Posted on January 26, 2008

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Ron Paul Endorsed By Alabama Republican Assembly 17:47:41
Don't whine about the problem. SOLVE IT! 15:14:17
Peter Schiff Named Economic Advisor to Campaign 15:14:16
Ron Paul Campaign Files Caucus Challenge with Louisiana GOP 15:09:59
Campaign Needs a $5 Million Boost by Feb 5th. Donate Now! 15:02:02
New Hampshire Recount | Chain of Custody Sham 00:31:31
The Only Money Bomb That Counts!!! 00:23:22
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I love this video... 23:56:14
I love this video... 23:55:31
2nd Romney Whisper Found! 23:53:13
Here is one for people to think about. 23:51:33
Huck will soon surpass us. 23:50:47
Clue this one in? 23:40:10
Hot new radio ad from Columbia, MO airing next week 23:39:23
VOTE NOW: Tastes Great or Less Filling - Poll 23:38:39
Good News! Please Read Article: Endorsement by AL. Rep. Assembly 23:25:53
Boca Raton Fl. After party 23:24:43
Question on $2,300 donation limit 23:22:58
2 Great New must see videos 23:21:29
One of the most moving RP youtube tributes, I've seen. 23:19:19
take courage 23:18:45
Want some RFID CHIPS wit dat? 23:15:11
If the Republicans don't get behind the R3VOLUTION they will lose. 23:13:17
1988 interview with Ron Paul, on the Powerbrokers behind the American Empire. 23:10:26
Paul contests delegate credentials in Louisiana....AP FINALLY picked it up! 23:03:14
can our generation write the best moment in history 23:01:08
Early Absentee Voting in Florida and California? Is this True? 23:00:06
The People! 22:58:00
Secretly counting our votes 22:54:01
do not wait until 02/01/08 to donate... 22:45:29
please Digg this BadA** new Video 22:43:29
My God have you given up already now that he is picking up steam? 22:42:57
Greatest grassroots campaign IN HISTORY - IGNORED BY BIG MEDIA 22:37:05
Superbowl ads - please donate! 22:26:22
Bush's Martial Law Plan Is So Shocking, Even Congress Can't See it 22:23:53
US NEWS & World Report...Needs Action! 22:20:33
The American Power Structure 22:13:48
send money ASAP- call it the OBAMABOMB... 22:10:03
we should not wait for the next money bomb to get the $$$ to the campaign... 22:03:12
No more blimp 22:02:42
A shrewd run for Congress ~ Nat'l GOP United against Ron Paul in '96 21:56:41
Let's get serious. Do this and feel the POWER! 21:53:58
we should all know how much we are receiving from the 'stimulus' plan, so donate what you will be getting to the campaign... 21:52:34
Rudy will exit race before Feb5 to save his speaking fees. 21:40:58
Do we want Huckleberry to kick our butts in 21:40:56
Dr. Paul's Best Poison: Romey or McCain in Florida? 21:39:41
So why doesn't Rommey use clips from these for campaign ads against McCain 21:34:50
Obama spanks Clinton and Edwards in SC 21:34:38
No More Money Bombs! 21:33:50
rebranding the republican party 21:27:19
My Ranger donate code! 21:23:30
Any Thoughts on running mate? 21:14:55
we need to give reasons why to vote for Ron 21:11:38
We got clowns to the left of us and jokers to the right... here I am stuck in the middle with you 21:08:31
Ron Paul Sunday night and ignore the media that has ignored him 21:07:11
Hilarious Faux News Video 20:50:01
Any news on LA??????? 20:46:40
* * Press Release - Ron Paul Endorsed By Alabama Republican Assembly DIGG * 20:43:39
FL Governor Charlie Crist (R) just endorsed John McCain!! 20:41:56
Florida Governor just endorses McCain 20:41:01
* * * FAMED RESPECTED -Luskin Named Economic Advisor to Campaign * * * 20:37:28
Three Ron Paul YouTube Videos I'd Like To See 20:34:40
