Posted on December 26, 2007

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MP3 | CNN & FOX Interviews - Bhutto Assasination 22:42:00
New York Times Retracts Smear Against Ron Paul 22:24:31
The Media: An Old Boys' Club 22:22:46
"Monster Kane" endorses Ron Paul 21:58:21
Pat Robertson & 700 Club Discover the Revolution 18:36:35
Ron Paul - CNN/MSNBC 12/27/07 16:10:37
Video: Ron Paul and Primary Math 13:51:20
New Year's Eve Nationwide Ron Paul March 13:18:33
The Nation: Ron Paul Crosses the Christmas Candidate 12:55:14
Obama's campaign has this - do we? 12:29:28
Online Poll Puts Ron Paul Only at 24% 08:54:00
Ron Paul on NBC's Meet the Press - Sunday 12/23 08:54:01
Goal - $20 Million by Year End 03:05:34
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coming up on 6 days 23:57:54
Don't shoot the campaign in the foot 23:53:02
Seriously, was Huck's "Money Bomb" supposed to be today?? 23:47:02
Rights and Privledges / Constitution 23:46:55
Recent Ron Paul News Coverage, Dec. 26th 23:46:17
Great Article - Would Reagan Vote for Ron Paul? Pass it on 23:44:48
Great Article - Would Reagan Vote for Ron Paul? Pass it on 23:44:35
Great Article - Would Reagan Vote for Ron Paul? Pass it on 23:43:50
20 years of Ron Paul 23:36:15
New Years in Las Vegas 23:35:15
Check out Daily Kos... I am giving them hell right now.. 23:18:44
An Encouraging Sign from Nevada 23:12:58
WE WIN! The NY Times Retracts Its Anti-Ron Paul Smearblog 23:04:34
Boycotting Networks That Don't Report The News Fairly 23:01:56
how would someone go about buying Fed reseve stocks ! 22:57:40
Please clear Ron Paul "racist" comments. 22:57:27
meet the"Huck-a-beasts" 22:53:20
How should Ron Paul handle the inevitable "Vetting"? 22:44:53
New York Times prints a retraction of its Ron Paul smear yesterday 22:43:11
Retitled: My grandfather the Democrat 22:36:56
State of the Union 2008 Money Bomb 22:33:52
2 Young African American Males discuss why Ron Paul is Best CHOICE 22:31:55
we need NY delegates in the following zip codes 22:26:23
Aaron Russo Endorsed Ron Paul 22:21:41
How many people from Iowa here. Can we get a man on the street update. 22:21:36
Listen, CALM DOWN. 7 DAYS, expect anything, let it be nothing. 22:18:00
Blimp Rally in Jacksonville, Florida 22:15:56
TAXES!!! 22:11:31
Mini-Blimp in Virginia - 22:06:24
Top 10 things about the Ron Paul's campaign that really give me Hope! 22:04:12
Can you write in a name at the primaries 22:01:59
Anyone listen to the fill-in guy on/for Rush today? 22:01:48
has anyone noticed 21:57:13
Tehran Times snippet on Ron Paul comments on Israel/Iran. 21:56:32
I need artwork 21:51:58
as a Libertarian 21:47:39
WOW you have got to pass this on to all Huck supporters 21:47:20
Great New Endorsement Video: "Support Ron Paul to Save America From Financial Collapse" 21:43:55
Article demolishes Huckabee 21:29:51 needs to be educated 21:27:14
WTF is going on in Ohio? 21:22:50
Where's The Gratitude? 21:22:07
Good and fair news about RP in Iowa on local network 21:08:06
Am I the only one who watched the CBN piece soberly and seen it clearly? 21:05:06
RP on Morning Joe tomorrow? 21:00:27
Stephanopolous blows it again; A call to BOYCOTT ABC and its advertisers 20:58:18
MIchigan for Ron Paul!!!!!! 20:52:51
Positive article in OpEdNews 20:51:50
Very important info on Montana Caucus..others? and poll 20:50:21
Video section added to Daily Paul 20:47:01
Aimee Allens video Ron Paul's Revolution 20:45:52
Another Poll shows Ron Paul at 10% in Iowa - catching a falling Rudy 20:45:12
Christmas Conversion 20:44:40
Huckabee's Fair Tax called Nuts just now on CNBC 20:42:21
Next Money Bomb - Dec 31st 20:41:31
Are You A Delegate? I Am! 20:40:48
Explaining EARMARKS 20:25:31
The Radical Truth about Ron Paul - Great Video!!! 20:19:40
Great support on Situation Room 20:18:16
Michael Nystrom, South Carolina Primary Volunteers Needed 20:17:29
Ron Paul could win Iowa Lou Dobbs Tonight Live on CNN 20:15:13
