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Precinct Captains and The Campaign's Strategy: WHERE matters 23:58:05
!!! 85,923 Donations Since January 1st 2008 !!! Want to Raise $4.3 Million Feb. 1st? Donate $100 23:52:33
Send To Anyone With Children 23:51:22
Re-Post EVERYWHERE!: Ron Paul Declares VICTORY in Louisiana! 23:47:38
Sierra Club's Magavern recommends Ron Paul in California primary 23:39:58
SaveOurGeneration? 23:35:14
Iraq War Planned Pre-911 23:32:33
GRASSROOTS - You ARE History in the Making! 23:31:02
A 20 year younger Ron Paul 23:27:34
California state Sen. Tom McClintock "If I were to vote today, I probably would be casting a vote for Ron Paul..." 23:23:51
Rupert Murdoch Loves Hillary Clinton 23:20:19
Famed Sci-Fi writer Jerry Pournelle supports Ron Paul 23:10:12
This is why I support the "Good Dr. Paul" 23:07:26
CNN Debate Question No. 1 - Repeal Real ID 23:04:05
Ron Paul Endorsed by Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe of Roe V Wade) 23:03:12
CNN/Politico Poll 22:54:45
Civil Disobediance Against MSM (Super Bowl AZ) 22:49:20
If you are a maxed out donor or got refunded from Super Bowl Ads please read 22:38:30
Paul Versus Huckster This Month 22:25:17
Could Ron Paul Get Third in Florida? 22:24:50
CNN DEBATE 1/30: Medicare/ SS Question 22:24:11
Are the primaries scheduled for the worst weather? 22:22:47
Decent ideas about gold and silver, and easily obtain them. 22:19:26
I hope somebody on the Campaign Staff was watching this 22:18:07
A Fast and Easy Way to Help 22:16:24
CNN DEBATE 1/30: Medicare/Social Security question working thread. Join to contribute 22:15:50
ABC sent me this video. 22:10:47
Whats going on in Louisiana? 22:01:37
!!! Petition for Matching Funds !!! 21:59:39
No Banners for 1st Feb Money Bombs on DailyPaul ??? 21:52:01 Questions 21:51:36
A New Hope 3.0 (2008) 21:43:38
Someone ask Huckabee this Question on film.... 21:41:02
Invasion of Required 21:38:04
Ron Paul wins American President Idol 21:34:56
RP video 21:21:57
They cheat! ,,,,,Every day we are in this election is a VICTORY,,,, THANK YOU 21:13:37
I can't stop laughing 21:09:25
Ron Paul supporter takes a long walk 21:01:11
Camping in the Enemy's base 20:55:20
Caught some thieves..... 20:48:07
Ron Paul literature 20:45:48
McCain, Romney trade accusations 20:42:42
YouTube Video to Commemorate Ron and Carol Paul's 51st Anniversary 20:39:03 forwards to 20:38:57
Video on who benefits from these $600 incentive checks. 20:37:06
Filling the precinct captains positions - HELP NEEDED 20:36:51
Video to supporters from Ron Paul 20:34:53
Time to take Matching Funds? 20:32:53
Ron Paul Newspaper! 20:28:24
Help Keep Florida Voter from Going to Huck!!! 20:26:56
MSM 20:23:10
MSM 20:20:36
fast delivery t-shirts?? where? 20:20:01
Connecticut Republican Straw Poll Results from Jan. 25th, 2008! 20:12:33
Slim Jim for Seniors. 20:10:11
Go outside your "comfort zone"! It Works! 20:03:19
From the mouth of a Founder 20:02:36
Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - The Truth On Iraq 19:59:01
Other candidates advantage over Ron Paul 19:58:53
And amid the uncertainty, one thing seems clear: Next year’s election will be the most expensive ever. 19:57:31
Order Slim Jim Flyers Now! 500 Color flyers for $17.50 delivered 19:52:00
The Book Of Mormon and anti-preemptive war verses 19:49:49
Ron Paul in Augusta, Maine tomorrow @ 11:30, what should I tell him if I meet him? 19:48:16
Alaska and Oklahoma? 19:46:42
Where is it stated that IRS is private company? 19:45:26
CNN DEBATE 1/30: Draft Blowback question. Join this thread to help 19:41:13
Wake up! Huckleberry is kicking our a** today on donations!! 19:24:57
