Posted on December 4, 2007

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Late Night Listening: Alex Jones Interviews Naomi Wolf - The End of America 15:41:40
NY Times A1: U.S. Finds Iran Halted Its Nuclear Arms Effort in 2003 21:08:32
Iran is hot, its all over the news its huge - Ron Paul needs to have a Press Conference 20:15:18
Strike While the Iron is Hot: Ron Paul on Iran 20:09:16
Neck-Snapping Spin From the President 19:40:42
Wall Street Journal: How Ron Paul Could Change the Race 15:40:39
BusinessWeek: Ron Paul on the Evil Fed, the IRS, and Saving the Buck 11:37:06
Ron Paul speaks to volunteers at Murphy's Taproom 12/1 11:15:11
Buzz of Nation-wide Canvassing on Tea Party Day 05:56:17
Katie Couric Featured Republican Candidates Tuesday - But NOT Ron Paul! 15:41:39
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The U.S. Mainstream Media Is Not Supporting The Troops!!! TAKE ACTION!!! 23:52:17
Flashback: McCain Sings Bomb, Bomb,Bomb, Iran 23:51:21
Where can I buy a Ron Paul Stand-Up? 23:51:10
Pauls Backers hit the streets of N.H. on YAHOO news 23:48:01
About the View on ABCNEWS 23:38:05
Who do you all predict as the top 3 in various primaries? 23:32:47
Ron Paul Christmas Vacation In Iowa 23:30:58
The other candidates Giuliani, Romney, Huckabee now are the kooks. 23:18:51
RP Article, Front page on Yahoo! 23:14:15
Lou Dobbs: The 2 political parties are a sham! 23:11:59
Campaign Recession 23:11:53
Academics for Ron Paul 23:11:23
Yahoo's Front Page Reports That the Troops Have Landed. 22:53:16
I am Always impressed. 22:50:26
NUMBER ONE BEST Tea Party video for Dec 16th on the internet... 22:48:41
Ron Paul Supporters hits the Top News Spot on Yahoo 22:47:39
IRS's days are numbered 22:43:50
3rd BEST Tea Party Video in the Whole Wide World...(if on acid) 22:37:30
Cast Your Presidential Vote at IndependentPrimary.Com 22:37:27
Elect A President that is Right the First Time 22:36:36
-- Please help with effort for President Ron Paul -- 22:34:06
Nystrom should push an Iran Conference 22:27:14
Potential Celebrities for Ron Paul 22:26:14
Will voters recognize how correct Ron Paul is on Iran now? 22:24:45
Richard Russell - ".. a vote for Ron Paul is simply a correct vote." 22:23:56
2nd Best Tea Party Video in the Whole Wide World. 22:23:00
Don't let the BLIMP distract from the TeaParty... They are watching!! 22:16:53
i have some questions 22:16:44
Ron Paul is down in this online poll 22:16:10
Frontpage 22:13:42
Ron Paul disscused on CNN 21:49:13
Questions for other Candidates? 21:41:52
Celebrity Endorsements 21:24:00
Slashdot likes Ron Paul 21:07:12
(Video) Ron Paul Discusses his Opposition to a Military Draft 21:07:04
A warning sign? You're F'n Kidding me, right? 21:00:41
the real look of a socialist country 20:54:27
Huckabee's flip? 20:54:11
Need Trevor Lyman's contact info. 20:49:05
Great article in Paul's own words describing policy.. perhaps the best explained piece yet! 20:49:04
Amazing Insight by Dr. Ron Paul on SLAS - A MUST READ 20:44:25
'Twas the Night Before Ron Paul 20:43:11
Has RP got more donations than Hillary this year? 20:36:01
To The Patriots Who Want A Blimp - READ PLEASE 20:33:46
CANAMEX Trade Corridor 20:31:55
Senate Bill 1959: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act 20:31:42
****Volunteer Videographers needed to go film the blimp in its hangar!!!*** 20:27:50
Poll Victim 20:26:49
CBS Excludes Ron Paul from Evening News series 20:14:55
Defuse The Term "MoneyBomb"? 20:14:36
Protect Dr Paul From Vote Fraud, MUST SEE!!! 20:09:18
NAFTA super Highway Proof 19:59:17
Ron Paul on G4 TV 19:59:03
Ron Paul on ABC The View 12-04-07 19:57:00
NAFTA Superhighway Shown on Canadian Government Website 19:55:46
Just saw a Hackabee hit piece on NBC 19:47:28
URGENT: The Blimp needs your Donation NOW 19:47:03
Good reason to welcome other candidate supporters here 19:42:45
Romney's Cheating in FL Straw Poll prompts criminal complaint 19:33:07
Barry Goldwater Jr. makes a video endorsement for Dr. Ron Paul!! 19:24:47
ONLY RON PAUL 19:14:10
check it: 19:01:22
Make Ron Paul your Friend on Digg! 18:52:57
Ron Paul Strongest Contender 18:52:51
In addition to RP, vote for LIBERTARIAN candidates in '08 18:47:40
Here's my bet: 18:42:16
What I as one person am doing to help attract more Ron Paul people 18:40:39
