Posted on December 25, 2007

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The Most Important Thing Bill Kristol Said (You May Have Missed It) 10:37:15
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Personal blimp 23:59:32
Banners Available for Ron Paul's Payday 23:58:24
Montana Caucus Tempting Target for Ron Paul Supporters 23:43:41
2nd Amendment - Ron Paul Friend of Freedom 23:34:49
The Tree of Liberty Must Be Refreshed 23:34:41
MY GOD - Meet the Press converted Sister and Bro-in-law to Paul... 23:22:53
Blimp in Central FL, 12/30 - 1/9/08 23:20:54
He who must not be named 23:18:52
signbomb 08 23:12:50
Hi, my name is Mike, and I'm a Paul-aholic. ) 23:08:59
Video... Let's play Democracy (OK but we are a Republic) 22:58:36
Drain your bank fiat reserves 22:36:30
Enemies From Left and Right 22:06:27
Federal Reserves Birthday 21:54:34
Rhode Island Needs Help 21:53:01
Am I out of touch ? 21:48:23
How's the Blimp doing? 21:48:09
Sign The Petition To Stop HR1955/S1959 - The Thought Crime Bill 21:46:32
Kristol, Krauthammer Are Out of Time 21:45:52
Ron Paul admires Batman 21:44:06
Great anti-"Sicko" website. . . 21:42:09
This Daily Paul is for electing Ron Paul President 21:42:06
Separation of church and state, what would RP do if... 21:40:15
Are Daily Paul Members Participating in Opinion Polls/Surveys Without 21:34:22
Project Wake up America 21:31:35
Are we getting the word out or? 21:31:30
Do we want to be led or are we inspired? 21:27:43
8 Days and Counting... 21:23:20
saving our National Treasures on PBS/Nova 21:07:00
what does there plans for America the Royals that is 21:02:11
DPers I Need Your Help With A Conversion 21:00:05
This place has really changed in a short amount of time 20:30:47
Can You Say "NEWS MAFIA" Boys and Girls? 19:58:06
I need help! 19:48:13
Ron Paul Real Poll Showing Stunning Victory In Sight 19:48:05
In spite of low poll numbers 19:42:33
something fun for Christmas night 19:37:41
MSNBC Matrix Poll. Appears Negative Publicity Hasn’t Hurt Paul One Bit. 19:16:49
ORIGINAL manifestation contest 18:58:17
Ron Paul New Year's Eve parties all over the country 18:42:33
the central goal MUST be PEACE ON EARTH! 18:35:01
AP treats RP persona non grata 18:19:35
Frank Luntz on C-Span 18:17:34
Its been said before. Never forget that Its all about the vote count, and whether it is accepted. 18:08:42
Dr. Paul’s Writings - Earmarks 18:05:41
Happy Christmas (War Is Over) 18:01:52
Talibans of america 17:54:09
A new Ron Paul video 17:28:58
Observation from a french-canadian friend of RON PAUL... 17:27:53
good place for recruitment 17:24:38
BOYCOTT FOXNEWS!!!!! 17:22:20
Facebook shows Dr. Paul's support 17:18:51
New York Times Hit and Run on Ron Paul...on Christmas! 17:03:11
Let's Take America Back Video 17:02:46
Huckabee funneling money to his campaign through church speaking fees 16:52:22
Huckabee, Supporters Anti-Catholic History 16:44:56
Yahoo article on undecided Christians voting for Christians 16:43:44
What's up with Rhode island?? 16:24:17
Huckabee Anti-Catholic? 16:23:05
Des Moines Weather JAN 3 16:11:17
Huckabust! Mike Huckabee...the $4300 Man 16:03:52
Merry Christmas to our Soldiers 15:57:04
Video: U Can't kill the Revolution 15:44:20
Magnum PI---AKA Tom Sellek would be a great endorser of Ron Paul. 15:33:24
Did you Happen to Notice 15:26:00
To John McCain - we didn't forget 15:22:36
McCain gets nailed on his immigration stance 15:08:22
News Years Eve Extravaganza for Ron Paul 15:04:46
Parody post of Huckabee suporter pulled from site? why? 14:55:17
Rally in front of White House 14:32:01
Flashing Ron Paul Sign still available 14:01:12
Since RUSSERT Likes to Dig Around in the Past. Will He Ask Huck This 13:29:50
Ron Paul Rising 13:23:35
Ron Paul Revolution - The Rebellion Of The Intelligent 13:23:32
