Posted on August 9, 2007

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We Shouldn't Forget August 9 23:53:22
Final Copy of Ad to Appear in Saturday Ames Tribune 23:44:27
Iowa Dispatch: Day 1 - Volunteers & the Iowa State Fair Parade Video 22:58:34
New Song from Steve Dore - Ron Paul Revolution 20:25:44
IOWA Dispatch: Day 2 - Official Opening of the Iowa Campaign Headquarters 15:29:10
Positive Ron Paul Energy 14:41:43
Ron Paul Primary Math - How He Can Win 11:19:13
Chicago Tribune: Paul Big on Net, Media Don't Notice 11:03:33
Paul Craig Roberts: In the Hole to China 10:55:53
IOWA Dispatch: Day 1 10:53:53
Des Moines Register on Vote Security 10:49:39
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Fed Question 22:45:07
MSN Reset Votes! (Hardball ad challenge - fixed) 22:33:05
Infect Your Friends with Ron Paul! Join the Email Signature Campaign. 17:17:50
Jan Mickelson Show on Diebold Machines 16:39:56
Ron Paul is starting to crop up everywhere I look! 16:23:28
Ron Paul - finally frontrunner 13:44:41
A Fox, a Wolf, and a Whole Lot of Bull 13:22:05
"What You Should Know About Rudy" by Josh Johnson 13:15:00
Here Come the Negative Articles--Fox News Earmark Article 13:07:06
Ron Paul on NPR Morning Edition 8-9-07 11:46:37
Ron Paul Speaks to Union County (Iowa) Residents 11:38:48
Ron Paul Isn't Going Away! 11:33:45
Ron Paul Could Be A Big Surprise in Ames 11:29:54
Evans-Novak Political Report from 8-8-07 11:22:17
Columnist Clarence Page on the Ron Paul candidacy 10:44:14
Night Riders for Ron Paul -- "how to" video 10:41:41
80/20 09:43:41
Ron Paul and Primary Math 06:03:20
Thread meant to smear RP for pot legalization backfires immensely 01:15:17