Posted on January 23, 2008

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Precinct Leader, WHY? 23:43:23
GRASSROOTS - You ARE History in the Making! 21:48:25
Ron Paul Money 'Dump' - 17:47:21
MP3 | MSNBC Boca Raton Florida Debate 16:55:52
Glenn Beck Interview Transcript AWESOME!!! 16:20:20
Ron Paul on MSNBC - 1/23/08 16:18:38
Generation Liberty on RPR Radio Tonight 7PM Central 14:14:09
Louisiana Republican Caucus -- UPDATE 2 minutes ago 12:44:12
RP's Eldest Grandson Matt Pyeatt Speaks at Lamar University 11:08:48
Jim Cramer Calls For Investigation Of The Federal Reserve 10:34:40
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Jamie Kirchick/New Republic Source is Outed 23:59:56
ABC Debate Canceled??? 23:54:37
CIA drug dealing to support US economy 23:50:31
Any former Fred Heads here yet? 23:49:52
Ron Paul on MSNBC (1-23-08) Great Interview + see RP hecklers jab Giuliani 23:44:17
NWS stock is rising 23:43:52
Ron Paul Endorses Murray Savbrin !!!!ATTENTION!!!! 23:41:09
*** NY Firefighters: Giuliani 'ran like a coward on 9/11'-- ralley for truth 23:38:22
How can we possibly win with only 100,000 votes so far? EASY! 23:37:54
Play this loud Play this often 23:32:28
Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Spy 23:32:00
Stop vote Fraud and Win, all on one site. 23:30:55
We will donate to a blimp but..... 23:23:30
CBS News ignores Ron paul 23:19:32
Romney is Cruel to Animals 23:14:27
Cheney back at it! 23:14:09
Advise on best Printed flyers Please 23:10:26
Take Off the Gloves,Ron Paul!!! 23:09:54
anti-whine about caucus/primary shenanigans. CANVAS! 23:09:10
Breaching their strongholds! 23:06:58
Ron Paul on Your World with Neil Cavuto 1-23-08 23:05:14
Firefighters target Rudy in new Florida mailer 23:02:56
Priceless! The message is winning! 23:01:42
A Great Offer -- or Buyer Beware? 23:01:08
Preliminary Announcement in AFP - SECOND IN LOUISIANA! 22:56:57
RP ON FOX argues against 'handout' stimulus package--explains problem 22:55:49
Iraq War 935 False Statements 22:43:25
Best thing ever aired on Fox 22:40:45
Bono 22:32:06
New Hampshire Rupublican Recount Starts Tomorrow Morning 22:25:07
Supporters in states that already had primaries/caucuses need 22:21:11
Ron Paul Activism Quashed at California Prison 22:20:54
Vote with money on proposed campaign commercials 22:15:50
Kucinich 22:07:16
We need Money well BEFORE Feb. 5th 22:07:02
Funny McCain Documentary Trailer 22:05:34
Ron Paul blimp folks want donations for Superbowl ad 21:59:53
It's Do or Die for the Ron Paul Blimp (24 hrs) 21:59:31
Larry King Live Poll 21:57:32
Rush Tacitly Endorses Ron Paul 21:56:05
STUPID Florida and their STUPID early voting 21:51:42
Dows up! The economy is back on track. 21:40:05
Shmuckabee Push Poll Alert 21:24:17
Interesting bit on Olbermann 21:24:10
Does Ron Paul suddenly have a chance to do well in Florida? 21:23:20
Ron Paul fundraising on Olbermann. Everyone else except Romney and RON PAUL is broke. 21:22:56
Can someone do me an easy favor? This is about RP sign making. 21:17:10
What is the deal with Ron Paul's poll numbers in Florida? 21:16:08
Ron on NJ radio. 21:14:13
Yet another post about La. Caucuses 21:09:44
Super Tuesday Money Bomb 21:00:26
RON PAUL Republican Runs For US Senate (*Video*) 20:59:37
What are your favorite RP Sayings, Quips and Quotes? 20:58:55
DIGG BOMB - Romney 20:48:33
RP Internet TV and Radio stations are up and running! 20:43:09
Please help Ohio Ads - 88 delegates - winner take all 20:40:16 :-) on Ron Paul 20:40:01
