Posted on January 18, 2008

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Nevada GOP Caucus in Chaos 21:35:05
Funding the Grassroots for Ron Paul: It's Now or Never 17:22:44
Black Box Voting Needs Help 16:28:50
New Ron Paul Ad: We Have the Answer 16:09:48
'Open Blimp' Event, Sumter SC 13:15:50
Thank you for contacting the New York Times 12:53:41
Nevada Caucus - Sat Jan 19 12:46:19
Florida: Where everyone wants to win...RON PAUL EVENT on January 24 Join US @ Republican Debate 08:09:30
What's at stake---Super Tuesday....Must Know ...NOW 08:09:31
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A Ron Paul Victory In 24 Hours 23:54:41
REAL I.D. 23:50:20
We want BLIMP for SUPER BOWL to FAUX FOX! 23:37:13
Junkies.. something I wrote thinking about the state of our nation. 23:36:28
Ron Paul compared to a Terrorist on National Television 23:26:30
Bruce Lee backs Ron Paul 23:24:50
Ron Paul Bay 23:09:31
* * * University of NV chalks entire Constitution on sidewalk to honor RP visit* * * 22:39:34
Show this to your favorite Neo-Con 22:33:53
NH Recount Updates 1/18 End of Business Day *Totals here* 22:33:30
How about a money bomb for more bandwidth for dailypaul?? 22:32:21
Liberty loving celebrities 22:26:51
Movie: McCain Betrayed Soldiers/POWs 22:26:48
Liberty loving celebrities 22:24:52
A Soldiers Revolution 22:23:00
They assault us from all sides!!! Fight on! 22:20:14
Huckabee gave speech to racist group??... 22:04:57
What to do? 22:01:11
Our Friend Barry Goldwater Jr. is helping lead a new green energy consortium. 21:55:28
Nevada GOP dismisses Ron Paul complaint 21:50:46
I'm finally voicing my frustation... 21:46:09
Online Poll VOTE RON PAUL NOW! 21:44:42
*URGENT in Reno Nevada* 21:40:01
Blimp $26,000 to go 21:30:08
CNN: A voter in SC torn between Dr.Paul and Thompson 21:30:03
Any update on the NH recount? 21:29:54
Ron Paul Coalition=Regan Coalition 21:28:20
CNN Interview Looks Fake !! 21:26:55
We Just Hit Over Our First Million $$ For This New Quarter! 21:26:55
Who donated about $400,000 just now. 21:23:09
RP on CNN next 8:16 est 21:17:28
Ron Pauls Wonderful Theory of Blowback. 21:12:37
Tell 10 Friends dot com: Spread the word of President Paul via Email 21:06:24
Message and language 21:06:04
RON on CNN really any minute (7:03 central) 21:04:15
Blimp Up! 21:03:51
Ron Paul is comeing uo on CNN 8pm est 21:03:45
Great JFK / MLK / RP video, check it out and pass it around - somebody get this on digg. 21:01:36
Nevada !! Extremely Important !! Get Out EARLY !! 20:59:41
Would you go out with a hot girl if her name was Hillary Clinton? 20:48:59
S E X Y 20:42:53
Question About Ambec Bond Company Loosing AAA Rating Today 20:39:03
Ron Paul wins Utah 20:38:15
Off Topic, But had to post 20:37:28
They have a good reason to be afraid 20:32:06
A message for Orren Boyle (AKA DAVID BLACK) 20:31:30
Digg this baby! Frank Lutz is a putz ! 20:26:38
Best of Ron Paul Videos 20:20:43
Glen Beck CNN Headline News "Financial Armageddon" Dr. Paul gets a great mention 20:18:12
Campaign has only $8mm left? 20:16:07
let's NOT WAIT for the "billionaire" ... 20:15:17
Penn Jillette on Beck 7pm 9pm 20:15:17
MSM media email bomb? 20:09:50
Tomorrow's weather forecast for SC is BAD 20:08:31
