Posted on December 22, 2007

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Helping Ron Paul Win: Why We Are Here 19:14:00
DailyPaul Gets (Another) Server Upgrade - Site Down Tomorrow 12:27:47
Ron's New Economics Book: The Pillars of Prosperity is On the Way 12:26:40
Death of the Dollar: Wake Up Call 11:48:11
Ron Paul Named "Person of the Year" on McLaughlin Group 02:03:34
Most Effective Ways to Contribute to Ron Paul 11:48:12
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THIS IS RON PAUL'S ISSUE!!! Yet no mention... 23:54:56
misunderstanding about Jesus and Ron Paul 23:52:08
Vote - Very Important 23:48:46
FBI aims for world's largest biometrics database 23:44:31
New Yahoo Poll 23:39:57
We must publicize the Ron Paul Rising video! 23:37:20
The new ad? 23:28:30
We've got to take this r3VOLution further than the Presidency!... 23:23:17
DVD Bomb donations counter reset? 23:20:54
About Ohio 23:17:55
A bit off subject but relative.. 23:13:03
Article in SLATE and COMMON INTEREST on the blimp! 23:07:41
The Patriot Anthem - Ron Paul version 23:03:53
Anti-spammers for Ron Paul 22:58:40
Are discussions of the blimp being deleted? 22:37:32
Seems Canadian MSM is almost as bad as USA's? Link to story on RP. 22:33:03
urgent!!! 22:28:32
Bank Responsibility And Sound Money 22:23:48
Primary month "ADOPT A CORNER" Sign Waving Bomb 22:16:35
*** YOUR DIGG NEEDED!!! - It's only 3 clicks! *** 22:03:40
Fundamental question: How should one interpret the Constitution? 21:58:16
NH asks, and Ron Paul is only Republican to answer 21:47:30
Signs at Precinct Voting Places 21:41:24
its not who votes,but who counts the votes 21:39:31
Very Important Poll *Please Keep Current* 21:37:36
National Online Straw Poll 21:36:52
Tell Iranian TV Why You Support Ron Paul 21:32:03
Ron Paul Video..Have you seen this one yet 21:30:48
The Abominable Dr. Paul ... What??? 21:30:09
Tell your doctors! 21:28:54
My 2 arguements on why it's OK to leave Iraq 21:27:11
Everyone should see this 21:26:08
Cold hearted opposition ~ R the pro-war and progressives even worth approaching? 21:23:53
VIDEO - Midland Michigan Sign Waving for Ron Paul, Dec. 22nd 21:22:34
Virtual Brutality 21:17:54
CBS admits Ron Paul is tied for third in IOWA!!! 21:12:36
Suggestion for distributing Ron Paul lawn signs 21:12:17
My First Video - A Thank You to all Ron Paul Supporters 21:07:47
Ceo-"Charlie Beall Endorses Ron Paul". 20:52:58
Daily Paul may not have trolls, 20:48:22
Greenspan wants the gold standard 20:45:52
Payday Site Feedback Thread 20:38:41
Other costs of the War being ignored 20:29:55
google Ron Paul on blimp not effective?well... 20:23:21
bodybuilding community 20:16:00
I canvassed today and boy did it feel good! 20:08:38
History's Call 19:59:50
Something to think about on election day. 19:57:02
RON PAUL : PLease read 19:37:13
Bump If You'd Like This Video on the Front Page of Daily Paul! 19:30:42
meet the press only 30 minutes w/ paul tomorrow? 19:21:44
I support Israel and Ron Paul 19:18:00
A Must Read Book 19:07:25
**** CEO Endorses Ron Paul **** 19:05:05
Poo poo polls for Paul 19:04:54
Twas the Night Before the Revolution 19:03:31
In Iowa, Money Counts, Organization Counts, Crowds Count; Enthusiasm Counts; But Experience Has Moved to The Second Tier 18:47:28
Iranian TV Network broadcasts Ron Paul song 18:41:39
Great Article in USA Daily Regarding Ron Paul will win by a landslide!! 18:32:19
How do we get those Fred Thompson supporters? 18:28:27
Ron Paul, the "PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT" 18:13:02
RON PAUL : PLease read 18:03:12
One small way I am showing my support... 17:57:24
DC rally (Dec 23) 17:54:05
Fox Business News - Plugging Ron Paul :D 17:50:29
Ron Paul/Naomi Wolf 2008 17:43:49
Fair Weather Patriots - An Inspirational Article for Supporters 17:21:08
