Posted on December 3, 2007

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Christian Science Monitor Article on Ron Paul 22:55:57
Ron Paul Endorsed by Barry Goldwater Jr 20:26:31
Dr. Paul excluded from the Des Moines Register analysis... 18:03:27
A Soldier's Personal Revolution 16:37:08
Message From Ron Paul - 12/3/2007 15:34:02
The Weekly Standard on the Abundance of Ron Paul Songs 14:51:16
Common Sense 2007 14:27:14
Giuliani Nearly Drowned Out by Rival's Supporters (Guess Who's!) 11:29:45
Coast-to-Coast AM 09:54:13
Ron Paul is a Baby Elephant 07:04:40
Daily Paul Designs on Buttons, T-Shirts & Stickers 00:10:29
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deleted 23:58:02
Ron Paul: Toughest on Terror 23:56:33
Becoming a delagate 23:50:20
GIVE IT ALL FOR RON PAUL, DEC 16TH Tea Party... $10+ Million 23:46:19
Rudy and Mitt blowing huge amounts of cash. 23:40:52
Tea Party 23:40:07
"The Tick" radio ad 23:38:08
AT&T Poll....Dr. Paul needs help! 23:35:33
McCain on MTV! Gets Asked about Ron Paul! 23:34:08
Give Ron Paul a boost on the AT&T Poll 23:33:56
Excellent post on voter motivation in response to Huffington Post article 23:31:57
Kucinich and Paul on the Same Ticket? Read this! 23:24:05
WV: Over 1,000 Republicans Apply To Be Delegates 23:09:21
North American Union on CNBC & CNN 23:08:07
Everyone Needs to Sign This Now. Pledge to Vote for Paul. 22:58:06
Too Much Weight For One Man to Bear (Digg and stumble) 22:44:52
CNN v CNN on North American Union 22:42:25
Article about the reality of the NAFTA highway 22:34:51
So Much for the nuclear bomb and Iran 22:33:02
Get Your Notary License 22:32:13
Video Idea to Remind Republicans of their Traditions 22:26:21 22:18:22
Great Acceptance of the Message in the Black community today. 22:17:42
Hillary's Immigraton plan 22:09:13
RON PAUL (IN NH) ON CSPAN2 *NOW* 9:00 - 10:20 ET 22:02:12
Ron Paul on cspan right now!!! 22:01:51
Straight talk from Ron Paul on China 21:58:38
Ron Paul DVD We need high quality captures 21:55:55
Great News...Rasmussen: Ron Paul UP 2% Nationally to 7% 21:53:24
Ron Paul apalooza 21:50:26
Pat on Bill O'Reily to debate about "The decline of America" Now 21:36:25
Great New Article In the Washington Post (No pun on me) 21:24:18
Carol Paul: The American Dream 21:21:21
$5,000 for a 3 day blimp ride. 21:20:47
Grass fire poll site 21:20:04
Ron Paul-Gold-New Hampshire-Exciting 21:09:29
Jeffrey Toobin 21:03:11
Paul on CPSAN 2 in one hour 21:02:17
Nice speech from Rudy Giuliani 20:51:59
Huckabee's Tax Records 20:50:31
For those who are still confused regarding... 20:50:10
I haven't seen anyone mention this... 20:48:57
Print out the USA Today ad and mail it to people? 20:45:48
Top 3 reasons to listen to rpcallblitz 20:34:36
My shot at how many new donors since Oct. 1 20:31:13
Verklempt 20:28:19
frustrated 20:25:16
Pretty Funny... Good Doc' has his own prop bets... 20:23:56
CNN and the UN 20:16:57
Florida Straw Poll: Slimeball threatens RP Supporter 20:11:37
Let’s look at the issues. 20:04:52
NRA Wants A "Viable" Candidate 19:56:28
MSNBC article. More people read this, more support for our man! 19:54:04
The Power of the MSM 19:46:38
Digg this story FOR RON PAUL 19:44:41
Excellent Article From LA Times 19:17:44
Very Good Article 19:06:04
Barry Goldwater Jr Endorses Ron Paul - New Video! 19:05:57
Re-registration - Not Emphasized Enough? 19:01:17
Need an Average of $121,000 per day....... 18:59:42
Rallying Cry at 18:59:39
Barry Goldwater Jr. Endorsement Video 18:53:12
START BURNING THIS DVD for Christians... Don't let Huckabee smooth talk Christians! 18:52:28