Email I sent to friends about Ron Paul and the Primaries 19:59:34
Who we are 19:51:09
Huckabee gone too far, says vote for me and you live. 19:47:05
Tucker "SHOW" just attacking attacking attacking... yeah what a friend 19:43:39
Upcoming TV apperances? 19:37:19
GO RON GO, amazing his lead 19:35:22
Ron Paul info coming up on TUCKER 19:33:26
Who does REAL MONEY say is gonna be the next president? 19:32:54
My friends and I are going to do this too.. you should get together and do it too! 19:30:58
Official Campaign Site has an "Endorsements" page! 19:29:12
Anyone see the Ron Paul ripoff ad Hillary has on Hardball 19:27:27
$20 Million New Year's Eve? 19:21:20
How Much Could a Ron Paul Presidency Really Accomplish? 19:14:03
70% of all donors this week are NEW! 19:06:13
AOL trying to discredit Ron on Civil War issue 19:00:24
Great Article: GOP Is The New Donner Party 18:55:54
This kid needs school 18:46:04
How to download RP vids from internet!?!? HELP!!! 18:42:56
Jack Nicholson Endorsing Wrong Candidate? 18:32:36
How to spread the word when your mouth is not moving... 18:26:10
Denmark-Based Saxo Bank Predicts Ron Paul Victory 18:23:50
Iraqi Kids Support Ron Paul! 18:12:12
Reasons for people in the South and beyond to support RP. 18:12:00
Iraq for Sale - Moyersw/Ben Barber 18:00:33
Something for after the election 17:49:39
A favorite of Ron Paul "The Law" by Bastiat 17:47:23
WWE Endorsement (Kane) 17:39:52
Home Prices Post Record Annual Drop 17:34:46
Ron Paul on Tucker Thursday at 4:00 eastern 17:31:54
Ron Paul Private Mini-Blimps for SALE 17:31:48
What is Ron Paul offering in return for his earth shattering fundraising record of $18 million from 200,000 small donors? 17:22:29
Wolf Blitzer Gets Pauled Tomorrow 17:07:37
First Ron Paul Signs in Heber Springs, Arkansas... 16:58:19
Is This Still Late-Breaking News 16:55:23
Housing for when our troops come home... 16:47:05
Where's Ron? 16:46:14
It's Hard Out Here for a Ron Paul Blimp [VIDEO] 16:37:02
Soldier says about RP, "Thats the 4th time I've heard that today." 16:29:56
Please help me with my campaign ideas 16:27:40
Thousands of new voters come each day to Daily Paul 16:26:58
Ron Paul Newbie Question 16:19:05
Let's Not Forget Vijay 16:18:19
Ron Paul and the Holy Grail 16:17:59
Thumbs Down, Huckabee 16:16:31
Would this wake America up? 16:13:15
The Audacity of Nope ( 16:05:37
Ron Paul's payday 16:02:13
AP - Bush signs $555 billion spending bill (hahaha ah hahahah, Twilight Zone do do do do) 16:00:01
Please Pray for Ron Paul! 15:52:39
Congressman Ron Paul "Who Are The Patriots?" video 15:52:19
Ron Paul at 10% in new Iowa poll +6 points in 4 days 15:45:00
STALIN said, 'It's Not the People Who Vote that Count; It's the People Who Count the Votes' 15:38:17
Is Rhode Island good to go? (RI official Web site shows not enough yet) 15:30:46
Video Rebuttal To Fox News Smear Attempt 15:29:46
We need Q4 Results out fast! 15:27:20
I like those odds! 15:25:52
Get this vital info to RON PAUL... all governments, local on up, have excess REVENUE in the trillions! 15:23:29
Tunnel Vision? Backslapping? 15:20:43
Any News From Iowa? 15:20:36
Ron Paul is from the Internets?! 15:18:41
Gore Vidal discusses candidates. RP is "quite appealing" 15:14:46
Ron Paul is set to explode on the campaign circuit right before the early contests 15:08:24
RP Chat? 14:57:14
$1 TRILLION = Income Tax? Was Russert Correct? 14:57:01
Great updated video to send out 14:51:02
I've been saying it since 2001, BUY 1oz GOLD Eagles NOW! Read.... 14:44:41
Lets show our support with our numbers? Check out 14:42:59
Anti Ron Paul Media Bias Still Alive and well 14:38:13
Rush vs. huck 14:34:33
Fox News article on California Primary Strategy 14:26:54
NEW AOL POLL Re: Ron Paul and his Abe Lincoln/Civil War comment... VOTE! 14:26:08
Great New Alternative Rock Video: "RON PAUL: THE GREAT ESCAPE" 14:18:59
Montana needs help securing the primary for Ron Paul 14:11:58
OLFOD: don't forget Maine (2/1/08) 14:02:48
