Posted on December 27, 2007

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Others in the Ron Paul Mode 23:06:14
Veterans for Ron Paul - New at 22:24:51
Ron Paul on MSNBC's Tucker 12-27-07 Video 19:21:36
Call to Action - Misleading AOL Poll 01:41:54
Ron Paul on Situation Room, 12-27-07 Video 19:43:07
The Making of the Ron Paul Blimp 19:21:35
Remember the Blimp! 17:36:04
Tomorrow, 12-28-07, is Ron Paul’s first Payday and he’s only getting $7865! 13:33:22
Statement Introducing the Free Competition in Currency Act 12:27:01
Ron Paul shredded MSNBC/Morning Joe in their hack attempt. Great job RP. 08:55:35
Charleston South Carolina House Needs Volunteers for SC Primary! 01:41:53
Become a Delegate! 01:07:48
Lawrence Lepard's 'Common Sense 2.0' - Today's NYT, A17 01:07:38
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Alabama Constitution Party Endorses Ron Paul 23:56:16
Baby Blimps for Ron Paul ! 23:55:22
Ron excluded from Fox Forum. How can we get their attention? 23:55:21
In Abraham Lincolns Own Words!! Springfield, Illinois, on June 26, 1857. 23:54:31
How to post a DailyPaul blog? 23:52:13
Bin Laden Murdered? 23:50:46
RP was INVITED TO BOTH NH Debates and GOP brunch. 23:50:39
New LA Times Bloomberg poll out. 23:42:06
Does anyone here know anything about this? 23:38:35
More info on this NAU...'that doesn't exist'! 23:36:03
CFR Head Haas on CNN right now 23:35:48
Bhutto knew bin Laden is dead 23:24:53
We Need to Commission Our Own Polls 23:22:06
Iowa minutemen endorse Paul; expects to pick up Tancredo support 23:19:46
Is this going to be the election where the internet trumps television? 23:16:47
Who killed Benazir Bhutto 23:11:03
Bhutto a non-factor with average voters 23:06:07
Bhutto said Bin Ladin had been murdered - Said the West did not announce it to continue War on Terror 23:03:36
Would Reagan Vote for Ron Paul? - Great Article - The National Ledger 22:57:15
Turning the "FOX Neil Cavuto" forum post into main article? 22:55:52
Yahoo mentions Biden, but no Ron Paul(Bhutto situation) 22:53:43
IA and NH vote security and the current polls 22:53:22
*Complete Ron Paul Coverage Today, Dec. 27th* 22:52:54
Ron Paul 3D Screensaver! By: 22:40:43
Watch them use Bhutto against Ron Paul 22:34:52
Christians for Ron Paul video. 22:29:58
Veterans for Patriot Ron Paul 22:07:47
"Paul leads GOP pack for delegate applicants" (TN) 21:53:29
War between the Mice and the Weasels 21:50:53
Judge Andrew Napolitano on Lincoln and the Civil War 21:42:27
Judge Napolitano on Abe Lincoln 21:42:08
Great "anti-Sicko" (National Health Care) website 21:38:59
Could Tell me what the acclaims for Ron Paul are 21:35:56
Alright, lets take a step back, and laugh. Funny RP Video. 21:31:00
S 1959 - The Thought Crime Bill - What Bruce Fein Has To Say 21:28:31
BROADCAST NEWS..... "I say it here, it comes out there." 21:18:38
Have We Developed Our Defense? 21:00:34
Conquering the spirit of debt 20:59:30
Just One Joe letter. 20:56:45
Long list of delegates in Tennessee 20:54:51
Preventing vote's how 20:53:14
Preventing vote's how to get a RP win 20:53:11
Jeff Flake: Congressman from Arizona 20:47:32
Jeff Flake: Congressman from Arizona 20:47:22
Ron Paul will win by a landslide 20:32:38
christian right just don't get it 20:29:22
Ron Paul on Tucker, 12-27-07 Video 20:27:10
Video of Ron Paul on Tucker 20:26:31
John Bolton AKA former ambassador to the UN 20:21:15
Fill Us In 20:20:43
Four presidential candidates among 'Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians' list 20:19:50
I was there when Musharraf took over 20:11:11
