Posted on December 21, 2007

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Ron Paul Gets Respect, is Third in Iowa 23:29:48
Ron Paul Blimp w/Trevor Lyman 23:06:08
Amazed on the West Coast 22:44:40
George Carlin - a Firestorm of Words 21:39:08
Ron Paul TV Ad: Defender of Freedom 14:23:00
A Professional Hypnotist Offers Analysis on Media and Ron Paul Critics 12:46:04
Too Much of a Good Thing? A Word From NH 22:44:41
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231 users 498 guests! 23:58:18
I'd Love to Change the World (Video) 23:55:57
FEC Shutdown on Jan 1 :) Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! 23:53:12
Wall Street Journal says Ron Paul is "a force the GOP must take seriously". 23:51:46
The Flames of Freedom 23:50:10
The Fascist Chicago Police Department 23:35:40
Devaluation of the Dollar is intentional according to Alan Greenspan! 23:31:28
The Internet is Leaking, The Dam Is BREAKING! 23:30:14
Anyone think we should solicit request for a 60 Minutes Story? 23:29:39
Sunday Dec. 23rd: 30 Minute Special on NBC and ABC! 23:27:24
Precinct Capt. and first donation. 23:24:04
Ads Too Conventional - Advice from a Successful Marketing Exec 23:23:51
Could the devaluation of the dollar be on purpose? 23:20:14
The Blimp Limps along - still time to contribute 23:07:17
New RP Video: Oh Happy Day 23:00:18
Charts, membership numbers. A question 22:58:54
Strategy for Ron Paul in Iowa and New Hampshire 22:56:07
Ron's On CSPAN2 22:55:56
Ron Paul is the cure to the insanity 22:49:16
Need some help with a same sex marriage reply 22:47:57
Candid Interview 22:47:43
The McLaughlin Group mentions Dr. Paul 22:33:48
Aimee Allen song--should be used as a RADIO AD! 22:14:14
Ron Paul on C-Span 2 Now - Politics + Eggs 22:04:38
Ron Going Hyper Viral on MSM 22:02:02
Keith Olbermann is a Patriot 22:01:44
Tucker Carlson: friend or foe? Pls read his article 22:00:22
Ron Paul Blimp Flies the Baltimore Skies to Tout the 'Revolution' (PBS video) 21:55:19
Texas Ballot 21:54:25
18.5 Baby! 21:53:08
Trolls are not always the case, get real people! 21:48:43
Tucker Carlson writeup about Ron Paul. 21:43:51
Why can't the campaign buy BLIMP advertising? 21:32:24
Dr. paul on c span @ 9pm eastern 21:26:38
---> Do not click on this! <--- 21:26:06
I over-heard 2 strangers talking about politics at a deli I slim jimmed both 21:19:23
The best of keith oberman on now 21:18:11
Million Patriot March 21:08:32
"Santa Claus endorses Ron Paul" 21:07:18
Ron Paul Air Corps has been launched 20:59:37
Please donate something in the next 15min 20:43:50
Circumventing the MSM 20:43:09
Does anyone think this is deliberate Condolizza addressing Huckfool comment 20:38:57
Giuliani: “The Ron Paul people are all over the country” 20:36:11
Ron Paul's Payday - New Videos 20:35:28
another way to spread the RP message 20:24:20
The way credit is scored will change in 2008 20:09:53
Does Ron Paul want to shut down the unions? 20:08:13
Why we have a good chance in Iowa of Winning! 20:03:55
Video - Classic Ron Paul on the Ball 20:00:27
$ 18,497,193.51 19:59:50
CBS Evening News tonight - a VERY good piece! 19:54:57
[[NEW VID]] Native Beauty! 19:44:45
New Publicity Idea... 19:42:09
Play Huck's Commercial backwards..."Paul's blimp is dead...Paul's blimp is dead" 19:39:15
Blimp People Finally Do Something Right! 19:33:06
Cafferty File Question - Are Big Wall Street Bonuses Bad? 19:24:55