Weekly Polls 18:51:39
Story on the National debt next on CNN 18:50:37
Lawsuit against computerized voting 18:48:10 18:44:54
Paul Predicts 14mil 18:40:19
Ghouliani gets shut down in Marietta, GA - watch 18:38:41
I need a video 18:36:01
75 Gs so far today! 18:33:12
S1959 - Response from my Senator- Cornyn (R) TX 18:32:38
Another email from ronpaulblimp 18:28:47
MSM reporting doesn't add up to this YouTube video... 18:27:14
It's time to stop online polls 18:24:55
Congress listens to lobbyists instead of the people 18:24:03
need a boost? 18:20:36
Offline donations 18:19:13
John McCain interview, help rank questions 18:13:03
CNN - Situation Room 18:11:15
Cafferty File Comment 18:06:01
Celebrity Endorsment Ideas 18:00:36
US Army Liberate Poor Man's Car 17:58:40
Indianapolis Ron Paul Rally 17:58:07
Pixies' GIGANTIC 17:55:48
Women For Ron Paul Video 17:48:07
CNN Story on RP soon Its not 4:40 pm est they just anounced it. 17:40:16
Ron Paul about to be discussed on CNN 17:40:07
Canadian Provincial Government admits corridor plans 17:36:09
Iran appears "less determined" to develop nuclear weapons than previously thought, US intelligence officials say. 17:26:15
NEWSPAPER ADS by DR. STEVE-new string 17:20:13
Oberman on Rudy terror ties 17:11:11
December Debate Schedule 17:07:49
TV tonight 17:04:26
take some time... 17:04:22
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 16:50:41
I feel a renewed positive vibe today 16:45:59
Poll between Ron and Rudy. We MUST win this! 16:41:31
Iran not seeking nuclear weapons 16:26:09
Ron Paul Revolution & that Buffalo Springfield Song 16:10:52
Christian Science Monitor article - campaign building momentum 16:04:00
Writing campaign to Danny Glover??? 16:03:31
politico calls latest money bomb a dud 16:00:58
. 15:59:09
Adroit online, Ron Paul backers hit the streets of N.H. 15:57:06
Salt Lake City Mayors Speech 15:47:21
WV: Over 1,000 Republicans Apply To Be Delegates 15:39:45
The Story of the US Dollar ***VIDEO*** 15:37:47
Another great idea...getting the word out! 15:30:28
Buchanan interview 15:28:09
E-mail from Ron 15:27:52
Huckabee is easiest Republican to Beat. 15:25:30
Iowa Republicans! Right Now 15:25:22
CNN vs CNN - Flip Flopping on NAFTA / NAU 15:21:49
Need a Ron Paul Hat 15:15:43
Sell Donuts for the campaign? 15:07:58
Great grassroots video clip 15:07:50
What about Wyoming caucus? 15:07:05
Please pass this around: NOTICE printout is complete 14:58:01
The Blimp will Fly! The boys cut their salary in half to save the blimp! 14:56:05
Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms? 14:51:20
Carol Paul automated calls. 14:44:30
Giuliani speech drown out by Ron Paul chants! 14:35:46
Pat Buchanan is a messenger! (and on FOX News no less) 14:33:34
REVOLUTION Ring-Tone? 14:32:32
Who Do You Think Will Be 14:30:39
Don't let the losers fool you! 14:19:09
My favorite 30 sec ad from CNN/YouTube contest! 14:18:25
If the Republican Party Feels 14:07:00
New York Times - New U.S. report says Iran not pursuing bomb after all - Ron was right 14:06:55
Open letter to grassroots 14:01:39
Wall Street Chatter Lists Ron Paul as #1 Most Discussed GOP Candidate 13:55:47
Ron Paul up to 7% in National Poll 13:52:27
Great speech at VA Straw Poll 13:33:16
Newspaper ad campaign in phase 1 in IA and NH 13:21:02
Learn from other Victorious Freedom Revolutions 13:13:40
RP on Mike Church frontpage 13:01:10
Ron & Carol Paul Story 12:58:32
MSNBC data shows Ron Paul is far more popular than you thought. 12:55:05
Jim Rogers on closing the Federal Reserve 12:49:05
Ron Paul Blimp Flight Plan Released! 12:42:52