Penn and Teller 20:07:19
New AP and Yahoo Poll 20:06:36
Supports of Ron Paul's Payday - Help me promote this. 19:47:55
Alamo Bowl Tailgate Party - 19:43:00
Security for Ron Paul 19:38:33
Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2007 19:38:08
Ron Paul Wins IndependentPrimary.Com 19:30:20
Wolf Blitzer = Whistleblower ??? 19:29:29
Ron Paul speculates about 3rd party bid if ...... SEE Link ! 19:29:16
Just heard a disturbing discussion on MSNBC.. 19:27:06
The Enumerated Powers Act 19:21:52
Ron Paul coming up on Tucker in a few minutes!!! 19:21:47
Attention Illinois Ron Paul Supporters!!! 19:20:21
So, what is the anti-vote-theft strategy from HQ? 19:16:08
Alamo Bowl Tailgate Party - 19:14:29
Blimp will Burst due to lack of Juice 19:09:29
Ron Paul THEME SONG 19:05:13
(VIDEO) Ron Paul Schools Morning Joe's second string... 19:04:56
Ron Paul - America's Last Chance By Ted Lang 01-26-07 18:56:58
"I guess what I'm trying to say is, if I can change..." 18:55:39
Huckabee on Benazir Bhutto 18:54:09
Bumper Sticker Update - Graphic Design Help? 18:45:18
Other Candidate signs and bumper stickers 18:39:58
FOX Neil Cavuto Clip NOW ON YOUTUBE 18:39:17
Today's CNN Situation Room link NOW ON YOUTUBE 18:31:33
"Pledge to vote for Ron Paul in your state Primary." 18:28:42
Great Ron Paul article in Boston Herald 18:24:45
Paul picks up Minuteman members' support 18:24:23
Future Ron Paul interview, what do you think of it? 18:20:57
Has anyone seen this about face? 18:16:05
1 More Time I Need Your Help - Please- Need DVD to deliver 44 delegates to Ron Paul 18:15:00
Paul leads among applicants for GOP convention delegates in TN. RP 100 Thompson has 74 18:13:11
We need carpools in IOWA 18:12:04
Honestly, who knew of Bhutto when she was ALIVE? 18:06:23
Polls you may have missed 18:05:42
Signs from Georgia to Pennsylvania 18:01:05
Mosharoff is a US Puppet, Bhutto would have unseated him.. 17:57:57
Can Presidential Candidate Ron Paul go mainstream? 17:41:38
Ron Paul On CNN Situation Room Now 17:40:31 Gives Major Endorsement To Ron Paul 17:37:45
Saying no to television ... can you help me out ? 17:28:25
Should Dennis Kucinich & Mike Gravel drop out and Endorse Dr. Paul? 17:26:28
Should Dennis Kucinich & Mike Gravel drop out and support Dr. Paul? 17:26:07
A couple of good accounts on 17:19:26
Lauryn Hill understands what we're up against 17:17:49
Ron Paul hit the interview out of the park at FOX 17:16:01
Credit Card Scam on RP site 17:12:55
Ron Paul on Morning Joe 17:10:47
Ron Paul on FOX NEWS now 17:09:29
Nice "I hope Ron Paul wins nomination" blurb in the BBC World News 17:05:00
DailyKos and Ron Paul 16:59:43
Romney Oversaturating Iowa Airwaves; A Little Ron Paul Goes a Long Way 16:58:01
Quality videos 16:55:46
Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto (fox) Today at 4pm . and 430pm on CNN Situation Room 16:47:16
Meetup 178 needs some help 16:43:06
It is easy to become a delegate. Read this report from Montana. 16:42:59
Huckabee apologizes for Bhutto Assassination? 16:41:01
Saying from the year 2000 16:39:34
Russian Dolls and the other piece of the control puzzle... 16:32:23
Pat Buchanan Schools Hannity on Ron Paul Foreign Policy 16:07:37
Idaho State Police Gradutes: Go out and Cause PTSD 15:44:41
New Ron Paul Music Video - Big Time Ron Paul 15:43:38
Ron Paul Supporters, What Would You Do? 15:42:34
Is RP afraid of the Bushes? 15:32:17
Sorry is this has already been posted but it's worth a run on here 15:28:40
Dr. Paul's new Endorsement 15:21:02
What shows will RP be on today? 15:20:58