CNN and Pat Buchanan giving Paul some loving. 18:36:04
Pat Buchanan 18:35:50
Great Article on Ron Paul from Jackson Hole, Wyoming 18:34:42 Election Contest - Winner Gets Cash for Votes! 18:33:56
Huckabee is a Clintonesque Big Government Liberal that happens to be pro gun and pro life 18:33:39
Talking about Paul on CNN NOW! 18:33:17
Polls. 18:31:33
Coming Up - CNN will talk about Ron Paul on The View 18:28:48
RON PAUL CNN 1 MIN 18:27:56
The Ron Paul Revolution Will Not Be Televised 18:26:32
Neil Boortz Compares Ron Paul To Charles Manson 18:25:56
A little goes a long way 18:25:20
Presidential poll for Mormons 18:23:23
Richmond Times Dispatch Corrects Ron Paul Story 18:15:27
Call For Paul 18:12:59
North American Union, Amero, Super Corridor 18:12:18
Hello Ron Paul Fanatics 18:08:49
Need Ron Paul Signs: Survey Sais? 18:06:33
Patrick Buchanan says Third Party Candidate *CNN NOW* 18:04:16
Media 18:01:23
Iran 17:59:15
I'm Changing things this Christmas. 17:48:52
Ron Paul = Unity 17:47:50
Incredible Article at Huffpo. Event planned. 17:39:56
We The People will make Ron Paul win !!! 17:36:19
Huckabee scariest candidate 17:34:31
Sweet TV Rumor 17:32:25
Video: Is someone working on this? 17:22:11
Huckabee Donations 16:59:02
NRA-PVF 2008 Presidential Poll 16:53:02
Does anyone else object to the wording of this article? 16:52:14
Ron Paul White House Run: Is This Only the Beginning? Great read! 16:49:30
Why do they keep asking the third party question? 16:31:42
Ron Paul: Toughest on Terror 16:30:39
Grassfire Poll 16:28:42
Ron Paul Toughest on Terror (DIGG + STUMBLE) 16:20:01
Guerilla Marketing for Ron 16:14:29
My Letter to McCain 16:13:56
ABC News ~ Ladies' Man: Ron Paul's 'View' 16:12:27
RP at 9% in NH, 20% among Independents!! 16:11:55
Damn The Torpedos ! 16:09:40
Should we support this? 16:09:35
Raising numbers in NH and Iowa! Please READ 16:07:02
Million Paulian March 15:45:44
New Intel shows Iran not making nukes - Ron Paul right again 15:43:23
Tea Party at 25% 15:41:05
REGISTER!! 15:40:23
The View interview YouTube Link 15:39:56
Israel sends us their problem as immigrants... 15:37:52
Sing a Song of Ron Paul: Weekly Standard 15:33:21
Please join me in contacting the Letterman show to invite RP... 15:29:32
Blimp project moving along 15:29:03
Active Military & Veterans For Ron Paul 15:24:56
Pledges vs. Donations; November 5th vs. December 16th 15:24:32
The View is Right, This Country needs a good Gynecologist for President 15:24:14 online poll 15:24:10
People have to be told! 15:15:49
1.4 Million left... 15:04:29
Sit Room today 15:03:12
Ron Pauls future VP on c-span at 2:00 Eastern... 14:51:33
What will the world/USA be like in 2012 after 4 years of Pres Paul? 14:50:14
Local Tea Parties 14:32:15
Our Venezuelan Counterparts: The People Win! (a feel good story) 14:27:41
Vote Fraud... How do we stop it? 14:26:48
Dollar Drops to New Lows 14:13:16
December 16th Tea Party - Give it all for Dr. Ronald Earnest Paul 14:05:03
What the real troops think of McCain speaking for them 14:02:39
Rasmussen: Huckabee tied for 1st place nationally? 14:00:41
Myrtle Beach has"EBS" test run on Cable during Ron Paul segment on "The View"! 13:58:06
WV Delegates - What is happening? 13:57:39
Huckster Iowa Leader? Unofficial campaign strike back 13:57:11
I'm starting to understand 13:55:57
Ron Paul Blimp Tour--Answers your questions. 13:49:53
What is the Council of Foreign Relations? 13:38:36
Bush, prostitute for War 13:34:49
Plan to create a little healthy competition for the MSM (about time!) 13:32:31 Canvassing in Action! 13:32:00
Associated Press says Ron Paul is polling AT.... 13:30:55
Hard Money - Beating the max out limit 13:29:10
The View - Youtube? 13:27:54
OT: I saw this and I just laughed 13:27:23
Video: "Real men rig straw polls" Starring Mr. Mittens 13:23:18
The "worst performance yet" syndrome 13:22:36
PLEASE! Don't attack 'The View' 13:20:27
Article about Our strategy to get delegates 13:20:13
A micrcosm of the Nation 13:19:47
Biden had more time 13:05:08
You're not going to win... 13:02:38
You know you're not going to win right? 13:02:08
You know you're not going to win right? 13:01:00
Ron Paul Supporters in Real Life 12:47:38
Did November 5th change the course of the Revolution? 12:40:25
