Posted on January 31, 2008

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7 Months to the Convention 22:40:03
New Book by Ron Paul! The Revolution - A Manifesto 20:13:52
Keeping the Revolution Alive 20:12:05
CNN Post-McRomney Show Interview with Ron Paul 19:14:15
CNN Debates Jan 30th - All 7 Videos 01:27:02
MP3 | CNN Politico 15th GOP Debate 00:20:27
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Clinton Fires Back at 9/11 Hecklers 23:59:46
McCain Republican Disloyalty Exposed! HA! 23:55:25
Know your enemy 23:48:47
Sad but true 23:47:08 23:38:49
I think I despise Bill Bennett worse than all other pundits 23:35:21
Tucker Interview - REAL ID 23:35:17
Ron Paul in Victoria, TX!!! 23:32:39
Study: Candidates Want To Boost Budget $7 to $287 Billion Annually (except u no who) 23:32:14
MSNBC Hardball- Terry Jeffery rants positively about Ron Paul! 23:30:13
I'll give CNN some credit for this one 23:27:52
Precinct Bomb!!! 23:23:01
New AOL post-debate survey: Your vote needed badly! 23:22:04
Scientists identify McCain's REAL species! 23:18:31
war on america 23:18:16
Ann Coulter should watch this 23:18:03
Romney Raises $9 million, goes $18 million further into personal debt 23:10:05
Midnight Money Drop 23:09:43
Can't We Just Give A Brain Transplant To Rockefeller?? 23:08:07
Wasn't the FEC supposed to report on fundraising today??? 23:04:42
A Gift To All Ron Paul Supporters 22:59:16
Is it far-fetched to make the claim that it isn't Ron Paul the media is against... 22:58:51
Is it far-fetched to make the claim that it isn't Ron Paul the media is against... 22:58:20
A Gift To All Ron Paul Supporters 22:56:30
Obama "I am concerned whats going on the Internet" 22:55:13
Great Article!!! 22:54:19
San Francisco CBS news report about local vote fraud 22:47:15
Obama:"I am concerend what's coming over the Internet" 22:45:37
What IS a Precinct Leader??? 22:45:30
Manifesto just passed "Fairtax" on top 100 22:43:25
Is anyone as embarrassed about Republicans as I am? 22:39:56
Webmaster - you got ripped off 22:37:27
MY WAR on Advertisers has begun. Who is with me? 22:34:39
Fantastic Media-trix (matrix spoof) video - Ron Paul beats the MSM 22:34:06
Anyone watch the CNN debate at 816 pm est? 22:27:01
Great big RP ad in Seattle - middle of Dem debate 22:25:02
/humans-blamed-for-climate-realted-woes 22:24:47
Clinton and Obama CNN Debate 22:23:25
Ron Paul will be on the MTV discusssion on 2/2 22:13:25
Looking Forward to Seeing the FEC 4th Quarter Filings 22:05:02
Saul4paul2 is a TROLL - Saul4paul IS Not 21:59:40
My parents actually think Bush is a good president 21:55:46
McCain Benefitting from Surge? Are people Insane Like McCain(insane in the Brain?) Also, McCain "truth squad" story from Mexico. 21:55:25
Is there a DailyHuck type website? 21:52:25
Massive Rally Feb 4th... 21:44:44
Massive Rally Feb 4th... 21:44:15
Texas Governor endorses McCain 21:43:55
Who wants to start a country??!! 21:41:01
Two Good Ads I'd Love to See Being Run 21:40:24
Ron Paul Rally | San Diego Balboa Park | Feb 2nd 21:33:26
Is Paul campaign aware he is invited to MTV 2/2? If so, why not on Paul2008? 21:28:54
How come we couldn't get Wolf Blitzer? 21:28:52
Associated Press says Ron Paul may win Maine 21:28:47
Does anyone have a Copper Ron Paul Liberty Dollar? 21:28:06
