Posted on January 29, 2008

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NH Recount Update & Call for Help 22:40:09
Kids for Ron Paul! The Issues in Pictures 22:11:52
Florida Talk Radio Host Endorses RP, Curses Romney 14:31:26
Florida Primary Today 14:31:27
Must Read Message from Ron: In to Win! 11:06:06
The History of the Ron Paul Campaign (videos) 10:58:57
**We Need To Get Ready for the convention Brothers and sisters** 00:43:12
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What If... 23:54:39
bloomberg, nader, hillama, mccain, ron paul... 23:54:10
Reason why old people vote(and maybe others ) for Neocons? 23:51:51
Rudy admits Ron Paul won the debates! 23:51:36
Blackout - Really? 23:50:46
Give your Federal TAX to Ron Paul 23:49:24
Florida "economy as their chief concern" 23:48:17
Now There Are Four 23:43:59 23:37:07
Absurd slight from local FOX (Philadelphia) news broadcast 23:35:00
sell your TV... 23:33:49
Good News from Grassroots in Oklahoma! 23:31:43
Iraqi Woman Speech? 23:31:19
Make Fun Buddy ! Giuliani Disses Ron Paul 23:30:08
Revolutions aren't easy. 23:28:08
Paul vs the Police State - censor 23:28:01
How any one person can make a serious difference in the outcome for Ron Paul! 23:25:35
Protest Vote??? 23:24:33
Looks like McCain picked up some LA delegates tonight 23:23:44
How any one person can make a serious difference in the outcome for Ron Paul! 23:23:07
Next steps. The Task at Hand and What You Can Do. 23:17:56
Rudy's pulls out! To get behind McCain??? 23:10:00
I love RON PAUL...let me hear from those who do too! 23:08:25
NOW THERE ARE FOUR... 23:06:00
McCain is too senile...he is teetering with every word on self-destruction... 22:59:05
BREAKING NEWS: Giuliani to endorse McCain tomorrow 22:57:55
The Ghoul suspends presidential campaign. 22:56:35
Anyone else notice... 22:53:00
Huckashuck Florida speech stolen entirely from Ron Paul. 22:51:02
GOP payback to McCain: OK, you be our nominee in a year we can not win... 22:46:24
There is HOPE for the good doctor! 22:42:47
Wow, 3.11-3.15% all night! 22:42:33
What does it mean if 22:41:40
Did Romney just deliberately sabotage his own campaign? 22:40:25
Immigration Gumballs & Charts 22:39:30
Want Some Extra Incentive to Donate on 2/1??? READ THIS!!!!! 22:37:59
Letter I'm sending to church Leaders 22:37:02
Debate Strategy for Tomorrow - What do you think? 22:31:37
CNN - RUDY - Ron Paul won all the debates. 22:31:36
Dr. Paul’s message will ring true in Maine since 22:28:25
CNN - RUDY - Ron Paul won all the debates. 22:27:35
Election Observations 22:26:44
RON PAUL is a GENIUS!! UPDATED!!!! 22:25:25
Ghouli gave RP a shout OUT! 22:24:04
McCain Will Win Nomination, But Lose Election 22:19:45
Do it now or throw in the towel. After today, we are at the "moment of truth." 22:16:47
Bogus: 18-29 yo Paul=6 McCain=26 => No Way 22:15:02
500,000 Florida voters over 60 years old. 22:13:50
romney laughs at ron paul host-lets him have it 22:09:29
Politico Reporting possible Rudy endorsement of McCain tommorrow 22:09:27
Is the GOP giving this election to the Dems? 22:04:37
Mit Romney Mocks Ron Paul - Five Million Dollar Friday! 22:02:04
Sucks that Huckabee sticking around. 22:01:07
Draft the Pro War Voters and their next of Kin first 22:00:46
Don't let the machines win...The world is watching 21:59:18
Note to GOP: If McCain is your nominee I will vote for Obama or Edwards and donate money! 21:57:37