OK ABC News...Apparently they put him on & now took him off again...WTF 19:24:37
Questions for you gold and silver Gurus. 19:24:00
TANSTAAFL 19:18:05
Campaign Update Directly from Dr. Paul 19:17:40
Latest Rasumussen Florida Poll 19:13:42
Syracuse Paper Bias, please help 19:02:10
I talked to my Catholic Priest today (success story hopefully) 18:56:59
Give to the Montana newspaper ads 18:55:53
Know ALL the TRUE candidates' positions, Democrat or Republican 18:55:03
DIGG! Giuliani Pulls Out!!! To get behind McCain??? 18:48:28
51 years event- what you need to understand 18:44:32
Montana Newspaper Ads Opportunity 18:40:45
Awesome Video from Dr. Paul 18:38:42
debate tickets 18:32:38
Please get the Ron Paul Toolbar earn money for clicks! 18:30:32
Should Dr. Paul be interviewed again by Alex Jones? 18:20:16
The Coloradoan :Paul has a plan 18:16:49
Does Bush Panders to Terrorists. Question to Ponder and Laugh. 18:15:13
Gorilla Marketing 101. Familiarity Breeds Confidence, Confidence Breeds ACTION! 18:12:56
National Ledger:Republican Debate: Mitt Romney & Ron Paul Score Points 18:09:32
Join and start 100 new Ron Paul channels 18:05:21
Ron Paul Racing site over 6000 Hits ! 18:03:59
Decent way to convert Many of you Christian freinds. 18:03:38
Ron Paul on KING TV - Seattle today 17:56:59
Huckabee's imitation of it strategy to help Paul? 17:56:46
We're Not In Kansas Anymore! 17:50:46
What happened to this forum did everyone give up 17:48:41
INTRADE: Helping RP w/ Money and Publicity 17:45:11
Kuchinich Endorses RP 17:44:03
Important! Any Flash developers here? 17:37:10
75% of donors today are NEW donors 17:29:18
"There's going to be other wars," said McCain 17:28:15
RonPaulToolBar, 17:18:44
s 1959 17:15:51
McCain forums: All posts have to be reviewed/approved before they are posted 17:10:09
One Step Closer to One World Government 17:10:00
Small Businesses Opening Neighborhood Campaign Offices! 17:04:39
Hitler Bush Ron Paul 17:02:09
The Real MSNBC Poll Results 16:54:12
Share this with Huckabee supporters! 16:49:07
John McCain has PTSD 16:47:52
Anyone here snoop around McCain forums? 16:38:29
ABC's Peace Offering: A Complete INSULT 16:36:37
Gold 16:35:10
Real advice to Ron Paul: Change the way he campaigns! 16:32:35
Please help us with this simple poll 16:31:53
New Video: Ron Paul, One Chance 16:30:37
the one tool that can't fail to help Paul's Presidency 16:28:56
**GOP.COM** 16:26:53
Online gaming-let your friends know RP supports allowing US sites to operate 16:20:04
Paul campaign most active in Maine Caucuses 16:12:05
Focus on the Family 16:09:06
I, Mad as H**L and I'm not going to take it any more! 16:08:12
Ron Paul excluded from major NY newspaper piece 15:57:39
"Meet Ron Paul" on Houston KPRC local TV channel 2 15:51:27
Response from ABC 15:49:33
****Let's VOICE OUR OPINION to FCC Directly********** 15:38:07
Video from Paul to supporters 15:33:04
Email/Call Howard Stern this week and Let the Floodgates Open 15:30:59
Ron Paul Progress Report 15:28:45
OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism 15:26:01
Maxed out? 15:25:54
Republicans Throw Another War Hawk Into The Race 15:13:51
Cheney's daughter joins Romney's Staff! 14:57:16
Associated Press lies to the public - Ron Paul not mentioned in video 14:55:37
The Man Behind The Curtain by Chuck Baldwin, January 25 14:53:36
Guerrilla Newspaper Takeover Network - For Ron Paul 14:45:41
Idea for a different type of moneybomb 14:38:21
"America and the Dollar will remain powerful BECAUSE of all of the debt we owe" 14:34:30
Ways to contribute 14:31:03
This Coming Saturday Meet You At Your Busiest Intersection ... 14:22:10 & Ron Paul Golden Hour! Have you signed up yet? 14:20:17
