Posted on December 8, 2007

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Ron Paul Video Holiday Cards 23:37:16
ABC Decides Not to Air Paul Interview 09:38:22
Ron Paul w/John Stossel on Libertarianistic Views 03:13:11
Ron Paul with Howard Fineman, and getting rid of the IRS 03:00:41
Ron Paul's "It's a Wonderful Message" 00:49:38
Introducing The Ron Paul Sticker Car 00:43:09
Why This Vet Will Pull the Lever for Ron Paul 00:26:13
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Hannity & Colmes report Ron Paul 3rd in IA poll 12/07/2007 23:49:51
Ron Paul videos on 23:34:03
From the Minneapolis Strib 23:28:09
Musharraf says emergency rule to end Dec. 16 23:15:45
"Great video "of Ron Paul Iowa Chairman,Drew Ivers prep talk after CNN. 23:14:50
A comment on Patriotic behavior. 23:12:11
Blimp activities for today? 23:08:26
OBAMA Campaign Disabled My BLOG 23:05:45
We Must Prepare for the Inevitable Attack 22:41:48
sign waving success and challenge 22:39:47
$1 billion equipment missing in Iraq 22:38:50
I Will Follow Him 22:38:28
Biggest Sign Contest! 22:37:37
My Mom is on SSDI & Medicaid and is Worried. 22:20:44
To Build The Largest Election Sign In Our Nation's History 22:18:20
We're getting trashed on C-SPAN 22:09:06
John Birch Society and Ron Paul 22:07:08
Blast from the past: Pat Buchanan 22:01:24
Who is Eric Dondero? 21:55:12
DailyPaul is worth FRN$416,630.52 :-) 21:39:35
Ron Paul Tank Garners $12.5 Sependecillion in pledges! 21:39:05
Bush Treason - The Attack On Our Bill Of Rights - Awesome 21:37:10
Where Are The Deep Pockets? 21:35:16
Great video with appearance by Ron Paul 21:25:57
Welcoming Kucinich and Gravel supporters to the ranks 21:13:46
Transcript of Newsweek's Interview with Dr. Paul 21:12:34
Interesting Tea Party story 21:00:49
7:55 PM ET NOW Ron Paul live 20:56:39
HELP RON PAUL: Check your Senators and Rep's Vote Record 20:54:49
Is it time to boycott Chris Matthews? 20:46:09
Interesting stocking stuffer RP08 items on eBay 20:29:43
Blimp Rallies today - info? 20:16:33
Giuliani is worried 20:09:49
Need help with Daily Paul search function 20:05:30
A new party: The Tea Party 20:04:44
A New Years Eve Idea- A rocking Ron Paul Telethon-- Lets get it started. 19:59:09
Announcing Ron Paul 2008 MeetUp Alliance! 19:48:52
Ron Paul supporters dominate at mock 'caucus' 19:44:19
Canada OPENLY Proclaims NAFTA Superhighway! 19:08:27
Obama and Oprah 19:03:52
What the..... 18:57:34
Guiliani "The Ron Paul people are all over the country" 18:57:28
An open letter to John Stossel 18:53:08
INTEL: ATTACK-ATTACK-ATTACK: Know who you are fighting (RARE Book) 18:48:47
Just so I have it right.. 18:47:20
What have you done for the TeaParty? 18:41:31
Updated blimp rally schedule 18:34:30
2 Questions 18:31:09
Iowa Independent: Paul 3rd in Iowa 18:30:03
Christian Right Just Doesn't Get It 18:26:36
NYC Tea Party 07 Party 18:20:53
College Blogger Contest 18:09:51
Mr. Conservative 18:09:03
Will the Tea Party raise over 6 mil? 17:57:32
Centralized forum 17:50:25
Secret INTEL from a Guiliani meeting - THEY ARE SCARED! 17:40:49
Site dedicates Dec. 14th for Ron Paul media petition 17:37:58
This Video Pretty Much Sums It Up 17:26:37
kieth Urban concert 17:15:25
