Posted on January 15, 2008

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Good news for the long haul - they are out of money! 23:35:48
Vermont Secession 22:45:34
Operation Change for the Better: New Bush Coins 21:44:01
Pat Buchanan: Sub Prime Nation 09:57:09
Cost of recount in NH - $55,600 - deadline tomorrow 13:22:36
Michigan Primary Tue Jan 15 - Dems, Don't Throw Your Vote Away! 13:22:35
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What I Don't Understand is Why the Percentages Never Change??? 23:58:12
Topics being pulled?! 23:54:46
Chip in to run ad in local Milwaukee paper--Wisconsin is key post Super Tuesday State 23:53:08
Paster Baldwin stumped for Ron Paul tonight in SC! 23:48:33
FOX NEWS CUTS FOOTAGE OF RON PAUL ( in case its not old news ) 23:41:49
Great Nevada Articles 23:37:20
Introducing the Ron Paul 2008 Calendar 23:34:00
If You Wait Long Enough and Listen Very Carefully These Candidates Will End up Telling You Who They Are 23:31:05
In a brokered convention what issue is #1 for you? 23:31:05
Let's go one on one, 23:30:32
Each and every Paul voter 23:30:29
Free man and a baby!! 23:27:13
FREE AT LAST! I am a white middle aged man. Dr. King and Dr. Paul 23:26:55
Great Night... We need 1 state 23:24:32
Ron Paul vs. Huckabee 23:23:40
$$$$ MONEY is the KEY to VICTORY $$$$ 23:22:51
WTF?!?! McCain Wins Anti-War Vote! 23:20:01
CNN - Did anyone else watch McCain get cut off? 23:19:53
Giulliani Huckabee ticket. 23:10:20
A battle of ATTRITION! The guy with the most money wins! 23:07:47
Increase Ron Paul Voter Turn Out 10 Fold 23:07:43
Ron Paul Campaign has said this all along - Brokered Convention 23:07:20
Come on Uncommitted! 23:06:26
Get this 23:04:14
I love Paul but... 23:04:04
ABC News "RP showing in some groups was notable" READ. 23:03:39
Carl Cameron is a 22:57:26
Is Paul really facing stiff competition in Texas? Are there any recent polls from Paul's Congressional race (TX 14th)? 22:50:44
Parity is GREAT for Paul... 22:48:41
Thoughts on Dem debate running against MI primary results? 22:42:31
Concentrate on TX, CA, and FL the most delegates 22:36:26
Guerrilla Newspaper Takeover Network - For Ron Paul - Update 22:35:35
Michigan Vote Breakdowns? 22:31:39
Romney-Paul Ticket! 22:31:36
Latest Developments in the Howard /Kucinich NH Recount 22:29:41
RON PAUL Takes 4th in MICHIGAN! 22:26:54
Hitler/Fox funny video link? 22:25:51
Embracing Insanity 22:24:56
Huck: We Need To Amend The Constitution, Bring It In Line With God 22:24:03
Cyberspace Security Plan 22:17:47
Paul beats Ghouli and Tomb-son (again) 22:16:21
When is the next debate? 22:15:37 (Thye Ron Paul Congress!!) 22:13:58
Paul on the Pie Chart 22:12:17
The Michigan Independent Vote: 22:12:00
Michigan Results Map 22:10:22
How do you project a winner with < 10% in? 22:02:54
How do they call winner with less then 10% 22:02:36
Voting Fraud? 21:58:27
Huckabee wins Iowa...McCain NH...Romney MI...Paul Nevada 21:54:53
Grassroot RP campaign is WINNING! 21:51:46
Keep up with the Michigan primary vote here 21:51:38
Guiliani is not even on the screen 21:45:59
Guiliani is not even on the screen 21:45:41
Guiliani is not even on the screen 21:45:41
End of the Infamous CNN Pie Chart?!?! 21:41:29
CNN Pie chart 21:36:59
Our Piece Of the PIE! 21:35:59
CNN Reporting MI Results Now at Web Site 21:28:44
Kucinich banned from Debates by Supreme Court 21:26:55
Drudge Does His Best To Squash RP 21:25:58
exit polls on fox 20% paul for independents or std? 21:23:25
Fightin Back 21:15:02
Supporter: “So I got a survey from the RNC today…” 21:06:16