See if we can get local media to pick this up 21:27:32
Ron Paul - Teaching Americans how to be Americans 21:20:07
Most powerful method to spread Ronpaulism - through metaphors 21:18:35
McCain not actually eligible for US President according to U.S. Law 21:15:59
new aol poll 21:12:26
Ron Paul loves the American People!!! 21:12:02
Outlook on our Economic Future 21:04:52
Is This Suicidal 21:02:44
We need Huckabee out! 21:02:00
G.Edward Griffin on Ron Paul Radio...Author of "The Creature for Jekyll Island" 21:01:43
TERRORISTS ARE EVERYWHERE!!! Spoof off of Homeland Security 21:00:05
Poll Please Vote 20:59:58
Rudy to be head of Home Land Security? 20:56:30
Survive 2008 Poll - The good Dr. needs a boost 4hrs to go (as of 19:50 ET) 20:56:01
Ron Paul Golden Hour! 12 am - 1 am ET! 20:55:30
veterans-of-foreign-wars--endorse Ron Paul 20:54:36
McCain Superbowl Ad is going viral on liveleak. Check it out! 20:53:05
CPAC 2008 20:45:27
Republican Discontent: Conservatives Dislike McCain, Mistrust Romney 20:40:52
Sometimes it's the Little Things 20:40:41
Is Ron Paul a Legitimate Candidate? 20:39:31
Why didn't I think of this before... 20:33:57
John McCain - Al Zeihmer 20:28:20
How much has Ron Paul spent so far? 20:26:47
Halliburton HQ has RP supporters 20:25:23
POLITICO POLL..Who won last nights debate??? 20:24:40
"All-In" 20:21:40
The Bull Rush is on! 20:21:16
Here is our # 2 guy for President after Ron Paul 20:17:45
Murray Sabrin -- $31 on the 31st 20:16:56
The Onion Weighs in on the Election 20:16:37
Cops disciplined after telling victim he cant take photographs of them 20:14:04 20:12:41
I saw 8 RP signs on the way to work this morning, on the way home only 1 was left. 20:12:25
When This Is Over 20:08:46
McCain senior adviser former CIA director 20:08:28
Somebody say we need more baby boomers? How about having Arlo sing a song about Ron Paul? 20:08:26
Bin Laden: Goal is to bankrupt U.S.!!! 20:06:25
Ron Paul in Seattle 01/31/08 20:04:27
New York Needs Help! 20:04:17
So...whats up with Louisiana? 20:03:25
Petition Foo Fighters to wear RP gear at the Grammy's 19:56:21
Mad as h@!! 19:52:28
Born free - DIE FREE (Amazing!) 19:50:21
I just recieve this survey from the Republican Party in Texas. 19:46:27
Has Your State Voted Yet ? 19:46:23
Topps RP Trading Card 19:35:54
Subscribe to this now 19:33:10
Money Masters Sceduled For Wiki Entry Deletion 19:31:11
Ron Paul Yard Signs and Bumper Stickers: Im Mailing Mine to Iraq (im in FL) 19:30:53
We've got to reach the baby boomers! 19:27:22
Meet up groups 19:23:40
POWER WEEKEND!!! Friday through Sunday....$$$BOMBS and MAINE! 19:16:46
Urgent Time to read this from HQ if you thik it's over on Super Tuesday!!! 19:16:33
I feel like singing this off the front porch!!! 19:16:24
It's not the casualties, it's the presence... 19:15:54
Some Help on Reddit 19:15:42
My email to CNN 19:14:44
States of Fear: Science or Politics? - Michael Crichton 19:08:48
Great listen! Peter Schiff talks about Ron Paul, Economy, Gold and the MSM 18:56:32
Peter Schiff talks about RP in his weekly radio show 18:53:39 18:48:25
HOLY CRAP!!! 18:45:53
To those that think we have to clean up the mess in Iraq 18:44:47
What is wrong with some of you?!?!? 18:44:43