The Time Is Now 17:18:46
Edwards proposes $100 billion economy bailout 17:09:22
Media Hasn't A Clue - Even As To What Ron Paul Looks Like 17:06:05
Thanks New York - Ron Paul (Amazing New Video!!!) 17:04:51
Let's Mau Mau these MoFos 16:59:23
=== Ron Paul's Payday Site === 16:49:15
Our answer to Smear Mechants should be more donations. 16:45:12
a way to help Ron Paul 16:42:30
Fantastic video on youtube 16:39:19
Why some people think Ron Paul is not Jesus 16:37:04
The subprime disasters 16:34:09
Zogby Poll says expect upside surprise for Ron Paul 16:29:59
Green Day for RP?? 16:28:25
Friendly Reminder : Posting Guidelines - From the Site owner. 16:24:52
Freedom Must Be Mobilized. Meaning GOTV 16:17:04
STOP! DONATE $10 RIGHT NOW!! 16:14:26
Trolls here? You Bet! 16:12:52
Attention Paul Supporters 16:12:15
Blowback or Full Blown REvolution 16:08:32
Canadian Newspaper Needs an Attitude Adjustment. 15:55:58
The "Conservative" Bush Actually Signed this Bill 15:50:39
*** TODAY'S TOP RON PAUL VIDEOS - A Must See *** 15:50:37
Ron Paul Revolution is all around the World 15:35:32
Xmas ads on Fox News now - 11:15 a.m. PST 15:15:34
Polling Information - Please Read! 15:14:04
FBI plans to spend $1 BILLION of our money to create illegal biometrics database 15:09:38
Will the Revolution Continue? 15:04:07
where did this topic go? 14:55:34
Election 2008 CBS Fantastic coverage! 14:47:54
I need HELP 14:47:03
RON PAUL VIDEO SITE -- Needs Your 2 Cents. 14:41:47
Was the Don Black Donation a Put Up Job? What is Mega Phone? 14:38:25
Need A Boost ? Great New Video By GHoeberX 14:37:31
Ron Paul And The Upper .1% 14:22:34
Ron Paul Vote Count 14:20:31
About LOVE - The *ONLY* Truth 14:16:40
Up on the House Top. Adoreable RP Xmas video.. 14:13:39
Blimpe Our Mascot 14:03:28
436 Visitors on DailyPaul 13:59:12
Anybody here "tech savvy"? 13:59:06
"Jesus" Got Censored... 13:50:49
Blowback in 1979 from a 1953 coup? ron paul said it in the debate 13:41:56
Paul didn't mean to call Huckabee a facist, out of context. 13:40:22
Ron Paul Reveres Taking the Message to the Streets with 13:35:18
Mr Lepard does it again. 13:29:37
Suggestion: A way to fund Ron Paul Blimp 13:29:31
Presidential Candidate Ron Paul's Dvd Sells Over 60,000 Copies In 72 Hours 13:21:49
URGENT!! Beware RP Supporters, Evil is Afoot 13:21:39
Ron Paul: the GOP Front-Runner 13:17:11
Ron Paul Rising: New Video 13:10:32
Should we buy commercial time NBC, CBS, ABC's top rated shows? 13:09:31
Slippery slope defined Gore vs Zappa 12:58:52
Ron Paul the Real Top Tier Candidate? 12:53:49
Ending the money bombs, steady donations instead. 12:51:08
Paul looks just like Huckabee 12:51:00
Dr. Paul's Stats 12:45:19
Help the mises institute publish Ron Paul book 12:36:22
Worldwide Bomb 12:33:00
Central Location to track Endorsements? 12:17:04
Snowmen for Ron Paul 12:11:46
AOL STRAWPOLL WHERE are the Nevada,Delaware and Alaska supporter of Ron PAUL? 12:06:44
Vote to tell Mr. Chamblis who's going to win**** 12:06:33
VIDEOS anyone for Jan 8th MEDIA BOMB?? 12:03:05
Estimating Ron Paul's Support 12:00:06
Video: Wake Up America - Open Your Eyes 11:59:11
Video of how Polls SWING back and forth 11:56:15
Top Ron Paul Campaign Officials visited Hawaii and Alaska this week 11:54:31
I'M BACK!!! Ron Paul MEDIA BOMB Day Jan 8th 11:53:39
Livingston County, MIchigan GET UP FOR RON!!!! 11:52:01
SchWARzenegger RP Spolier or VP? 11:50:10
Ron Paul Blimp Flying High & Looking Good! 11:42:15
A note about 11:40:19
PayCheck for Dr. Paul 11:38:56
Michiganders Needed ASAP: Oakland 11:29:58
Budhists would be dem/rep or Ron Paul??? 11:21:45
Iowa Caucus process 11:21:28
This Just In From 11:20:31
Finally! A Scientific OnLine Poll By AOL 11:17:22
very gd video here !!! rise of Dr.PAUL. 11:12:45
Shopping for Ron Paul 11:09:11 11:07:24
Huckabee and Giulianni, The Gop's wet dream. 11:04:50