Well, What have we Learned from these Primaries? 21:55:30
~Blimpette LIVE on @ 9:30pm EST ..Q&A Organization to Promote Ron Paul/Freedom 21:53:03
~Blimpette LIVE on @ 9:30pm EST ..Q&A Organization to Promote Ron Paul/Freedom 21:52:47
Giuliani Expected to Endorse McCain as early as Wednesday...on Drudge 21:52:40
Amazing how the vast majority of Floridians are content. 21:52:03
How do we inform the 45,000+ people who have already donated to redonate? 21:51:03
Ron Paul Briefly Mentioned on CNN's Anderson Cooper. 21:47:47
Ron Paul Briefly Mentioned on CNN's Anderson Cooper. 21:47:44
Will Dr Paul change the way he debates? 21:47:22
Romney or McCain... which is better for us? 21:44:26
Easy tiger!!!! 21:42:13
Something has GOT to be done with the speed of this site! 21:40:09
I can't believe people voted for hot-headed McCain 21:38:56
Drudge Omits RP in live results-send feedback 21:37:58
What's your favorite Ron Paul quote? 21:37:50
Can we get a RON PAUL REPUB to run against McCain for that senate seat? 21:26:40
CNN: Rudy should not be at debate; it should be 3 people: McCain, Romney and Paul 21:24:17
CNN Panel: Tomorrow Debate will be a 3 person conversation- Romney, McCain and Ron Paul 21:18:34
We're not doing well, but I think it's worse for Giuliani 21:15:01
Let McCain Get The GOOFY OLD PERSON NOD...We go 3rd Party and help him crash!!!!!! 21:08:58
Lol 3% Ron Paul and 2% Fred Thompson....Rigged 21:08:57
CNN discrepency in numbers... SOS has Romney ahead ! 21:08:18
ENDORSEMENT:Songwriter Arlo Guthrie Endorses RP 21:04:46
Arlo Guthrie endorses Paul 21:02:57
The Blimp shouldn't of wasted its time in Florida 21:01:49
Ron Paul interview on FOX 20:57:28
What is this magical "PLAN" I haven't been told of yet? 20:53:17
What is this magical "PLAN" I haven't been told of yet? 20:52:26
ARLO!!!!!!! 20:52:06
I'm SO PISSED... 20:50:55
Damnit, McCain is gonna win FL 20:50:11
Florida: Thompson has 2%? 20:48:19
I have an idea 20:45:05
Missouri Poll, Lake of the Ozarks. 20:39:21
I donated $50 just to thumb the GOP in the eye! 20:38:35
* Candidates Channeling Bowie * ha...must see 20:36:40
WE NEED to get those "Other"'s - how>? 20:33:22
GOOD IDEA 20:28:08
The Good Dr. and the End of the American Empire! 20:23:51
FL Primary results are starting on Politico 4:20pm pst 20:23:10
The Real "Surge" of 2007: Non-Combatant Death in Iraq and Afghanistan 20:20:26
Harris Calls For Resignations In New Hampshire Recount Fiasco 20:19:55
First Florida results are in... Ron Paul in 6TH Place **UPDATE** Now, 5TH Place 20:14:55
Pretty Sweet! 20:12:39
What would Ron Do? 20:09:09
another cnn snub 20:08:16
Asking for a favor tonight, 1-29 at 7PM ET 20:05:13
Rush Limbaugh's touch screen FROZE UP while he was voting today in FL 20:01:10
How to post a blog 19:59:45
Huckabee on not an option in poll 19:53:38
Ron Paul not invited to MySpace/MTV forum 19:51:34
Washington Post 19:50:55
* News Channel 5 TV on RP Tennessee* 19:50:33
deleted 19:50:19
The Ron Paul Quote That Changed My Views on Politics Forever 19:49:30
Interview with Romney pushes Mark Larsen to support Ron Paul 19:47:30
Bush Buys Land in Paraguay 19:45:18
I'm MAD as Hell and NOT going to take it anymore! 19:44:32
* Ron Paul “Freedom Forum” Set For Southwestern Illinois Field Office * 19:35:02
Confused Stare - Good recap of Bush presidency 19:28:46
First FL exit polls not good 19:26:38
I am blocked from voting on the politico questions. Why? 19:24:36
