Posted on December 24, 2007

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Video: Ron Paul Rising 19:37:08
WMUR 9 - Manchester Wants YOUR NH Primary Videos 10:58:39
Wonderful Article about RP 09:53:05
MP3 | Merry Christmas from RonPaulAudio 01:36:33
Season's Greetings From the Ron Paul Family 00:41:23
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Is Yahoo biased? 23:58:44
Ron Paul Revolution - The Rebellion of the Intelligent 23:46:54
The American People Endorse Ron Paul! 23:46:32
Free Speech at Airports - Ron Paul Slim Jim distribution. 23:45:22
What will happen in IRAQ to influence the election? 23:42:16
We are winning! Merry Christmas everyone! 23:33:01
We are the Lightworkers 23:25:44
Cherish this time in history... 23:07:25
Santa an Enemy Combatant?!? 23:03:50
Where are the multi-millionaries? 23:02:43
Strange Days Indeed video... 22:40:54
How do you feel about the Reagan subject. 22:39:14
Paul's true support; hurdles we face 22:39:12
The Campaign to Smear Ron Paul by Justin Raimando 22:32:57
How are we going to stop them from cheating and stealing the election? 22:32:26
New Ron Paul bling for your car 22:28:41
Overseas? Where are you guys? 22:23:43
What is Bill Kristol's email. We need to respond! 21:43:10
Video * WMUR - Breakfast with Ron Paul 21:39:07
Ron Paul - Baton of Truth 21:26:14
Matter Power Numbers 11, 22 ,33 21:18:21
Third party Ron Paul promotional art 21:16:24
I Like RON PAUL (not big butts) Video... Awesome 21:09:43
You have got to see this! BREAKING NEWS 20:55:25
Giuliani can't run 20:50:00
Favorite video 20:46:45
What to do about questionable posts? 20:41:53
Question on how to vote in NJ- PLEASE HELP! 20:33:49
Ron Paul winning NATIONAL vote in "hack-proof" AOL poll. Has 26% nationally 20:33:40
Former Tancredo Supporters 20:32:44
I will be canvesing Wen, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 20:24:14
Ron Paul 2007 Retrospective video 20:14:16
Can we stop with the negative quotes in the subject lines? 20:12:21
WHAT?? CNN actually has candidates answering questions about faith??? 19:45:16
Did you know we hold the key? 19:41:22
Fallout from the Housing Crisis 19:38:57
Los Angeles Call Center HQ!! 19:36:29
If you want a little smile for christmas :) 19:34:29
Everyone, just do this one thing to elect Ron Paul! 19:33:13
Is anyone providing transport to get people to the caucus in IOWA 19:26:04
Send them a Message and We are here to take it back! 19:25:09
Ron Paul Keeps a Sliver of Hope 19:24:22
The Recession has begun! Let's hope the economy doesn't Crash too soon!!!! 19:10:51
Ron Paul abhors socialism, fascism and Nazism 19:09:13
1929 Banking Crisis will be a walk in the park..this is exactly why we need Dr Paul! 19:03:24
New, tentative blimp schedule posted - GA, and FL 18:59:56
10 Days To Go 18:49:45
Let's Take America Back - Go Ron Paul 18:48:08
cnn paul bashing 18:45:53
Ron Paul 10% in Iowa!!! Latest poll up from 4%! 18:40:55
Holiday wishes to all Ron Paul supporters (add your comments) 18:39:17
Pray for the Good Doctor 18:33:19
Question about Korea. 18:07:56
Ron Paul's Pay Day - New Site Design 18:06:01
Wheres the Rhode Island Support? 17:55:00
Huckabee's record 17:53:32
Merry Christmas from your friends in Iowa 17:40:34
Bill Kristol Video 17:32:13
Check out my new Ron Paul cartoon 17:31:50
Santa Supports Ron Paul - Money Bomb 17:23:37
How easy/tough would it be to manipulate the polls? 17:18:02