Guerilla War(AD)Fare! Important! 20:05:43
Hilarious Video making fun of CNN's censorhip of Ron Paul. ENJOY! 20:04:09
CBS News article says Paul is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. 20:03:54
What is your opinion of Jim Cramer? 20:01:45
super funky new Ron Paul video 20:01:34
Great Idea---Cheap too!!! Don't let important endorsements go to waste *** 20:01:11
TONIGHT Ron Paul on CNN 8 PM - CNN Election Center 2008 19:54:58
Just Got Done With New Money Bomb Video 19:54:11
On "Good Morning LA" (FOX!) 19:51:10
Help put paul in the press! 19:50:05
* * *Top Conservative Syndicated Man Supports Ron Paul-COMMENTARY * * * 19:46:32
** Ron Paul's Book List** 19:46:09
* Scums at GodTube STILL do not have Ron Paul in poll!!* 19:42:57
January 21st 19:41:16
Question: Hillary becomes President & makes Bill the VP.. 19:41:00
This is BIG! I.O.U.S.A. at Sundance Film Festival Tomorrow! 19:37:46
Is the Huckster taking notes from RP 19:20:27
SC State Blog - Ron Paul Blimp! 19:19:10
*** "Ron Paul is Fighting for us, Man!" 19:17:05
Fred T proves he's not worthy 19:07:49
New MLK Article 19:07:08
Ron Paul Racing site up! 19:03:04
Ron Paul & Economics - Saving the Economy; Saving America 18:55:35
C-Span Caller 4 RP 18:53:46
again did anyone just watch the beginning of hardball with Cris Mathews 18:45:06
Navada GOP Caucus in Caos 18:41:20
Delegate Count? 18:40:17
A funny way to get people you know to donate... 18:39:18
Ron Paul calls for Nevada to postpone Caucus, vote fraud potential! 18:29:49
WSJ 1/17/08 on Paul 18:29:25
An "Old School" Libertarian defends RP 18:29:13
Inspiration!!! - Part 3 18:26:43
That's *President* Paul to you, buddy! 18:19:20
Hucklebee Wants to Godify The Constitution 18:15:08
Inspiration!! - Part 2 18:13:39
ron paul posters 18:13:10
ABC NEWS SINKS TO NEW LOW!!!!!!! 18:09:32
Republibots undone 18:08:58
John McCain on Somalia, c. 1993 18:08:42
Inspiration!! - Part 1 18:03:26
Ron Paul interview on CNN tonight (1/18) @ 8pm est 17:59:55
Here is why RP MUST CONTINUE and we MUST keep SUPPORTING!! 17:57:26
RON PAUL at video 17:53:04
Can anyone elaborate on this... 17:44:15
Press Release: Ron Paul Billboards Expands Multi State Campaign To South Carolina 17:43:51
Economic Stimulus Package 101 17:38:42
This needs to be burned into every Paul supporter's brain! 17:32:11
Lyman and Blimp on MSNBC Now 17:24:07
What's going on in the New Hampshire re-count? 17:22:43
The Course of Empire by Thomas Cole 17:19:30
How to improve dailypaul 17:16:47
Precinct Leaders, please help me. 17:14:57
List of Neocon Players 17:04:26
Getting pumped for the 21st! 17:01:52
WIKIPEDIA PETER THIEL and read the last sentence! 17:00:22
***CHAOS IN NEVADA*** 16:58:42
McCain Is Crazier Then a Sh*t House Rat! 16:57:49
NH Ballot Boxes Slit, Ballots Left Insecure, "Seals" Don't. (Thanks Bev!) 16:54:40
Paul – “Wrinkle for Romney in Nevada” 16:51:19
Ron Paul, 3rd in Nevada? 16:50:04
Just for the heck of it lets speculate about Peter Thiel the billionaire libertarian. 16:49:57
Rand Paul for Congress 16:46:25
BILLIONAIRE is it FACT?? Could be!!! 16:39:20
The Economy is crashing and the Iraq War is causing it 16:30:52