Targeting Most Likely New Voters 10:59:19
c-span 10:58:42
Help! Need info on Eminent Domain & Gores (Bulldozed) 10:44:43
Online Straw Poll 10:32:38
Best response to the 3rd Party Question 10:31:08
Huckabee bigotry 10:24:28
The next money bomb is when??? 10:19:38
Jekyl Island - Song 10:12:35
What will our country look like if 10:09:57
FBI prepares vast database of biometrics 09:50:51
Video from the CEO of eKnowledge! 09:33:57
Orlando Sentinel Article about getting the "Young/Internet" vote. 08:33:01
thoughts on the Fair Tax. 08:32:59
Educating The Clerk & Recorder Yesterday 08:30:55
Meet the Press: Anti-Ron Paul Guests Invited 08:28:04
Great story on CBS 08:09:45
How to make a FREE $500 investment with the RP campaign. 07:36:22
Well, we knew this was coming.... 07:32:24
I think our next Revolution act should be.... 07:27:42
Washington Post - MUST READ! This is why Ron Paul MUST WIN! 07:25:47
Don't forget RP on Meet the Depressed on Sunday.. Heres my email to Russert.. 06:49:50
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold the phone, Farah! 06:46:59
Analyst gives Paul supporters a strategy to win NH 06:46:54
White hate groups mis-info 06:40:48
Ron Paul - Weak Women Support? 06:30:25
Huckabees Phone Call from God 06:27:44
Video Up - Politics n Eggs 06:17:00
the worst article i think ive read.... 06:14:43
Scary video someone send me about killing Ron Paul supporters 06:01:34
Ron Paul DVD making some interesting news 05:56:55
This is great news!!!!!!! 05:56:51
AWESOME Ron Paul Revolution Light Signs Available!! 05:50:20
Geroge Carlin: folks, it's street talk, but a nice listen... 05:48:43
Marque and Reprisal--Go after the Terrorists, NOT the Civilians! 05:45:11
Shut down 05:15:18
Campus Politico (with a Poll) 05:08:43
Why Some Ppl think Ron Paul = Jesus 04:24:40
Ron Paul behaves like Jesus Christ 04:17:22
Can't Convince Ron Paul is Right - Show People These Amendments 04:13:45
Please Dont Feed the Trolls 03:41:53
Ron Paul Revolution/Writer's Strike 03:39:40
How Many People Will Actually Vote in the primaries or caucus? 03:38:04
Ongoing Blimp Sponsors 03:01:55
How many people have you converted! 02:59:27
VIDEO - CBS News on Ron Paul Dec. 21st, 2007 02:57:56
How to be a Great US Citizen video 02:56:34
Do Christians use Depleted Uranium Ammunition in Australia or just Iraq? 02:54:43
Meet the Press Sunday, Dec. 23 02:45:09
another heroic ad by LLepard 02:37:06
The Twelve Days of Fascism 02:19:01
Dr.paul coming on again on c span @1:05am 02:05:34
Ron Paul on Cspan2 now 12am Central 02:04:52
David Frum: I'm Smarter Than Ron Paul 02:01:58
I FOUND THIS 02:01:39
Trent Lott in Lots of Trouble Over Gay Sex Scandal 01:52:05
YeeeHAWWWWWWWWW! 01:48:21
Sign Bomb Project - Dec. 29th, 2007 01:47:23
Holiday Gift To DP's: Talent For President Paul"s Inaugural 01:46:48
CBS Says Ron Paul Tied for Third in Iowa!? (Nice News Piece too) 01:42:32
U-Tube Video 01:39:02
Ron Paul beats Mitt in Mormon Web Poll! 01:31:02
President Bush Endorses Ron Paul 01:24:19
Estulin: Neo-Cons Behind Potential Hit On Ron Paul 01:20:14
RP Supporters giving someone Headaches? 01:19:52
Ron Paul and a wonderful emergency 01:14:11
New Idea?? Will this work? 01:13:09
Important new Book -- TOO much HealthCare worse than none? 01:10:03
RP support at Ames Straw Poll 01:04:53
Support Ron on Facebook, please! 00:54:37
What is our campaign platform on islamic-terrorism? 00:46:44
Did you see this hilarious Guilani news piece? 00:43:39
this need a debate 00:28:51
Ron Paul and members of a Union 00:23:34
Internet censorship arrives in Australia 00:21:03
Local Meetup Surprises Dr. Paul on a short holiday visit back home! 00:18:30
The last flicker of the Flame of Liberty? 00:14:28
Some possible success in converting someone over to RP, finally! 00:12:48
McLaughlin Group 00:10:53