Posted on January 30, 2008

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Feb 1 Money Bomb - $51 for 51 Happy Years 19:47:20
Ron Paul Invited to MTV/ MySpace's 'Closing Arguments' 19:24:02
How to Win the Ground War 19:14:53
CNN's 'The McRomney Show' 12:40:57
The GOP Race: My Grandfather, The Patriot 12:15:20
OFFICIAL HQ UPDATE: You Say You Want a rEVOLution! 10:10:09
Giuliani: Ron Paul Won All the Debates 01:21:03
Ultra Rare Poster on Ebay - Raising Money for 51 Years 00:59:10
What Ron Paul said about Florida! 00:43:47
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Youtude Video of Debate 1-30-08 23:49:04
I am on Fire… 23:48:16
Paul not even Pictured on CNN main Election page...CNN BLOWS 23:47:17
Court Nancy Reagan for an Endorsement 23:47:15
Here's a thought... send a present to Anderson Cooper 23:45:42
Court Nancy Reagan for an Endorsement 23:43:13
Anderson COOPER....Background 23:43:10
Suck it up people: Our day is February 5th 23:40:23
Sick of all the negative posts? 23:39:24
Paul Congress candidates 23:38:02
What a crock the debate was 23:36:12
VOTE***** post debate poll....Ron losing... 23:33:21
Here's a thought... send a present to Anderson Cooper 23:29:31
2008 debate coverage 1/30 23:28:38
This revolution needs a voice! 23:26:12
List of Ron Paul Republicans 23:24:27
There is Hope: Ron Paul is the only one advertising in serveral states 23:22:23
Mad? Do something!!! 23:22:15
Cooper invited them to be at the Dem Debate, so..... 23:19:27
Help contact Govenor of California 23:12:23
am i the only one... 23:11:19
Boycott CNN - Get your news from Comedy Central from now on. 23:04:23
Reagan Revolution??? Bush Revolution??? 23:04:01
CNN - Ahhhnold will endorse McInsane. 23:02:02
Donate Tonight! 23:01:05
Anderson Cooper Lied 22:54:36
I'm so ANGRY... 22:46:47
Time for Jay Leno to step in.... 22:31:44
He Crushed 'Em 22:28:48
Just on ABC News 22:26:41
tarring and feathering... 22:25:36
Greetings, Paulistas! 22:24:45
Federal Election Commission site / link 22:22:01
Just on ABC news 22:21:12
Just on ABC news 22:18:09
Romney Uses Bad Grammar 22:15:29
CNN Phone #: 22:12:02
What is Ron thinking??? 22:09:29
Anderson Cooper, CNN, Politico Email Bomb!!! 22:08:55
Romney attacks Ron Paul 22:08:36
Romney attacks Ron Paul 22:05:26
whats wrong 22:04:26
Nice Ornament 22:03:43
Are Ya Pissed Yet ?? 22:03:41
Spontaneous Debate Money Bomb Now Happening! GIVE! 21:52:46
John Mccain is a little s l o w 21:49:24
Reception after the debate in Simi Valley 21:47:24
Ron Paul Should File Criminal Charges Under RICO ACT 21:44:42
Reception after the debate in Simi Valley 21:44:41
Please Ron- Walk off stage.... 21:43:24
EMAIL CNN now tell them what you think about the debate 21:40:52
Watch the camera angles during debate 21:36:07
Did you just see that!!! Cooper you D*CK HEAD 21:30:13
I can't watch anymore......It is so hard to listen.... 21:24:44
Did anyone get a Politico question screenshot?? 21:18:10
An important read on our economy, China and Ron Paul 21:12:46
and Ron Paul NAILS the first question! 21:11:17
FL vote fraud 21:08:33
McCain at debate right now: Is he drunk? 21:07:29
Stuck on a major highway in a snowstorm 21:07:04
****Debate- OPEN LINK**** 21:06:06
Win Vermont??? 21:05:17