Vets Against McCain video - amazing 20:35:09
ABC News- On the Trail with Ron Paul (RP is so down to earth) 20:34:26
Border Guard killed by illegal drug smugglers in a hummer 20:31:03
Response from LA GOP - relax it's all good 20:30:58
Border Guard killed by illegal drug smugglers in a hummer 20:28:28
Ron Paul proves he wants to protect America!!! 20:27:43
Paul Vs. Huck on Ron Paul graphs 20:26:56
Itallian Newspaper claims RP came third in NH!!! 20:24:29
***Clarification on Results in LA*** 20:17:51
Video - NYC Fire Fighters say Julie Annie ran like a coward on 911. 20:17:03
All of the sudden the MSM is pissed off at the irresponsibility of the government and calling for heads to roll... 20:14:58
Glenn Beck TV Show: 10 minutes in and hes said Ron Paul 4 or 5 times already 20:10:25
SHARE Your CommonSense flyer Stories & Tips 20:07:19
DIGG BOMB - McCain 20:03:46
Recount speculations 19:58:08
Do you really want to save this Country? 19:53:37
Judge Andrew Napolitano on Ron Paul 19:53:33
Giuliani is getting CRUSHED in California polls, Ron Paul rises! 19:53:15
McCain says Putin is Prez of Germany ...... :) 19:52:51
McCain says Putin is Prez of Germany ...... :) 19:52:11
The Ron Paul Debating Game!!! 19:49:41
Don't let Dr. Paul's positions on "wedge" issues discourage you from supporting him! WE NEED YOU ALL! 19:48:05
This is making my blood boil 19:38:33
Huckleberry is broke and will quit the race.... 19:37:13
The 1/23/08 Lou Dobbs "poll" just (630pm ET) went up.... 19:34:40
Brain Games 19:34:11
Constitution Party of Oregon endorses Ron Paul! 19:27:15
Huckabees Son ARRESTED! 19:24:41
Can anyone walk away from Super Tuesday being the clear frontrunner?? 19:20:38
Whoa, Tucker!! 19:20:03
A new STRATEGY 19:16:26
Well, if they wanna play it dirty... 19:13:50
Ron Paul has now beat Romney - and every other candidate 19:11:17
The Official Ron Paul Campaign needs to address the Louisianna vote pooling in a press release. 19:03:11
Bush Administration Supports Unconstitutional DC Gun Ban; Undermines 2nd Amendment Case 19:02:17
Can we have some sanity and clarity please?? 19:01:03
Latest Email from LA GOP on last night's caucus results 18:57:28 18:57:04
IRAQ - Fear or Empathy Card? 18:55:19
McCain says "I don't understand economics." 18:55:09
***Official Press Release From LA Republican Party*** 18:44:43
Fort Worth Star Telegram Publishes Fred & Friends Today, No Paul 18:43:41
The Great AIR Raid Launching 3,2... 18:37:02
Ron Paul on Internet Freedom - Video 18:36:42
The Patriot Movie could be used for new videos? 18:26:53
Granny Warrior on the Radio! 18:24:27
Money Bomb? 18:18:19
Teasing the hornets nest 18:13:05
How the Market makes a robust recovery, just google up 18:10:43
Where have all the Leaders gone...? 18:04:56
Did anyone catch what Dr. Paul said about his supporters? 18:04:13
Let's make em pay $$$$ 17:46:42
It is the message! Join Dr. Paul in donating to Murray Sabrin 17:45:23
Beware of Federal Debt Relief System and their Lies About Ron Paul 17:45:07
rudy oh rudy 17:39:12
CAVUTO VIDEO UP NOW!!!!!! 17:38:20
Do I understand Louisiana correctly? 17:29:58
Louisiana ...... ******UPDATE***** 17:29:34
Googling for Ron Paul 17:25:46
For the LA people go support Dr. Paul 1/30/08 17:21:22
Who's Moderating the debate on NBC Feb 24? 17:16:32
Superbowl commericials from the 'blimp' 17:15:29
Any news on the Economy today? 17:15:18
~We are booking Super Bowl Commercials-Local Super Tuesday Markets~ 17:14:59
