Posted on August 13, 2007

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Summer heat and hardwork of Paulitics got you parched? 21:46:31
Ron Paul's Open Source Campaign (By Lew Rockwell) 21:39:36
Ron Paul: Victory in Iowa Straw Poll 18:21:11
Paul ‘pretty pleased’ with straw poll finish 18:18:07
The Ron Paul Revolution Will Be in the Newspaper 18:12:57
The Ron Paul Revolution Will Be Televised 18:10:37
Some advice on writing letters to the editor. 15:10:51
Ron Paul on CNBC Discusses Fed Bailout / Housing Bust 12:47:37
Comedy Central Needs Our Help 12:33:26
GOP YouTube Debate is Back On! 12:10:47
MSM: We Spin, We Decide 11:49:19
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Final question on Ames Straw Poll 23:29:06
Dr. Paul up 2 points in Intrade prediction market after straw poll!! 22:20:38
Heavenly Father 21:15:01
Abolish the Fed documentary 21:14:48
Is it-Is it not ? 20:58:37
What are you doing locally for Dr. Paul and freedom!!! 19:18:45
In His Own Words - Dr. Paul Against the Iraq Resolution 17:07:57
1994: Cheney says Iraq would be "Quagmire" 16:45:26
What a Woman! 16:13:39
Ok we can do this! Corporate Backing!! 14:49:54
America's Tea Party 14:46:41
Web Traffic Explodes to New Heights! 12:37:34
Real Straw Poll Results 11:25:00
Dave Barry on election '08 11:18:16
RP Snowball Challenge #1 11:12:18
Karl Rove Exits ......Interesting Timing? 10:57:31
Iowa Straw Poll - The Next Step 10:54:36
My tough question for Dr. Paul 07:34:30
Karl Rove Resigns!!!!! holy shnikes! 07:22:13
Inspired not hired. 04:09:53
Memo to Rep. Ron Paul 03:04:18
Sound the Alarm, Ring the Bells 00:51:36