Ron Paul San Antonio Meetup HQ Office LIVE Streaming 18:35:14
Romney about to quit? Bought no TV ads after Super Tuesday! 18:35:01
Hey all – need a hand to get the word out. Anyone willing to help? 18:35:00
**LARGE INTERNET FAILURE** Get ready for it Folks! 18:33:13
NEVER Give Up Hope 18:29:14
Unbalanced Budget 18:28:03
New Study: Ron Paul is the only candidate who would cut spending 18:27:21
Californians>>Time to e-mail Arnold 18:22:39
Article Says Ron Paul to Win in Maine!!! 18:21:34
Canvas & fund raising include donation envelops 18:18:31
New book by Ron Paul: Let's make it #1 on Amazon bestsellers! 18:11:59
MAINE 18:09:03
Video from debate last night? 18:08:45
Does Dr. Paul know that the FBI does not connect Osama bin Laden 18:07:25
Must Read! Five Reasons Why Ron Paul Won't Win 18:06:42
FYI Just found this 18:03:52
Wahsington Post : Military suicides, attempted suicides on way up 18:03:05
How YOU can increase media exposure before Feb 5th 17:59:30
McCain wins the endorsement of Bin Laden 17:54:21
What's the real state of the Union? 17:53:16
Anyone watching Hellary Rotten Clintonista vs. B. Hussien O. debate tonight? 17:52:15
Full Debate Video 17:51:07
From my calculations. 17:50:01
By Force Nancy Reagan for McCain 17:49:53
"Missing, Presumed Dead" -- Preview the Documentary That May Sink McCain's Campaign 17:47:18
Nov.5th, tea party, mlk day untapped resources 17:46:12
Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2007 17:43:31
Peter Morrison Report Pro-Life - Pro Ron Paul 17:43:05
CNN snubs Paul; supporters protest 17:41:00
Dirty Little Secret About the Mortgage Crisis 17:37:43
"All-In" 17:36:37
The Winning Strategy - Ronpaulist Manifesto 17:34:30
Question about TV commercials, WHEN? WHERE? 17:33:10
An anthem from the past 17:32:57
One Debate Comment CNN Did Not Publish 17:29:57
Eisenhower did End the Korean War 17:29:44
Sean Hanity Supports Mitt Romney 17:29:09
Super Tuesday is NOT the deciding factor! There are 19 MORE states!!! 17:28:54
NEW CommonSense Contrast flyer -- Shows STARK McCain vs Paul 17:26:27
Media BLACKOUT BOMB 17:23:00
A NEW goal for Meet-up Groups: Canvass! 17:22:23
Any way to know exactly how many individual donars there are? 17:18:34
Polar Bears for Paul! 17:18:22
Nader Says He's Considering a New White House Run 17:16:33
Nader Says He's Considering a New White House Run 17:15:03
Nader Says He's Considering a New White House Run 17:14:21
Ron Paul: sink or swim (or shoot) after SuperTuesday! 17:13:25
Cable Access Show About Ron Paul 17:12:21
An Easy Way to Stop the MSM Blackout of Dr. Paul 17:09:57
On April 30th, Ron Paul will release his first original book in 20 years. 17:09:54
Who We Are! 17:09:42
RP will appear on MTV/Myspace forum with Clinton, Obama, and Huckabee on 2/2 17:06:23
What can we do regarding media bias and the FCC? 17:04:02
Ron Paul: One Chance + Last Nights Debate Highlights Videos 17:02:29
Obama raises $32 million in January 17:02:24
Ron Paul: One Chance + Last Nights Debate Highlights Videos 17:01:37
My idea for canvassing for Ron Paul 16:58:02
New Post Debate Interview Video Yahoo 16:56:10
Video gamers! Ron Paul ignored in Yahoo article 16:56:01
AOL debate poll - vote for Paul 16:53:31
New Video Post Debate 16:53:12
A Continuing Observation & Irritation (CNN) 16:52:41