Debate: Husssh listen as the establishment shakes in the boots :) 21:04:46
Net worth of candidates? 21:02:08
Ron Paul R[evol]ution car wraps 21:01:43
Ron Paul's "Small Market" Approach 20:58:50
Tonights debate, dream questions! 20:57:02
Vermont town to arrest Bush & Cheney? 20:53:53
Ron Paul called Riff Raff 20:52:08
Ron Paul called Riff Raff 20:51:42
Ron Paul called Riff Raff 20:50:39
Murray Sabrin, a RP Republican, needs our support 20:48:41
Awesome article on Ron 20:46:22
Ron Paul wins NY radio straw poll! 20:43:17
See This is What I Mean 20:36:20
Louisiana 6th Congressional District 20:30:57
HBO Special on Election Fraud..Hacking Democracy MUST SEE!! 20:30:43
The BEST Ron Paul Video.... 20:29:56
Kudlow & Company: Limbaugh Vs. Mccain 20:19:54
We have the chance to change the world tonight. 20:17:32
RP Stump Speech 20:16:39
***MUST SEE YouTube Video*** Florida Voting Machines Left Totally Vulnerable to Attack 20:15:55
We have the chance to change the world tonight. 20:15:49
Use 1 word to describe Bush and Paul 20:14:59
Holy SH*t! Lou Dobbs just said "and let's not forget Ron Paul" 20:09:50
Ron Paul Radio Ads and Mccain Comes to BAMA 19:58:37
Joseph Farah of World Net Daily Finds Ron Paul the Best of All the Remaining Presidential Candidates 19:57:26
JUST got this from MARK LARSEN...LOOK 19:49:42
Pro-Paul Blog from the Huffington Post 19:49:03
Would You Forgive "Dubya" for All His "Immortal Sins" if He'd.... 19:47:20
The Unreality of the "Reality" being Taught in Our American Schools 19:46:26
Delusional Roger Hedgecock Talks To DailyPauler 19:42:26
See the Value of the World's Currency in Real-time 19:40:01
Huffington Post Article 19:39:35
* Rudy Defeat Marks End of 911 Politics * --good news for RP anti-war msg. * 19:34:39
My Aussie mate made a very inspiriational RP video - GREAT for new fans or help open peoples' eyes up 19:31:49
My Aussie mate made a very inspiriational RP - GREAT for new fans or help open peoples' eyes up 19:31:13
Maine GOP establishment worried about RP WIN 19:28:54
Any good Podcasts for RP Supporters??? 19:26:13
Where is the GOP on the media blackout? 19:24:31
we're ahead! 19:24:18
Florida GOP Official Threatens Ron Paul Straw Poll Voter with Violence 19:24:11
Rudy Pleas: ME for Attorney General, ME, ME. 19:19:10
Watching CNN - either McCain is a very small man..... 19:17:09
NTU: Ron Paul only live candidate to cut govt spending 19:05:22
Why bother? 19:04:19
John McCain BROKE!!!! 19:01:56
American Drug War Last White Hope 18:58:58
John McCain BROKE!!! 18:58:56
John McCain BROKE!!! 18:58:33
John McCain BROKE!!! 18:57:45
John McCain BROKE!!! 18:57:29
A precinct in Broward County had 110% voter turnout??? 18:53:48
NTU Analysis--Presidential Frontrunners like Big Debt 18:53:08
Matching funds: Does it seem like a good idea? 18:52:55
Support Richard Matthews for Congress, a Ron Paul Republican 18:49:08
If this doesn't go as planned? 18:43:11
I Heard Boortz have a "Mark Larson" moment today. 18:41:12
Do you think Dr. Paul will REALLY come out tonight? 18:40:22
Stop watching your TV.... 18:38:48
Ron should try to get McCain to explode tonight.... 18:37:10
Max Weber's Call to Action 18:34:02
Donations doing well today :) 18:33:53
