Posted on September 30, 2007

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Paul To Surprise Again? 20:24:30
Three Suggestions for Dr. Paul 19:00:18
Dan Rather Blows the Whistle on CBS 16:49:06
New Idea to Get the Word Out. 14:17:46
Two NH Newspapers - Two Great Articles on Dr. Paul 04:48:57
We Made It. 03:06:07
3Q Fundraising Goal Upped to $1,000,000 by 9/30 Midnight!!! 20:25:30
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Can we do $14,000 in Ten Minutes? 23:51:04
Last chance to donate for 3rd quarter is right now. You have 10 minutes. Please help Ron Paul. 23:48:26
I think I found number of donors.... 23:29:30
Gary Kasparov Sounds Like Ron Paul 23:23:46
One more post on Lew Rockwell! 23:15:25
The Exponential Campaign 23:15:12
RFID Conference 23:04:21
Do it for Ron Paul! Do it for America! Let's raise 32k in the next hour for Ron Paul! 22:56:37
Richardson releases Q3 numbers - $5.2 million 22:46:39
In Defense of Ron Paul - Chicago Daily Observer 22:17:08
It's not about RON PAUL or the MONEY - It's about YOU 21:59:36
When are Q3 numbers being announced? 20:57:12
UPDATE! Should Ron Accept "Matching Funds"? Another Viewpoint 19:31:27
Another select a candidate FRAUD !!! 17:46:29
Very negative article 16:43:55
Full 2007/2008 debate schedule from DNC and GOP - Updated 9/22/07 16:38:54
Have New Jersey Voters Been Duped? Giuliani wins NJ Straw Poll? 14:45:37
SportsBooks new Odds on Ron Paul win 14:41:55
Ron Paul Wins New Jersey Straw Poll At 73% Of Vote! 13:22:24
Graph of cumulative fundraising over time. 13:22:19
4 million 18 year olds 12:01:30
HELP! Fresno, Madera, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, King, Inyo, LA, Mono and San Bern 10:41:09
Gringrich rules out run for POTUS.... 03:02:05
Hunter & Brownback seem to be ahead on this poll 02:41:49
California Delegates Needed- please help! 02:13:36
intrade for RP up 1.5 to 7 00:55:24