Alaska needs help 16:42:42
Any Audio Experts Out There? 16:42:35
Politico/Yahoo Interview 16:40:22
NTUF Study shows Ron Paul is the only candidate who will reduce spending 16:38:40
HELP I want to donate to Daily Paul Where do I go to Chip in? 16:36:56
OMG Ron Paul has more than twice the followers of all presidential 16:35:56
Media BLACKOUT BOMB 16:30:09
YouTube Censors Ron Paul? 16:28:43
The Winning Strategy - Ronpaulist Manifesto 16:28:32
CNBC: Qatar may dump the dollar 16:28:12 vs 16:27:19
Our future if McCain wins 16:25:00 - Purpose - Collect data on Ron Paul Supporters 16:24:15
$700 Bribe Gains Access to Voting Machines 16:21:42
Ron Paul CONFIRMED for Saturday's MTV debate! 16:21:39
Take a Good Look at this Film! 16:21:16
How to at least match the Establishment Strategy 16:20:28
I am missing the chocolate muscle boy in the advertising section 16:20:19
To you Ron Paul prayer warriors.... 16:19:28
Head to Head debate tourny 16:14:04
I am psyched!!! 16:12:25
***Ron Paul As A "Write-In" Candidate*** 16:11:11
** This is Why We MUST Act Now ** 16:09:45
The ~ The Ron Paul Economy *Positive* 16:07:50
Murray Sabrin Mini Bomb, $31 by 31st. 16:04:50
Murray Sabrin Mini Bomb, $31 by 31st. 16:02:03
Lou dobbs is on tonight we all know what to do! 15:59:06
What Would of Happened? 15:58:07
HELP! My Life is Spinning Out of Control and I Don't Know What to Do! 15:56:08
Next debate 15:55:50
Any RP supporters at the debate last night? 15:49:58
FEC may help 51 years bomb! 15:47:56
Great News - We like Paul 15:47:35
Obama is a war monger 15:44:24
PROTEST the rude snub of Ron Paul in the debate! 15:43:31
Why Did Ronald Reagan Kill off The Gold Standard reform? 15:39:51
Pls realize this is it!! Donate tomorrow and make sure everyone you know do to!!! 15:32:54
YOU OWE $197,795.08 don't worry, so do I 15:31:22 article on Ron Paul Revolution 15:31:14
**OHIO VOTERS** Deadline Feb 4th! 15:28:53
Ron Paul Book Bomb 15:28:08
Honestly thought Arnold was smarter 15:26:42
ALIPAC... hates McCain, Huckabee... supports Romney, Paul 15:25:55
Fifty One PLEASE DONATE TOMORROW FEB. 1st!!!!! 15:25:48
Money Bombs Gettin' You Down? Feeling Maxed Out? My Company Can Help!! 15:25:16
Ron Paul is to release new book! 15:25:07
DIGG This! RP Ad uploaded to YouTube and is now on 15:20:46
Spread this awsome video before they delete it again 15:19:04 - New AUCTION! 15:14:26
Money Bombs Gettin' You Down? Feeling Maxed Out? My Company Can Help!! 13:22:48
Send Anderson Cooper a Message..... 13:17:07
Go Door to Door 13:11:59
ronpaul newspaper 12:58:44
Today at the hairsalon in Michigan 12:58:44
I do not care about the Republican party. I care about Dr. Paul getting elected, whether as a Republican or Independent 12:56:57
Super Tuesday = Super Scam 12:50:59
Would Huckabee ever endorse RP? 12:49:18
Give RonPaulChocolate for Valentines 12:48:58
Does anyone have feedback on friends/family watching the debate? 12:45:26
WHAT ABOUT??? ANON 12:44:40
CNN Post Debate Poll??? 12:44:09 - Get The Word Out!!! 12:42:09
Too soon to talk 3rd party, but I hate this Logic: "do not go third party because that just guarantees Democratic victory" 12:39:56
Stimulus vs. Counterfeiting 12:39:14
Ron Paul Racing needs a few good (People !!) 12:36:59