Antonius Pius & Ron Paul 19:22:43
Military buddies 19:14:22
Ron Paul Hotties for Ron Paul Calendar August's Hottie Gina <3's 2nd Amendment 18:52:45
A New Hope Just Passed 1,000,000 Views!! :) 18:46:07
Didius Julianus and Bloomberg 18:45:25
The Paulunteer goes subversise for a day... and needs your support 18:44:39
What could be the most damaging question Tim Russert can ask Ron Paul on Meet the Press? 18:42:23
Petty things that are in Ron Paul's favor 18:42:21
The Federal Government's Assault on Internet Freedom 18:39:51
Ron Paul Rider on Fox 18:39:16
RP introduces Free Competition In Currency Act 18:27:18
Call of Duty (anti-Huck) 18:22:05
NY Sun: RP should go buy a home in the Bahamas 18:14:36
Surge? Huckabee surge, McCain Surge..Surgeorama lama ding-dong 18:13:33
And they call us Crazy? 18:10:47
Zogby Says: Ron Paul Has A Chance 18:07:44
FBI robs man of his live savings after he defends it from a vicious thief who STABS HIS SON 18:06:13
Cafferty's 5pm question 17:55:17
Very positive article 17:51:02
Merry Christmas 17:43:14
"Proof Mike Huckabee Is Bought And Pay For"! 17:39:38
Huckabee money bomb on cnn 17:39:21
Zogby: Ron Paul Will Surprise You 17:36:06
HOW TO: Order "Ron Paul - Tax Free Tips" Business Cards To Distribute 17:18:59
Still growing! 17:14:19 17:05:00
Free Advertising for Ron Paul 17:02:55
Attention Houston Area Supporters 16:49:32
Campaign for Ron Paul at Airports on the Busiest Travel Weekend of the Year - 16:34:47
Ron Paul Air Corps seeking target intel from NH resistance 16:33:16
New Poem 16:30:36
MSNBC: "You will want to check out this one. Ron Paul has some very interesting . . . " 16:30:12
Colbert on Huckabee vs. Ron Paul 16:11:07
Ron Paul piece on 700 Club 16:09:00
Ron Paul on CSPAN2 Tonight 9pm EST 16:04:40
CRITICAL delegate situation in New Orleans... Paul may lose Louisiana! 16:02:35
Most Hated Federal Agencies 16:00:51
Zogby: Ron Paul will suprise (WOW!!!) 15:59:55
More slander that needs to be addressed 15:52:08
Breakthrough Debt Documentary to Debut at Sundance; Highlights $62 Trillion U.S. Liability 15:49:22
We need DELEGATES to win the WHITE HOUSE!! 15:47:45
Dr. No for VP? 15:47:30
Zogby: Ron Paul Will Surprise You 15:46:32
Can we help Lorie understand Ron Paul? 15:43:07
QOTD Plato - Wisdom from the Old Roman Republic 15:42:09
DEC 26th: "Feed the Grassroots" 15:41:54
Boycott World Net Daily 15:35:22
Do you have extra time to help the good Dr.? 15:29:31
Paul Shaping Up As Spoiler in GOP Race AP story 15:26:55
Anyone else having trouble watching youtube or ronpaul2008 videos? 15:13:12
Awesome stat I noticed for donations today 15:06:56
Question on Electronic Voting Using the Internet 15:02:06
Circumventing the MSM 14:59:53
New RP Video - Peace President 14:58:45
Let us educate some liberals .... 14:58:35
Check out Europac videos 14:57:05
Ask Bay Buchanan to Endorse Ron Paul 14:55:44
Dr, Ron Paul Headline the World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies, 14:51:38
Meet Tom Coburn, Senate's 'Dr. No' 14:48:44
Ron Pauls payday 14:47:59
C-Span 2 Friday December 21 9:00 p.m. 14:47:25
"Pat Buchanan Supports Ron Paul" 14:42:45
Another Huckabee Fake poll done in Michigan 14:27:58
Yahoo! front page! Great article! 14:26:02
MSM Polls: Door opening for Paul victory! 14:23:01
Remember the big tea parties Sunday? This one WAS HUGE - watch this... (not Austin) 14:00:05
Official Posting Guidelines PLEASE READ. Please Bump Often. 13:53:07