Pie in Bill Kristol face! 17:06:54
Let it snow 17:03:53
Stop the Paranoia 16:53:47
Academics for Ron Paul - Spread the Word 16:36:53
News Report reveals McCain is out of touch with reality! 16:27:32
Great post Russert video!!!!!!!!! 16:10:56
Want to know what's scarier than any conspiracy theory I've ever heard? 16:00:33
Adam Curry's video endorsement of Ron Paul 15:58:17
Ron Paul REVOLUTION-The Rebellion of the Intelligent 15:46:52
RP as John the Baptist to Reagan's Second Coming????? 15:36:24
My "Pro-War" friend could not respond to my reply. 15:33:39
Paul is in double digits in IOWA!! More than doubles support! 15:22:18
FOX News report supports Ron Paul on Iran vs. Israel 15:20:04
Top Story on Digg 15:18:17
The Prodigal Country 14:56:19
Bill Kristol vs. Ron Paul 14:53:41
Is 5th, 3rd, 2nd enough?? (updated path to victory) 14:52:29
Christmas for the Constitution 14:43:43
Christmas for the Constitution 14:43:13
MSM, OM 14:36:18
Lack of RP media Coverage - let's act on it 14:27:41
I am Ron Paul 14:25:22
Old Media against Ron Paul: WIll history repeat itself? 14:18:40
Ron Paul Discussion on CSPAN NOW 14:12:54
Ron Paul is just plain good for the USA right now... Dems are even rooting for him. 14:09:37
RP right on Iraq - different reason. Julie Awnee favors draft. 14:07:58
Christmas Special: You're a Mean One, Mr. Tim 14:01:44
Bill Kristol on Fox News "Ron Paul Is Anti-American" 13:51:15
Anti-Plunder 13:49:23
Caller Quetions about Ron Paul on Washinton Journal, We're Winning!! 13:49:03
FOX news bashes Ron Paul over Civil War 13:47:23
“Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2007 13:32:51
A Real Hero 13:32:04
Preaching to the choir 13:30:30
Bush Administration Trains Members of Indonesian Terrorist Groups 13:30:02
Even the Daily Paul readers fall into the McCain, Huckabee Media hype 13:24:12
NEVER has MSNBC kept a Ron Paul top news up for DAYS... 13:22:58
OpEdNews Editor Rob Kall endorses Ron Paul 13:17:31
Tax Free Tips Idea 13:13:59
Ron Paul March? 13:03:59
We are closing in on $19M, Lets make Dr. Paul & his Family's Xmas a Merry one. 13:01:16
All I Want For Christmas Is Ron Paul! 12:56:09
Freedom March and Craigslist (IDEA THAT IS WORKING WELL) 12:54:56
There are ONLY TWO WAYS to counteract the UNTRUE negative news 12:52:31
Hillary, Obama, Romney are pushing it, Ron Paul should too 12:51:08
Wrapped in a Flag, Carrying a Cross 12:04:08
America's New Year's Day! 2.0 (New Awesome Video) 11:57:49
Smoke and MIrror Candidates, Hype and the Establishment 11:56:05
Huckabee on Meet the Press. 11:30:44
First the OM Tried to Push Giuliani on the Voters, Than Came 11:26:58
Major Liberal Endorcement for Ron Paul! 11:21:37
What is going on here? July 8, 2007 explanation that has unfolded 11:18:37
Christmas 2007 for me. 11:18:17
Our government, the gangster! 11:17:25
Chuck Norris SLAMS Ron Paul on Worldnetdaily column. 11:14:49
When Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination, does he get 11:12:11
Aol straw poll allowing revotes? Went there just now and it ask me to vote,,, 11:06:32
Giuliani Implosion Update 11:04:44
Dec. 25 beat Huckabee's money bomb 11:02:54
Russert's son, Scarborough's Son, who's next? 11:01:12
diebold 10:52:41
AOL Staw Poll 10:51:48
Write to your newspaper editors! 10:45:34
Open phones for C-span Now 9:30 am 10:36:55
Complete Analysis of Ron on "Beat the Press" By Lew Rockwell 10:26:35
The Morning Call 10:23:14