WAR for the White House! Good Read 12:35:45
Don't all the campain finance numbers come out today? 12:32:42
Should Ron Paul attend CNN's democrat debate, per Anderson Cooper's invitation? 12:29:53
Do this 100 ft from every polling station on every primary and caucus.... 12:28:54
winning the debate versus getting the message out 12:22:32
WIll Ron be in West Virginia this coming tuesday? 12:21:15
Ron Paul Treated Unfairly by Mass Media 12:20:03
mitt agreeing with RP 12:17:12
Obama Raises $32 million in January!!! 12:08:21
Great video for those wanting some comic relief 12:08:07
Obama just announced they raised 32 Million in Jan... 12:05:58
Hey Pat Robertson, Who is your candidate NOW???? 12:04:47
Will the real McCain please Sit down. 12:03:35
Pledge NOW to make Ron's "Manifesto" #1 -- 12:01:09
This McCain supporter voting for Ron Paul 11:57:25
Cooper's "Promise" 11:50:42
DO SOMETHING !!! 11:47:26
Most important Video 11:45:15
Folks, this is why we are fighting. 11:43:08
McCain says "I hate the gooks" -- yesterday! 11:42:47
Its been said B4, but this is THEE best Ron Paul vid yet !!!! 11:41:41
Are we utilizing Peter Schiff and Don Laskin well? 11:41:30
Ron Paul CAN Win 11:39:16
Senior Centers and Retirement Communities 11:36:52
Instead of Sending Cooper a Gift, Send Him a Reminder 11:36:28
Every Single Ron Paul Debate Video (last night + more) 11:30:03
Who supported Ron Paul? 11:28:47
When is the Maine Primary? 11:27:31
Thinking Positive 11:21:37
Immigration video 11:18:40
Canvassing is not scary 11:18:34
Why we must continue....we're gonna win.....PLEASE READ!!!! 11:14:00
Ron Paul Files Criminal Charges Under RICO ACT?? 11:12:47
A soldier's take on Iraq 11:12:19
The Revolution: A Manifesto 11:11:30
Let's play 20 Questions! 11:07:54
Come Together 11:06:56
America I see it 11:05:07
What happened to our Politico questions? 11:03:54
Jim Rogers "...clowns in washington" 11:03:14
What should we expect/demand from this year's election? 11:01:58
Post debate rally and speech 10:52:17
The Double Whammy of Geopolitical Gold Games 10:44:17
My Apologies to Ron Paul Supporters 10:32:41
Script Needed 10:30:38
United we stand - divided we will surely fail 10:24:24
What an amazing man Ron Paul is! 10:22:37
would-ronald-regan-endorse-paul. 10:16:08
Donate - and, if you are maxed out..... 10:08:37
post debate ron paul footage 10:07:10
Pre-Order Ron Paul's new book 09:54:12
Help RP Influence the Convention - Volunteer 09:53:41
Why is the press trying to make Florida the state that decided everything? 09:51:28
$51 donation tomorrow--please help out. 09:42:53
Is It Really Global Warming or Just Weather Manipulation? China Says No Rain For Olympics. 09:41:51
Ad Campaign Suggestion 09:39:07
How to punish McCain and Huckabee's bank. 09:38:02
Proving Vote Fraud 09:26:01
is-there-still-strength-in-numbers.html#links 09:23:56
Anderson Cooper Is Not A Man Of His Word. 09:17:45
Ron Paul Matrix Parody 09:15:17
National Tax Payers Unions Says Only Ron Paul Would Cut Spending 09:13:28
!! VOTE in AOL debate poll>>>> 09:11:28
What is a Capitolist Society? We need to understand this 09:01:19
Do You Understand the Difference between a REPUBLIC and a DEMOCRACY? 08:57:49
stinky journalism 08:50:16