Videos - Iraq for Sale/Moyers 14:00:34
Another hit an idiot 'former NSA' who claims more than his britches will hold... 13:49:41
Yet another video for the paulaholics 13:47:56
Latest Iowa poll 13:45:23
Getting Iowa's independent voters may be harder than we think. 13:28:08
Ron Paul moves into Double digits in Iowa 13:23:57
Great Ron Paul article 13:23:26
Sept 11th-Radio Support (Imus) in NY in NJ 13:23:20
On War and the State 13:15:39
George Galloway on Ron Paul? 13:05:11
Ron Paul discussed on talk radio in Chicago 13:03:48
Arizona Sign Wave Jan 2 4:30-6 pm 13:02:17
Great Video - Just Added Today - Uplifting & Done Really Well ! 12:35:11
Ron Paul is Fringe! 12:32:19
AOL Hot Seat has poll re Ron Paul & Lincoln 12:27:44
Ron Paul in "Rolling Stone"! 12:25:27
Great RP article in HuffPo! 12:24:36
Glenn Beck Radio Show Talking Up Ron Paul Right Now! 12:15:51
Ron Paul Pride Takes to the Skies 12:13:02
Where can I get a yard sign??? 12:09:05
A must see video 12:01:59
Best place for Ron Paul sticker? 11:59:11
What does this poll tell us? 11:50:52
Ron Paul in Southeastern Michigan 11:48:11
Let us take America back - really one of the coolest videos check it out 11:32:34
Why Ron Paul will Win in Iowa 11:23:40
All the Pundits Say Ron Paul Won't Win: Do They Know Something we Don’t? 11:11:23
ron paul on front page of atlanta newspaper today 11:07:49
Attention Youtubers --- Song suggestion for a RP vid 11:05:58
"The Audacity of Nope". They're Finally Getting It. 11:03:44
Nice Piece about Ron Paul at Huffington Post 11:03:16
Think Tank analyzes Ron Paul's take on Israel - Iran conflict! 10:51:11
MSNBC "Crackpot" 12-26-07 09:51:07
Ron Paul on Israeli Radio Dec 31 09:47:23
Ron Paul leads Techcrunch Poll by 73%...they will endorse winner publicly 09:44:32
Another idea: Host a Neighborhood Watch Party! 09:38:18
Next Money Bomb 09:18:05
Crisis may make 1929 look a 'walk in the park' 09:09:31
Don't forget to call in to c-span as often as you can 08:56:12
Like Me (Are Any of You Locked Out of the Primary ?) 08:53:26
March on New Years eve 08:07:12
Positive Piece on 07:53:35
Ron rising in new polls!! 07:31:18
Pledge to vote for RP 06:51:18
CAUTION: Ron Paul Bumper Stickers Can Be Dangerous 06:48:38
Another Hint...We're in for RECESSION! 06:19:37
We have NO CHOICE except to involve ourselves in the Republican party 06:12:25
Google Trends Pick-Me-Up 05:41:08
NYT hit-piece author is a self-admitted perjurer 05:34:46
Many states, in an effort to shut out Ron Paul are now closing their primaries. 05:13:25
Another Way To Support Dr. Paul 05:03:36
Monetary Policy--Important 04:44:10
Montana News 04:16:06
The Rise of the Stealth Paulites 04:03:36
Faces of the Ron Paul Revolution - site is up - add your photo at 04:00:41
Ron Paul on 60 Minutes? 03:45:35
Christmas with Operation Live Free or Die Activists 03:20:23
Peter Schiff media blast 03:16:28
Recent Ron Paul News Coverage - Dec. 25th, 2007 03:03:46
Did you see Huckabee recieve a phone call from God? 03:00:11
Ron Paul CD jacket design 02:23:52
AOL Straw Poll Going On Right Now! 02:13:46
Google against Ron Paul?? 01:44:19
Montana’s GOP caucus tempting target for Ron Paul supporters 01:33:36
Can we out-raise Huckabee's money bomb? 01:31:52
Faces of the Revolution - need beta testing help 01:28:34
10% in Iowa: Merry Christmas, Ron Paul! 01:13:51
Editorial in my hometown paper: "Huckabee Smear Is a Low Blow" 01:10:46
Best guess of turnout ratio in primaries/caucuses for Ron Paul? 01:03:20
Have concerns for Israel without U.S. aid ? 00:57:43
Huckabee takes consulting fee from Embryonic Stem Cell Researcher 00:54:22
Bill Kristol has a personal axe to grind, bc Ron Paul exposed his daddy as a fraud. 00:49:33
Have concerns for Israel without U.S. aid ? 00:40:26
Ron Paul's followers aim to stun the pundits - Atlanta Journal Constitution 00:12:20
Huck vs. Rush 00:04:51
Did you have any good holiday Ron Paul conversations? 00:00:08