McCain gets caught in lie on Meet the Press 14:15:13
What I as a supporter would like to hear at the next debate 14:13:59
Money Fire? Proposal 14:11:55
Ron Paul Cartoon (with other republicans) in The Politico 14:07:13
London Financial Times: The Fed at Fault for Economic Bubbles! 14:07:10
Vote for David Walker Question 14:05:08
Judge Andrew Napolitano On Ron Paul 14:04:37
When are these new campaign advisors going to make their move... 14:04:36
Newspaper Article: Read and Comment 14:04:00
Feedback on this promotion idea would be appreciated! 14:00:22
Hotties 4 Ron Paul on Howard Stern!!!!!! 13:54:35
No More McLaughlin Group For Me... waste of time anymore. 13:52:19
Official Campaign Progress Update from Ron Paul 13:50:58
Where is Liberty Tax 08 banner from Daily Paul?? 13:47:52
Paul rocks the crowd 13:41:40
Anyone Else Having Trouble Getting Daily Paul to Come Up Correctly? 13:33:19
Mainstream Media can not ignore Ron Paul much longer 13:25:43
Florida: Wow, the political ads just started bigtime 13:22:04
Huck starts running Ad in NY 13:21:31
Money bomb idea 13:19:33
Get local news stations this video. 13:18:38
CNN-Huckabe quotes Ron Paul on the Economy..BITER! 13:16:09
Florida - St. Augustine Record - Ron Paul left out :( 13:10:48
Please Digg the new RP video! Motivate the troops! 13:10:26
Son prank calls MITT ROMNEY *FUNNY VID* 12:55:39
How to RAISE 40 MILLION 12:41:03
RP addresses New Junior Congressmen 12:35:45
Let us not forget how important this fight is. 12:34:10
Huckabee the Deciever! 12:33:37
New Flier for Catholics 12:29:38
Check out new content.... 12:05:47
ATTN: Everybody...RE: frequency of Duplicate Topics 12:04:24
Censored Quotes from 3 Great Leaders(MLK,JFK,RP) 12:03:57
At this point an infomercial is our only option 12:00:07
Which Big-Government Socialist Will Tom McClintock Endorse Next? 11:58:03
Keep Calling ABC NEWS!!! It's working... 11:57:13 shows Ron Paul is truthful 11:51:04
» Public Education??? 11:48:43
Letters to super-voters (aka old people) 11:33:49
Ron Paul just said he will continue to run as long as he keeps getting money. Keep giving money!!! 11:27:57
RP Campaigning In ME Monday 11:13:19
Im Donating $200 today, who is going to join me? 11:13:16
The Huckster Exposed 11:11:16
What Everyone should know about John McCain 11:10:06
Is DP homepage malfunctioning? 11:09:16
..FREE SPEECH.."(..Use of the Internet by Terrorists..)" 11:03:27
The Media is Cheating Us!!! 10:57:20 is the real deal, and I will support them when... 10:56:02
Hypocrisy in foreign policy 10:55:35
Ron Paul Made YouTube Video On Campaign Progress 10:53:53
Check Out Who CNN Shows Got 2nd in Nevada...McCain?! 10:51:32
Dr. Paul said no to President Gerald Ford 10:49:34
Individualism vs. Collectivism 10:37:15
Money-bombs WORK! 10:35:16
James Grant will be Ron Paul's Secretary of the Treasury 10:30:14
February 1st MONEY BOMB!! 10:25:19
What is wrong with the Dept of Education 10:19:39
/is-there-fluriode-in-my-water + petition 09:54:31
How many delegates should we have going into a brokered convention in order to have a chance of winning the nomination? 09:43:49
nh-vote-fraud-on-tape 09:35:25
Real Quick - A good article about the Ron Paul newsletters? 09:32:49
The beginning collapse of the economy...tentcity in southern CA..... 09:25:36
HUCKSTER Next On CSPAN 09:15:51
These are 3 people that we need endorsements from today! 09:10:49
Remember the Anthrax Attacks? 09:05:49
Why every American should see THIS Movie 08:52:12
Pre-FED (1903) prophecy coming true NOW! 08:51:46
WAR! 08:48:10
"CIA" (?) Bombs Afghanistan In Tribal Area 08:48:09 08:44:04
Can The Campaign Hold It's Funds In Gold? 08:11:20 GOOGLE IT NOW! 07:57:10
