Posted on September 8, 2007

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Ron Paul on Fox / O'Reilly Factor - 9/10/2007 Footage 22:08:45
Constitutional Republic vs, Democracy 20:34:10
Tipping the Fulcrum: Time and Focus 16:25:17
Herding the Angry Cats into a Pride of Lions: Communication Strategy 15:54:09
Why Support Ron Paul If He Can't Win? 14:40:08
What Unites Politicians? Big Government 14:24:25
Dr. Paul Levinson on the MSM's coverage of Ron Paul 13:32:06
The secret behind the fake restaurant diners during the Fox News presidential debate 11:42:44
A lesson learned 11:42:45
‘A Traditional Non-Intervention Foreign Policy’: Ron Paul at Johns Hopkins 12:08:55
Ron Paul - Still Right After All These Years 11:43:44
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I love that guy 23:16:26
Iraq Options--Gen. William E. Odom 22:01:01
Dick Cheney Opposed an Invasion of Iraq in 1994 21:48:53
MSNBC Says Top Iraqi Corruption Watchdog Quits 21:08:19
The Underbelly of Rudolph Giuliani 19:44:46
Ron Paul vs the Huckster 18:53:25
Osama Bin Laden agrees with Paul 16:34:11
CFR Article Suggests One World Currency, End Of Sovereignty 16:24:50
More RON Paul's for Congress! 16:01:45
Ron Paul has the guts to end the Iraq War 15:37:20
The Neighbor to Neighbor Campaign 14:50:50
The Cost of War 14:45:36
Breaking News! Microchip Implants Cause Fast-Growing, Malignant Tumors 13:38:04
New Edit of Fox Debate Footage by pumaman1 (he did first classic edit of Fox debate) 12:29:48
Ron Paul Meetup groups hit 5000 events 12:29:25
Frank Lutz's machine 11:52:03
Killer Bees and Common Sense 10:05:34
Thos alnost sounds like a threat. What do you think. 08:43:03
Who do you think the president of south korea would vote for! 04:32:13
Ron Paul to be on O'Reilly Factor? 04:14:57
Bulk Bumper Stickers for FREE!!! 01:13:37
Here we go again the E-mail Tax is back! 00:39:38
Requesting accurate debate schedule for GOP 00:37:07