Lets organize responses to articles 10:09:07
Ron Paul Front Page of My Newspaper 10:07:42
New Poll...All go vote! 10:02:23
Best RP Endorsement Speech 09:59:57
New Paul article. 09:59:43
New poll 09:29:56
Currency issues creating chaos and another reason to vote for Dr. Paul 09:25:27
What Happened to 09:24:05
Just woke up to find Dr. Paul story on C-span 09:10:41
Buchanan Mentions Ron on Morning Joe 08:53:20
New Favorite Site 08:40:43
Bill Bennet talking about Ron Paul on Sirius 144 now. 08:11:05
Vote in AOL poll 08:07:46
Story About Huckabee's Record Of Failure 07:34:10
RP Google News Links ~ The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. 07:20:05
Great YouTube videos 07:13:36
Why the 2 partys. 07:02:44
Interesting article regarding Iraq Wars 06:38:04
One Hour Gold Standard Debate: Ron Paul v Charles Partee (digg!) 06:16:22
Middle East Oil & US Government - Documentary 06:14:09
Oh For Frigg's Sakes They Finally Throw The Gauntlet!! 05:59:50
Political Change and The Radical Truth About Ron Paul 05:45:58
???Ron Paul Earmarks??? 05:37:29
Say "Merry Christmas!" to Ron Paul (and America!) 05:36:06
Giuliani video -- how'd you like this guy to be our next President? 05:03:08
FOX News Ticker gave me a good laugh. 04:58:38
I need a bit of advice fellow patriots 04:47:57
MSNBC REMOVES talk forum for Ron Paul.... 04:39:13
Giuliani Snuck 2,000 Boxes of Records Out of New York's City Hall 04:20:56
Just wanted to wish all my freedom-loving friends 03:54:23
A message of Hope 03:29:40
Digg's 'Bury Brigade' EXPOSED 03:04:59
"Check out what USA Daily wrote","Ron Paul will win by a land slide". 02:57:37
The reinvention of John McCain is robbing away Ron Paul's NH propsects. 02:51:21
Ron Paul Republican Running for Congress in North Carolina! 02:33:05
New Endorsement Page on official website! Thoughts? 02:30:38
If RP can handle this he can handle MSM 02:22:23
Best Ron Paul Quotes from Meet The Press 02:18:32
Reading of the Declaration of Independence. 02:01:17
News on NCEL (National Clean Elections Lawsuit) 01:59:00
Ask Me About Ron Paul 01:58:26
New World Investor's comment about Ron Paul 01:57:53
Michigan added to Letter Writing Campaign. 01:55:50
--->NEW Ron Paul's Payday Video 01:55:41
Anybody else's family getting Ron Paul shirts for Christmas? 01:54:19
Watch this video, then send it to EVERY Huck support Blog we can get it on. ITS HUGE!!! 01:52:37
Ron Paul Welcomes Home Our Soldiers 01:32:42
Don't Attack Detractors - Convert Them! 01:31:45
Is the number of registered Republicans rising? 01:31:32
Broadcast problems Sunday with "Meet The Press"-? 01:09:07
Tim Russert's Son a Ron Paul Revolutionary?? 00:57:05
. 00:45:27
Ron Paul / Iowa Dissected 00:44:14
Check out what USA Daily wrote "Ron Paul will win by a land slide.!!" 00:41:00
Ron Paul mentions MLK in 2 biggest interviews. Is he endorsing an MLK $ bomb? 00:37:11
Ron Paul AFTER MTP Amazing Video!! 00:34:00
Should I add this video to my website? 00:27:13
What are RP's chances of becoming president? 00:19:46
RI Struggling for Signatures to be on Ballot, only Rudy so far 00:18:10
AOL National Poll - seems close to reality - VOTE NOW 00:14:10
VIDEO - Ron Paul After the Meet the Press Interview with Supporters 00:10:15
Fast and Prayer Bomb 00:05:59
MTP Transcript 00:02:29
Ron Paul running 3rd Party would "Sink the Republican Nominee". 00:00:14
Announcing Paul A Palooza 2008 Supporter-Bomb in Las Vegas! Jan 12-13 10:58:40