It's EASY to start investing in Gold and Silver - Have you started collecting? 18:30:37
McCain declines one-on-one debate with Romey, Paul should propose a one on One with Romney instead 18:23:34
What motivated the 9/11 hijackers? See testimony most didn't 18:18:24
!!!Kennedy,Paul, and King!!! 18:15:30
Ron Paul irrelevant 18:12:41
CNN - Jack Cafferty just said Huck and RP are "irrelevant." 5:10 EST. 18:11:53
BUY GOLD (and silver) @ SPOT PRICE 18:10:29
McCain using Public Funds ($8.8 Million!) to Finance Campaign! 18:07:19
Wiki that needs some meat 18:05:20
Iraq Conflict Has Killed a Million Iraqis: Survey 17:59:42
Nader and Ron Paul? 17:51:49
Nader Explores Presidential Bid 17:51:46
Mitt already has statues up 17:51:46
How do we lobby CNN for more DEBATE air time? 17:51:27
for Liberty 17:50:28
MSNBC: Ghoul to quit and endorse McCain @ 6 EST from Reagan 17:44:04 to get supporters elected 17:38:41
Matthew 24:6 vs. John McCain's Recent remarks 17:38:27
My First YouTube :D (Now with, ahem, link) 17:36:16
Murdoch's NY Post Endorses Obama! 17:36:12
I just saw it! Finally a graphic on CNN with Ron Paul's picture among 17:33:18
Wesley Snipes falling victim to IRS, but he is no ignorant man! Go Wesley!!! 17:29:46
Great Article & line about 17:29:21
The Paralysis of Possibility 17:28:49
Evidence from Florida is in ---> Canvassing WORKS!! 17:28:44
How To Win The Ground War (From HQ) 17:28:21
Lame TV Ads 17:25:43
Documentation of Media Censoring of Ron Paul 17:20:07
FUNNY Rudy Cartoon! 17:16:02
Jack Cafferty- Question for 4pm EST 17:15:56
Needs Immediate Action 17:14:26
National Taxpayers Union: Only Ron Paul Would Cut Spending 17:13:57
JAN 30: A new message from the campaign 17:09:25
Jack Cafferty asking if the people want change 17:09:03
Compare Ron Paul Meet Up Groups to others 17:05:14
Take a Picture of your post office? 17:05:03
Why we should hope Huck stays in it 17:04:42
A Whole New Kind of Ad 17:04:26
A bill could reinstate Habeas Corpus 17:02:35
A waste of time 17:00:49
Someone Stole My Yard Sign ... 16:52:20
The Greatest Grassroots Campaign in Political History: IGNORED BY BIG MEDIA 16:51:02
Rudy shocks himself! Did you see his "Uplifting moment" 16:41:32
Pic of the times..... Sorry state of the Union 16:35:43
John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Ron Paul-YOU TUBE banned this video.. WHY? 16:34:57
Irs Gripes Snipes. 16:33:24
Michael, another suggestion - can we alternate colors for active forum topics 16:33:05
Helicopter Ben: Fed Cuts Interest Rates by 1/2 Point 16:32:01
Feb. 1st Friday Night $$$ Bomb - Tell A Friend Today! It Works! 16:31:57
Straw Poll Results -- Anybody Able To Explain This Stuff? 16:24:34
Don't know if this posted earlier, but Edwards is toast 16:21:52
Criminal Federal Reserve to be exposed tomorrow....Buy gold today and profit from their fraud! 16:19:51
I need help converting video 16:19:22
MaxoutforMike fundraiser Feb.1 lets whoop 'em! 16:14:03
BRATTLEBORO, Vt. - A town petition making President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney subject to arrest for crimes against the 16:11:26
Wesley Snipes Tax Case - Should Go Viral 16:08:05
Fed cuts half a %. Dollar approaching new lows, oil spikes up, gold spikes up 16:07:54