How the Clintons use Racism to win 17:08:02
La. GOP releases unofficial delegate results 17:07:08
Ron Paul on Niel Cuvoto 17:07:01
Huckabee's Fundraiser brings in dismal 3% of Goal 17:04:57
Final blimp flight is tomorrow unless there is a sponsorship 17:02:31
Glenn Beck's daily email, top story Ron Paul 17:00:31
The 13th amendment 16:58:07
Make our Presence Felt....A new, sure fire strategy... 16:57:01
Paul to be on Cavuto between 1pm and 2pm pacific 16:51:36
Ron Paul MSNBC Interview 01/23/08 16:51:19
Ron Paul MSNBC Interview 01/23/08 16:50:52
Can you support the troops and be against the War? 16:48:09
The recount goes on? 16:44:28
ron paul is going to maine!!!! 16:40:39
Ron Paul LIMO Video - San Antonio Meetup 1-19-08 16:40:20
What the hell is goin on with the stock market? 16:38:13
Duncan Hunter endorses Huckabee... 16:37:44
Hunter endorssed huckabee 16:37:13
Heres an idea that would 16:31:04
A Most Powerful Video 16:27:21
Are we at a 'tipping point' with the MSM? 16:25:46
We need to right a wrong * Mitt better than RP on Illegal Immigration?* 16:20:12
We need to right a wrong * Mitt better than RP on Illegal Immigration?* 16:19:51
Empire and the Economy 16:16:57
Rudy Giuliani..KNIGHTED by the Queen of England. Does this not disqualify him as a candidate for President of the United States? 16:13:51
Post Your Debate Questions on Politico - Vote on others 16:07:05
Need some financial support on projects in Georgia 16:06:49
I know this is off topic Corporations Target Kucinich at Home, 16:03:05
Dr. Paul to be on with Neil Cavuto TODAY at 4pm eastern time!!! 16:03:04
The Rise of the Next Anti-Christ 16:00:08
How Will We Restore our Nation? I Have the ANSWER! 15:58:38
MSNBC interview at 2:45 today was AWESOME!!!! 15:56:47
An honest news website about Ron! 15:54:17
North American Union 15:54:15
Noth American Union 15:53:44
Coordinated POLITOCO swiftboat debate question efforts - MAIN THREAD 15:51:21
When is the next official MONEY BOMB? 15:50:07
Magic Show! Come one, Come all. 15:49:01
Ron Paul censorship 15:48:25
RP on MSNBC NOW!! 15:47:23
Ron Paul On MSNBC RIght Now ! 15:47:00
Texas candidate: Elect me and I won’t serve 15:38:35
Watch Romney squirm at the next debate 15:37:43
Easy way to earn money for Ron Paul! (every 1 take a look) -its so simple! 15:36:22
The Three Biggest TV Ministries Have Ron Paul On The Front Of Their myspace Page 15:30:37
The Three Biggest TV Ministries Have Ron Paul On The Front Of Their myspace Page 15:30:29
The Three Biggest TV Ministries Have Ron Paul On The Front Of Their myspace Page 15:30:13
Paul ranked "good" on immigration 15:26:05
Why Young Support Ron Paul 15:25:11
Louisiana-Did We Pick Up Any Officially Confirmed Delegates? 15:20:56
Ron Paul racing is LIVE ! 15:20:47
CNN list McCain before 15:20:21
email from howard regarding recount 15:16:46
There is only 1 conservative left in the race - Ron Paul 15:14:34
Montana Governor Fights Real ID 15:09:42
CNN: Lou Dobbs Leaves Ron Paul Off His Online Presidential Poll 15:07:23
RP Wins Louisiana? Where are results? 15:05:25
At Least NPR Covered Our MLK Money-Bomb 15:04:05
Let's compare the size of our pen.... 15:02:43
Now Bush is stealing lines from RP 15:02:20
The Mitt Romney Deception - useful info! 15:00:30
Top story on 15:00:25
Ron Paul wins in Louisiana! 14:56:48
Anyone have a phonescript? 14:55:12
Great idea from official campaign! Keep this on Top. 14:54:13
Ron Paul Tops Republican Field in LOUISIANA Caucus 14:53:07