What Is Really Working to recruit new voters? YOUR SUCCESS STORIES need to be heard! 07:35:48
Ron Paul Endorsements 07:33:57
Ron Paul Campaign Announces Two Additions to Leadership Team 07:00:08
McCain has appointed former Senator Conrad Burns (Abramoff Scandal) as Montana Campaign Chairmain 06:45:38
Gen. X For Paul 06:44:34
FL Gov.Crist to stump with McCain (and then there were 3) 06:43:51
blog 4 paul 06:35:35
Another bury brigade at work on the Politico website???? 06:00:05
Is Irwin Schiff related to Jacob Schiff? 05:49:42
Paul loosing to Romney in msn poll by 9%!! 05:27:08
MO Right To Life Endorses Huck 04:38:16
Anyone else see the resemblence between 04:35:08
This is in the top 5 Ron Paul videos I have ever seen.......... 04:29:14
Why they all coming out to endorse McCain over Romney? 04:20:17
This video will get you pumped up for another day of Ron Paul campaigning! 04:10:51
Can we get this onto Citizen Link? 04:04:59
Will the two new people make a difference? Elam/Tate? 04:03:03
Ten reasons for Ron Paul to announce a VP choice now 04:01:42
Coming Security Problems 03:59:33
* * * TROLL ALERT xilin1976 is a Troll * * * 03:31:44
CNN DEBATE 1/30: Draft Romney question - help debate and frame it here 03:26:18
Once Apathetic, I'm now a "Ron Paul Republican!!!" 03:12:57
Who would the world elect? 03:08:33
Romney Supporters Cheating the polls! Please just watch. This is so good! 03:06:59
What is wrong with you people? 03:04:59
Non states - from another candidate's forum 02:59:22
NRA 02:52:17
Ron Paul's Meteoric Rise new video amazing 02:49:42
The Smear Campaign 02:43:51
what happend to the post about the campaign? 02:23:08
Will any of Paul's policies help with unemployment? 02:21:52
What DVD's have had the most success? 02:07:40
Gaming Community Upset at Fox News 01:57:01
The rEVOLution Will Take Over Washington D.C. - Planned March To Take Back Our Government 01:56:18
please...MATCH MY $25 DONATION... 01:56:10
Real ID - Technology Developed in Pakistan???!!!! 01:55:48
Site for RP's Pro-Life History? 01:55:11
12 Million to WIN!!!!! Remember that? 01:53:56
Top 5 political Rappers 01:47:15
ABC plans to exclude President Paul from super tuesday coverage 01:46:38
Ron Paul not one of the 'Top 6 Candidates' on ABC News Radio Super Tuesday Coverage! 01:46:04
Obama Wins SC Primary Despite Mixing Words 01:42:32
Don't let the revolution die 01:39:58
The start of the two pronged ATTACK! 01:39:47
Ron Paul Campaign releases new video strategy to win it all, leaves other campaigns in flames!! 01:36:38
Huge endorsments!!!!!!! 01:30:58
Quick Fundraising Ideas 01:29:35
"Let me see if I get this right. We've got 1,584 Ron Paul Meetup Groups..." 01:17:20
Ron Paul in MSNBC's GOP Debate: A Victorious Loss! 01:16:20
Please post your favorite documentary/educational videos here ------> 01:15:21
Should The Campaign Send An Email Requesting $50? UPDATE 00:53:57
The internet is not enough! 00:51:21
Spread the word in sweden vote in this poll 00:49:40
Donations 00:44:07
Huckabee urges killer's release, goes on to rape and murder 00:43:19
Our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor... 00:39:10
Now there are Five 00:38:01
* * Dancing...for a delightful laugh...* * * 00:32:59
Use the AMWAY approach to help overcome a bias media. 00:31:22
Take a look at this beauty 00:30:44
Time for a National Organization! 00:29:18
Help Needed Please 00:26:57
History is a great teacher. I'm a nutcase in 1976 and again in 2008 00:23:42
Where's Ron's MITT! 00:09:48
6 MILLION-DOLLAR Surprise By Sunday Evening! 00:08:56
Mike Huckabee on Easter Egg Hunt, Ron Paul poised to surge in FL ENJOY! 00:02:24