Yahoo Political Dashboard 2008 16:01:48
The Fed is destroying the dollar 15:54:53
More encouragement from "Big Al" Greenspan 15:51:41
Inflation Anyone? - Fed Rate Cut 15:51:26
60th anniversary of Gandhi's Assassination 15:48:57
Fed Just Cut Rates Again 15:45:47
Ron Paul's First Victory! 15:43:09
Taking Over Powerful Congressional Districts 15:35:47
Taking Over Powerful Congressional Districts 15:34:39
ATTN: New Jersey Paulites 15:29:49
All these confused people are starting to make me... 15:28:17
Ron Paul's Tear 15:23:05
Follow-Ups 15:21:43
Florida GOP Official Threatens Ron Paul Straw Poll Voter with Violence 15:20:45
Feds Cut Rates Again 15:16:28
The Fed is cutting rates again.. So Donate to Ron Paul 15:15:41
Is Daily Paul getting slower?? 15:13:31
Piece I'm writing for Ron Paul's Economic Plan in Local Paper (free publicity) 14:56:33
* * RP Radio Ad Heard During Limbaugh show - BOSTON MA * * others reporting same on this thread...all over USA. 14:54:30
Ron Paul Racing (an outsider’s perspective) 14:53:41
** Did you know that Tuesday Feb 5th is the ANNIVERSARY OF THE CONSTITUTION???*** 14:48:10
Anyone have stats regarding the precinct leaders in Florida and how Ron Paul did in those areas?? 14:45:37
Who rebuted Victor Aguilar? 14:43:27
Snipes, the star of the "Blade" films and "White Men Can't Jump," is on trial with two tax protesters 14:42:00
Doing a voter registration Drive - ARMY set up RIGHT NEXT TO ME. 14:39:26
HELP! Flash and Server required 14:35:25
Republicians worried RP will win big this weekend and rallying troops for the Attack of the Ronulians! 14:34:36
So is Julie-annie in or out? 14:26:40
Rush is a tool! still 14:21:14
In the words of Dr. Paul...This is something "really big!" 14:21:08
In the words of Dr. Paul...This is something "really big!" 14:19:54
In the words of Dr. Paul...This is something "really big!" 14:18:35
An Interesting Poll 14:17:58
Iraq= the death of the Conservative movement??? 14:17:51
ATTN: All supporters in Feb. 5th. Primary States 14:11:29
Florida Results 14:05:09
From ABC News: Campaign Finance Reformer Has the Most Lobbyists Raising Campaign Money 14:03:06
I'm Digging Huckabee's demise 14:02:13
Finally! Class Action Lawsuit Against Media! Sign up! 14:00:57
An idea for donations 13:56:46
Roe vs Wade... Some philosophy 13:56:09
Five Million Dollar Friday - Remember! 13:54:19
Anybody Recognize These Two People? 13:48:27
Digg--And Then There Were Four 13:46:43
Interesting Mitt Circle FYI 13:45:32
My life as a Neocon 13:44:46
My Letter to Phil Valentine 13:40:31
Supporting the Supporters 13:24:08
Spider-Paul, the one and a half minute video 13:22:11
Can somebody explain? 13:16:10
Is McCain Eligible? Born overseas 13:11:51
Polling in St. Louis 13:10:07
Riddle me this... 13:05:38
McCain and Hillary the same. short video 13:04:06
Good debate strategy - Addressing specific opponents. 13:03:39
Question on rules for canvassing polling sites??? 13:03:09
Romney flip flop video 13:00:46
Willard!! 12:57:21
John McCain If You Become President I Believe You And Ted Kennedy 12:52:38
Pro-Life and the Ron Paul Stance 12:52:31
18-29 12:52:26
contact our state senators and/or representatives!!!! 12:48:45
new poll to bump up 12:43:52
