Posted on January 13, 2008

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In Case We Have Forgotten Why We Support Ron Paul... 20:24:47
WOW: Transcript of missing FOX debate video here 01:00:44
Statement from Ron Paul: NH Recount? 00:59:17
How can it get Much worse? LOOK!! 00:21:09
Granny Warriors Collecting Funds for a Grassroots Recount 01:00:45
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$1,000,000 To Whomever Can Produce Internal Diebold Documents Proving Vote Fraud & Corruption 23:52:18
Nevada County Precinct Coordinator needs you 23:51:51
American Motorcycle Association 23:48:20
87.6% believe the news media attempts to influence public opinion 23:46:23
Suggestions for RP....check it out... 23:46:20
"Ron Paul Not a Racist" says Texas NAACP President 23:43:23
MSM, OR US PAULITES????? 23:42:32
This is what we are fighting..Police State, please watch..unbelievable 23:41:44
Paulapoolza Video 23:39:28
View from Florida 23:35:21
Ron Paul's popularity 23:30:38
gambling 911 - I double dog dare you 23:25:27
America's Concentration Camps last longer than Hitler's 23:20:39
The link to become a delegate in your state 23:14:46
Ron Paul Supporter at Mitt Romney Rally 23:13:20
Important Diebold Re-Count Info. 23:12:43
VOTE NOW for the Biggest Bigot in 2008 Campaign- Digg it 23:06:06
Personal letters work! 23:03:30 ??? 23:00:32
Ron Paul in for Long Haul With MLK Day Money Bomb 22:58:40
MySpace numbers 22:54:21
Technology Voter's Guide: Ron Paul at CNET News 22:52:10
Bad Day for the Constitution 22:50:10
Another free way to advertise RP to others 22:49:04
RON PAUL LIMO ** Check this out! 22:45:07
Brave Ron Paul Supporter Infiltrates Socialist Event 22:38:17
Have you read this yet: diebold machines failed and were repaired in NH during the election 22:35:25
constitutional Crisis Escalating US. Supreme Court Denies........ 22:30:16
The Energy Non-Crisis 22:26:37
They're complaining??? 22:19:03
NAACP President: Ron Paul is not a Racist! WOW! 22:17:57
RP Campaign Stratagy 22:15:51
Possible New Restrictions on Owning Firearms 22:11:22
Ron Paul Forum Signature Bar 21:59:36
Article from across the pond 21:57:15 21:48:33
Please vote in this poll 21:45:26
Poker Players for Ron Paul??!! 21:33:57
Ron Paul: Contemporary Patriot 21:27:49
NAACP President: Ron Paul Is Not A Racist 21:18:23
Help Fight Racism: Digg this 21:16:48
2,000 RP Business Cards on 2,000 Cars: Tell us what you did today? 21:07:39
Push-Ups For Paul !!!! 21:00:39
Phone Canvassing Cheat Sheet 20:59:22
Ron Paul leading choice among Hillsdale voters 20:50:13
Ron Paul Name Game! 20:48:16
WV group makes newspaper. 20:44:02
Check Out Charleston, SC Headquarters Streaming Web Cam 20:41:08
Email complaint sent to FCC re: Fox News Channel/News Corp's editing of Ron Paul in re-aired broadcast of the debate 20:39:49
Great link to share with friends and family 20:35:47
HR 1955 20:34:44
NAACP President of Austin: Ron Paul Is NOT A Racist!!! (MP3) 20:33:54
Digg this NOW! NAACP Pres: Paul Not a Racist 20:29:01
What is REALLY going on in Iraq 20:25:52
Media Blackout not first time 20:20:44
This is a Must See on the War in Iraq from an Iraqi citizen 20:17:33
Winning Elections vs. Vindicating Conspiracy Theories 20:15:37
Video editting 20:14:57
Robert Murphy for VP 20:04:24
Can anyone other than Dr. Paul beat the democrats? 20:03:07
Ron Paul groups being ignored on myspace??? 19:54:26
Another Jefferson County in WV goes to Ron Paul 19:46:29
Questions 4 Christians who don't support Paul or his foreign policies 19:40:54
**Ron Paul** LET ME GET HIS RIGHT!!! 19:40:04
War Is A Racket 19:39:20
Carl Cameron's Question in the Fox debate. Carl isn't the enemy! Don't burn a good bridge. 19:38:05
"Make fun buddy..." 19:35:43
Giuliani has $7M cash at hand = broke!! 19:26:44
Iraq Wants the US to Leave 19:19:20
Soldiers Clarification Regarding Honor 19:17:21
Ron Paul Nationwide TV Address moneybomb: 19:13:27
Winning through intimidation? 19:10:39
New Slogan......Ron Paul, Integrity for a change! 19:10:33
Kissinger Endorses McCain! 19:06:20
IMPORTANT How to Win your precinct..IF YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING ELSE 19:00:19
Very Important from Chuck Baldwin re: Huckabee 18:58:04
The Demographics of Dial-up 18:56:20
Remember, Dr. Paul Is Against The Iraq "Police Action" For Conservative; Not Liberal Reasons 18:53:01