Request for Information on Overseas Spending 15:17:47
Coordinated Media Effort 15:16:42
Please post link to NY times advertisement that was just published by individual a couple days ago 15:14:22
+12 hour and counting on Huck's Money Bomb 15:09:31
How to argue about the war... 15:05:34
Time Warner Corporate Public Policy objectives 15:04:04
New to the site 14:57:42
Will Ron Still Be On The Situation Room? 14:51:40
WOW! New insight Re: MSNBC/Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinksi 14:51:26
The High Road... 14:50:12
Benazir Bhutto, the crook, will be immortalized by MSM 14:47:20
Florida Times Union announcing blimp Rally - need some comment support 14:33:37
Joseph Farrah smearing RP regarding earmarks 14:17:01
Joseph Farrah smearing RP regarding earmarks 14:16:40
Truth about MSM manipulation - that I think is important. 14:13:35
A little humor... 14:13:26
Rudy says we need MORE INTERVENTION in Pakistan 14:02:14
Story Driven: Use it for OUR ADVANTAGE 13:57:29
watch 'morning joe' here: 13:51:19
No Justice for 9/11 but Justice for the Pakistanis? 13:49:47
Taking The High Road... 13:49:22
We're in Phase 3!!! ...then they fight you... 13:48:09
MTP - History Lesson 13:40:02
Advice to the GOP from Yogi Berra 13:29:14
Agents of Disinformation, The Smearing of Dr. Ron Paul 13:28:28
Interesting international poll 13:28:05
TIMES SQUARE for New Years Eve!!!!!!! (and maybe even go to NH afterwards) 13:19:24
Link to "No Treason" This is one of the online books recommended by Ron Paul from his interview on MSNBC 13:15:16
SLOGAN IDEA 13:13:28
Great article from Indianapolis Star! 13:12:32
Do you guys know Dan Carlin? 13:08:08
NEWS MAFIA / CNN Donates 14 Min Infomercial to Poor Candidate (Huckabee) Hunting to Give Him a Bump in The Polls 13:05:25
Listening to Cspan, having an ephiphany 12:48:54
Flip Flopping Creates "Blowback" for 12:36:48
AOL Poll 12:33:28
"Real Conservatives don't start Wars, they END them." 12:30:13
I need an ad to print 12:25:34
<---Check out the Ron Paul's Payday Banner up on DailyPaul now. 12:24:36
Ron Paul's Camaign Trailer Stolen 12:20:21
Townhall article: Reagan would vote for RP 12:01:24
The WorldNetDaily Ron Paul Smear Machine 12:01:20
Isn't it wonderful that they have to go back 142 years 12:00:02
Ron Paul surging 150% in Iowa - now in statistical dead heat with McCain 11:52:47
Will President Ron Paul be able to work with congress? Yes 11:49:23
Bhutto is not bad news, it only justifies getting out of Iraq 11:43:25
MSNBC 11:37:58
Call Iowa Precincts - Not Needed? 11:37:00
The People of Iowa 11:30:35
Slander and Libel 11:18:24
How this campaign inspires... 11:02:50
Aimee Allen needs our help 11:02:41
Huckelberry's 15K Money Bomb Besting Ron Paul Today; GIVE TO RON PAUL 2008 10:58:24
Read this and tell me what you think 10:57:20
The Street predicts Iowa Trifectas 10:44:36
The Man is pulling out all the stops 10:44:35
Great debate about Ron Paul from england 10:35:43
Ron Paul is recognized in England 10:35:30
Iowa Poll: Ron Paul in Dead Heat With Giuliani 10:34:36
Huckaboom money bomb at $7500... Goal $1 million 10:22:28
Why doesnt MSM ever report these things 10:20:21
Anti RP article at Counterpunch 10:14:46
Iowa and New Hampshire Residents and Volunteers 10:11:57
AOL Poll - Ron Paul on Civil War SMEAR 09:56:24
Benazir Bhutto killed 09:50:07
Joseph Farah of worldnetdaily slanders Ron Paul 09:41:39
really liked this music video 09:41:20
Bhutto is Dead 09:27:59
What do you take away from the man who has everything? 09:26:37
Imagine a new future for this country... 09:10:26
