Posted on December 23, 2007

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Lawrence Lepard Full Page NY Times Ad This Week 03:05:34
Operation Live Free or Die - Concord Monitor 03:05:33
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Carrying Texas? 23:56:08
Excellent Article on the MTP Interview 23:55:36
"Ron Paul will win by a land-slide!" 23:54:04
It's our Job to Provide a Congress Dr. Paul Can Work With. 23:52:17
Ron Paul will win by a landslide 23:46:20
In case you don't understand earmarks (Video) 23:45:04
Who is the new lady on McLaughlin Group ? ABC at it again? 23:45:03
Help me understand something about the MTP interview today 23:43:57
Great Ron Paul article 23:41:41
YES! Endorsements & Acclaim for Ron Paul 23:07:43
Glenn Beck 23:00:24
60 minutes piece on Fed, where can I find it? 22:54:32
Facist America, in 10 easy steps 22:53:25
Joe Rogan issue 22:52:19
POLL - Who Would You Never Vote For? 22:51:09
Who encouraged Paul? 22:49:12
Russert/News Mafia To Paul - last 5 seconds: "BE SAFE ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL" 22:47:24
New Poll? 22:36:37
Help screening new Ron Paul Payday Video 22:36:02
Today Rocky Mtn News, Denver, reviewing candidates, How come no Ron Paul? 22:35:18
Today is the Federal Reserves birthday.... Meetup Protests Marches 22:34:51
GOP Online Primary Poll on AOL! 22:33:41
Pray for Ron Paul and his campaign 22:32:56
Coast to Coast AM 640 Ron Paul commercial awesome! 22:32:15
Chuck Baldwin Endorses Ron Paul YouTube 22:18:43
Field agent report 22:16:53
Stamp dollar notes with Ron Paul message 22:16:02
ATTN: Virginia Beach/Norfolk supporters 22:10:22
McLaughlin Group 22:06:04
Ron Paul hugs a supporter ! What other Candidate can say this? 22:02:39
Baltimore Sun: "Ron Paul takes on GOP from Lincoln to Bush" (succinct) 21:59:40
and we think we have it tough.... WOW! 21:58:08
Vote bomb, vote bomb, vote bomb 21:53:34
Dr. Paul refers to European solution to end slavery 21:45:17
Giuliani vs. Romney DIGG funny 21:44:18
*** OFFICIAL *** WAKE UP CALL! 21:40:37
New Hampshire paper gives anti-endorsement to Mitt Romney DIGG 21:38:36
Conversion Starter Kit? 21:32:41
Ron Paul Autobiography 21:31:39
Idea: Rebutal video to the "Meet The Depressed" 21:15:29
How to get Ron Paul's message out!!?? 21:15:17
How to abolish the IRS 21:07:57
Ron Paul and Meet The Press front page at 21:00:32
Meet The Press transcripts 20:44:09
MUST SEE VIDEO from CBN and 700 Club 20:36:55
We the People and our common enemies cencorship 20:35:57
Have you seen what was added to our Campaign's Website? 20:31:40
CNN commits libel against Ron Paul. 20:25:12
Volunteers needed for Charleston South Carolina house 20:19:51
While you all are obliviously gleeful over the Potato Head Russert interview today... 20:17:17
Threatening Islamic Websites 20:16:43
Huck-a-Boom or Huck-a-Bust 20:11:36
Ron Paul Earmarks...No Pork Here 20:06:40
Florida 20:06:06
Russert asked R/P who in Israel asked us to go anhd bomb Iran read this 20:02:49
You’d take a bullet for Ron Paul, but...would you write to media effectively? 19:54:33
Huck losing momentum... 19:49:12
Rhode Island needs more Signatures ASAP 19:43:15
A Lesson In Hypocrisy 19:43:12
List of "Real" Pork Barrel Earmarks 19:32:41
Russert asked "Who in Israel is pushing to bomb Iran?" 19:25:07
What motivated the 9/11 hijackers? See testimony most didn't 19:19:18
Ron Paul -knows- how much money eliminating the income tax will free up. 19:06:50
Huckabee gets scarier by the day. Aligning with John Hagee 19:01:35
Only one thing I wish he was better prepred for on MTP 19:00:26
Can someone explain this earmark deal? 18:53:53
Our Man made front page of DRUDGE again 18:38:04
Best Post-Meet The Press Articles? 18:34:46
Ron Paul Named Person of the Year 15:36:40
The boycott is on!! 15:34:27
Twilight of the Idols in America 15:22:45
MEET the PRESS forum 15:19:38
Where are our POLL SLEEPERS from Utah, New York, Arizona, Conneticut, New Jersey and Ma 15:14:36
USA Today Candidate Match Game 15:07:52
I ran in '88 when Ron Paul ran.... 14:52:22
Ron Paul Blimp Satirized 14:50:59
Paul's MTP story front page on yahoo and also Associated PRess.. not bad 14:46:54
economics report to Congress 14:33:35
GOP surprise on Caucus night-Iowa mentions RP as 'X' factor 14:07:15
Get up and walk to the solution!!!! 14:04:26
New Video showing Ron Paulites in Michigan. Inspiring picture montage at the end 14:00:36