Ron Paul in FL... 19:23:33
* "Argue with Everyone" = Hot Political Forum* 19:18:12
Bill is in Cleveland to raise money for his husband...LOL 19:11:58
Reverse Reporting 19:09:26
New IMPROVED Version 2.0 ManOfCommonSense flyers! 19:06:12
You can thank Mark Larsen Yourself! Contact Info 19:05:46
GATA to Federal Reserve... "Where's the Gold in Ft. Knox?" 18:59:40
Winning Super Tuesday in Tennessee, $17.76 at a time! 18:58:24
Media Blackout... justification for taking matching funds? 18:55:48
Ron Paul's Latest Press Release Already being picked up by Media... 18:51:17
Ron's Press Release --- Jan. 29th --- GOP Rivals are Fakes 18:44:40
* Gloves off RP New Straight Talk Ad on others...* 18:41:01
" Fox News is in for a very rough 2008" Why? You'll like reasons. 18:37:29
??? Has Ron Been Investing His War Chest $$$ In Gold ??? 18:36:49
CNN Exit Poll Update! are you kidding me? 5:30 EST Tuesday 18:34:44
* Ron Paul Looks Past Florida-Seeks Coverage - National Ledger * 18:33:08
TechCrunch - Tech President Primaries 18:31:13
Bahahahha - No More Fight Left in Giuliani? 18:26:06
Federal Reserve Treachery!! 18:20:42
Some good news from NJ 18:14:51
Media Monopolies 18:13:01
Heads up, local bookstore shoppers (Borders, Barnes & Nobles, etc.) 18:12:33
So, Florida only gets 1/2 its delegates? 18:11:49
Revolution Shenanigens 18:09:44
Actions to combat recent media omissions. (MTV/LATimes/NRLC) 18:01:20
* Top 10 Things Citizens Can Do To Oversee Elections * MUST SEE 18:01:18
CNN... I guess they forgot to ask ron paul 18:00:10
Florida: Talk show host Mark Larson loses it on Mitt Romney 17:58:28
stimulus package.. does this look familiar? 17:53:30
Breakdown of Contributions by State and Counties 17:51:07
Wash by donation. money plus publicity! 17:49:35
Local poll omits Paul 17:47:39
Anyone have photo's or film of Dr. Paul presenting a new born Baby to it's parents? 17:47:09
The real wall street story. Who is profiting from the subprime blowup? 17:42:45
Check Out These Poll Results.....RP Leads GOP...but most votes are for Dems 17:42:15
WFTV News Posts 100% Florida Results - Polls Are Still Open!! Managing Editor Calls It a "Test" 17:32:16
Ron Paul visiting Washington State Thursday 17:30:11
Ron Paul visting Washington State Thursday 17:27:48
Ten reasons for Ron Paul to announce a VP choice now 17:26:51
Just voted in FL: Paul and Romney signs everywhere. Romney guy waving sign on premise. 17:23:18
Please don’t alienate other campaign supporters, we may need them at the convention! 17:20:51
Damn Americans!!! 17:20:07
Vote in LA Times Survey 17:18:34
CHECK THIS EVENT OUT! Ronnie Paul (Dr. Paul's son), confirmed to speak at the Austin Liberty Ball! 17:13:19
MTV omission - Must expose - digg and call 17:12:04
Need help in explaining the federal reserve? 17:12:00
LA Times Leaves Out Ron Paul in GOP Candidate Profiles 17:09:47
NYC Supporters.. 17:08:21
I'm a Christian and I'm offended By the Christian Right. 17:06:23
Super Bowl idea 17:04:16
John Grisham & Election Fraud 17:01:34
Veterans and Truckers Love Dr. Paul 17:00:47
Top Buried Ron Paul Stories on Digg 16:58:24
* * Virtual Prayer Book for Ron Paul * * -share the vision widely 16:57:59
Wikipedia info on NH Recount Incorrect? 16:53:05
The Message 16:50:33
THIS YEAR I ACED/86'd... 16:43:48
Buchanan on McCain - expect more wars if McCain is elected 16:43:19
Ron Paul excluded on a Press Release to Pro- Life Voters - Action Needed 16:38:12