huckabee up big in national polls... 12:41:25
UPDATE:West Virginia Republican Presidential Convention 12:33:32
Richmond Times Dispatch Prints Correction 12:31:10
*HELP NEEDED TONIGHT IN FLORIDA!* Contact Links Posted 12:19:29
Idea for spreading the message about Ron Paul exponentially 12:06:35
RP - Time Magazine 11:54:12
Edwards will get the Democratic Nomination 11:51:23
Huckabee, Fair Tax. 11:46:04
32,000 registered donors by Dec 16th? 11:45:07
Anti-War song that needs to link with Ron Paul 11:38:36
Listen to Mrs. Paul --- please, please, please 11:34:31
Interesting Picture 11:25:36
RP losing AOL poll by 60k votes? 11:22:02
I just received a phone call from the campaign 11:21:26
GIVE IT ALL FOR RON PAUL, DEC 16TH Tea Party... $10+ Million 11:16:25
George Bush's Foreign Policy 11:10:54
Good News: We may win Iowa, the Country! 11:01:41
New AOL poll- Paul losing 10:57:55
TODAY IS THE DAY for your support in Iowa and New Hampshire 10:50:02
The campaign IS spenidng money 10:36:04
One Step Closer to a Fascist Country... scary stuff 10:21:54
BLIMP: more BANG for your fiat BUCK 09:50:05
The Environment 09:46:50
CNN Poll about the 'surge' 09:42:36
St Pete Times: Straw Poll has some in snit 09:12:30
Bill Moyers in 1990 during George Bush I term. A MUST SEE NOW!! 09:09:02
blimp @ $45,000.00 --lets get this paid for!!! 08:22:34
blimp donations need banner , is that not possible? 08:19:42
IRS Suffers Staggering Defeat 07:35:24
Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism 07:01:21
"Coin Art" parody NAU quarters;raises awareness 06:32:39
Nice Write-up in Salon 06:10:23
"Ron Paul - For the long haul, because all the other politicians made the wrong call" 05:31:52
WRITE IA & NH LETTERS! Visit our Website!! 04:36:54
PBS article on suppresion of 2008 elections 04:35:27
Sick and tired of the Blimp? 04:22:47
Best & Most Encouraging Ron Paul Soundbytes... 04:15:03
An email I sent to Trevor 03:54:55
Straight from the battlegrounds of NH...this just in.... 03:52:07
12/3/07: THE RON PAUL MOVIE - Just Released - Watch Out, Brings Tears 03:32:34
I Liked This New Article From NY Magazine 03:28:56
MOVEMENT to make TeaParty bigger than imagined!!! DIGG (800+ already!!) 03:04:46
Bought some more gold last friday 02:59:30
MSM Must see! Should be broadcast on every Americans TV 02:58:32
Worldwide Constitutional Convention? 02:38:34
spp security initiatives 02:27:29
Least Expensive Way To Reach The Masses For Ron Paul 02:21:46
Negative Press in AZ - get those emails ready!!! 02:13:13
Have (media induced) false memories about a story re: AOL poll fixing? 02:11:28
Oh that Hannity! 02:06:18 website development needed... 01:55:30
CSPAN - Road to the White House... 01:45:59
Make the Media React To Us. 01:39:49
Nice article by salon...... 01:24:46
HotForWords 01:24:39
Official Letter To The Forums From Elijah 01:11:05
AOL Poll - Ron Paul down to 9% 00:59:19
Stop your b!#%*ing 00:51:26
"Christmas in Fallujah" Anti-War Music Video - by Cass Dillon 00:49:48
where are all the BLIMP BANNERS FOR DONATIONS???!!! 00:45:06
blimp donation banners needed ?????!!!!!! 00:42:11
can we get blimp banners bac on websites for donations???? 00:39:09
Deal with the devil? 00:37:40
AOL POLL - Urgent!!!! 00:36:03
Just Got Trevor's E-mail 00:33:17
G4TV Front Page! 00:26:43
Great news from Atlanta 00:17:54
Baby Elephant 00:17:05
If you live in COLORADO, RHODE ISLAND or WYOMING check here! 00:11:02
new banner for blimp donations 00:09:05
AP article: Paul Expects Over $12M in 4th Quarter 00:03:23
Ron Paul's European Supporters in Solidarity! 00:03:16