Keep Bumping this thread FLA/ S.GA MEETUPS take note 14:50:16
935 False Statements 14:44:11
The Pope and the Hillabeast 14:43:37
Everyone probably already knows this but... 14:37:59
Don't forget the AOL Straw Poll! 14:36:04
Do we have a "Blimp Convert" here on DailyPaul yet? 14:34:39
Please help 14:32:57
WANT TO WIN?? Become a precinct captain NOW!! 14:28:58
NH Recount Starts TOMORROW! 14:28:52
What is the purpose of the money fundraising? 14:28:06
EVERYONE - go to Fred Thompsons homepage and flood goodwill... 14:26:06
de blimp de blimp - Blimp supporters only, thank you. 14:20:20
Ron Paul New Jersey Radio Interview 1/23/08 (Both parts) 14:17:44
RP getting stompped in this poll -- 3.9% 14:17:23
WANTED - Your best description of the other candidates: Romney - A Big-Talk Chicken-Hawk! 14:11:56
Ron Paul interviewed on NJ 101.5 FM 14:11:36
Front Page of Politico! 14:07:52
Another decent article... 14:07:10
gold/silver investment advice for mother-in-law 14:05:38
McCain booed on immigration 13:57:37
---> How you can find "extra" money for RP 13:57:08
Paul is doing good in California 13:56:16
Satire - Loser Huckabee Reverts To Poor Back Alley Preacher 13:56:08
Zero information on the official campaign website 13:53:47
On the lighter side..Ron Paul vs. Obama 13:52:12
My letter to the RNC... 13:46:07
Please send quick email to- 13:43:43
So far from the delegates of the 6th and 7th vs McCain we are winning 13:40:48
BBC Ignoring RP Just Like FAUX!!! 13:39:16
Huchabee $$$ Ahead Today 13:38:18
Sygnus Centauri, I got it 13:38:02
Does Dailypaul Forum GUSTAPOS understand Dr. Paul's message? 13:35:18
Here is what the CFR is saying about Dr. Paul 13:33:26
Louisiana GOP Release Unofficial Results 13:32:21
STEALTH 13:28:12
Early Word on Louisiana Caucus Results 13:27:06
Webpage for Feb 2nd Rosary Rally? 13:26:25
McCain's slate gets a 7th, 9th and 20th Nowhere close to first 13:26:04
unofficially took second now? 13:25:42
Local news stations are the answer... 13:25:35
are supporters not registered to vote..if so WHY NOT!!!? 13:21:58
Just for laughs...romney gets an important call... 13:21:22
Reason Magazine: Paul Finished 2nd in LA? 13:13:25
Can anyone send signs to ny??? 13:12:27
McCain Louisiana Caucus slate from the 6th distric - list 13:10:56
Ron Paul Interviews TODAY! MSNBC and FOX 13:10:21
I just got visited by a Ron Paul canvasser 13:09:47
The Raw Story Video: Ron Paul joins anti-abortion protesters for Roe v. Wade anniversary 13:09:07
Lou Dobbs Article On Fed Cut and Hemorrhaging Economy 13:07:37
Paulheads join Prolifers against Rudy in FL 13:04:38
Fauxnews might be onto something 12:59:59
TIME IS RUNNING OUT:: Spread the Word of Dr. Paul, 10 Friends at a Time 12:56:10
deleware not getting the word of rp 12:54:21
Who will be the 1st MSM person to admit/expose the censorship of Dr. Paul? 12:52:22
From the latest google search --- Early Word on Louisiana Caucus Results 12:42:58
Is it time for letterman? 12:42:34
If RP's Elected - I'll Join the Service 12:42:33
omg wow!! hucks supporters are vicious!!! 12:34:52
Eteli's first TV programme: THISWEEKINTIME? 12:33:01
Email Nat'L Right to Life to endorse Paul. 12:29:39
Did any other GOP Candidates speak at the DC March for Life? 12:29:05
Who Are The Patriots? 12:26:14
New Ideas: Learn from the TV show "WEST WING"! 12:24:54
For the people who think Super Highways are a MYTH... They don't live in Texas...PLEASE PASS ON 12:24:39
Funny question in my american govt. textbook 12:24:30