ABC HIT PIECE!! Lobbyists for McCain- more contributions than any other candidate! Get this out there! 16:34:55
Thinking About The Politico Questions... 16:34:34
Pay $20 Billion or You Are an anti-Semite 16:26:20
Ron Paul in VICTORIA, TEXAS - 14th District (his district) - on Feb. 2nd - Come show your support! 16:25:03
zeitgeist religion part - without any zeitgeist or 9-11 references - youtube 16:20:40
A Good Interview with Mike Gravel 9.28.08 16:18:28
McCain face extra cash hurdle with matching funds 16:18:23
The real State of the Union 16:18:20
HYPOTHETICAL,,,How many votes will Tony Deawhatshisface have to stuff for Giuliani in the boxes in early voting To overcome Ron 16:17:01
Arlo Guthrie endorses Ron Paul 16:14:49
Limbaugh Sez Before Signing-Off: "Arlo Guthrie Endorses Ron Paul" 16:09:35
Bring troops home & pay no income tax 16:09:15
Exit polls in Florida? 16:06:49
Ron Paul Bloggers Needed!!! 16:05:03
The NAU/SPP meeting in New Orleans...April! We need to be there!!! 16:04:54
Ron Paul in the Kennebec Journal (Maine) 16:01:18
MSNBC again ignores Ron Paul 15:57:43
My letter was published today! 15:50:39
McRomlianabee have bought no ads in Feb 5th States? 15:49:58
John McCain was born August 29, 1936 in Panama 15:43:14
One Per Cent Tax On Everything 15:40:00
You Can Get Anything You Want - Including an Endorsement for Paul 15:39:08
Need help explaining to Minority voters 15:38:21
DUDE!!! Are you down? 15:37:11
A possible solution for maximum donation 15:33:23
Super Bowl 15:29:10
Mitt Romney pushes National radio Talk Show Host Mark Larsen to support Ron Paul 15:25:03
Diebolds are/were set to have McCain win today- I was right! 15:20:36
Amazing Video Brings Tears to My Eyes 15:10:48
American Family Association misrepresents facts about Dr. Paul 15:10:35
Arlo Guthrie endorses RP!! 15:04:12
The most touching Ron Paul video... 15:00:39
Arlo Guthrie endorses RP 15:00:02
Arlo Guthrie backs Paul 14:59:38
LMAO! John Stewart 14:57:31
Newsmax: Bernanke Saved the Dollar! 14:56:13
Another example of media bias. 14:54:15
So much for the FCC 14:49:04
Fox News is in for a very rough 2008 (Media Matters w/ a little RP) 14:46:27
Democrats response to State of the Union Address 14:41:42
Florida primary predictions 14:33:46
Anyone in CA going to this event? Guiliani Romney and Mcain will be there 14:31:46
Fantastic RP Flyer - MUST See! 14:21:39
What happened in Hawaii? 14:19:40
Romney Flip Flop Video 14:18:27
Voting Fraud is on the RECORD!!! 14:16:58
Get this story out if you want impeachment 14:09:55
I'm DELIGHTED with new ads & WILL donate more $$ to HQ 14:08:11
H.R.05484 "Do not vote fo Ron Paul" linked to Daily Paul 14:07:05
Ron Paul resurrection (hope reignited) Do you have a story? 14:03:16
Half of gold in central banks gone? 13:56:59
Obama, Clinton, Bush Will Be In Colorado This Week 13:48:30
Request C-Span/Washington Journal Guest 13:46:15
Another McCain Problem - maybe old 13:45:07
I need a flier 13:43:38
***THIS IS WILDFIRE**** Mark Larsen of 1040wwba has on air Ron Paul epiphany during Mitt Romney interview. Updated alternate Dig 13:43:32
We've been censored! 13:41:55
Alaska Meetup vid - important! 13:40:19
Election Day info distribution for people going to vote 13:39:09
The Debate Question RP *SHOULD* Have Asked 13:38:37
Who rebuted Paul Krugman? 13:37:02
Antiwar movement - We WERE there with you 13:36:14
