Posted on September 19, 2007

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Austin Ron Paul Revolution Makes A Big Splash! 23:30:57
Jon Stewart Interviews Alan Greenspan 23:15:05
Ron Paul's International Support Keeps Growing 22:56:32
Bill Maher Endorses Ron Paul on CNN 22:33:23
Ron Introduces Ballot Access Legislation 23:32:57
Tomorrow: Republican Filibuster of Habeas Corpus Restoration Act 18:35:26
Hilarious Hitpiece 16:19:53
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Ron Paul in Seattle video! 23:22:06
If you could pick Ron Pauls running-mate. 22:16:19
How RP can rise in the Polls 21:39:43
Important Question 20:57:28 20:23:16
Poll: Ron Paul vs. Hillary Clinton 19:16:40
Is Ron Paul Turning Jon Stewart into an Austro-Libertarian?[VIDEO] 19:12:58
Poll: Ron Paul vs. Dennis Kucinich 18:22:13
Contact Vote Vets! 17:58:15
Work to downsize government 17:49:13
New Parties Forming? National Political Parties Splitting 17:34:00
Shelby Lindley, the new Ron Paulie Girl 17:31:17
Most Corrupt Members of Congress List Includes Duncan Hunter 17:19:56
WoW! Ron Paul let's 'em have it! 17:12:58
The Great Depression 16:27:40
Best Ron Paul video yet! 15:30:27
Student Polls...tied with Romney 46 to 46 right now. 14:04:56
New Ron Paul video with new good Ron Paul music! 13:29:57
Poll: Honestly, which candidate have you supported financially? 13:21:05
Open Letter to the Ron Paul Community 12:20:42
Bill Maher Endorsement---kinda 11:52:50
ATTENTION NJ RESIDENTS: NJ Straw Poll Tomorrow Sept. 29th 11:23:39
Greenspan admits US not a free market on Daily Show 08:50:02
Is a Free Iraq Necessary to U.S. Security? 06:35:59
RP 2nd Amendment Nationwide Ad Campaign 02:06:57
Become A Citizen Co-Sponsor Right Now! 00:18:16