Ron Paul Video made with LEGOS?? YEP!! WOW! 18:50:19
Not A Dime's Worth Of Difference 18:49:33
The Presidency isn't Enough! 18:47:38
We need to keep emailing MSM 18:46:37
MSM reaches only 7% of US population - RP could win without MSM. 18:45:48
Good news from Louisiana 18:38:58
The UK's AntiTerrorist Speaks About Ron Paul 18:34:40
Canvassing Ft Mill, SC 18:28:01
Alex Jones To Interview NAACP Director 5:30 eastern About Ron Paul 18:26:21
2300$ Cap ... workaround? 18:23:09
Pamphlet - Doctor Paul's 12 Step Process for America 18:21:48
Ron Paul omitted from 18:21:30
Something we are trying to promote Ron Paul: The RP TV Show! 18:19:38
Great video from PBS Now: The advisors behind the candidates. 18:17:08
Most Powerful Ron Paul Video you Will SEE Today!! 18:16:16
Do You Want to Get More Ron Paul Supporters 18:15:01
Do You Want to Get More Ron Paul Supporters 18:15:01
This should get Ron Paul elected! 18:13:13
Anyone seen any Ron Paul coverage today? 18:08:52
Just got off the phone with campaign HQ 17:57:15
Glad I took the Red Pill! 17:46:37
House Says Paul Again Set to Return Thousands to Treasury 17:46:24
TALKING POINTS for activists 17:41:20
Being forewarned is being forearmed... 17:33:47
Christians and Ron Paul videos 17:25:18
And The Author Is? 17:19:35
Troll Hunters. WTF! 17:17:25
I have a question about the upcoming money bomb... 17:01:45
Why isn't the Jan 21st Banner All over the net?? 16:52:14
How Frank Luntz Manipulates opinion for his Fox polls 16:50:06
Candidates' Economics Policies 16:50:02
Bush is targeting Iran NOW 16:40:18
Excellent article - digg it and bump this post 16:34:55
World Financial Leaders Agree With Paul on Gold 16:33:45
Bush promises Israel: We will nuke Iran! 16:31:33
Recount May Be a Trap 16:29:50
Jefferson County WV goes for RON PAUL 16:28:34
Ron Paul Limo to tour the U.S.! 16:25:35
Do NOT add comments to these negative posts 16:20:52 16:20:27
MLK Day endorsed by HQ, biggest ever 16:17:36
Ron Paul Shirts (possibly for precinct leaders) 16:17:26
Business Reply Mail - As straw poll 16:05:18
Hahahaha Would Ron Paul EVER be asked to leave my Firetruck? Nope! 16:03:21
Liberty Dollar?? 16:02:18
NBC Pulls Plug on Kucinich in Las Vegas Debate 15:54:56
This would be a HUGE boost for Ron Paul!! 15:35:38
Give us your best commerical ideas here ===> 15:34:42
HELLO?? Does this sound Familiar?? UPDATE!!! 15:34:10
Liberal Bush Files Court Brief In Favor of DC in Heller Gun Control Case 15:31:23
NAACP Official Comments on newsletters and Character of President Paul 15:23:20
Sure way to get Dr. Paul's message across to masses 15:04:39
Please answer: Can Dr Paul conduct his own Forum? 15:04:34
Can't be all bad check out these google stats 14:59:26
Judical Watch: 2007 Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians - Clinton, Obama, Rudy, Huckster on it! 14:54:22
Hubris vs. Humility 14:54:04
Ron Paul POL Cat 14:38:31
Is Ron Paul,Yoda ? 14:34:08
$20 Million + doesn't do any good sitting idle 14:33:49
Efficient canvasing with the help of the Ron Paul Precinct Leader Tools 14:29:29
Lets get our own station! 14:29:07
Looks like code pink is taking it up a notch 14:24:28
GodTube did it again 14:24:24
March for Life in Wash DC, Jan. 22 14:23:54
Exposing the CFR 14:22:22
What are you doing for RP today in Real Life? Taxachusetts AM Report 14:17:14
Remember Q-tip sayed.. mentioned by Romney the other night? 14:14:34
Does anyone have the link to liaison(s) at HQ 14:13:52
Has Anyone Noticed Lately That Ron Paul Has Dropped Off 13:58:17
Great Documentary on the B.S. that is Fox News 13:55:57
Why Republicans Don't Support Ron Paul 13:55:13
Will they stop at nothing? The latest dirty trick: 13:53:47
What happened to the text on main page??? 13:49:58
I put out a flier for those who are asked about racism smears 13:48:07
Fun Test to see how your positions map with the candidates 13:42:47
deleted 13:42:33
How to Beat Rudy and the Neo Cons at their own game 13:41:13
REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER: Election Fraud Roundtable 13:37:26
New Michigan and New Jersey Polls 13:30:04
New Hampshire voting anomalies 13:27:27
New Marketing Approach 13:24:31
Sure-Fire WINNING Strategy.... Please vote 13:23:54
HQ Suggestion: MUST SEE & HIRE Rev John Killian NOW! Give him anything he asks!!! 13:23:48
