Posted on December 9, 2007

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Straw poll, Plymouth, NH 17:45:00
Homeschooler for Ron Paul 15:43:29
Please Come to Boston For the Tea Party 14:52:12
The Revolution Begins 12:14:20
Beautiful Song from England Dedicated to Ron Paul 01:04:42
Thought You Might Like Some of Our New Family Pics 01:04:44
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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 13:29:18
"Worst" Read at MSNBC questions Ron Paul's military support 23:58:50
This is what a Neocon thinks would happen with non-interventionism 23:56:06
Is Anybody Understanding the Chavez Exchange on Univision? 23:49:44
Is it just me or is Univision forums Down 23:46:26
Good news in State College, Pennsylvania 23:44:16
What are the chances of RP winning New Hampshire and Iowa? 23:44:08
Please critique Iowa letter to Iowans 23:42:02
We Need Mini Blimps and Other Blimp Campaign Material 23:26:38
Univision Debates News. 23:25:30
Please post on Blog---EXCELLENT VIDEO! Ron Paul Song from Turkey Trott Race in Buffalo New York! 22:58:00
Ron Paul & Univision 22:57:26
More Evidence of a Perfect Storm for Ron Paul 22:55:07
Daily Kos Shark-Feeding Frenzy on Ron Paul Supporter 22:53:56
Run to Restore the Republic? 22:51:32
12/09/07: Official MeetUp Alliance Site Up! To Win the Election Join this Site 22:50:53
The Paul Effect on California 22:48:38
Thank you McClatchy Newspapers 22:44:17
How to Stump for Ron Paul - Youtube Vids 22:33:37
Need Technical help please!!! 22:27:31
Vote for Paul in this poll 22:24:34
20 Republicans Running for President? 22:16:08
Dollar Sees It's days numbered... Ron Paul Last Chance (GOAL=DIGG FRONT PAGE) 22:12:43
It's so nice to support a candidate 22:10:34
One blimp already in the air for Ron Paul 22:05:12
Romney Swipes Paul's NAU Position 21:53:43
Univision Spanish Forum 21:51:12
" Live free or die:Volunteers come from a far for GOP's Ron Paul" 21:48:07
Ron Paul Bumper Sticker Bomb! Christmas Present To America 21:27:28
Tips for Meetups - Improve Participation 21:24:54
Ron Paul - Univision 21:19:13
Iranian students protest - say live free or die 21:15:27
Interesting - Debate Poll is it in spanish - where do we vote? 21:02:31
Bend, Oregon Meet-Up Group Christmas parade 20:56:05
Glenn Beck in SLC. Meetup 365 in action! 20:54:04
Calling all College Students! 20:52:15
Dixie Chics and Toby Kieth 20:51:56
Ron Paul Healthcare Freedom 20:51:22
One of my favorite videos on language special treatment 20:48:13 Debate ENGLISH Translation 20:47:11
Tancredo Accuses RP et al of Pandering for being in Univision Debate 20:44:37
Get yourself a Ron Paul "Battle Buddy", "Wingman", "Partner" 20:36:15
Dr. Mercola really likes Ron Paul! 20:21:14
Sunday, Dec. 16th Las Vegas Ron Paul Freedom Rally/IRS Tea Party 20:04:59
Ron Paul Blimp Wire Transfer 25,000 20:03:19
Maybe it's time to Draw a Line in the Sand. 20:00:58
help with ron paul ads 19:51:31
fantastic satire on Paul and the Paul Hating media 19:43:20
American Chronicle: Ron Paul vs. Insanity 19:41:19
TIME Magazine's sloppy journalism 19:37:59
Gun Nuts 19:30:47
Ron Paul Supporter gets arrested for JAYWALKING! 19:28:41
Chicago Tribune gets it wrong on Dr. Paul 19:17:18
16/1 for Dr Ron to win New Hampshire 19:09:15
Ron Paul : HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER) 19:07:38
Glom the talking heads?... 18:54:12
Feedback from USA Today 18:47:02
Paul Supporters Protest Giuliani 18:45:37
Ideas for me, a Canadian, to help the revolution? 18:43:51
Has Ron Paul missed this many votes in congress? 18:28:31
Ron Paul vs Insanity 18:28:06
great song from early '90's (Gulf War I) 18:24:24
Good Article on RP, and his Straw Poll Wins and being Ignored by the MSM 18:17:04
Watch the Univision Debate Online 18:15:40
Huckabee - Rockefeller Connection 18:13:01
Open letter to Trevor & Blimp Company 17:53:54
Columbus OH TeaParty Rally 17:49:01
Facebook blocks the search for "ron paul" allows "barack obama" 17:27:55
Bill O'Reilly attacks 9/11 victim's son 17:11:05
Iran students break campus gate in protest: reports [GREAT PHOTO] 17:10:39
Dr. Paul moves into 3rd place in Iowa! 17:07:03
Besides the internet, what kind of campaigning did you do for Ron Paul this weekend? 16:51:51
Phil Donahue schools Bill O'Reilly! 16:51:07
Get Ron Paul on Meet The Press!! 16:47:27
Country Music 16:46:36
How Many People Will Show Up For The Tea Party Rally? 16:35:41
Mother of all blimp donations 16:31:41
site helps paul supporters petition media for more coverage 16:25:34
Iowa/NH Watch the Vote 2008 Conference Call Tonight at 9 PM EST 16:16:21
Is a Trimmed Lawn Sign better than a Bumper Sticker? 15:58:14
Freedom Flame across America? - from West, East, North & South to Iowa 15:49:47
