Posted on September 7, 2007

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Beautiful Ron Paul Flyers at Bulk Rates 23:45:13
Bad News Puts Political Glare Onto Economy 23:46:13
September 7, 2007 Message From Ron Paul 17:52:43 Huckabee Takes Unfair Shots at Paul 17:48:33
Ron Paul Wins Fox News Poll; Fox Lies About Results 10:17:34
Ron Paul in This Morning's Wall Street Journal 09:50:16
Strategies for Arranging a Successful Meetup 09:39:04
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Ron Paul to Make Address at Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies on 9-11 23:43:50
"Off to the Races" an article by Peggy Noonan 22:44:00
million man march for the republic 21:21:11
Fred Thompson is getting 'praise' on his YouTube Channel 20:01:04
Kinky Firedman about Ron Paul on Your World w/Neil Cavuto 19:59:29
The "You Broke It you Bought It" analogy 18:02:36
North American Union Driver's License Makes Its Debut 17:17:46
Ron Paul to Make Major Int. Address 16:59:13
Off Subject: Pat Buchanan to run for vacant Virginia Senate Seat 16:21:08
Ron Paul bumper stickers - Free by the 100's 16:08:40
Good news and bad news 15:07:13
Ron Paul haiku campfire 13:27:34
No! They Were Not Booing Ron at the NH Debate -- Here's Proof 11:44:00
Freepers declare war on Ron Paul 11:35:05
Ron Paul vs. Huckabee 11:07:45
New Message From Ron Paul 10:54:17
The REAL Rudy: Mistakes in 30 seconds 10:17:41
Democrate's takover of the GOP? Their called neocons! 07:50:40
A must read! 06:32:56
Ron Paul supporter's should participate in this 05:04:39
Video: Ron Paul & Our Founding Fathers: Fanfare for the Common Man 03:12:57
How is the Paul campaign's finance situation? 02:45:35