Posted on September 22, 2007

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Mitt Romney Likes New Ron Paul, Ron Paul Song? (Mackinac Island) 23:23:50
The Granny Warriors Need Our Help Getting to NH 22:59:58
Weekend Reflection: The Declaration of Independence 23:00:58
Saving Private Enterprise: Paul, Petraeus, and Two Kinds of Patriotism 21:58:34
Wow! Ron Paul at the Mackinac Island Conference 21:39:54
Chicago Rally Update 18:52:03
CNN: Do You Know a Hero? 18:36:18
American Liberty Coalition PAC - 30 Second Ron Paul Ad 18:30:15
U Michigan Supports Ron Paul - Great Video! 18:14:46
Ron Paul: Most Respected Man in Congress 14:55:22
Ron Paul at Whole Health Expo 13:53:39
SEP 29/30 - NH Family Walk - Nationwide Rally / Paint the Town RON!! 18:54:03
What Makes a Bush Supporter? 11:00:39
Welcome 08:04:56
Collateral Damage 08:00:43
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I found 2 polls 23:21:53
THE DRAFT !!!!! 22:53:15
How are the polling agencies going to explain Ron Paul's success in primaries? 22:18:39
Is terrorism really a mortal threat? by Patrick Buchanan 21:35:00
Something Doesn't Look Right 20:57:41
New message from Dr. Paul ! 20:44:13
NEW Ron Paul Video and Song...Ron Paul for the Long Haul 19:46:52
Some Things are Hard to Explain This Campaign Season... 14:47:31
Sarah Palin Would Be Best VP For Ron Paul 14:45:30
Dr. No! Zone; a new Ron Paul tubecast on YouTube 10:02:34
Help Make this a most popular Google Education Video 08:29:01
Romney hypocrisy 03:49:31
Let's Make Another Quilt 03:47:38
How about a New Ron Paul Speech? 02:53:23
Your Turn 02:07:39
Car Rally 01:00:55
No donation too small, DO IT (& WHY) 00:46:13
Blatantly disrespectful article about Ron Paul and his supporters (S.C. poll) 00:44:50
3k more and we have more meet-up members than the whole dem party 00:27:13