Guilianni can be stopped in Florida. Pass out this video!!!!!!! 16:20:35
The WILDFIRE of Ron Paul CommonSense flyers 16:18:53
My landlord destroyed my yardsign and threw it away while I was at work... 16:16:33
Did NH take the day off on the recount? 16:15:07
8 inch slices cut in ballad boxes in nh in transport? 16:10:18
Attention all Ron Paul meetup group members and RP supporters in general 16:09:09
Anybody notice the change in order 16:09:03
Interesting Website 16:05:17
Spinning a Ron Paul victory in Nevada 16:03:52
Quotes to Inspire You 16:03:46
$100 million Tax Rebate Bomb 16:02:12
Who is the Meet Up organizer for Jefferson County? 16:00:16
Positive "world" opinion will drive MSM into the ground... 15:58:51
America's Secret War on Wildlife 15:52:02
Great Article/Endorsement for Ron Paul 15:47:32
Excellent Ron Paul Article, please let the author know, I did! 15:38:33
RECOUNT~Volunteers needed in New Hampshire NOW!!! 15:34:01
New Ad from the Official Campaign 15:32:11
WOW! Anyone else catch what I just heard on MSNBC? 15:31:46
Jealous Lefty Libertarians & why they attack Ron Paul 15:25:15
Two videos that need to go Viral....TODAY!! 15:24:53
Jan!9th donate to Ron Paul For Robert E Lee's birthday U- tube video 15:24:39
Take the Higher or the Lower Ground 15:18:09
Best Ron Paul Ad Ever! 15:17:48
Let's get to $$$1 MILLION $$$ by Sunday... 15:17:16
URGENT MoneyBomb NEEDED NOW!! 15:15:38
Good buzz in NJ 15:07:12
Ron Paul on Mixx 15:04:47
Where is my post from yesterday! I'm done with this site! 15:00:53
"My Negro Problem--And Ours" By Norman Podhoretz (1963) 14:59:07
Anyone know how to email Tucker's show? 14:57:08
Re:Lew Rockwell... Kirchick, propaganda peddler and the SmearBund. 14:54:27
Famous Libertarians - Just Curious 14:54:16
MSNBC's Schuster: "Ron Paul is the Al Qaeda of the Republican Party" 14:53:29
1-17-08: Ballot boxes found slit; NH stops putting ballots in vault; 14:52:25
SC Polling Locations and Other Info. 14:51:59
Will you commit to doubling you MLK donation if RP wins or places in Nevada? 14:39:00
FORTUNE MAG - HILLIARY DUMBEST proposal for housing market... 14:37:36
LAST DAY! Will the blimp make it to super-tuesday? 14:37:36
You've got to be F-ing kidding me: paper ballots called unconstitutional 14:36:55
Billionaire debacle cleared up 14:36:04
----Paulheads...What drives you?----- 14:27:26
FauxSports now in the Anti-Ron Paul game! The sacred Super Bowl! 14:26:28
For You That Didn't Know This -- Council On Foreign Relations 14:26:13
MSNBC Compares Ron Paul to Al-Qaida! 14:25:33
Amazing New Buchanan Article Praises Ron Paul 14:22:29
I didn't know Ron Paul had a PAC: Liberty PAC 14:21:11
Ron Paul 1/2-page ad -- I will customize for you! 14:15:42
Ron P not invited in the latest debate! - Include Ron P!!! 14:11:02
Where can I get Foreign Currency CD's? 14:11:00
The Ron Paul Pandemic - great new article, a must read. 14:09:47
Bush is going to send a tax rebate to everyone 14:07:47
**Ron Paul Blimp/Trevor Lyman will be LIVE on MSNBC @4pm EST** 14:04:50
Re: TallRider the Troll 13:59:20
content with going after McCain's 100 yrs in Iraq? 13:58:53
Y'all gonna kill me for this 13:57:42
Bring Our Troops Home NOW // Dissolve the IRS 13:52:58
The Ron Paul Pandemic.. new article 13:52:25