China--Consequences-education needed 13:27:03
The Ron Paul Constitution 13:24:50
Florida Voting 13:16:53
Check this out...About's getting picked-up 13:13:08
State of the Union word comparison: freedom / liberty both up 12:59:43
MTV/MySpace debate exclusion... 12:55:36
Official Radio Ads On:) 12:53:31
Hilarious video 12:45:09
Anyone know of streaming coverage of the Primary? 12:41:51
HELP! Need Common Sense publishers 12:40:52
*****A Possible Easy Huge Support Gain, for Ron Paul?***** 12:27:22
MSNBC Sucks 12:24:16
Independents Illegally Voting For McCain In Closed Primary 12:21:13
Troll Accusations Piss Me off 12:20:58
Ron MUST WIN at LEAST 5 states to be considered at national convention..... 12:20:40
Largest north Florida newspaper excluded Ron Paul on day before election 12:19:07
stories of voting DISASTERS in FL today 12:17:44
MSM ignores that RP is a Candidate, but McCain doesn't 12:16:59
Florida: Voting for Ron Paul Today 12:15:17
Issues in Broward County again 12:09:37
Ron Paul's Secrets From the Past (Video) 12:06:55
Focus on the Family Action leaves out Ron Paul **UPDATE** 12:06:08
McCain 7 Million, Us 3.5 Million 12:04:37
Ron Paul Rally at the Golden Dome Capital of Georgia! 12:04:03
Time for a reading list for McCain on Economics from Ron Paul? 11:57:34
Ron Paul: Exodus Coffee House Meeting 11:55:37
In Remembrance Of Aaron Russo 11:54:59
N.H. Recounts.....the Latest 11:52:38
KPRC in Houston did piece on Ron 11:50:01
Preemptive War/Strike = War Crime 11:40:42
What are YOU going to do about vote fraud @ local elections 11:31:04
A Blitz? 11:28:58
Free Anniverary Announcement in local paper! 11:13:23
Destroy the LA GOP!!! 11:11:55
Hey Guys, If FL #'s aren't great. No getting discouraged .... 11:11:38
HELP! My wife is turning people off of Ron Paul! 10:58:16
States take issue with federal ID 10:56:34
Who will be the next American President Idol? (fun video) 10:55:32
Getting Ugly in Florida 10:49:24
Ron Paul FAQ, please read and comment! 10:45:27
All roads lead to Ron Paul, just ask all my friends and family! 10:43:46
American President Idol - Funny 10:39:22
I've been wrong... 10:37:30
Bumper Sticker Bomb 10:35:34
State of the Union 10:35:12
TX Precinct 113 Help needed! 10:33:51
talking points on Ron's foreign policy (AGAIN!) 10:27:21
Chinese conspiracy? 10:26:39
My day as a FL voter... 10:20:15
Do candidates know anything about economics? 10:18:05
NEW WEBSITE???? 09:56:49
Ron Paul TV? 09:53:28
Gold $933 oz 09:48:18
RP Radio Ads: 1-2/per hour on Coast-to-Coast! 09:31:07
Keep giving so we can meet the February 5th Goal!!! 09:11:56
Great Video Explaining CFR Candidates 09:10:26
Does Corporate Media Hate Ron Paul? 08:59:32
Threaten the GOP with a Democratic vote if Ron Paul is not the GOP Presidential Candidate 08:56:35
No Gold In The Banks? 08:47:35
McCain aide touts "Mexico-First" policy 08:45:57
Best Campaign Song 08:33:01 submit your choice for president 08:28:11
935 Bush Lies 08:22:43
Florida On the Ground Precinct Update 08:22:27
***** FLORIDA PRIMARY RESULTS PAGE ****** 07:59:28
deleted 07:43:42
This election is causing me to have bad nightmares!! 07:37:35
Senator Tom McClintock: "I'm not sure if Ron Paul is presidential Timber" 07:32:02
Operation Call 4 Paul - reach 3 MILLION PEOPLE - NO LIMIT ON DONATIONS 07:27:46
Ron Paul Morning News * Take Your Pick 07:26:51
Hawaii? Any word??? 07:24:06
**Operation Call For Paul*** How it works! 07:11:25
Great article on campaign ad spending 07:07:48