Analysis: The YouTube effect - Changing the face of elections 17:12:28
The Huckabee tear-down begins 17:11:36
Rock Hill Rally, South Carolina -- Any info??? 17:04:16
Dec 16th Questions 17:03:11
Digg Elections 16:56:54
Ok, so WHEN Ron Paul is President 16:53:05
New site up, what are your views/ideas about this BlitzTheMedia site. 16:49:17
Don't Be THAT Girl - Ron Paul AD 16:47:28
!!!~~NEW Ron Paul Music Video~~!!! 16:36:40
IA NH Media on CSPAN: Watch out for Paul! 16:25:00
Dec. 14th Blitz for Ron Paul and the TeaParty...JOIN NOW!! 16:22:12
Dr. Paul the scientist 16:21:48
Ron Paul Schools Bernanke AGAIN hahaha 16:12:42
FOX NEWS NOW 16:08:13
Ron Paul supporters on Faux 16:07:27
Sure sounds like Dr. Paul to me 16:03:18
F.R.E.E.port Tea Party Fund Raiser for Ron Paul 16:03:03
A Call to Action! 16:02:33
The Huckabee Implosion Continues 16:00:24
"George W. Bush is a bald faced liar." Keith Olbermann 16:00:16
Ron Paul Gulf Coast Alliance - The next big idea! 15:54:12
Relatively low poll numbers??? 15:52:57
How many Meetup Groups are represented here? 15:46:00
Forcast to Launch the Blimp.......... 15:41:44
Incredible Stats on Meetup Groups 15:39:20
Today, we have a new duty! 15:33:38
Who Has the Most Widespread Support? Fantastic Animated Graph! 15:29:02
Solid Numbers in NH and IA? 15:23:26
Attention: Donate! 15:18:39
NC mock caucus - Another Ron Paul DOMINATiON 15:17:53
From the CEO of MEETUP.COM, Introducing Meetup Alliance 15:17:26
Why Mike Huckabee wont win 15:14:36
Tax protestors may get their day in the supreme court 15:04:44
Meetup Groups Unite 15:01:28
MLK Day Jan 21st A Million Voter March for Freedom 14:56:59
We Need To Be On TV 14:56:46
Ron Paul Bears an Empty Pot for Americans 14:48:19
Police State 14:47:45
Iran Drops the US $ For oil purchases due to its unreliablity 14:47:31
Video of Rudy saying "RON PAUL PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE!" 14:43:41
Could I have been WRONG about Ron Paul? (conversion story) 14:39:52
Speech from the Fountainhead: Moving and Relevant to The Revolution 14:36:28
AP POLL disses Ron Paul 14:32:00
Two opposing ideological philosophies 14:21:51
Romney and Huckabee Search Pages Coming 14:18:08
FREEport, TX Tea Party -- Come On Down to Ron's District Dec. 16th! 14:11:29
Biased media? New site helps Paul supporters fight back. 13:58:21
NAFTA corridor just mentioned on National Geographic channel. It's a whole story 13:51:43
Will "Terrorists" follow us Home? (Teddy Bear tantrum) 13:49:59
The World for Ron Paul 13:46:30
Tucker "There is a Ron paul movement" video 13:38:35
The truth about polls 13:27:02
Ron Paul Supporters on Fox News Coming Up 13:23:31
New Idea - Hands accross America 13:18:42
Air Force 0.01 13:16:46
Who is worth voting for? 13:13:24
National Clean Elections Lawsuit Filed: We need to distribute this 12:54:20
Seen a Sign? 12:48:30
Anyone have video of Kent Snyder on Fox Business Channel yesterday? 12:46:14
Tea Party in Times Square 12:42:16
Conspiracy theories 12:17:15
Teaprty07 over 27,000 i predict over 8 million. 12:07:22
PRESS RELEASE Paul Revere Rides Again! 12:06:30
Are the Ron paul graphs down? 12:05:05
Help edit Post-16th page 12:04:54
John Stossel interviews Ron Paul 11:57:08
Wyoming State Senator Cale Case endorses RP 11:52:09
