Posted on December 2, 2007

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The Deliberate Agrarian Supports Ron Paul 22:32:41
Wednesday Dec 5th / 6th | Party Change Deadlines 22:14:31
Hemp for Victory! 1942 USDA Film 22:01:09
Ron Paul on CNN Late Edition w/ Wolf Blitzer 14:49:56
State Primary GOP Ballots-- Map is updated! 13:55:06
Trevor...Mrs. Paul likes the 1-877-RON-PAUL number... 00:26:57
Delegates, Delegates, Delegates 00:27:57
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attention blimp web site -- need "why not a pac" on main web site 23:46:59
Mitt on Cspan 23:23:19
Dr. Paul winning the e-primary!!! 23:21:59
a very good analysis of our police state 23:18:07 knows we're fired up 23:17:33
Official Blimp Email 23:14:02
AWESOME NEW VID! (Common Sense) send it to the top! 23:12:35
...letter writing initiative needs...well...YOU! 23:07:01
I have another idea 22:59:51
Just on Hannity (12/2/07 PM) 22:56:20
An Idea About Getting RP out there, via "business" cards. 22:48:55
Why Conservatives Don’t Like Ron Paul 22:45:38
Canadian National News to run story on NAFTA superhighway 22:45:24
NOTICE idea Merge with Bill of Rights Day Rally? 22:34:44
AOL POLL!! Call to arms! 22:33:43
What!!! NH paper endorses McCain? 22:32:11
Great Place for Ron Paul Graphics (slimjims & signs - diy) 22:30:27
More GOOD press! 22:25:53
Blimp poll at ronpaulforums - go vote! 22:25:05
Des Moines Register openly displays anti-paul bias! 22:24:55
Why Ron Paul Is Right About Terrorism: A Letter to the GOP Base 22:24:21
RP tells "The message is so powerful, in spite of my shortcomings" 22:24:00
Great Articles After the CNN interview 22:16:44
embedded journalists? 22:13:39
Life-Blood of winning primaries for Ron Paul's campaign... 22:04:57
My Christmas Present 22:02:54
Where in the world is Ron Paul? 21:48:34
blimp-- we know we want it--- lets get it paid for 21:40:34
Let’s Shake It Up! (Original Song & Ron Paul Revolution Video) 21:29:26
Looking for a link please 21:20:06
The greatest pitch of the campaign 21:19:00
HUGO CHAVEZ 21:18:27
Blimpe! 21:11:13
Family guy 20:50:06
RidleyReport live NH 12/1 RP activists! 20:49:14
Fingers crossed 20:46:30
Chicago Tribune article with a slight slight and a poll question 20:30:29
Please tell me this isn't so! 20:23:31
Donations REALLY slow today. How about a quick $5 boost? 20:16:01
Success with the Tax Free Tips flyers? 20:07:48
When monetary policy hits home 20:06:40
This AP (MSM) article should be FRONT PAGE!!! This is recognition. 19:57:58
deleted 19:54:45
Lou Dobb's said nothing ! 19:49:36
A Friendly Reminder. 19:46:11
Making Ron a Best-Selling Author 19:41:19
Christmas for Ron Paul 19:14:37
Chris Mathews has invited... 19:02:43
Maximizing December 16th moneybomb donations 18:53:43
A Question of Security 18:44:39
I keep seeing 'troll' thrown around here... 18:40:44
Some fun ideas. 18:39:06
Anyone got a Ron Paul ringtone? 18:38:35
" Long shot Paul pushes individual freedoms" Article from Iowa 18:36:05
Thought Dr. Paul supposed to be on C-span tonight 9PM ET 18:35:54
Tom Selleck's choice for President 18:29:58
Ron Paul Front-Page Yahoo story right now ***now was*** 18:28:55
A New Easy Way to Promote Ron Paul 18:18:55
delete 18:15:40
Please vote in this poll. 18:12:24
How long does the USA have? 18:11:55
Protest the IRS, withhold less per paycheck 18:06:15
Blimp team working on transparency 18:03:14
Des Moines Register EXCLUDES PAUL 17:56:55
The New Republic on Monetary Policy 17:50:20
Ron Paul Rider Roll On to New Orleans! 17:47:00
Real ID - What do you think? 17:36:29
Ron Reels 'Em In! 17:22:32
Front page at Yahoo 17:22:16
Super-delegates not so super 17:21:35
Ron Paul loved around the world 17:19:34
SuperCorridor & NAFTA Highway Defined 17:16:15
Video - Ron Paul Revolution: Let's Talk 17:13:57
Operation Call4Paul 17:10:14
Supporters Speech at Virginia Straw Poll! 16:58:48
Corruption at the Florida Straw Poll... Watch 16:56:48
Paving Paradise Trans Texas Corridor 16:49:47
Response To Huckabee on Islamo-Facism 16:48:55
online poll 16:40:49
Two Parties One Cup 16:39:42
Ron Paul on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer 16:34:46
The Internet Versus The Mainstream Media 16:17:51
Time to go after Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, & Sean Hannity.... 16:14:33
Vote In The National Presidential Caucus 16:11:48
How To Become a Delegate 15:54:39
Ron Paul leads Military Donations 15:50:39
With "Support" Like This, Troops Don't Need Enemies 15:44:20