Free at Last Video Inspirational! Spread it for January 21st Donation and March Day! 21:04:54 Biased Poll 20:53:49
AP article on the Michigan mention of Dr. Paul! 20:50:39
Huckabee wants to reform the Constitution 20:44:08
Pro RP "Shout Box" comments eliminated at myfoxdetroit dot com 20:43:51
RIP Judah Folkman (not OT) 20:39:54
MLK money bomb video 20:32:08
Just saw on CNN - California independents CAN'T vote in Repub primary 20:26:34
IMPORTANT! Sign this petition to keep RP in Jan. 30 CNN Debate! 20:26:33
Need a great question for Bill Clinton Tonight 20:24:02
VOTE NOW Biggest Bigot President 2008 *DIGG THIS* 20:22:03
Great Article about Ron Paul 20:17:04
Tucker on MSNBC saying Edwards is the anti-NAFTA candidate 20:11:54
VOTE NOW Biggest Bigot President 2008 *DIGG THIS* 20:04:51
Ron Paul's church affiliation 19:58:46
Oath of Office - betrayed 19:54:03
falsehood about Dr. Paul perpetuated on the Michael Medved show 19:52:42
My Michigan prediction - 19:52:08
Granny Warriors PayPal Account Shutdown! 19:52:07
Great Ron Paul interview from Michigan TV 19:51:16
U.S. Supreme Court Denies Certiorari 19:50:01
1st exit poll released Dr. Paul 4th 19:49:13
Most moving introduction to Ron Paul (video) 19:42:37
International Biometric Info Sharing? 19:38:47
Did we get enough money for the NH Recount? 19:31:20
Iowa and New Hampshire supporters. 19:23:32
Great Video Featuring Libertarian TV Commercials 19:15:35
Ron Paul Blimp on politico 19:15:29
Solution for Peace: True Forgiveness (spead the word!!!) 19:13:58
Is Bush Really Fighting the Terrorist 19:12:54
Sagebrush Rebellion: The West Can Go for Ron Paul 19:11:20
Can We Get Phil Donahue In Our Camp? Watch This Video! Wow! 19:08:44
I've been in and out all day and I'm confused... 19:08:27
Ron Paul will be SILENCED! URGENT! URGENT! URGENT! 19:05:38
Please don't let Jan 21st flop. 19:04:13
Were we able to raise the money for Albert Howard and the recount? 19:00:37
I want tv ads and now! 18:59:43
No matter what happens ...... 18:59:03
Can it get any WORSE? Part 3 Update MUST READ!! 18:54:45
This forum is designed badly. 18:49:21
It is time to get fired up again 18:48:03
GOOD RED PILL 18:45:44
Big Brother makes you pick their candidate, sublimanally. 18:40:30
what neck of the woods? 18:36:08
Do you believe this poll? 18:33:40
Ron Paul in Nevada (video) 18:22:32
GHoeberX's MLK Day vid, This is the best video yet. 18:16:09
Did Bush Just Trade Weapons in an Attempt to Get More Oil Production Out of the Saudis? 18:09:07
Bush sell Weapons to Saudies!!! BlowBack expected. 18:04:29
Ron Paul = CommonSense --- New Flyers/Ads for Grassroots 18:01:42
New Ron Paul ad 17:56:48
New Ron Paul web site (by Viguerie) 17:50:09
Iowa Caucus count done by Isreal defense firm. 17:49:00
LOOK what Huckabee JUST SAID!!! OUCH!!!! 17:41:34
This is interesting....what is your opinion? 17:40:02
Sprechen sie deutsch? 17:38:14
Bush's Financial House of Cards is Beginning to Fall 17:30:15
4th quarter fundraising 17:28:55
Are we at a Fork in the Road???? 17:26:17
Michigan Dems to vote Ron Paul? 17:24:53
Brokered Convention Math 17:23:28
McCain's racist comments getting media traction 17:21:53
Slashdot: Ask the candidates 17:13:36
Does anyone know,... 17:10:35
How to Win Friends and Influence People For Ron Paul 17:09:52
Wolf Just Made a Positive Remark About Ron Paul. 17:09:50
How to explain the FRB and Sound Money 17:07:37
Real Estate Roller Coaster - How to Reach Sheeple on Economic Issues 17:06:14
News report you won't see in US media - NH election issue 17:04:38
Barack Obama was known as Barry Sotero? 16:59:10
Some positive media again 16:57:21