Ron Paul as a guest tomorrow on 97.3 KBCO - Denver 12:38:37
Choice Videos & Articles about McCain, Romney, Huckabee etc. 12:37:43
Local Radio show attacks Ron Paul (Sacramento) 12:34:14
Go ron tonight 12:24:14
It's Wednesday, Another Church SLIM JIM DAY! 12:23:26
McCain's Biggest Contributors 12:22:29
Digg This Now Please -- Urgent! 12:20:29
John Edwards just quit the race 12:19:04
Do Looks Matter 12:17:12
media-coverage-vs-priorities. 12:11:29
Ron Paul and Ralph Nader join forces? Maybe only in my wildest utopian fantasies... 12:11:28
Rudy made a deal! 12:10:54
Becoming a Precinct Leader 12:07:53
Laura Engram attacks RP supporters 12:05:42
Now there are four 12:05:41
Slim Jim Help 12:04:45
little money bomb going on right now!! 12:02:52
Suggestion 12:01:56
Should we have our own blackout? 11:59:56
Tell all your friends to watch the debate tonight. on CNN. 9 pm. 11:56:31
It must be PAYDAY! It's 10:50 Am and we already have donated... 11:53:56
Canvassing in Kansas 3rd District this weekend and have a question. 11:50:40
Can someone answer me about the NH recount? 11:49:47
Lets not forget Ron Paul Racing... 11:47:52
Remember the Tortoise & the Hare? Ron Is the Tortoise! 11:47:19
Everyone who leaves now letting the media and GOP walk over them 11:44:37
Ron Paul the Elite are patience on taking us to a NAU and he's right they been planning this more then 100 years 11:43:51
Ron Paul and the Prophet who predicted 911 & both Iraq wars agree that America is headed for disaster! 11:42:02
Huckabee Scandal - BREAKING! 11:37:34
Tips To WIN! For County Organizers 11:35:22
Ron Paul Masks 99c to WIN 11:30:32
Tell 10 Friends: Get the Supporters of Rudy over to Paul 11:30:22
Read this! 11:29:44
Precinct Leaders - IPOD HELPS! 11:28:03
51st Money Bomb 11:24:46
Reminder about McCain 11:24:38
Is There an Effort in Place Around The Country For Ron Paul Supporters to Offer Those 11:21:45
Walton and Johnson endorse Ron Paul 11:18:06
The BEST Ron Paul ad yet!!! 11:16:36
Dr. Paul MUST Bring Up These Points Tonight! 11:03:18
Bias toward Ron Paul is blatant 11:01:48
SUCCESS STORIES - What is working in your area? 10:59:02
How much would we give up to have won Lousiana outright? 10:57:22
Christian Rock Band Supports Ron Paul 10:56:31
McCain Needs a Reading List!!! 10:55:30
Dr. Paul Goes to the Zoo 10:52:06
I have not yet begun to fight 10:51:38
Guiliani... who knows for sure? 10:50:15
Arlo Guthrie vs. John "mandatory national service" McCain 10:37:40
I'm so glad to see so many KEEPING UP THE FIGHT! 10:31:07
How MANY of you KNOW this about FL? 10:28:42
Ron Paul is a man of his word. 10:23:37
/chemtrails-exposed-on-discovery-channel. 10:15:16
Ron Paul now INCLUDED in MySpace/MTV dialogue 10:08:48
Latest Ron Paul e-mail....You say you want a revolution? 10:08:45
***new E-mail From Campaign*** 10:07:42
Edwards is OUT! Ron Paul Can Pick Up 10-20% of His Supporters! 10:06:22
Message from Mark Larsen - WWBA - Tampa 10:04:30
PEOPLE, help me win over Homeschoolers 09:56:39
What Super Tuesday States have RP offices and commercials? 09:52:47
How Does This Add Up? 09:52:33
Paul Supporters: keep the voter turnout up through June 3rd's New Mexico Primary! 09:52:01
Ron Paul invited to MySpace/MTV "Closing Arguments" Presidential Super Dialogue 09:51:37