sending the message 13:50:30
Official Posting Guidelines PLEASE READ. 13:50:06
Amazing! Ron Paul #1 on New York's Ballot - how many does that make now? 13:49:20
Free To Choose - Milton Friedman 13:49:09
Ron Paul wins independent poll 13:34:22
But if you go carryin' pictures of Chairman Mao . . . . 13:32:15
Ron Paul wins Mormon poll 13:31:37
Stand up and assemble 13:30:14
Donating to NPR... 13:28:04
Police State just got stonger.... 13:24:47
Zogby poll ignores Paul again - Let them know 13:16:12
Looking for help to make a YouTube video 13:13:55
Mind Control and how "WE" fight the media :-) 13:13:43
How John Kerry won Iowa in 2004 13:12:26
Rate this and comment if you like it... 13:11:51
Bill White and the smear on Ron Paul 13:03:46
Have your read it, Get informed people know the man!!!!! 12:57:02 website much improved 12:49:29
John Zogby: Paul to climb into the double-digits 12:47:23
Amazing nonsense! 12:46:58
Got another email from Pat Buchanan 12:42:52
Ron Paul wins Mormon poll 12:42:41
more proof the huckster is bought & paid for 12:34:26
Poll: Are you a REGISTERED Democrat or Republican? What State? 12:32:02
Money Stamping Revolution! 12:29:54
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 12:23:52
Brazil and energy 12:22:16
Operation New Hampshire 12:22:04
Other candidates Money Bombs 12:21:13
Welcome Today's New Donors... 12:20:12
Calling National HQ - More Iowa Stops! 12:13:58
Tucker Carlson on the road with Ron Paul 12:03:52
Stop The Madness - Vote for Ron Paul 12:03:09
Walter Williams talking Ron Paul Dallas Radio WBAP 12:00:18
This is America... Squanderville.. From Warren Buffet 11:55:50
Write to Gallup and other polling institutes 11:49:12
Ron Paul Revolution Radio 11:44:25
Bill Clinton, my wife is a World-Class Genius 11:41:57
Against a National Broadband Policy 11:41:48
Winter Walkathon 11:41:45
Huck @ "over 30%" unable to raise 1M in 24h ? Strange ? 11:39:34
Ron Paul Wins IndependentPrimary.Com 11:35:26
The Electoral College in US Presidential Elections 11:25:41
Potential New Name - THE PEOPLE 11:09:37
Daily show and Colbert are back on the air Jan 7th 11:06:29
Poll: McCain Gains in NH 3 way tie for 3rd RP, RG, MH 11:06:14
fyi 10:51:06
Hundreds of Scientists Reject Global Warming 10:46:11
Why Michigan is BIG 10:40:58
Sign the "Declaration of Support" for Ron Paul 10:30:28
Iowa registration deadline not monday? 10:24:24
Let's Translate!! Mock Signing For The Doc 10:22:58
$84,600 to go today, Support the Ron Paul Blimp! 10:19:17
No Ron Paul in Phone Poll in Michigan 10:10:52
Racist Propaganda Exposed (Digg It) 10:09:48
Ron Paul On American Power Structure 10:07:23
We shall overcome (and why) - a message from Belgium 09:57:59
Walter Williams could write piece refuting racism smears 09:55:57
******** Huckabee's Happy Spears Is Keeping Her Baby ******* 09:53:53
How Did Our Beloved Country Became a Beggar Nation ? 09:52:40
Need a good reply for local paper 09:48:27
News Max, "Ron Paul tied with Rudy Giuliani in Iowa"... 09:45:45
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gives Dr. Paul exactly what he needs on the environment 09:34:15
Ron Paul beats Romney in Mormon Poll 52% to 43% 09:33:55
Why do you like Ron Paul? 09:31:19
Dick Morris insults Ron Paul, needs a smackdown NOW! 09:22:56
It's time to concentrate on SC, NV, MI and Feb. 5th states 09:13:47
Ron Paul wins independent poll 08:57:58
