR 1955 Freedom's Last Gasp 15:33:00
Washington journal callers 15:32:39
Military Suicide Rate At Highest Level... 15:32:23
CFR Stacks deck for 2008 with Dem and Repub. Candidates 15:30:43
Need HELP in Texas 15:30:21
Want your Own Personal Mini-Blimp? 15:25:09
ABCnews reports that Ron Paul campaign is paying Iowa students to stay for caucus! 15:23:46
Houston - we have a banner! 15:21:54
Free Competition in Currency Act 15:05:08
Better Slogan - "Ron Paul, The True Republican" 15:04:50
Kucinich 15:03:33
Kaunsh*tution (Glenn Beck interview) 15:00:12
Calling all "Nuts" :-) 14:57:31
Would you be willing to boycott media advertisers? 14:55:48
Would you be willing to boycott media advertisers? 14:55:44
Troll Invasion ALERT!!! Watch out!!! 14:50:37
Dennis Kucinich's brother found DEAD! 14:47:37
Dennis Kucinich brother found dead 14:45:51
Sure are a lot of comments about RP on Huck's site 14:43:20
Blimp Cam Feed till around 7:00 pm 14:26:12
Quixotic Leader 14:19:51
Britney Spears' Sister Pregnant...Top Story. 14:13:04
We are doing a very fine job Thank you - all of you. 14:04:51
A Republican can't win the Election 14:00:52
Texas Dolly (Doyle Brunson) Likes Ron Paul 14:00:28
A little honesty about Huck 13:56:16
2000 Post Cards to NH 13:54:06
CBS Evening News on Ron Paul 12-18-07 13:52:54
Sign Bomb 08' 13:45:52
The Tao of Ron Paul's Way 13:39:47
Ron Paul Dominates Discussion on The Agenda 13:38:33
How many people vote in primaries? 13:37:39
Beck interview interrupted by Comcast elsewhere? 13:35:45
Legislative Alerts and Updates... 13:33:20
If Ron Paul Can Do It.... 13:32:48
Name For Polling Project Needed! 13:31:56
Need a laugh ? 13:30:49
Very Interesting 13:25:46
Buying Gold??? 13:14:29
Ron Paul makes Yahoo #2 top searches today 13:08:48
Putin as TIMES man of the year WHAT! 13:08:26
Rudy's Third Party Bid 12:57:43
Take time out from the Campaign to thank a Military Family 12:56:24
Ron Paul Blimp Live Feed Now! 11:56 AM EST 12:54:36
Ron Paul is NOT FROM TENNESSEE!! 12:52:31
How to Reach Out to 7.6 Million Women Bloggers 12:45:52
Street Polling: Any Takers? 12:36:13
Ron Paul's Name Shows up on Fox News RCP Poll Result Display 12:36:08
Is there someone here who is already a delegate? 12:31:51
Ron Paul can split the Democratic vote - Yahoo News 12:24:04
Ron Introduces Competing Currencies Act 12:23:58
Attention Meetup Organizers: Anyone having difficulty with State Coordinators? 12:20:45
Lew Rockwell: Glenn Beck Tries To Smear Ron Paul 12:11:50
Why Is Ron the Only REAL Republican? Know This Before You Caucus, Call or Canvass Please 12:10:11
Ron Paul - The Unmentionable Candidate 12:06:36
comcast cut off during Glenn Beck.... 12:05:15
Upload Ron Paul Design ? 12:04:22
You think its easy becoming a delegate? 12:03:09
TechCrunch is having online poll--please vote 12:00:32
Beck on Radio This Morning? 11:56:30
Open Letter to the Republican Party 11:56:23
Emergency Call to help Ron Paul Vote Watch. 11:52:30
True Poll 11:47:06
Just watch this little bugger move around! Talk about a good idea! 11:40:34
Idea - Poker angle for more publicity 11:11:59
Trevor needs $120,000. That's $25 from 5000 of us. Please donate. 11:03:22
Austin Petersen Live Interview on Ron Paul Grassroots Campaign 10:53:22
Check this out!!! 10:43:23
Important!!! Is there anyway to find out how many new 10:38:33
CHRISTMAS FOR RON - Give $20 Dollars to hit $20 MILLION 10:32:33
PLEASE HELP ME!!! Non-intervention in Darfur 10:20:48
RED! RED! RED! 10:12:48