Read This For A Shot of Hope!! 09:46:35
Why are Ron Paul supporters so angry? 09:43:15
McCain/Liberman ticket 09:32:16
Why alienate supporters from other campaigns? RP may need them at the convention. 09:30:17
World Net Daily Commentary On GOP Field 09:26:07
GIULIANI To Endorse MCCAIN 09:21:49
Florida meant nothing- Donation Critical now 09:21:06
What I'd like Dr. Paul to bring up tonight... 09:07:26
Now, TODAY,- THIS DAY- is the time to Hit McCain... AND HARD 08:55:47
RP received 0% MSM coverage according to Jan 21 - Jan 27 08:52:52
Process of Elimination 08:45:53
Ron Paul strategy, "under-the-radar". Our guy is brilliant! 08:41:08
Independent Party & Dr. Ron Paul's Words 08:34:48
Five Million Dollar Friday! 08:25:44
Farah at WorldNetDaily Prefers Ron Paul 08:16:17
FOX Friends completely snub Ron Paul in Florida coverage 08:14:29
enough with the bombs already 08:03:51
Voters Say 'Yes' To Miami-Dade Slot Machines 08:01:56
And Then There Were Four 07:36:11
CBS asks Ted Kennedy if he fears Obama assasination 07:30:21
Mark Larsen has Romney figured out. 06:55:34
Debate Tonight - Weds/30 06:50:04
Romney on "The whisperer" 06:49:32
Yeah, But How Do We Really Know? 06:41:38
Florida Votes For 100 Years Of War, More Illegal Immigrants, 05:41:21
And I thought fractional reserve banking was bad 05:40:58
Superbowl should be the Ron Paul Bowl 05:26:11
Ron Paul Needs to be blunt And earthy! 05:24:29
If you are upset about Florida (and you should be) read this 05:22:02
Associated Press Distortion Exposed 05:20:48
Local News Admits Barium in Chem trails 05:10:16
Hmm.. how come we never had any "Join the REVOLUTION" messaging? 05:06:24
The Dough to GO - IF YOU DONATE NOW! 05:04:30
RP in Spokane, WA on Thursday 1/31/08 05:01:04
Hats off and thanks to FL counties with 5% or more for Ron Paul 04:56:15
An open message of encouragement to Dr. Paul and everyone... 04:55:20
"Official" LA GOP results in!!! 04:49:50
McCain !$& @*&^ @#^( *&@!# &@ #*&(*@! 04:48:54
This Is How Ron Paul Will CRUSH McCain! Read! 04:38:16
Ron Paul comebacks for opponents rhetoric 04:00:22
Federal Reserve ????? 03:58:38
Giuliani to endorse McCain? 03:50:34
Don't forget to thank MTV 03:41:17
Citizen's Guide to Following Vote Transport Vehicles 03:40:23
= Good news for the long haul - Now There Are Only 4! = 03:37:34
Step 1 Regarding US Congress - A Plan 03:24:31
OMG URGENT Please tell me... 03:19:55
McCain looks really bad. 03:17:14
I got into it with Biggest NeoCon AM talk host in SoCal today. 03:14:45
Pass it around 03:04:07
Why should Huckabee quit now? 03:02:50
Delegates so far - divide by two? 02:59:25
Bush Urges Congress to Grant Immunity to Major Telecom Corporations & Permanently OK Warrantless Domestic Surveillance 02:52:57
Are you angry? 02:49:37
RON just invited to Myspace/MTV debate 2/2!!!!!!!!! 02:49:01
who DO the troops really want? youtube video idea might get press 02:48:40
** RP ON FIRE TONIGHT. DIGG the CNN debate - reach out to non supporters 02:47:38
Lew Rockwell has questions/statements for Ron Paul to ask in tommorrow's debate 02:47:35
Fox News-Gretta 1:45 AM 02:47:14
If the boycotts are working 02:46:07
Thoughts on Texas 02:45:45
Now this is dedication 02:41:24