Some positive media again 16:56:36
Liberal SHEEP Bash Kucinich for Being Anti-War 16:54:07
Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Opens Four Additional Offices in Illinois 16:53:49
Ghuliani Puppets here, a couple of them 16:50:16
Transcript Of Japanese Parliament's 911 Testimony 16:50:13
Ron Paul's "The End of Dollar Hegemony" reprinted in DGC magazine 16:49:45
Paul Blasts Gas Tax Proposal as “OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” 16:49:05
Candidate Ron Paul Stumps in Downtown Reno KTVN 2008.01.15 16:44:45
A lot of encouragement for everyone!!!! 16:43:48
Positive Michigan article 16:43:25
Pat Buchanan says it all today 16:38:50
News on Recount? 16:37:36
FreeRepublic forum foolishly now writing epitaph of Ron Paul Revolution 16:24:39
Social Networking for the rEVOLution 16:24:01
Huckleberry's Platform 16:23:32
Moral Responsibility ?? 16:23:07
*Sacramento PualHeads* Bill Clinton at UC Davis Tonight 9pm 16:13:29
Unification Church and other cults impact on Neocons 16:11:04
Manystrom---A Supreme Moderator is needed. 16:03:42
Fox News Detroit....basically 1 straight hour of Ron Paul coverage.. 15:52:31
HQ Suggestion: Some Talking Points for Ron Paul 15:45:12
IF there is a NH recount... 15:41:52
Hysterical! Chris Matthews Quotes on Hillary 15:39:19
Breakfast with Ron Paul-- interesting article 15:36:47
The Best argument for Ron Paul against all others. 15:33:23
Is the MTA infringing on the free speech rights? 15:31:19
Ron Pauls trouble with Isreal and Christians 15:23:39
Marin Meetup Group's Drumming Circles, Sunday (1-20) in Mill Valley, CA 15:20:55
Electoral College System being Bypassed 15:20:37
Spontaneous Recount Money Bomb Needed Now 15:18:23
The Million Dollar Question of the Century 15:16:58
FOX and MSM Boycott 15:16:08
Ron Paul Becomes a Frontrunner in Florida !!! 15:12:40
Anyone talk to grannies? Whats happening now at 2:10 eastern? 15:10:06
When Will the American Voters Wake Up 15:08:27
Article Exposes the Fake Left-Right Battle the Media Wants Us to Get Excited Over 15:07:52
$5 from EVERYONE viewing this site=BIG WIN 15:07:04
McCain gets Booed in Livonia, MI!!! 15:06:41
Article to Rush Limbaugh about Ron Paul 15:06:33
McCain gets Booed in Livonia, MI!!! 15:06:30
What is the FOX afraid of? 15:03:39
1 hour left and all we need is $4,500!!! 15:03:38
To NAFTA Highway Sceptics - from TX DOT website 15:02:14
Ron Paul is going to be on live in Detroit... 15:01:41
Ron Paul at The Real News 15:01:03
Submit Questions 14:53:27
Ron Paul endorsing Sabrin for Senate 14:51:22
Same party in power for over 50 years!! It's called the CFR!! 14:49:01
Who is controlling the recount in NH 14:42:45
Would you donate $1000 or Max Out if 23,000+ Committed to do so also? 14:38:31
Vote Fraud underway in Michigan? 14:37:55
NOW 10:36amPST 1/15 RP on Radio & Net 14:36:20
Ground level feedback on Michigan? 14:30:46
Grannys Need More Money ! 14:23:26
Iraq Focus Groups Findings / Dr. Paul Should Use This Info. In Debates 14:22:43
MSNBC gives me the single finger solute on delegate error 14:22:28
A great idea that turned another eye to Ron Paul! 14:22:02
A Liberal DEFENDS Ron Paul!!! 14:20:54
RP ON RADIO *NOW* 14:19:39
Surely more than 8 of you want RP to win... 14:09:32
Huckabee - Change Constitution! only a Living God 13:49:35
MOre Positive Posts, Please! 13:46:00
Obama's Church 13:42:53
Mitt Romney's NY Chairman was on CFR NAU Taskforce! 13:33:06
Feed Me Yummy Mind Control ! 13:26:12
Ron Paul came third in NH! Vote fraud stopped him, read... 13:19:25
Let's think about what this recount could mean 13:09:36