Ron is asking for help 20:21:00
John Mccain said to Dr. Paul I was there and you were there too! 20:19:03
More Good news 20:07:28
Faux News Projects Obama Wins SC with NO VOTES COUNTED YET!! 20:02:20
Awesome Politico question to vote for 20:00:06
* * * PRESS RELEASE - Ron Paul Campaign Files Caucus Challenge with Louisiana GOP* * * 19:58:57
Immigrant Family 19:57:16
What concerted efforts are being made to raise this money? 19:55:05
Military/Defense composition 19:53:17
You guys need to see this... 19:47:21
Terrible Ron Paul Picture on Issues page on official site 19:46:24
Funny one 19:46:19
Senator McCain fans - give him some straight talk here. 19:45:58
Chavez Urges Allies to Pull Reserves From US Banks 19:39:06
Is Obama a CFR Toadie?? 19:36:53
Are any of you really LISTENING to Dr. Paul???? 19:36:17
CODEX: All food irradiated and no health supplements in 2 years! 19:33:16
Splitting the republican vote 19:27:40
And So it begins?? Bank Closure 19:19:01
Will Thompon's name still be on the Florida primary ballot?? 19:15:21
Romneys online effort sways CT straw poll (who's not real?) 19:09:03
Imagine, With All the MSM "Brainwashing" the Rest of the Nation... 19:02:05
Does AMERICA Know That ...... 18:50:56
The Media Really Is Prejudiced Against Certain Candidates (Harper's SLAMS Fox News) 18:38:17
Funny Political Cartoons 18:33:54
Ron Paul Endorsed by Alabama Republican Assembly! 18:30:49
GREAT article! Harper's Magazine: "Republic or empire: A National Intelligence Estimate on the United States" (explains it all) 18:27:24
High Times Ad this month 18:17:24
LOL LOL LOL LOL sorry cant stop laughing 18:16:27
Hawai'i 18:11:07
Democracy 18:09:54
Anyone Know The Answer? 18:09:03
Giuliani pulls out after poling from behind - DIGG! 17:58:11
Working Group(PPT) 17:53:30
Flyering Cars? Help! ? about getting the word out. 17:52:57
Alabama Endorsement 17:43:27
Mitt Romney owns Media Empire! 17:41:31
How many planks of the Communist Manifesto is the USA following? 17:31:06
ABC NEWS Censoring on Super Tuesday! 17:29:10
CNN debate 1/30: We have the top 2 questions. Vote here to keep them on the top 17:21:12
We are all contributing to MSM 17:19:56
McCain vs McCain 17:19:27
The State of the Revolution 17:13:48
Warning This May Be A Trap 17:02:58
Ron Paul should campaign on complete government transparency. 16:56:25
St Pete Times Released the Truth Meter FULL PAGE. GO RON!!!! 16:45:31
Nothing more important than this!!! 16:43:07
MORE good press! Rockford, IL - Rockford Register Star 16:40:42
Georgia has raised Ron to 12%...what are you doing? 16:40:36
Florida Folks, Got your Ears On? 16:37:53
Iquiring Minds Want to Know: Did McCain Just Get Torpedoed? DIGG IT!! 16:29:23
**Ron Paul: Building an All-Star Economic Powerhouse ** Digg it 16:25:05
$4M by Saturday Night? C'mon 16:16:02
How To Raise Money For Ron Paul Now 16:15:31
New State Poll Numbers 16:14:50
For the love of all things good, decent, and holy,...... 16:13:34
**Ron Paul Campaign Announces Two Additions to Leadership Team 16:10:00
Will `Ace' McCain Flame Out Again? 16:09:52
Article: Thompson Supporters Should Consider Ron Paul 16:09:45
Revolution Day April 15th 16:07:01
Why is every other question on the politico site about NASA? 16:05:58
Digg this to spread message of Ron Paul's $ economic $ plan 16:01:31
If this isn't possible it should be--debit cards with foreign currency 16:01:07
Ron Paul is not against israel or jews, watch this!!!!! 15:52:36
HELP! Need $50 for add by Monday! 15:50:35