***Are AMERICANS Really this STUPID?? 08:12:42
Huckabee perceived negatively and Paul positively in debate article. 08:07:40
Soldier suicides reach record level, study shows 07:20:21
My gift to John McCain - with love from the RP Grassroots 07:12:17
When will you all understand? 07:10:20
Getting mad is okay but, Getting even is better.... 06:53:43
**Dr. Paul's POST DEBATE Interview on CNN** 06:53:10
"How Do You Even Know God Supports Ron Paul?" God supports... 06:51:57
Dear Dr. Paul 06:48:34
What is Bain Capital up to? See here! 06:39:53
The Real Enemy - The CIA - it's who we're fighting 06:31:03
Maxed Out? Donate Here on Feb. 1st 06:29:39
7 minutes out of 82 06:20:23
Free Ron Paul Flyer - 3 Fold 06:18:27
Free Ron Paul Flyer - 3 Fold 06:17:44
romney-laughs-at-ron-paul- 06:13:20
would-ronald-reagan-endorse-you 06:03:20
i was watching the daily show 05:34:53
"To Save A Nation" *BEST* canvassing DVD bar none! iso 05:15:42
Narrator for RP ads. 05:04:31
Precinct leaders and never stop talking/ How Obama is doing it and how we can too! 04:59:46
Fox is Sick! And they've PO'ed the Doctor! 04:47:17
What was Dr. Paul writing down during the debate? 04:44:02
Pakistani Opposition Leader Imran Khan 04:41:28
How to Abolish the Fed? 04:32:43
Oregon Newspaper Needs Enlightment 04:31:12
Vying for the California's Endorsement 04:30:08
Bill Bennett 04:18:45
At debate, high-speed spinning goes on offstage 04:17:13
The Campaign hears our voice. Dont lose Heart. 04:12:50
Any Ron Paul Newbies? 04:11:17
Study-Presidential Frontrunners Would Boost Federal Budget by Range of $7 Billion to $287 Billion Annually--Use this for RP* * 03:59:47
No More Third Party Talk! 03:53:34
AOL poll - who won/lost the debate 03:50:34
One sentence on CNN's website, this is sickening 03:44:54
Vying for the Governator's Endorsement at CNN Faux Debate 03:41:33
John McCain III is not a natural born citizen 03:34:57
A Professional Hypnotist Provides Analysis of Old Media & Ron Paul Critics 03:33:46
Does NE1 know if RP is accepting Myspace invite? 03:29:56
The Muqtada al-Sadr Redux? 03:22:44
TIME IS ON OUR SIDE, if Paul does poorly super Teusday, its 3rd party!!! 03:21:49
Agent Provacateurs 03:20:29
and then there were four.... Digg this guys 03:19:40
* * Has Anyone Actually Done This Yet? * * 03:18:46
51st Anniversary - Ron & Carol Paul 03:07:16
Choosing words wisely: "empire" 03:06:03
Dear McCain, Win what? 03:05:14
Mass email to the 125,000 Ron Paul MySpace friends for 51st Anniv Bomb 03:05:13
***Police State and MLB*** 03:02:37
How to win the ground war 03:01:23
----- READ THIS GREAT IDEA TO GET BACK AT MSM !!!!!! ------- 02:55:03
How should I vote? 02:51:15
MTV/myspace forum 02:47:48
Army, Navy, Air Force all among top 10 Ron Paul contributors 02:42:22
Ron Paul interview post CNN debate 02:41:22
Birds & Coffee 02:40:50
The Singularity: why the message of Ron Paul cannot be stopped... 02:37:55
"Ron Paul CAN'T win" 02:36:16
Who coined the term, "Regan Revolution"? I know it is just a spin off of "Ron Paul Revolution"!! 02:33:03
Ron Paul Racing / Looking for a manager 02:32:31
Need to Prepare for a 3rd Party Run! 02:26:47
AWESOME IDEA to SINK McCain before Feb. 5th... straight from his own mouth 02:26:34
Ron Paul slim jims 02:25:48
John Cleese on Hannity and Colmes, what just happened? 02:23:49