Arkansas and Conneticut FMN Poll shows Ron Paul a bigot? 13:08:10
7 steps to creating a Homeland Security Campus 13:07:10
Netanyahu Claims President Bush Promised Unilateral Nuclear Bomb Attack Against Iran 13:06:47
"What's Up Doc?" 13:06:09
Cool oil painting 12:53:27
McLaughlin Group on now 12:48:03
Paul-a-Palooza: News? 12:44:21
Cnn-right now (Sun. 943am) 12:43:59
New Law makes guns illegal for many Veterans 12:34:33
Ron Paul wins AZ Straw Poll 12:32:11
Portland Maine-ads in local papers? 12:27:13
Hillary most Fiscally Responsible!?! 12:17:41
Joe Biden on the big 3 dem's (might want to use this to sway independents?) 12:15:35
Searching You Tube videos... help needed 12:11:23
JIVEWIRE Interviews Hillary Clinton 12:10:43
JIVEWIRE Interviews Rudy Giuliani 12:07:49
#6 - Jesus is the prince of peace not war 11:55:51
People won't vote because they don't want jury duty 11:55:05
URGENT!! - South Florida People Help! 11:50:17
Bush is saying we need to confront Iran again? 11:47:47
Ron Paul Supporters Need to Focus on What Really Matters 11:43:32
“A people who will not be ruled by God are destined to be ruled by tyrants.” 11:42:20
Just an idea... Anyone Drive 18 wheelers? 11:42:06
Ron Paul Debate CUT by FOX for Re-Air Only video removed by YouTube at Fox request!! 11:34:03
Instead of a money bomb.....a Precinct Leader bomb? 11:33:15
Instead of a money bomb.....a Precinct Leader bomb? 11:33:13
The LARGEST Tax Rebate in American History 11:31:09
Gov. Mark Sanford R-SC, Agrees With RP (C-Span) 11:12:35
RP story in Iranian newspaper 11:02:34
You will never believe who just said this 10:53:29
Holy $#!%!! The Enormous Ron Paul Limo Is HERE! 10:50:26
Just wrote a letter to The Day in New London CT...wide it is 10:47:46
Bush calling for war 10:19:12
POV from a NEW voter 10:06:54
Re: Better argumentation style than abuse / Debate group 10:04:44
Comptroller General US Interview 09:53:30
Recycling signs and other campaign material. 09:51:29
Are you telling your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers about Ron? 09:42:46
"If you want to win the majority, you need to appeal to the majority. 09:30:52
Many NH activists were Free Staters! Freedom festival in June. 09:29:42
Comedy on Foreign Policy 09:25:00
What's going on in Ohio? 09:03:48
Real ID. What will YOU do? 08:55:56
This is one more reason to vote Ron Paul 08:49:29
is this subject taboo? 08:34:28
Ordering a Pizza in 2010 - This is why we fight 08:32:38
Focus on MI Districts we can WIN!! 08:09:35
Local free papers 08:08:53
Well 07:08:28
Is it feesable to buy superbowl add? 06:25:10
Video where Ron Paul crunches the numbers 05:48:21
Surge working?? Watch this! Send this to McCain FORUM! 05:25:46
The BLIMP? and NOW the Ron Paul LIMO!! Must See!! Smile! 05:13:04
Toss Your cookies here.. This is what Ron Paul needs to show people.. 04:42:43
Ron Paul is best candidate to come around in years 04:40:27
He He, Another Paul Site 03:21:39
Master Editor.... 03:18:26
DIGG THIS!! The Chris Walken endorsement! 03:10:33
Digg the Christopher Walken Article! "Wake the ^@%& Up America!" 03:02:04
16th new taxex....MUST SEE 02:56:06
Who Won SC Debate? 02:16:11
Coast to Coast AM - Talking about REAL ID (National ID) Right Now 02:15:28
2008 presidential charade 01:50:28
There is more good news than there is bad 01:47:02
100% Necessary 01:42:19
OMG! Do you understand what this movement is? 01:35:18
Establishment trying to set the table for Giuliani victories on Feb 5th? 01:28:06
McCain gets pawned 01:27:09
Tonights Republican Dinner In NW Colorado-Summary Of Event 01:14:26
Could Mitt Drop Out if he Loses Michigan? 01:11:24
Missouri looking to recycle Iowa signs 01:10:19
*Warning to GOP and Reps! 01:09:56
How to bridge Internet technology to the TV news public!!! **PLEASE VOTE** 01:06:05
MI Polls 1-12-08 01:04:38
Creating Legislation Writings from the revolution 01:01:00
Paul a Palooza tonight 00:59:06
McCain's Victory Speech: Gets Ripped by Joe Scar... 00:58:18
U.S. Drops 40,000 Pounds of Bombs on al-Qaida - US deaths 00:57:59
Trade deficit soars.... 00:52:31
Blood Donation Drive for Ron Paul (Thank you) 00:48:10
Real ID's 800lb Gorilla - How to kill it! 00:48:09
McCain supports Real ID 00:39:07
How do I post a sound clip? (Details please) 00:31:25
"Google before you vote" 00:27:38
Don't Tax Me, Bro 00:19:50
OHIO???????? 00:01:01