TAKE 2 MINUTES: Tell Congress to hold White House officials in contempt 13:08:29
Ron Paul Is Dropped Down the Memory Hole by the Media -- TOO LATE! 13:02:33
Only 20% Turnout Expected in MI - Good for RP?!?! 13:01:27
Open letter to Michael - Easy fix to aggravating problem on Daily Paul 12:56:33
Get a RECEIPT (affidavit) with your VOTE in Michigan!!!! 12:53:58
fedgov plans to access email and web searches 12:53:43
I heard on MSNBC earlier Huck wants to rewrite the constitution 12:52:23
This is the link to donate to a full hand recount. About 2 hours left 12:51:55
Water shortages. The real reason the middle east is in turmoil? 12:51:49
Muslim newspaper endorses Ron Paul in Michigan 12:43:23
Muslim newspaper endorses Ron Paul in Michigan 12:41:27
Muslim Newspaper endorses RP for Michigan Primary!! 12:40:43
White terrorists? Show this to convert your friends! 12:39:29
RONPAULIA - The Ron Paul Planet! Track Ron Paul rEVOLution in Google Earth 12:34:26
Michigan paper hack job 12:25:09
Michigan turnout low so far 12:20:29
Full Hand Recount, we have 'till 2:00 pm EST at the latest. 12:18:02
call our local radio station about Ron Paul not in their poll - contact their sponsors 12:12:47
Rupert Murdoch at work again? If from Texas or Oklahoma please read 12:09:54
New Hampshire Recount - Full hand recount or ballots being run through the DIEBOLD machines again? 12:09:11
Ad idea and economy 12:09:00
Another WSJ Hack Job 12:06:20
Don't Get Bogged Down 12:04:52
Voting Help 12:03:54
"Fictional" Nafta Highway somehow making news again..and we're the kooks? 12:02:47
Nevada Loves Ron Paul 12:02:21
Contact Obama Meetup groups and forums today and tell them to vote for Ron Paul 11:58:19
I am confused that your so confused about what is really going on! 11:57:54
ALL of our Freedoms DEPEND on HONEST Elections 11:56:34
What We Are Up Against 11:52:40
US Dollar is Dying 11:47:06
Ron Paul's VICTORY 11:42:56
Can citizens perform their own exit polls in primaries? 11:35:33
More "mainstream" news on inflation.... 11:33:39
Think phone-tapping is bad? Just read THIS! 11:19:58
Vote Ron Paul 2008 or eat FDA APPROVED Cloned Meat! 11:16:40
*No* NH recount... sorry folks... your out!! Its all over... 11:10:17
European press calls NH a rigged vote? Ron Paul should have finished third! 11:08:14
Ron Paul On Legislative Forecast for 2008 (God help us all) 11:07:19
I'm done with all the negative talk, 11:04:12
URGENT: NH Recount - Pls donate. Only 50 minutes left!!! 11:01:42
Anyone skeptical might want to read this 11:00:19
US Government access to any email or Web search! 10:57:20
Breaking News: Explosion in US Embassy in Lebanon 10:55:33
Interesting article from Michigan news service 10:54:21
World Government - Hillary, Cronkite, and Michael Douglas? 10:44:15
on msnbc just now they mention all the republicans with delegates 10:38:03
Italian mainstream press says voting rigged in U.S.A. 10:36:15
Mass Message Bomb 10:32:42
Pat Buchanan: Ron Paul kicked Giuliani's butt! 10:31:30
What are your top 3 issues making you choose to vote for Ron? 10:25:48
News Sources/Journalist who have Treated Ron Paul Fairly 10:23:37
I believe a man's character should be judged by who his enemies are not his friends! 10:16:56
6.3% Inflation in '07! Largest amount in 26 years... 10:12:21
Let the Carpet Bomb Begin! 10:10:28
New Idea: Government Pays Us For Right to Run Lottery, etc 10:09:19
Why I support...Advertise on Local News paper as ONE of the BEST way to reach more americans 10:00:14
Ok, this should cheer people up: Article on Pelosi's greatest achievement 09:53:41
voter #2 in precinct 12, east lansing, mi 09:47:02