*** ELECTRIC VIDEO *** 13:49:25
The Lonliest Ron Paul Supporter 13:44:49
*** IF *** 13:35:46
tax savings for Dr Paul! 13:25:50
The price of matching funds 13:18:23
Last Minute Strategy For California 13:16:09
Great Article by Ilana Mercer against the "neo-libs" at TNR! 13:12:35
Time For A JAMES MADISON Quote 13:12:07
Good News on Nevada 13:08:37
It finally happened (What the troll hunters were afraid of) 13:03:18
MORE ABC bias - Hunter's Pic included, but not Ron Paul 13:01:54
Bush Economic Stimulus Package ... What do ya think? :) 12:53:04
I am not done here. I love Ron Paul and his message!! 12:45:32
Help ! 12:38:27
Great Ron Paul Defense. I will donate on MLK day 12:34:58
Ron Paul has the ability to win primaries 12:34:50
Ron Paul on GoodDay LA 12:33:21
Educate yourselves on Kirchick Smear 12:28:56
Ideas Needed for Sample Letters to the Editor 12:12:12
You Have To Believe In A Miracle 12:09:06
West Florida Retirement Community Report 12:03:34
Just canceled myspace 12:03:28
The 'Real News' Ask -- Who Is RON PAUL? 11:43:48
Today Segment On National ID Card 11:40:58
Need a pick-me-up? 11:34:21
We need to quit worrying about what the others are doing, 11:34:19
Vote - New Online Poll - Ft Lauderdale, FL 11:27:35
What to do after freeatlast2008 11:25:40
If you don't believe Digg is burying . . . 11:24:24
Sure fire way to double the amount of votes for RP... 11:16:31
Bush to offer ideas for more cash in your pocket 11:14:51
South Carolina, First State In Primary Elections 11:14:18
Today is the deadline!! The RP blimp is running out of time!!! 11:07:14
Blimp GROUNDED, needs cash! 11:05:54
MLK: Make sure you Pledge! Important 11:03:27
Does anyboy know how to start a blogg for feedburner 11:02:20
Ilana Mercer: High Priests of Pomposity Pan Ron Paul 10:56:05
With Zero Precints Reporting, Fox News calls race for McCain 10:50:30
We need to step up on the money bombs. Anybody know how to use please help! 10:49:53
Are we fading? Not much mention about MLK moneybomb 10:43:32
Email/Build Relationships with Local Media (END THE BLACKOUT) 10:35:42
Jesse Ventura Telling The Truth 10:23:00
Pollsters new plan for Nevada: Skip It! 10:17:14
The John Birch Society 09:50:09
NJ Constitution Party State meeting - Jerome Corsi to speak 09:41:18
Billionaire Misinformation Campaign? 09:40:27
WND puts it's foot down on Beltway "Libertarians" attacking Ron Paul 09:39:52
Blimp going limp, no money. 09:30:38
Just before super Tues. 09:23:47
deleted 09:09:35
Don't like Diebold?..simple solution..Don't use it! 09:07:14
Ilana Mercer Joins Raimondo 08:55:35
Strategy for Paul 08:49:22
Make your choice 08:43:35
Institutionalized Spying on Americans 08:30:24
Direct Mail Guru-Richard Viguerie launches new Ron Paul Website 08:19:18
Nevada Poll ?? 08:12:12
We Are Doomed If We Don't Get RON PAUL Elected To Office 08:11:33
Homeland Security's watch list and DMV put Debbie Arthur through a nightmare 08:03:05
Does Holding a Position AGAINST Lincoln Make One to be a Racist? 07:47:02
Bush to offer views on economic package 07:42:22
Granny Warrior needs OUR HELP! 07:16:51
GOP Figure Contracted to Deliver E-Voting Machines in Maryland 07:14:56
Paper Ballot Option - could this be true??? 06:49:06