Republicans SCARED TO DEATH! Trying to rally the apathetic against Ron Paul 10:06:40
It may have happened before..... 10:03:06
International Press thinks Ron Paul could split the Democrat vote 09:48:41
Time Magazine People Who Mattered in 2007 09:38:21
Tech Crunch Presidential Poll 09:35:32
Time Magazine's Person of the Year IS ........ 09:33:30
The "neo-con converter" video 09:07:10
C-SPAN CALL IN @ 9:30 AM AGAIN CALL ON ALL 3 LINES !!!!!!! 08:46:15
New Years Eve Party 08:42:21
C-SPAN CALL IN @ 9:30 AM AGAIN CALL ON ALL 3 LINES !!!!!!! 08:36:36
people calling in from other camps bad mouthing paul 08:24:51
c span asking to see who donated !!!!!!! 08:20:00
Lets go! 08:02:49
Thoughts on Ron Paul and 9/11 07:25:59
overall Beck was good 07:14:41
Do you know someone concerned about Israel? 06:54:56
Another Endorsement 06:52:44
Let's not be premature 06:05:15
Where is the Threat Video Beck Was Referring to? 05:56:02
I just voted for Ron Paul! (not an online poll) 05:55:40
Post in your local papers forum! We need to get this information out! 05:23:52
Supporting Dr. Paul 05:07:21
Go Mainers! 04:52:59
Operation NH Needs Our Surpport. 04:37:43
Reminder to all: purpose of forum 04:28:46
Don't forget the BLIMP! 04:14:35
Media Bomb 04:05:06
I don't like censorship 03:53:20
Repeal The 17th Amendment 03:49:58
Right now Ron Paul is #2 on Yahoo's Today's Top Searches. 03:46:23
Mike Huckabee has only raised 4.4 Million this quarter! 03:39:07
Question regarding Glen Beck interview 03:39:03
Beware Of Trolls ! 03:33:00
On Being Reasonable 03:24:03
Glen Beck did not research the threat - remove praise 03:17:15
Full Glenn Beck interview ONLINE 03:12:33
We should be reflecting the values of Dr Paul... TO ONE ANOTHER and the World 03:10:46
Separation of church and state? 03:02:07
Duncan Hunter blasts GOP rival on link to China 02:55:33
I'm still a little bit confused, shocked may be a better word. 02:48:43
I'm a Kook 02:31:55
* Vote Fraud * 02:23:19
Ron Paul DVD Bomb- Update 02:14:40
the Beck interview went better then expected!! 02:12:53
A Way to Canvas for Older People's Votes 02:01:59
How about advertising 02:00:34
Does anyone have the link to the Glenn Beck threat video? 01:53:53
Why not. 01:50:34
Calling All PR Experts? 01:47:09
We are witnessing greatness: Dr. Ronald Earnest Paul 01:44:40
Dodd sounds like a good man... 01:41:58
Help Stop big media 01:40:06
Group Admits Destroying Ron Paul Signs 01:35:29
The Republican Party has a choice, Ron Paul or No one SIGN PETITION TODAY! 01:35:17
Status on suit against Gov't? Paper trail? 01:22:12
Gays-4-Ron Paul? 01:21:02
Flying the American Flag 01:12:15
Ron Paul Tea Party Coverage on "Democracy Now" 01:09:09
The Environment 01:00:30
Great State of Colorado tosses voting machines! 00:59:40
Bloomberg is coming........ 00:58:40
Internet Freedom In China 00:47:47
Ron Paul 2nd on Yahoo's "Today's Top Searches"! 00:46:34
Ron Paul Freedom Calls 00:41:45
Huckabee's Reading List 00:37:52
Read tstorey's post... 00:34:24
Las Vegas r3VOLutionaries Are at it Again 00:32:19
BUMP 00:24:24
Rudy Giuliani will be in Columbia, MO on wed 12-19. 00:24:14
Now Ask for 2ND Hour on Beck 00:19:27
Military Members Petition Endorsement 00:18:12
Is anyone writing our Troops about Ron Paul? 00:17:47
2008 Super Boycott - Can We Make Them Cry? 00:12:40
Press release help??? 00:07:38
Server Upgrade 00:04:43
I can't stop laughing... 00:03:11
$20 Million for Q4. Let's do it! 00:01:16
Americans Love Ron Paul 00:01:12