***New Video!! Will inspire you! 06:54:22
My own personal lesson from Dr.Paul 05:59:44
Why McCain Would be Worse Than Bush 05:54:32
I know nothing of NASCAR 05:17:20
Please...Everyone...Join US In A Prayer For Victory 05:06:28
Digg-The Muqtada al-Sadr Redux? 05:02:21
Oregon Tax Credit 04:36:25
/pauls-people-crash-clintons-speach. 04:27:40
good idea? 04:27:05
No Ron Paul at MySpace/MTV Debate? 04:14:53
Myspace? 04:12:45
Weekly/Daily Mass Meditation or Prayer for Ron Paul 03:54:06
Read this and dream of the possibilities 03:51:46
What are Dr. Paul's prospects in California? 03:50:01
Let's get -GOP- Real ---- We Are Being Played 03:46:43
dr paul on fox 03:34:27
@ @ Ron Paul's Statement of Faith @ @ 03:33:00
Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. 03:12:33
The "Party" IS over! Vote for Ron Paul, its our last hope. 03:10:01
DUDE!!! This is serious. 03:09:36
Ron Paul 1988 Interview 03:05:58 1 million early and absentee ballots cast in Florida... 03:04:59
Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve 03:04:00
Link on article of RP's fight into Congress? 03:02:47
Nice job Sarasota Florida Paulites!!! 03:00:41
No Ghoul in the next debate,call CNN and tell them!!! 02:59:23
The obvious question no one is asking... 02:57:31
How Ron Paul Can Win A Brokered Convention 02:37:02
Viral e-mail -- help spread it! 02:33:33
Huckabee's War OF Terror 02:30:12
Ron Paul's message today: I am in this effort to win. Must read! 02:29:01
Recession or Depression? 02:25:30
(CBS) 60 Minutes: House of Cards (Jan. 27, 2008) 02:24:55
Other Republican candidates exiting the race is bad for Ron Paul 02:18:52
Crazy like a fox. RP is LOADED and ready to win... 02:15:56
Ron Paul told us to "count your votes" this morning in Portland 02:15:04
WTF is the GOP thinking? 02:08:54
---"Meet up groups Call the local papers yourself."--- From Ca. State GOP.. 01:52:34
Ron Paul on Houston KPRC 2 (NBC) Jan-28-2008 01:47:03
RECENT!The Doctor Gets Some Airtime in Potland,MA 01:36:11
New Message from Albert Howard re NH Vote Recount 01:34:50
Pat Buchanan says Romney losing? McCain hated. 01:30:43
Stop the madness: turn off your television 01:25:17
So what are the Louisiana official results? 01:25:09
@@ Good article RP from Boston---271,000 readers daily@@ 01:19:34
California & Oregon Gold miners Support Dr Paul 01:16:59
Manofcommonsense flyer is activating offline public!!! 01:16:07
Simi Valley Debate 01:14:53
+ + + Ron Paul's Past + + + 01:07:26
Spread this like wildfire!!! 01:05:36
Anyone hear about new Republican candidate 01:01:46
Pat Buchanan Endorsement 00:58:00
Where will Paul do best on Super Tuesday? 00:54:10
Another reason to elect Paul......he's not part of Bohemian Grove....these people are nuts 00:53:38
Alex Jones is on Coast to Coast now 00:53:01
George Soros Endorsement? 00:52:11
Clinton Administration - The Sequel 00:39:32
Ron Paul ='s Regime Change 00:37:27
Lets Beat the Huckster: Quick Final Push 00:33:21
Our Idiot in Chief 00:30:43
State Individual Donar Numbers and voting results 00:29:43
* Fantastic strategy email from Ron Paul * 00:27:29
Why Are We So Angry? 00:22:00
Ron Paul NEEDS GEORGIA! 00:21:26
Huck is broke, yet he's travelling and advertising everywhere. WTF!? 00:19:13
Why Ron Paul should give Colorado a strong effort. 00:11:17
The Revolution Will not Be Televised 00:04:13
Why Ron Paul Lives In Texas 00:02:44