NY Sun: Ron Paul Can't Buy Respect 08:43:04
Financial Post: Digg this article! This is the issue of 2008 08:14:44
A Banner and Link To Downloading The Constitution? 07:56:21
Be Passionate but Be Professional 07:36:43
The Official MSM Guide To Attacking Ron Paul (posted from 07:21:44
A great visual on military donations 07:13:56
Support the Blimp Now...any doubts...[New Video) 06:52:33
declaration of support for ron paul 06:50:17
Comedy - Chuck Norris and Ron Paul 05:49:11
Ron Pauls worst 3 enemies! MUST read for ALL Ron Paul supporters! 05:40:32
How has Dr. Paul inspired YOU? How has this movement effected YOU? 05:32:25
Ron Paul Revolution - European Style 05:24:35
UPDATED 10:20am (12/21) - RONPAULFAN's VIDEO FORUM 05:14:15
Wish someone a Happy Ron Paulidays 05:09:34
Ron Paul's Statement Introducing the Free Competition in Currency Act 05:03:39
Ron paul is 3rd place in NH 04:41:53
A couple of questions 04:37:49
I received different Spam emails trying to sell me Religious crap and too support Huckafool 04:32:29
An Unconventional Move -- Walter Williams for VP ASAP! 04:29:00
Ron Paul of the 80s, ALL FIRED UP! 04:27:38
Vote Fraud Warning: Has this subject been addressed? 04:26:01
did anyone get a email from asking for a donation to huckabee 03:56:03
Basic Jan10th is Up... more on the way. 03:43:42
Justin needs Help 03:39:57
ePaulity for All (poem) 03:35:23
We won another local straw poll! Dec. 20th in Aiken 03:31:23
INSTANT MSM Coverage Guaranteed 03:08:28
On The Front Lines In Iowa 03:04:42
Micheal medved has a poll running who do you think he will endorse I'm Voting Dr paul 02:49:58
Project Runway! Meet at the Airport. 02:48:53
Meet the "Progressives" with Tim Russert 02:41:39
Ron Pauls Payday - NEW and BEST Moneybomb Plot! 02:30:50
Speak out about Ron Paul 02:29:17
Brains Filled with Mush while Nation Crumbles 02:22:13
how much courage do you have? 02:19:51
I wouldn't be at all surprised if Karl Rove weren't behind all this 02:14:23
Aiken County, South Carolina - GOP Straw poll today. The Doctor takes it down 02:13:57
Media believes this is Dr. Pauls achillies heel 02:10:12
Ron Paul wins 02:02:48
Seems like Bill White has a history of getting into the news by making crazy statements 01:56:52
Seems like Bill White has a history of getting into the news by making crazy statements 01:56:32
Ron Paul's Dvd Sells Over 60,000 Copies in 72 hours... 01:50:41
NEWS FLASH: Rudy rushed to hospitial for sickness... 01:49:31
PLEASE give to 01:49:22
Keep Blimp Afloat - I'll Donate 01:45:47
I need HTML help for RonPaulYellowPages 01:40:35
It's time to attack major media for exploiting the $500 donation 01:31:29
Internet Thought Control Bill Under Fire 01:31:20
Let this spread from Sea to Shineing Sea!!!! 01:30:53
Facebook Numbers 01:15:44
Paul has named a potential VP in Walter Williams (he's black) 01:13:32
LGF Issue is spreading and is Pretty Serious Slander, 01:10:21
Don't Taze Me Bro 00:59:54
The answer to the 500 dollar question. 00:59:16
IndependentPrimary.Com internet poll 00:52:46
great phot of other cannidates pandering to aipac 00:51:40
Ron Paul Racist Donation AOL Poll Vote Now! 00:48:15
Website Opportunity 00:45:49
It is looking better every day!! 00:33:20
Headlines : Ron Paul Liberty Blimp Crashes HUCKFEST 00:15:17
Estimating our ACTUAL 'Poll' Percentages 00:14:35
New Ron Paul Television ad 00:09:27
9/11 truthers VS those against 00:06:13
My Email to Iowa Church 00:04:05