What do you think about the idea of Ron Paul seeking an endorsement from President Carter? 02:40:57
1 million Ron Paul Newspapers check it out! 02:38:50
MSM missing the point 02:38:21
Sheep, Lemming, Serf, or Free Individual. Which are you? 02:37:06
"It's Paul or nothing!" 02:35:43
The Oath of Office of the President of the United States 02:30:32
Chuck Baldwin for Vice-President = WIN 02:30:30
Donate today and give Ron Paul a better chance tomorrow on Republican Survivor! 02:21:35
What is the latest words on NH and LA? 02:21:14
There stands Ron Paul like a stone wall 02:16:36
Article entitled Rise of the Ron Paul Republicans 02:06:51
Are you a progressive or a neo-conservative? Great campaign tool 01:52:12
Bev need"s help! 01:49:05
So the race issue w/RP isn't an issue here in Ft. Worth 01:41:03
all-new video: "Ron Paul Goes to the Zoo" ver. 2.0 01:40:04
Ron Paul / Mike Huckabee '08 01:39:17
The Techcrunch Interview with Ron Paul (mp3) 01:39:16
* * economic woes in the best of places --- WSJ Romney's buy out of ClearChannel in Peril due to Economy * * 01:36:11
How many total votes from all states so far? 01:35:03
mccains finance report out don´t look good 01:32:59
Missouri Poll! 01:26:27
Ron Paul Independence Day Moneybomb!!!! 01:26:00
Over 30 anti-illegal immigration groups and leaders have endorsed RP so far 01:25:55
Ron Paul Independence Day Moneybomb!!!! 01:25:13
Ron Paul Independence Day Moneybomb!!!! 01:23:41
* * How Shift in Economy Ushers in New President * * 01:18:12
pre super tuesday debate - and money 01:16:23
Excellent "Blowback" Article by Chalmers Johnson 01:14:28
Ron Paul in Seattle, Spokane Wash.Then Grand Junction, Colorado. 01:08:10
FYI on Giuliani and tomorrow night's debate: OUT 01:08:05
Help!!! Urgent!!!she is dying!!! 01:08:04
Ron Paul in Seattle, Spokane Wash.Then Grand Junction, Colorado. 01:07:08
Help!!! Urgent!!!she is dying!!! 01:06:19
Grand Junction, Colorado Need volunteers to call ASAP 01:04:28
Fox Boycott Working, and a Word on Dobbs 00:55:21
funeral for freedom 00:53:04
Giuliani will still be president. 00:48:57
Greta Van Sustrum _ Ron Paul on Now 11.47EST 00:47:23
Amnesty McCain uses liberals to win 00:46:11
RALLY CRY! 00:45:31
+++The MATH On FLORIDA+++ 00:44:48
*** How To Get Votes For Ron Paul ***** 00:41:50
Get Your Heads out of Your Hands and READ THIS 00:40:20
JulieAnnie went from 2% in S.C. to 15% in Florida. We can make similar progress 00:36:26
Lew posted this on Blog: 00:29:47
A New Video 00:27:15
Patriots of Florida 00:25:29
McCains announces his selection for Federal Reserve Chairman 00:25:25
You didn't follow the doctors advice 00:24:08
You didn't follow the doctors advice 00:23:38
giuliani gets last stab @ ron-paul before.quitting 00:20:56
giuliani gets last stab @ ron-paul before.quitting 00:18:48
Video of paul in maine 00:18:02
Giuliani Admits Paul Won All Debates 00:17:36
Will Mike Huckabee Commit Suicide? 00:17:27
Grannys in Ar 00:13:14
Explain this on the CFR website... 00:13:11
Time to lock and load 00:12:41
Great Encouragement People 00:06:11
***11th Hour Letter-TYPING Blitz!!!*** 00:03:51
* * How do you think Fox - Hannity will SPIN Guilanni forced quit ** 00:02:07
come out swinging tomorrow ron... 00:01:32