Best way to document canvassing effectively 06:31:36
This may be an idea to copy! 06:30:21
Justin Raimondo demolishes TNR smear claims 06:26:39
Nevada needs help from anywhere in the country 05:53:34
**Great Article Explaining Ron Paul's Tax Plan** 05:46:51
Ron Paul on Employee Free Choice Act 05:38:57
New Hampshire FUNNY stuff going on NOW!! Here is the scoop!! 05:23:33
LOU DOBBS Considering Run For President... 05:07:23
RECOUNT DAY 2 - no republican ballots reported yet 05:01:40
Excellent Article And Some Great Ideas 04:46:24
ATTN: Make certain that your Meetups, friends, etc. know about MLK Money Bomb 04:38:37
Ron Paul Miniseries and Billionaire Information 04:34:28
President Paul discusses the Fox news "Electability" question 04:14:47
Why RP supporters are so passionate 04:01:02
Wow! The Socialists have come out against Dr. Paul... 03:38:54
Primary results (in percent) predictions using donor numbers 03:34:10
A Green Ron Paul could end most wars with $6.5k air car that gets 160 mpg air/gas hybrid 03:00:31
The new ticker that shows the doners name is up to date 02:55:34
Need Assitance in Ron Paul's District in Texas (read please) 02:46:01
DIGG--Obama: A Hawk in Dove's Clothing--Use in recruiting anti-war Obama supporters 02:35:09
Cal Thomas on Ron Paul 02:32:20
Courage! Inspiring words from 1768 02:32:00
Republican Party Trying to Sabotage Ron Paul in Nevada? 02:31:34
Shame on the New York Times 02:27:23
Alarming unsubtle RON PAUL support on this forum 02:26:43
Vote counting 02:20:03
Important info on ballot options 02:18:30
Easiest way to hack an election 02:06:11
Chuck Baldwin in SC 1/15 02:01:59
Congressmen Push for Paper Ballots 02:00:56
Any NPR listeners out there? 01:57:22
4th quarter Campaign contributions from other candidates... 01:55:36
Diebold to Change It's Name 01:53:12
Ron Paul's 25 Questions 01:52:59
Ron Paul Meetup 01:52:33
Israel test-fires ballistic missile after Iran warning 01:50:06
The Israel Factor 01:49:29
Paul Craig Roberts - 01:38:56
USC Endorsement! Go Gamecocks! 01:33:57
A soldier refutes huckabee and praises paul 01:29:59
Ron Paul gets AIRTIME in Las Vegas! 01:24:05
Why we MUST be in it for the long haul! GOOD things are happening! 01:23:03
Connie Talk 01:19:29
Stocks down, Gold up, Dollar down, Oil up 01:04:19
Concerned with privacy? 01:02:16
What happened to the urgent alert from N.H.? 00:57:38
New Ron Paul Video 00:49:56
NPR Is NOT our Friend 00:48:12
Why can't there be a daily message from HQ?? 00:45:39
rank republicans by amount of respect shown to Ron Paul 00:44:26
Canada puts U.S. on torture list 00:44:14
MCCAIN ad on RP website! 00:43:46
NH Recount PHOTOS!!! From Today! 00:32:01
How to Steal Elections REpublican Operative on John Stewart Now 00:26:18
WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???? 00:26:02
If the other candidates are out of cash... 00:25:37
Iraqi Parliament Agrees--Just Come Home! 00:25:24
Want your vote to count? VOTE BY ABSENTEE BALLOT!! 00:23:09
Campaign Support 00:19:50
Information that will be gone soon, we must get to it now, B4 it's 2 L8! 00:14:03
Please email New York Times Editors!!! 00:10:15
A Simple Way Paul Voters Can Beat Fraud 00:04:36