How fast can we get the 5 Mill we need to win this? 15:47:27
What have you done for Ron Paul Lately 15:46:59
Strong National Defense 15:39:33
Any idea in the delays for FEC postings? 15:37:24
Its working - ONLY 2 more to go!!! Vote up the 'Moral Obligation to police the world' question' for the CNN/Politico debate 15:33:58
How many of you been have contacted by another campaign? 15:33:54
Ron Paul is The Big Gun!!! .....AC/DC 15:17:59
Connecticut Straw poll 15:16:28
Economic Benefit of Ending The Iraqi Occupation – Soldier’s Capital! 15:08:19
Ron Paul - The American Power Structure (important 1988 video) 15:07:29
Daytona Beach...GREAT ARTICLE! Thank the Reporter! PR is working! 15:04:28 was where the Fredheads were 15:01:30
Draft Dodger and Chickenhawk 14:57:48
How Paul will fix the economy 14:56:11
Ron Paul - Sees the future - All congressional speeches 14:50:34
Does anyone know how many people are in the RP movement! 14:49:31
Worldwide Protest strike! 14:46:35
Question: Is there any place I can buy an actual Ron Paul Flag? 14:46:08
Good interview with Dr Paul i never saw this before korelin report 14:46:08
My new door to door campaign slogans 14:43:08
CONSISTENT:(Video)Ron Paul Interview With Moyers Pre War 14:41:04
Guiliani Fables - He Continues to Exaggerate 14:40:31
Ron Paul Racing news 14:38:25
MSNBC GOP DEBATE Candidate FACT CHECK!! 14:36:36
Christian Homeschooling Mom talks about her support for Ron Paul 14:24:32
U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter Speaks about Ron Paul 14:22:25
**Bypassing and harnessing the mainstream media** 14:17:31
FreeRepub Poll 14:17:11
The Washington Post doesn't know Thompson dropped out 14:17:02
///McInsane may have Rambo, BUT WE HAVE ->> RONBO!!! 14:12:19
Jena6 Color of Change Website Presidential Poll 14:07:10
Behind the names that McCain spewed out of his mouth when Dr. Paul asked him about Bush's working group on the markets 14:02:32
Bush's FCC Suing ABC Television for Shower Scene 13:56:32
DIGG Censorship 13:55:18
***Just for FUN *** Dr Ron Pauls Birth Chart *** The Makings of a Leader 13:50:43
Paul vs. Huckabee, homeless people 13:50:37
Breaking News!! New Government Seal Announced. 13:49:57
Ron paul battling for Louisiana!!! See press release Jan 26th 13:29:20
Alternative to TV/Cable/Dish/MSM!!! 13:24:38
Ron Paul press conference in Maine!!! 13:23:22
Peter Schiff named as economic advisor to Paul 13:21:05
Verified proof RP only candidate not to lie or mislead in Florida Debate! 12:59:46
Here is a MUST READ regarding the Fed, CFR, etc. 12:52:02
**how we can help** HQ NEEDS $5 MIL **Need some tips?** 12:49:04
Madame Speaker, I rise to introduce the Free Competition in Currency Act. 12:33:37
Please Help! My Ron Paul Vlog Is Under Attack! 12:27:08
Link to write letter to get endorsement 12:26:10
4th Quarter Fundraising... Bump up for Paul 12:23:38
Empire of Oil 12:22:18
Quentin Guy On Forbes On Fox Says Paul Does Not Have A Chance 12:21:03
How to take back the media 12:18:48
Two Fundraising Ideas - Get money from ads/commissions 12:13:37
Ron Paul scored 100%. How did Hillary and McCain do? See for yourself. 12:05:37
New material to support Dr Paul's foreign policy positions 11:45:49
Votergate video.....must see, especially for all of you vote fraud nay-sayers 11:41:04
Votergate video.....must see, especially for all of you vote fraud nay-sayers 11:41:03
Digg the Candidates 11:39:22
Digg this and bump - Exposing McCain 11:37:11
Alex Jones: I Can Feel the Freedom! 11:34:40
Good article, Middle East Online 11:14:11
MAINE! 11:14:00