30 second Superbowl t.v. ad 15:48:22
"What's the deal with Ron Paul"? 15:30:44
Why Ron Paul will score big at the Univision Debate 15:28:21
MSNBC - Defamation and Negligent Misrepresentation Lawsuit 15:19:52
Positive RP article in AZ Republic Newspaper *LINK* 15:16:27
Jeremiah Black TV ads donation drive now underway 15:09:28
Ron Paul 'RonMobil' on Fox News 15:08:07
The TAPES - Where is Ron Paul?? 15:04:45
Unofficial World Poll 15:03:57
Paulistas in Oslo, Norway - way cool!! 15:03:02
Biblical Stewardship - How Ron Paul's Ideas Support Christian Missions 15:00:55
We're at the threshold of a historical moment in our history! 14:58:37
PBS Now on Ron Paul Supporters - Next Week! 14:57:43
Greetings and Analysis. 14:57:38
Sign Bomb 08 - 200,000 Signs 14:55:59
LNC on Dr.Paul--COME ON DOWN! 14:55:02 poll 14:54:29
West Virginia Update (RP IN THE LEAD!) 14:39:45
RP Street Supporters....IN OSLO, NORWAY!!!!! 14:33:44
"paul supporters hope blimp will boost his campaign" 14:30:59
Libertarian Awakening 14:22:57
This is why Dr. Paul wins 14:21:53
Cool Video 14:02:46
FL Univision debate 14:01:40
Be informed. Christmas card email attachement VIRUS 14:01:07
Please Suggest What the MSM Should Call Ron Paul Supporters? 13:49:37
Patriots and Hometowns: off-topic 13:47:49
Do you Know Your Candidates? 12 is a perfect score 13:46:02
Cool and Quick 30 Second Ron Paul Survey 13:34:57
Call to action--help jeremiah black's tv adds 13:25:25
Ron Paul for Peace 13:25:23
ANYONE IN DOUBT ABOUT POLL NUMBERS NEEDS TO READ THIS 13:19:29 you know it exists... 13:05:50
AIR SUPPORT: For Ron Paul in Miami 13:05:41
Meet The Press - Leaving out Paul AGAIN! 12:57:44
Mortgage Bailout Analysis Backs Up Dr. Paul 12:56:52
Republicans AND Democrats were in on it all this time... 12:55:28
Sign Bomb 08 - New Ron Paul Site 12:52:03
What's going on with the Blimp? 12:50:09
UPDATE: Glenn Beck Petition 12:47:47
Biblical Stewardship - How Ron Paul's Ideas Support Christian Missions 12:44:10
Blimp takeoff postponed? 12:29:50
Dedicated To Carol Paul 12:28:06
News week says no super highway as Ron Paul 12:24:49
ITS DO OR DIE DEC 16TH - Max Out Donations if possible! 12:16:13
YouTube Video 12:09:53
Fox News Live - Woman Tells How She is Voting * BS Video * 12:07:01
Election Fraud 12:01:04
Fox Report on "PAULHEADS". Mentions 10-11% in NH 11:53:57
The Libertarian Party gets it! 11:39:20
Tea Party Thought: Split your donation with your spouse/significant other. 11:35:10
90 % 11:16:38
Giuliani imploding on Meet The Press 10:52:03
Happy Birthday John Birch Society 10:44:43
I'm MAD as hell.... 10:41:52
McCain Bolster's Paul's Argument on FNS 10:38:10
RP rallys at local TV stations 10:30:55
Why Isn't the Media Calling Ron Paul the Jeffersonian Conservative Candidate 10:28:24
Ensure an accurate vote count 10:16:33
Bannor for the blimp! 09:38:22
Party Affiliation Change Deadlines! 09:36:45
blimp in boston globe 09:31:59
How about a blimp based SLIM JIM? What's that BLIMP? 09:10:29
Mormons knocking Doors for Ron Paul 09:09:53 08:21:30
Great Entertaining Article 08:11:58
Live Free or Die: Volunteers come from afar for GOP's Ron Paul 07:47:59
Good candidate comparison chart needed 07:47:28
New Ron Paul CafePress Store 07:01:51
Symptoms of an economic depression 06:51:11
The Rallies and Signs Are Working!! Share Your Stories Of Success 06:30:08
The Revolution Begins - [video] 05:32:43
Here is how to find the Debate on Dec 9, 2007 UNIVISION 04:45:55
Very Interesting! 03:58:52
Florida..Absentie voters are the 1st to cast votes..... 03:47:11
laser blimp? 03:18:44
10 Questions-Deadline Extended Till Today- Still No Ron Paul 03:18:28
Buried 60 minute interview/indictment 03:04:08
Are we headed for another great depression? 03:02:42
UPDATE: Over 80% of Ron Paul Supporters Have Never Voted in a Primary 03:00:24
Huckabee 02:58:13
It Has Come to the Point 02:56:48
:-) 02:51:38
Why doesn't Pat come out and openly support Dr. Ron Paul? 02:48:08
Ron Paul Confirmed to Speak at the Liberty Forum 01:47:37
Search your zip code for donations 01:45:56
...... 01:35:53
New Topic 01:33:53
Any one from CA flying going to the Rally in Boston next weekend? 01:32:40
Blow 'Em Out of the F%$#ing Water!!!! 01:29:06
Iran stops selling oil in U.S. dollars 01:13:48
Simple Survey - 1 minute of your time, please 01:08:51
Marvel fans. 00:54:13
Pat Robertson Endorsed Ron Paul 00:44:14
Report on the Bicycle rider in Montgomery, Al 00:40:06
Need to Email about Tea Party 07 00:37:13
Christian Right vote Christian Warmonger 00:32:41
New York Giuliani supporters are sending bus loads of people to NH Dec. 15 00:27:17
Tea Party Donation Coordination, lessons learned from Nov5th 00:25:28
RP CharityFest ...Probably no one has time for this...but what if 00:06:08