Merry Christmas Everyone! 13:17:11
Third party candidates (HUMOR) 13:15:52
300 (electoral votes) Corrected Link! 13:15:50
Freedom to Fascism - Questions. 13:13:52
RP not on RI ballot - deadline tomorrow - ouch! 13:08:58
ADD this little ditty to all posts here and elsewhere... Jan 8th is... 13:05:11
Romney Is The Chosen One; The CFR's Golden Child 13:04:39
Classic Paul - A Must Read 12:59:58
Interest Free Money 12:59:44
Two Short Books Providing Great Intellectual Ammo for RP Revolutionaries 12:43:44
Merry Christmas From My State .... 12:42:06
PROOF Mike Huckabee is BOUGHT and PAID for! 12:36:02
A Favorite 'Meet The Press' Moment 12:04:17
Ron Paul Freedom Truck "Stars and Stripes" 11:58:27
516 more signatures needed to get Dr. Paul on ballot in RI 11:58:16
Christians for Ron Paul: Principle without Pandering 11:45:58
Legal Action against the Times for slander and libel 11:42:57
projo online survey needs your help! 11:42:24
Milton Friedman--his views SO close to ours 11:41:17
John Harwood CNBC: Gives Ron Paul Good Press 11:39:36
Can We Please...... 11:31:28
David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the United States 11:29:49
The Truth About Ron's Chances... 11:12:08
Ron Paul Christmas Presents 11:12:02
Ron Paul at 17% in Iowa "Button Poll" 10:59:02
My First Topic: Earmarks ... 10:56:51
Abortion 10:55:21
Huckabee winning Montana newspaper poll - please vote. 10:46:49
Frank Luntz 10:43:43
$1 billion FBI database will track physical characteristics of millions 10:35:53
Ron Paul Around The Christmas Tree 10:31:57
Big Announcement! 10:26:07
Denmark-based Saxo Bank Predicts RON PAUL In White HOUSE! 10:07:31
Frank the Fraud Luntz on CSPAN now! 10:07:05
Christmas Special: Yes, Virginia, There is a Ron Paul. 09:39:51
We are close to 19 million, ok but they have TRILLIONS! 08:48:46
N.Y. Times Blog is smearing Dr. Paul 08:40:31
Bank crisis may make '29 look like "walk in the park"..... 07:45:00
Where is Dr. Paul going this week? 07:03:36
still claiming were are spam-botnets... 06:21:28
Officials have made U.S. a police state 06:15:08
Did 9/11 happen on a intervention or non-intervention foreign policy? 06:11:24
Amusing observation 05:49:28
Attacks ramping up 05:37:29
"Ron Paul has a lot of support on the Internet" 05:15:46
My little essay 04:57:02
Putting fear of violence in its proper context 04:14:25
McCain Attack Ad 03:50:51
Doing What You Can For Freedom 03:49:17
new donors 03:48:19
Justin attacks the Paul-haters 03:46:12
Economics 101 - Ron Paul on Petrodollar Recycling 03:23:02
Mini Ron Paul Blimp Turns Heads in Charlottesville, VA 03:07:38
National Republican Senatorial Committee Straw Poll 03:06:40
Lets Rock the Boat 03:02:56
Crisis may make 1929 look a 'walk in the park' - 02:46:14
Ignorant Mike Huckabeeee as gov of Arkansas *Must see* 02:39:12
Israeli delegation heads to U.S. to argue Iran still seeking nuclear arms: 02:32:11
Add this little Ditty to every email and post you do anywhere! 02:22:51
Poem: Alone on Christmas by Timothy B. Chiacchira 02:14:03
Evangelical Christian Blogger Switches from Huckabee to Ron Paul! Tell them what you think! 01:42:13
Ron Paul Now at 10% In Iowa 01:42:06
RP on MTP Brilliant! 01:38:08
RP third in "grassroots" poll - interesting read! 01:35:59
Merry Christmas too all 01:32:34
Great Anti Huckabee video with great tune! 01:24:48
The Party of Principle 01:18:15
Daily Kos: I Endorse Ron Paul & Why Progressives Should Support Him 01:11:33
The Ron Paul Challenge 00:49:49
9 days and counting 00:44:02
Merry Christmas to all the patriots 00:38:53
The Meaning of One Man 00:38:13
I-94 RON PAUL Billboard is UP! 00:21:01
RUDY is a KNIGHT 00:13:16
Authentic!!! 00:08:41
Next Money Bomb 00:07:47
Rudy is going for Jeb Country! 00:00:46