NewsTalk 1270 Online Poll 12:22:53
Live Ron Paul Now on radio 11:11 AM -- Interview over 11:21 12:13:50
I'm hitting the streets, door to door in Charlotte County, Fl. 12:08:00
Poll: who do you vote for now that Fred is out: 12:07:23
A letter from Ronald Reagan - A viral campaign to reach Florida Seniors 12:04:00
Where the heck is Ron Paul? 12:03:23
Video Deocumentary "Spin" about media lies and deception 11:59:16
Campaign only needs 20 million more to win. Daily money bomb! 11:47:34
an email i recieved about the la caucus... 11:46:08
There are NO official numbers from Louisiana 11:40:21
Here is the link for LA delagate fastone. 11:36:06
LA times and Ron Paul 11:31:27
OUTRAGE in Louisiana!! 11:23:19
New, and just now from 11:22:28
Any online poker players here? 11:13:13
McCain criticizes GERMAN president Putin 11:11:12
I think the Huffingtion post likes us? The second possible article on Ron Paul, I think it’s positive? 11:05:15
Unbelivable! Google sensors Ron Paul news ! 10:57:43
Rush 10:56:14
935 False Statements About Iraq 10:53:54
Who says the Christian Right isnt for Paul? 10:36:50
Can We Donate $100,000 Today??? 10:34:08
Strange news from Louisiana 10:25:55
Ron Paul at the March For Life 10:20:55
Look for Huckabee to endorse Giulliani after 10:20:49
Ron Paul On Glenn Beck Radio Show 10:13:17
a local New York radio station poll 10:04:17
results for lousiana? 09:51:45
This guy had a crystal ball! Excellent analysis on Iran, Iraq & the dollar 09:51:10
Ron Paul Supporters File Criminal Charges Against Networks? 09:47:43
Paul calls for eliminating federal income taxes to avoid recession 09:45:23
Ron Paul wins Florida USF Straw poll 1/22/08 09:07:39
What are your favorite RP Sayings, Quips and Quotes? 09:04:17
Attn. ALL Florida & other early-primary Meetups!! Let's cooperate to give ALL our signs another week+ helping our country!!! 08:56:25
CPO endorses Ron Paul for president 08:45:31
Why is John McCain winning the AOL online poll? 08:42:52
Funny Edward's quote: "I represent the grown-up wing of the Democratic Party" 08:35:10
LOL. Great Response About Iraq and Iran [YouTube] 07:29:45
We need Huckabee's supporters, so start talking about how we are going to be the ONLY true conservative left in the race 07:11:02
This is funny - "Anti" Ron Paul video on Huck's army website 07:10:42
From now to supertuesday, remember: DONATE_DONATE_DONATE 07:09:33
Hasta La Vista Baby! 06:55:45
"The world is run by people who just show up" 06:37:51
Huckabee’s Money Woes Curtail Campaign 06:18:07
Video - Greenspan Support Ron Paul! 06:08:08
Bump the Blimp! 06:06:44
Looks like old Huck will pardon just about anyone pardons Keith Richards 06:00:47
The Difference: Barack Obama & Ron Paul 05:47:55
Go get the Thompson Supporters Now! 05:40:29
MUST SEE! Beautiful Summary NAILS the Democrats on Iraq & Patriot Act! 05:25:16
Chairman of the N.A.F.B.P.O. calls for implementation of one of RP's ideas 05:12:02
Do Ron Paul supporters all believe in the 2nd Amendment? 05:09:36
As the largest grassroots campaign are we also 04:36:39
How to recognise a Conservative vs a Neo-con... A list for you to read/share. 04:27:56
Dr Ron Paul endorses Dr. Murray Sabrin for US Senate 04:22:29
The US recession, the NAU, a comparison to sweden & EU 04:11:25
Dont Throw Away Your Vote ad 04:07:46
What States Will Be The Hardest To Win? 04:06:48
Ron Paul blasts Chairman of Federal Reserve! 04:06:38
Dont Throw Away Your Vote ad 04:05:49
Call To Action: Let's Get Some Mileage Out of This! 04:04:11