Great Campaign Idea from Arkansas 13:59:52
Spike in contributions. 13:55:51
A card just for you :-) 13:55:05
I voted for Guliani in this poll 13:54:39
Who fits this bill? 13:49:53
Does Ron Paul really have any support in Michigan? 13:46:55
Screw the blimp, We need a weather machine! 13:45:29
The Secret Covenant 13:38:31
Wyoming? 13:34:07
Was Jeff Freeland watching an entirely different interview - Meet The Press Hit Piece 13:32:21
Polls - Has any one noticed? 13:30:10
Can someone please post youtube of Andrew Sullivan on Chris Mathews 13:28:24
Meet the press round table discussion 12/23 13:22:17
The Forces against Ron Paul are now in battle cry after the MTP Interview 13:19:05
Is our country moving towards a form of soft of fascism? DIGG IT 13:16:42
A Public Speaking Course would Do Ron good.. 13:15:22
Ron paul's "free competition in currency act" email on myspace 13:13:24
Meet the Candidates Video Series~Tim's tough on all 13:11:20
Ron Paul Beat the Press Today (Theme from Billy Jack) 13:09:31
NOW today 12Noon C-span has a show listed till 1:30 PM with Chuck Todd 13:09:07
CBS - only 12% of Primary Republican voters say war is a make or break issue 13:06:29
Meet the Press - BEST Interview ever! Plus Video Links 13:03:12
McLauglin Just plugged Ron Paul. Person of the Year 13:02:22
Mclaughlins person of the year 13:00:57
Donations Spike after Meet the Press?? 13:00:36
Ron Paul - McLaughlin Person of the Year 12:59:12
"Wilke-Barre Pa. first sign waving video" 12:50:57
Huckabee on Meet The Depressed next week. I wonder... 12:49:41
To New People on the Daily Paul - A Warm Welcome 12:46:09
Any stories yet from friends/family re: Dr Paul on MeetThePress? 12:32:18
Meet The Press has 2.9 million viewers 12:28:53
Spoofy Blimp Page from UK - Funny 12:28:33
Different Idea for Money Bomb Date 12:28:04
Ron Paul vs. Tim Russert on Meet the Press 12:26:13
Meet The Press part 4 of 4 is up! 12:19:18
Meet The Press part 3 of 4 is up! 12:15:49
Meet the Press 12:12:49
Meet The Press part 2 of 4 is up! 12:10:25
RP on c- span now 12:07:28
Ron Paul to Russert - Your Confused - A+ Russert made a mistake 11:57:48
Help me deal with my cousin ... 11:50:19
Tim Russert is NOT a disgusting vile piece of trash... 11:45:59
Re: Meet the Press interview, and the bigger picture as well 11:33:24
Meet The Press part 1 of 4 is up! 11:27:32
Thank You letters to Meet The Press 11:20:19
How many Years in Congress? 11:05:19
Home Run! 10:37:55
RP on C-Span today - 11:05ET 10:21:13
You can protect Ron's votes 10:06:15
Ron Paul getting some mention Ch4 UK 10:05:53
Projo online poll 10:02:10
FEC Just got Blimped!! 09:55:40
Airport Canvassing? 09:48:01
Ohio needs your help for Ron Paul to be on the Ballot 09:39:05
Liberty Congress - I Had No Idea 08:33:25
Have You Rated Doc... 08:19:18
Appointment With Sheriff 08:07:52
My speculation... 06:56:38
Huckabee supporters diss Honesty in Presidential Candidates 06:40:04
Family Rights-Now, more than ever, we need Ron Paul 06:25:03
Your kidding.... We got a Britney Endorsement? 05:59:03
This should be the end of Huckabee. 05:57:45
Vote for Ron here 05:50:18
Upcoming Voter Registration Deadlines 05:45:59
TimC 04:34:11
Just read Larry Lepard's new full-page ad. THIS IS THE GREATEST AD EVER. 04:28:39
Meet the Press can be seen online after 1 p.m. eastern 03:57:12
Giuliani in Tampa 03:50:41
""Watch and report the votes on Election night",let's make sure the count isn't altered after the ballots leave the Precinct!! 03:46:38
Huge Credible Free Publicity - Support Ron Paul's "American Freedom Agenda Act" 02:51:26
Please promote Women 4 Ron Paul 02:25:04
Google AdWords 01:59:12
Fight this stupid Neocon argument: "12 myths about 21st Century war" 01:46:35
Thanks Tucker 01:39:06
IMPORTANT - Confirm Your Registration 01:27:32
WE Won! - Iowa Caucus Poll: Hit it before this server goes down. 01:26:46
The best Ron Paul site you are currently not reading... 01:01:01
Want a good laugh? Check out this vid 01:00:27
Great Article promoting Trevor 01:00:06
I Love Paul, but what is the negative on Romney? 00:55:15
The Esoteric Agenda! 00:48:02
This new REVOLUTION! 00:44:32
Santa tries to deliver copies of the Constitution to Bush...gets sleigh impounded 00:41:36
What if a new poll showed Ron Paul at 18% in Iowa & 23% in NH!!! 00:31:22
Cherry Creek News censors Ron Paul Results 00:21:25
Ron Paul and the Housing Bubble 00:20:46
Gamers for Ron Paul 00:14:50
Gamers for Ron Paul 00:05:32