anyone watching MSNBC now at 10:07 est? Joe and Mika HATE eachother 11:10:00
Thoughts on Campaign Backing 11:02:12
For McCain Fence Sitters 10:57:26
National ID Director--Mr. Darrell Williams 10:54:47
How do I counter this??? 10:48:44
Barron's letter: Thanks Adam Rayn! 10:46:29
The forgotten issue 10:45:39
Has this happened to you ? 10:43:35
Open Letter To Arkansan Evangelicals 10:43:34
Ron Paul and Leadership 10:37:17
Uplifting Article, we are making progress : Rep. Ron Paul a surprising contender 10:35:59
Restore the Republic (freedom to fascism) chip-in 10:24:56
Responding to the call for $5 million. I will give $1000 IF you help. 10:20:42
Great video on fascism 10:14:29
new site, very useful for truth, media and this movement in years to come!! 09:57:56
Boycott Louisiana!!! 09:57:21
Any precinct leaders here? 09:42:16
Troops and Veterans for Ron Paul are Organizing! 09:40:13
Lou Dobbs: Ron Paul is the only inspiring candidate 09:37:22
Stoked!! 09:14:03
New Idea: The Daily Paul Poll and the Ron Paul Debate Focus Group 09:04:04
Canadians for Ron Paul 08:41:26
McCain responds to Ron Paul's Question 08:32:58
I Am Ron Paul 08:26:42
Anyone Know? 08:02:06
My Presidential Debate Questions for Senator McCain 06:59:11
Chuck Norris Charity Cheat: I'm Guilty 06:38:23
Forget Money bombs -- we're Going for the Gold 06:36:04
Ron Paul Revolution - theme song? 06:12:04
Go For The Gold and Donate Tonight! Every $25 helps 05:49:20
Answers Questions? 05:28:41
Almost there! ALL 5 CNN questions now in top 15. Help get them to top 5!! Vote here if you havent! 05:07:07
Youtube video on voter fraud computer programmer 04:24:11
Need help from Paulites with large MySpace and facebook networks 04:21:59
John McCain is not a man of peace. 04:18:58
Understand the Difference 04:06:42
PLEASE do this 03:59:52
Trying To Wake Up A Friend who is in the clutches of neo con radio 03:39:54
who is ron paul? cheap way to spread the word globally! 03:39:11
Digg this - Newest Ron Paul video a must see 03:36:10
Dr. Paul's prescription for prosperity press tv 03:30:11
OMFW Is this True? MITT OWNS CLEARCHANNEL? 03:08:45 03:08:10
100% Individual donors for RP 3rd Quarter 03:01:13
**TECHIES** Hot idea for Feb 5th vote! Need instructions on how to burn multiple DVDs. 02:57:55
Have you guys seen this ? Colbert's writers scream RP4PREZ ! 02:52:08
You've Been Had! 02:43:21
If you have XM satellite radio! 02:35:50
Judge Andrew Napolitano statements for Ron Paul Listen to it at 02:34:58
News flash( rumor) on Bill Maher tonight 02:29:04
Just got my "I Support Ron Paul" poster in the mail.... 02:26:58
Fun Ron Paul signs!! Email or make your own!! 02:13:29
Ron Paul Calls For $5 Million Additional Boost! 02:08:51
Cinderella Man=Ron Paul 02:02:42
Digg-The Epic Collapse of Rudy Giuliani 01:47:47
My canvassing idea please give input 01:47:33
moneymasters 01:42:43
McCain thinks Putin is President of Germany 01:41:03
NH Sec of State lies to press about Demoncratic recount. 01:34:48
Consolidate Our Efforts 01:22:54
Advisors to Paul 01:14:16 poll--Ron is way behind 00:57:18
** UPDATE ** Louisiana Caucus Yields 10 delegates out of 105 to State Convention. 00:53:42
I need help understanding statism? 00:43:07
Reagan / RP Comparison Video 00:41:04 it? 00:38:53
deleted 00:22:04
The Campaign has Spoken!!Go for the Gold! 00:18:59
If I was RP 00:17:10
Irwin Schiff - what's the latest on him? 00:15:57
It seems there's no coverage of last quarter's numbers for ANY campaign 00:14:49
ONLINE POLL: Does FOX treat Paul Unfairly 00:11:54
Only $120 needed for Tennessee ad 00:08:28