Posted on September 26, 2007

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Ron Paul: Making History 23:38:59
Radio Host Wants Ron Paul Supporters Dead 23:03:18
New Campaign Vid: Ron Paul Supporters Are Everywhere 19:22:02
Republican National Committee Places Paul Among Top Tier 18:16:14
Fed Drops the Inflation Bomb & the Return of Gold 16:32:14
Ron Paul: Why Are Americans So Angry? 14:53:36
Purple Heart Recipient, Veteran Republican Activist Joins Ron Paul 2008 13:01:46
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Ron Paul’s Inaugural Address (Proposed) 23:47:37
You can NOT donate more than 2300!!! 22:41:23
Why does KSFO host Lee Rodgers want to "kill you like a mad dog" 22:33:18
Tattoo 22:21:53
Ron Paul Now at 4% in New Hampshire Poll 22:21:30
Newsvine Poll - Obama winning - Show Ron Paul Support 22:05:10
For those of you watching the MSNBC Democratic debates 21:30:16
Democratic Debate on msnbc right now 21:30:00
my access was denied this evening... 20:57:03
Giuliani Campaign's Top Fundraiser Quits 20:39:40
Firesociety forums 20:25:44
Ron Paul Mentioned Favorably 20:22:34
Encourage Democrats & Independents to tactically vote for RP. 20:18:37
Ron Paul still consistent with his principles: 20/20 segment from 10 years ago 20:08:58
Alan Greenspan Says: Vote For Ron Paul 19:15:02
DAILYPAUL Online numbers increasing 16:18:00
Great Way to Reach Thousands of People for Ron Paul 15:37:57
The best spoof ever 15:33:29
Greenspan and his loyal pet Bush 14:43:39
Alan Greenspan questioned about those missing billions in Iraq 13:03:42
In Defense of Liberty 12:59:47
Brownback opposes amnesty? 12:10:56
Tasered Kid at the Kerry Speech is a Ron Paul Supporter 10:34:49
Become a Delegate or Ron Paul will Not be President 09:37:49
Conservative Republicans Have Only One Choice In 2008 by Pastor Chuck Baldwin 09:21:17
Wall St. Journal: Rudy's Strange Behavior 09:14:37
MSNBC places Ron Paul in 7th place behind Brownback 08:53:48
Chuck Baldwin, Conservative Christian, Interviews Ron Paul Online 05:14:44
Huckaby vs. Ron Paul on Homeschooling 05:02:34
IMF predicts greater trouble in 2008 for the U.S. 03:53:01