Don't Forget the Blimp! 04:04:08
Mystery Billionaire offering support 03:57:57
good campaign momentum 03:48:32
Both Lincoln's and Washington's Birthdays are coming up in February - would these 2 dates make GREAT "Money Bombs" or what? 03:37:11
If no one else is gonna say it, I am: RON PAUL WINS LOUISIANA!!! 03:36:10
Media Black Out - Time to Strike Back 03:30:53
History is watching...and recording the MSM! 03:17:52
Comments Please! Does anyone happen to know what Paul's Super Tuesday "strategy" is??? Comments Please! 03:13:00
Let's create a "donation station" for new Ron Paul supporters. 03:08:10
Louisiana SECRET info. Take a look!! We Kicked Butt?? 03:06:51
Favorable article? 02:56:57
Worldwide Fight for Truth. End the Media Blackout. Time to write some e-mails!!!!!!!!! 02:55:09
Have you seen the news TODAY??? WOW!! 02:40:30
Smear lives on 02:37:25
Who Dat???? 02:37:15
** Grassroots Army ** 02:33:57
218th Anniversary of U.S. Constitution - March 4th - Next Money Bomb 02:33:36
How do we go about getting all those pro-life groups that endorsed THompson to Endorse Paul? 02:29:46
Need Help for AZ add 02:29:07
Fortune magazine supports Dr. Paul's views on Federal Reserve cuts. Digg it. 02:27:05
Ron Paul Humor? 02:15:21
The USA's future? Look no further then to our sister across the pond. 02:14:04
Murray Sabrin, the New Jersey Revolution 02:13:52
Ron Paul, Supporters, & Endorsment...At Pro-Life march... 02:12:50
Nightline 01/22 talk about GOP and Rudy 02:10:05
Palestine On This Day 02:00:07
Ron Paul Wins Arkansas Straw Poll Despite being in Huckabee’s Home State 01:59:50
Sign Waving in front of Federal Reserve Building 01:59:21
This is just the beginning! Ron Paul endorses Dr. Murray Sabrin for NJ Senate. 01:57:58
The Hidden Secret- Did you Know? 01:55:19
Can Giuliani even last until florida? Read this... 01:53:01
HHO gas part one (alternative to fossil fuels) No Need for Gasoline "LOOK" 01:52:51
Instead of screwing with Dobbs' poll help Dr. Paul win one 01:45:23
A list of The Best RP Sayings, Quips and Quotes! 01:41:18
Looks like Louisiana's 7th District went big for Ron Paul 01:29:27
Disparaging article about Dr. Paul - Help write letters to the editor please. 01:28:47
So you REALLY wanna WIN? Become a precinct leader now! 01:27:57
Louisiana - Romney and Paul supporters appear to be the most vocal and visible thus far. (National Review) 01:27:44
Link for LA Caucus Results Here 01:25:36
Boston Globe Reports on MLK Money Bomb 01:25:23
Funds and Florida 01:20:00
NY Firefighters are in Florida talking about Giuliani 01:18:48
The Fed Sacrifices the Dollar-DIGG IT 01:15:21
The Blimp needs us 01:13:38
ten-most-wanted-corrupt-politicians-2007 00:52:26
Some Quick Questions for an Article Regarding Ron Paul 00:51:23
is Dr. Paul sick? 00:50:00
Is anyone else going to fund the blimp? 00:38:23
HelP! Need Ron Paul photos for ad 00:29:47
**BREKING NEWS** great new for ron paul! -a must see 00:25:59
**BREKING NEWS** great new for ron paul! -a must see 00:25:58
**BREKING NEWS** great new for ron paul! -a must see 00:25:55
Easy WAY WE CAN CALL EARN money for Ron Paul! 00:14:21
God Tube Poll -- Vote Fred Thompson 00:13:24
Has anybody seen this? McLaughlin Group Awards-Ron Paul -Person of the Year 00:12:03
Bloomburg has to answer his ties to Nazi's 00:05:29
Please help with poll! 00:05:29
skewing Lou's polls DAILY is fun and EASY.... 00:04:10
Confirm, please? 00:04:09
Gee... Bush lied! Lil Ammo for ya! 00:03:47