Pat Buchannan says Ron Paul gained most momentum from CNN Debate 15:24:32
Video: Ron Paul CNN Late Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer 12/02/07 15:10:01
A Very Intuitive Way To Help Lower Gas-Prices... 15:07:43
Operation Live Free or Die 15:01:33
I have a favor to Huffpo 14:57:11
ENDORSMENTS (call to grassroots) 14:48:12 updated to deny plans for NAU and Superhighway 14:44:46
Chocolate Express: The Revolution goes Postal! 14:36:48
Ron Paul/Wolfe Blitzer/Dec 16th... IT MUST NOT FAIL... 14:30:39
Keep It Simple, Too Many Ideas Floating Around 14:30:08
Stop vote fraud, make your vote count!!! 14:23:17
100,000 FOR THE TEA PARTY? 14:22:50
National Presidential Caucus This Coming Friday (Dec. 7) 14:19:18
My Letter to the Union Leader 14:17:59
Send Out The Blimp Mail 14:15:23
The unbelievable truth about the polls… 14:12:52
Huckbee Bush 14:05:59
Ron Paulapalooza!! 14:03:05
**EMERGENCY** Come on people!!! Pay for your blimp!!! 13:57:44
Dozens of noisy Paul followers 13:37:51
paul up to 7% in iowa 13:36:19
Ron Paul on CNN in a few minutes after commercial break 12:15 EST 13:14:19
To all the angry CUSS and FUSS Paul supporters... 13:14:11
Churchgoers: cut, paste and send to fellow christians! 13:12:34
Is the campaign organizing 1000 volunteers in Iowa and NH? 13:01:33
Biggest Problem is Inetellectual PREJUDICE 12:53:14
Patriot: Alex Jones 12:50:52
McCain 12:40:32
Age limit for voting is 17 in for the Virginia and Maine Primary Election. 12:25:40
Paul wins GOP straw poll 12:23:49
Ron Excluded from poll ONCE AGAIN!!! 12:09:17
Video to show at meet up groups and send to the troops over sea 12:07:20
Manhattan Midnight Rally - Kickoff Tea Party 11:47:27
Ron Paul money 11:34:27
Poll leaves ron Paul out. 11:22:51
Ordering RP campaign material 11:15:37
Ron Paul Scheduled To Be On CNN Sunday Morning 11:14:23
bradzepfan & Mayberry = Trolls 11:06:43
Money talks best, Hit them in the wallet. 10:29:10
Why I see us winning 10:15:20
blimp - what is happening ? change of terms? 09:52:24
Is this one of us? 09:47:35
Univison Debate 09:45:56
Forcing the Nomination 09:21:42
VA Straw Poll Results Video ** MUST SEE! 08:31:06
NH's Union Leader endorses John McCain... SCAREY! 08:29:30
CSPAN NOW 08:13:58
Florida GOP Official Threatens Ron Paul Straw Poll Voter with Violence 08:00:07
Why the MSM is pushing Huckabee 07:33:07
"Chinese for Ron Paul" is HERE 06:31:54
I am no longer afraid 06:14:45
Ron Paul on CNN: 11AM Late Edition 05:41:46
Dirt On Huckabee 05:38:07
new project idea: RP Christmas Flurry 05:09:09
Letter to Harry Binswanger 05:01:28
Tea Party Web Site Not Being Updated 04:41:30
Have you contacted you Congress Critters 04:36:04
Why RP is the best repub. candidate 04:06:02
Want a good laugh?? Dr. Paul buses in supporters to win Virginia Straw Poll?! 04:05:06
Gerry Spence: New Book 04:03:25
Email Howard Stern for Support!!! 03:58:31
Can you recommend a good free video editor ? 03:43:32
'Game Theory' Explains Why Ron Paul will win 03:10:41
ACTION NEEDED! Mitt Romney caught cheating in polls! 03:07:54
Ann Coulter is a big NUT JOB!!! 03:01:38
Let's use illegal immigration against the establishment... 02:44:06
Show this to Gulianni supporters! 02:26:04
Long Islanders, Queens, and Brooklyn NY: We Need Delegates! 02:25:39
Best 30 sec Ad ... ever! 02:24:38
Protecting the polls 02:19:59
new vid w/ perfect theme song, "just leave me alone" :-) 02:17:46
Paul easily wins GOP straw poll 02:00:42
I can envision it now: Freedom Walk 2008! 01:57:59
Would Jesus support torture? 01:52:03
Vote Fraud 01:31:38
Suggestions for George Stephanopolous 01:24:28
Ron paul music vids 01:20:27
Common Sense and Ron Paul 01:19:18
Keep the Scare On Them! Rev. Killian Preaching more Ron Paul! 01:19:00
Ron Paul Wins VA Straw Poll 01:15:37
I Don't Do Anything Without Doing Ron Paul 01:03:30
Blimp, Blump, Blamp --- Can you face your worst FEAR for Ron Paul? 00:59:08
Where Have All the Republicans Gone? 00:58:54
Ron Paul will Be on CSPAN on Monday 00:56:16
Cant help but laugh... Mitt Romney's Dec 7th money bomb... 00:50:27
Ron Paul makes me smile:) 00:38:21
Enter to win a ride on the Ron Paul Blimp! 00:37:07
Firefighters Trained to Spy 00:36:56
As long as I live I will continue what I have learned from this experience. 00:28:38
Am I a lib for voting for Ron Paul? 00:27:39
Ron Paul Rally on December 10 in Oslo, Norway 00:13:09
Official MOTTO for DEC 16TH Ron Paul Tea Party.... 00:11:30