Unhappy in MI 09:38:23
Pat Buchanan favorably mentions Ron Paul on drudgereport link... 09:30:48
Fresh Article out of Michigan 09:30:11
Pat Buchanan mentions Ron Paul on Drudge front page 09:27:00
Subprime Nation 09:23:21
People in MI call all your friends 09:07:22
Jesse Benton Interview on NPR yesterday 08:59:39
Paster Baldwin in Gaffney SC TONIGHT! 08:58:31
6% to Effect a (Peaceful) Revolution 08:57:52
Arms, Arms, Everywhere Arms 08:56:32
Voter #1 Genoa Township, Michigan Precinct 3. Voting problems? 08:49:49
Candidate Fact Sheets 08:39:43
For those who are negative on campaign HQ's- Get Freedom 08:28:06
Ready for Prime Time Money Bomb 08:09:23
Romney Speaks on False Domestic Restraining Order Issue 07:30:52
A famous author talks about why he was moved to join the Ron Paul Revolution 07:19:26
I love Ron Paul 06:50:49
Daily Kos is a waste! They HATE the Constitution. 06:29:27
Click on CHAT NOW Talk to ME!!! 06:06:39
Nice Ron Paul Defense Article 05:21:11
Daily Paul - Does Daily Paul really support Ron Paul? 04:37:41
Vote in this poll. 04:34:48
Any news on Q4 Donation Totals? 04:03:53
Why Ron Paul is in Nevada 03:52:36
More Fox Smears Against Us 03:11:13
Rudy floates Idea of Cheney as VP 03:06:50
Homeschooling a Crime in Germany 03:04:22
OMG! Digg this! We're ALL going to Halliburton Detention Centers! 02:44:27
My Fight to convert an Intellectual to Dr. Paul 02:27:49
Can we make it in time? 02:24:11
Ron Paul Revolution Needs To Reunite 02:22:12
Ron Paul Fact Sheet 02:20:32
Caesar Rodney - Deciding vote for Independence... 02:13:40
JUST DONATED $50...who was with me? 02:10:56
Dr. No, The 3 Musketeers and The 7 Dwarfs 02:07:44
Let the money bombing begin 02:04:01
Frank Luntz talks about Ron Paul supporters 02:03:59
My email was shut off 02:03:55
NEVADA CAUCUSES: Liberty Broadcasting Count?? 01:55:07
Super Bowl ad #2 ----> 01:53:50
Paul supporters make ALL the headlines 01:50:56
I, Mike Huckabee, do solemnly swear... 01:49:57
Ron Paul #1 in 3 different state straw polls!!!! 01:44:06
OMG Frank Luntz of FOX in this MANIPULATION Documentary!!! 01:40:23
Paul will be in Jan 30th California debate 01:39:56
Super Bowl ad ---> 01:38:54
Romney losses straw poll to Ron Paul in Nevada 01:34:55
Nashville Tennessee, Campaign Headquarters 01:31:07
Is Ron Paul A Conservative Or Liberal? 01:30:46
MITT-FIT 01:27:24
some good press, from the huffington post, no less! 01:24:43
Kucinich barred from debate? 01:21:33
The letter I wrote to my congressmen. 01:21:11
MLK, RP Youtube video 01:20:07
A Discussion on Liberty 01:18:15
Let's "Drown" This Site with RP Support before the MI Vote today. 01:16:38
Super Tuesday is in three weeks 01:14:20
Donating...$50 IN 5 MINUTES...WHO'S WITH ME? 01:11:20
Food For Thought 01:10:46
I need some clarification 01:03:29
The Truth about taxation 01:02:29
Is Homeland Security Connected to Your Laptop? 01:02:13
Abolish Income Tax.. Effective Rhetoric??? 00:58:10
The Good: Not the Lesser of Evils 00:55:38
election fraud video + surprice video 00:53:25
Fox News Withdaws Ron Paul From 2008 Presidential Race 00:44:57
Our Fort Wayne Group Has Made It On The Local News! Video Link... 00:42:08
Anti-war protest @ Marine recruiting center in SF. 00:33:00
Ron Paul & Israel 00:32:33
our liberal friends need to read this... 00:23:04
CBS Local 6 News Orlando 00:22:13
A forgotten community in Michigan 00:21:29
Last chance for letters to editor 00:18:59
Here is very simple and effective idea - Check it out! 00:16:53
Check out Paul compared to Huckabee 00:08:34
I support the blimp 00:07:52
Prepare the ground for the general elections 00:06:44