Posted on September 25, 2007

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Paul Supporters Meet Fred Thompson 22:35:12
Audio MP3: MSNBC interview today 16:20:51
Get Those Signs in Visible Locations! 10:25:06
The Money Has to Come from Somewhere 09:36:09
Bush Advises Hillary Campaign 03:28:56
Chomsky on Keeping People Passive 00:41:41
A Breath of Fresh Air 00:25:38
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Screw the money... Show us your most recent video. 23:43:12
I registered for Ron Pauls appearance in DC today! 23:32:25
How to start a war with Iran 23:25:26
Drew Ivers, PhD Named Ron Paul Iowa State Chairperson 23:02:54
If they get this half of Ron Pauls people won't be able to vote 22:55:13
An easy way to waste the money of our opponents 22:45:32
Bush's shadow army that your taxdollars pay for. 22:19:23
New Poll - NewsMax 20:39:34
NAU? Do enough people have a clue? 19:14:23
My town is covered with Ron Paul signs 18:55:25
Paper Ballots 18:47:59
Sean Hannity: flip-flopper? No way..... 18:10:50
2 million by the 30th? 17:59:37
Paint the town Ron: event suggestion 17:50:55
Iran: and they are saying non-intervention is crazy 17:46:09
Paul officials deny involvement in Giuliani Mackinac ferry taunting 17:38:59
GOP Debate in Dearborn, Mi Oct.9 Tickets info 17:10:16
Ron Paul on MSNBC(NEW 9/25/07) - Video Link 16:40:15
Why Are There Two Dominate Political Parties? 16:10:04
Dear Libertarian Nutcakes 15:39:15
National Tell Someone New About Ron Paul Weekend October 7-8 15:06:46
Ron Paul on MSNBC 14:06:00
Two party system - why? 11:35:08
Digg Dr. Pauls message 10:47:17
The most important thing blogs can do to help! 07:49:24
In case this has not been posted before 03:31:45
Guiliani Supporters Asking For $9.11 Donation 01:30:35
Bob Dylan for Ron Paul! 01:30:02