Just watched Pleasantville on AFN 11:41:35
Ron Paul Needed To End The War… 11:37:40
bye bye huckabee 11:33:47
Ron Paul is only the 1st step in taking our country back 11:29:42
" Huckabee wanted to isolate AIDS patients" 11:24:35
Is CNN eager to cover the Tea Party bomb? 11:21:55
An American Dream-by Carol Paul 11:17:48
It is time to get out and make things happen. See the Blog on Canvassing 11:00:56
Washington Post Puts Ron Paul in Top 5 Republicans 10:49:30
War on Drugs / foreign nationals 10:18:37
Anyone want to address this issue anymore? 10:12:20
Ron Paul TV 10:06:33
"Very Important message if you are becoming a Delegate"!!! 09:51:19
Boston Tea Party 09:04:52
Having Fun Locally 08:33:31
Ron Paul had it right on Iranian Nukes 3 months ago 08:08:43
Winning Over Hearts and Minds UPDATE 06:13:47
instant-runoff voting 06:10:00
Funny Paul Ad Video 05:48:00
RON PAUL PICTURE IN 2009 05:02:20
One tactic to convert a Neo Con when they say "libertarian" like its a bad thing. 04:55:40
Who is Ron Paul? 04:33:29
Assault rifles VS sports cars 04:29:12
This Site Is Always Busy! And other comments. 04:14:13
Paul on Romney's Mormonism 04:12:00
A Proud American supports Ron Paul (Video) 04:07:11
I am not a sheep! 03:43:41
NEED $$$ to fund projects for Ron Paul? 03:39:46
A great point about spreading the word 03:34:38
Fox News just reported on the Ron Paul Blimp on TV 03:32:53
Helen Thomas asks tough questions about the Iraq war to Bushes press secretary. 03:32:30
Must Watch Video! Giuliani, "Ron Paul people are all over the country" 03:32:25
Fox leaves out Ron Paul in Newsweek poll. 03:24:38
Ron Paul Loves HomeSchoolers 03:23:50
Newt Calls For Boycott Of NBC 02:39:26
Huckabee is Far From Reagan's Heir 02:35:30
Talking Point: Personal Ron Paul testimonies... 02:22:41
Around $200k to go to Hit 11 Million 02:20:45
We are going to Lose 02:10:14
Bush Declared King! 02:00:24
Main Stream Media is Ron's most fierce competitor! READ DIGG AND SHARE!!!! 01:44:10
Signs, signs, everywhere signs... 01:41:21
Faux News added Ron Paul to their "Poll Averages" 01:37:28
Don't give up on the neo-cons! 01:36:17
NYC Meetup: National Caucus, Sign Making, etc... 01:28:51
Rush Limbaugh Call-Iowa UAW Mock Election Poll 01:22:59
Ron Paul and the Militia 01:15:11
We could 01:13:45 01:04:44 December straw poll: Let's win this for Ron Paul!! 01:01:15
INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE of media controlling masses with lies... 01:00:09
Ron Paul Unplugged with John Stossel 00:55:55
Latest from Dr. Mercola 00:49:54
A great plug for Ron Paul 00:43:28 00:33:18
How did Mitt Romney's Money Bomb Go Today? 00:32:50
The American Dream -- Carol Paul 00:30:36
Ron Paul is evil because he doesn't want to give foreign aid to Africa 00:30:31
Romney to miss tea party : ( 00:23:59
HR1955 and S1959 email your Senators here 00:23:38
Site not working right / Why the Groundswell for Ron Paul 00:22:40
ABC NEWS: Ron Paul is too popular Online to be put on TV 00:18:58
Larry Flynt on Henry Rollins Show 00:18:24
Tucker on the Blimp 00:15:53
I asked a revolution? 00:15:41
A True Patriot 00:05:58
Is there a website where we can deal with RP state electoral issues like # of delegates that have met the state' electoral laws? 00:02:51