The Role of Government Teachers' Indoctrination 09:05:23
Dr. Paul's America Freedom Agenda Act 09:05:07
Ann Coulter on Huckabee 08:58:49
Ron jumps 14 points in S.C after meet the press 08:57:17
Zappa: "I'm a conservative and you may not like that, but I am" 08:56:39
Ron Paul IOWA TV Special 08:31:07
On the Lighter Side - Dr Paul meets the Dramatic Chipmonk 08:02:47
FCC Chairman Copp speaks out against media consolidation 07:44:25
Ronald Reagan would have picked Ron Paul 07:18:21
Ron Paul coming up on Morning Joe soon 7:30AM EST NOW!!! 07:11:54
The Federal Reserve needs to support Ron Paul 06:59:14
Huckabust! - Again; Mike Huckabee...the .06 Million Dollar Man 06:51:48
"Ron Paul not invited to Bohemian Grove Christmas party" (satire) 05:59:33
Video: Freedom Under Siege/Together We're Invincible 05:22:46
Matt Towery's Webcast (Ron Paul Video) 05:04:04
Great success with this! 04:17:33
Become a delegate to vote for RP 04:06:23
The dedication of Opt. live free or die 04:06:04
Ceasefire Day 03:59:16
Listen to this preacher and see in depth how Ron Paul is right 03:58:00
Fantastic Article predicting Ron Paul will be last man standing! 03:49:49
Lawrence Lepard for Congress 03:34:33
Cool AOL Poll 03:25:07
Visualize Ron Paul! 03:16:35
50 Most Loathsome People in America 2007 03:14:53
response to friend about Lincoln remark... 03:14:24
the TRUTH about INFLATION digg and share this story!!!!, very important guys... read and share!!! 03:14:17
"President" 03:07:43
Huckabee #6 in 10 Most Corrupt 03:07:36
I have never been so anxious in my 03:05:03
HELP! Best RP moments!!! 02:54:18
Romney utilized offshore tax havens to help investors 02:54:16
VEGAS MARCH !!!!! 02:49:57
Oklahoma bogus poll excludes Ron Paul 02:37:34
Do you know any of these people? 02:28:34
Time magazine year in review snubs Ron Paul 02:28:12
Who will dr.dobson endorse? 02:26:59
Ron Paul discussed on MSNBC (more lies) 02:21:19
Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms? 02:20:03
Oddsmakers now place Ron Paul in second, only behind Giuliani 01:53:07
Huckster Forgot To Sign Illegal Alien Bill 01:52:26
Paul leads GOP pack for delegate applicants 01:47:12
Iowa caucus rules 01:45:06
Letter to a friend on Ron Paul and racism 01:38:33
Danish forecasters predict economic depression followed by RP presidency 01:29:40
JB-Williams attacks Ron Paul and "Jim Jones" like followers 01:23:33
Make every president sign the Declaration of Independence 01:23:03
Huckabee's "Big" MoneyBomb is off and running... 01:10:47
campaign now being hailed as "REVOLUTION OF THE INTELLIGENT" 01:03:52
Army Captain is writing 5000 letters home to random people telling them what went wrong, is wrong, and what to do now about Iraq 01:00:52
GREAT JOB - New Hampshire 00:59:48
Try This For Fun! 00:53:11
You need this Video!! Smile!!!! 00:46:17
Sara Palin VP 00:44:14
Ron Paul appears on Rhode Island Ballot, Edwards, Thompson, Hunter Off 00:41:31
Ron Paul has finally arrived! 00:40:50
Huckabee's Money Bomb Is Off And Running 00:38:22
Winning the Reagan Democrat vote in Michigan 00:38:05
Good site showing how bad National Health Care is. . . 00:35:41
Reagan would vote for Ron Paul in the Iowa Caucus. (VIDEO) 00:27:32
Ordering stuff from campaign site, is there a special code? 00:24:11
Ron Paul will never get ELECTED if... 00:17:36
Ron Paul is on the Rhode Island Ballot.. 00:11:41
Ron Paul voice mail 00:09:04
Glenn beck and CNN called out 00:08:55
Paul surging in Iowa - Brings volunteer Army to Campaign 00:05:19
Wait. Do we have the Delegates to elect Ron Paul?? 00:00:59