'Independents' Can Vote for Democrats but Not Republicans in California Primary 12:34:00
Waiting for RP on The View 12:22:59
We won't take it anymore 11:56:10
Address by Mayor Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson from Utah 11:54:05
Senator Lugar: Indiana-- Giving up our sovereignty. Sea Treaty. All need to be exposed! 11:51:23
How Can We Stop Senate Bill 1959? 11:47:47
Whatever Happened to N. Korea? 11:47:02
Barry Goldwater Jr Youtube Video Endorsment of Ron Paul 11:46:57
Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor Endorses Ron Paul 11:46:07
RON PAUL 9% IN NH from AP 11:30:29
Get off your $%#! 11:29:54
The Doc's Hotel Bills and Airfare 11:22:54
Letter From a Soldier 11:21:20
Bush still considers Iran a threat to peace. 11:19:36
Petition to get Paul on MTV 11:13:29
Ron Paul supporters, who are you guys? 10:51:23
Who is Michael Savage Endorsing? 10:45:49
Grassfire Straw Poll VOTE NOW 10:43:09
Save a Soldiers Life or Limb this Dec 16th no matter religeous belief.. 10:36:48
Huckabee supporter's assessment of religion and government 10:25:25
Pledge your vote for Ron Paul 09:58:52
Ron Paul next on the View! 09:58:20
Univision Republican debate 9 December at 7pm EST - en Espanol 09:46:45
pat b talking about rp 09:17:58
For Student RP Supporters 08:57:57
Good Washington Post Article 08:17:44
Ron Paul on The View TODAY! 11AM Tuesday 08:10:34
Ron Paul -- The Modern Cincinnatus 07:48:55
Choose a VP NOW 07:38:48
Buzz of Nation-wide Canvassing on Tea Party Day 07:36:45
RedState wants do-over debate, with same YouTube format. Ron Paul invited. 07:14:34
Iran & foreign policy 07:10:59
Motivational Video for Ron Paul Supporters 07:07:53
another slap in the face to war monger McCain and the Neocons 05:35:08
I almost just peed in my pants 05:09:43
Consumer Power 05:00:16
You Need to Have More Faith* 04:38:44
NEW VIDEO: "Site is Ready!" (Apocalypse Now Music) 03:55:50
Businessweek: Ron Paul 03:37:49
After 2008, whether Ron Paul wins or loses we must force change!!! 03:33:35
Huck and the amazing technicolor lie 03:32:32
Surgical Strikes 03:29:54
Defenders of the Republic!! <<NEW 1 MIN VID with REAGAN and RON PAUL!!> 03:24:12
December 16th Tea Party - Give it all to Dr. Ronald Earnest Paul 03:11:18
New Ron Paul Ad Contest Entries 03:05:28
New Ron Paul Ad Contest Entries 03:05:27
United, we could be amazing! 03:04:56
Sharp UPSWING on pledges for Dec 16th- Candidates are watching.. 03:02:53
Global fire power statistics Does McCain know or Just don't care 02:53:27
Could New York become a red state next year? 02:45:20
Current Statistics for Presidential Candidates Meet Up Groups 02:35:03
How America Lost The War On Drugs 02:31:06
Tax Hike Mike 02:31:04
Get This Out To The MSM - Make RP A Hero 02:27:36
Another poll, RP is behind..... 02:25:01
RP is 480 votes from winning...... 02:08:52
Does complaining really help? 02:08:43
Ron Paul Blimp 02:05:32
Ron Paul views NOT represented on fixing social security! 02:02:49
WWRPD??? He would digg this... 01:51:49
Some Quotes From The "Ideological Conspirators" 01:51:43
Anybody up on the history of the American Revolution? 01:42:44
Dr. Paul on Front page of WSJ right now 01:39:08
Nightline( 1230am EST) Nov 4, 08. 01:38:44
You Pledged for the Blimp - NOW DONATE 01:34:35
Just got a call from Paul's Wife 01:34:20
Tax Hike Mike/CNN Article on why he raises taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 01:26:10
Huckabee using "Push Polling" in Iowa 01:23:18
MONEY 4 paul 01:22:28
Form into PEACE SIGN below blimp 01:13:19
Ron Paul and friends dancing for your Dec 16th donation. 01:11:23
Change the messages on the blimp 01:08:46
Wisen: A call for Dr. Paul to Resign His House Seat 00:57:55
Fact Checking Giuliani 00:55:21
Ron Paul supporters keep your eyes on the pie 00:54:40
Major Obama Grassroots Site Makes the Switch 00:51:44
National Eduacation Association's congressional report card 00:48:47
Florida straw poll scandal reported in Florida! 00:41:36
Great News Today 00:32:58 00:32:58
Eastern Iowa Newspaper Ad- CHIP IN-Help... 00:32:15
Who is Ron Paul??? 00:29:38
3) Ron Paul has hurt the other candidates 00:27:59
Super Point - DEC 16th and SUPER TEUSDAY... other candidates maxed out 00:25:19
I got an automated phone call today -- have you? 00:17:41
WSJ Article: "Paul Gets Boost from Internet" 00:11:07