General Washington speaks........... 02:22:29
Wristbands 02:19:56
RP is spending his money!! 02:18:08
Feb 1st Money Bomb...Huck is doing one also to compete with RP 02:16:18
Huckabee to Cooper: "You were awful tonight". 02:15:30
DR PAUL CURED MY APATHY!!...(and my angst) 02:15:11
Up next: Maine and Super Tuesday! The whining (including mine) ends when we wake up tomorrow 02:05:42
Champions of constitutional canvasing, join us! 02:01:55
Champions of constitutional canvasing, join us! 02:01:47
what happen to politico questions? 02:00:52
What did Ron Paul say @ the debates that were "Home Runs?" I have no cable,and youtube takes 45 minutes2 download 3 minutesvideo 01:59:58
George Bush, God, Star Wars, and Zeus 01:59:39
Church propaganda. Let the dogs lose 01:57:58
AOL Straw Poll 01:55:24
The issues Ron Paul receives applause for are incorporated in our billboards 01:44:23
I am proud of Ron Paul 01:41:10
Time to press Bill Maher,Jay Leno,Jon Stewart etc... 01:41:07
* * All RP Debates Moments tonight CNN --all on one video ** 01:40:20
Nice Guys Finish Last 01:38:17
** Worth Every Penny ** 01:37:55
Is this America? 01:37:30
I need a good flyer!!!! I can reach 500 people in an hour. 01:37:08
PERSEVERE: Encouragement to Dr. Paul and everyone... 01:35:51
Do Not Look Back In Regret And Wish You Had Become A Precinct Leader! 01:32:52
* * Anderson Coopers CIA Past * * 01:31:43
Sandra Day OConnor Question 01:29:09
Sandra Day OConnor Question 01:26:35
Sandra Day OConnor Question 01:26:25
More than ever... DO NOT BURY YOU OWE IT TO BUMP THIS!!! 01:25:59
Gold Price Manipulation 01:23:54
Tonight's Debate Transcript 01:23:37
Sabrin needs our HELP!! Ron Paul Rep. for senate 01:20:51
The Paulunteer on NBC Tonight 01:19:43
Alexis de Tocqueville WARNED US 01:19:01
AOL post debate poll 01:09:13
What did Rush say about Paul today 01:07:45
CFR Influence Alive and Well 01:07:05 01:05:24
Tonight killed me and then brought me back to life 01:04:19
Ron Paul Post CA Debate Interview 1/30/08 - Live 01:02:55
How do I find CNN's advertisers? 01:02:30
DIGG Comprehensive Economic Revitalization 00:59:45
Smackdown of CNN and their 'top dogs' 00:59:43
Rupert Murdoch's e-mail address....HAHAHAHAHA 00:58:47
ron-paul-cnn-debate-footage 00:58:15
ron-paul-cnn-debate-footage 00:56:43
ron-paul-cnn-debate-footage 00:56:18
why not make competition... 00:55:00
High Rez Official Logo 00:51:18
Gift Suggestions For Anderson Cooper/CNN 00:51:06
DEAR DR. PAUL.... 00:45:12
Regarding Ron Paul's gold standard remark on the CNN debate 00:41:21
Ron Paul TV commercial during the Debate, just 6 days before Super Tuesday, Brilliant! 00:40:01
What did you TODAY? 00:37:53
Hit 'em where they ain't...RP only active Rep. campaign in Minnesota 00:35:30
Ron Paul Ad - Hawaii 00:33:33
McLying vs. Ron Paul (posted by Lew Rockwell) 00:30:45
Who got thier point across 00:30:05
Have Your Cable Company Block CNN and Faux and MSNBC 00:27:18
READ the AOL polls before you vote please!!! 00:27:16
** even more mad? twisted CNN article on Drudge headlines - post-debate on what RP said** 00:23:59
Have Your Cable Company Block CNN and Faux and MSNBC 00:23:06
If you're all done with your post debate hissy fit, then here's what to do ... 00:21:03
Great article at Huffington Post, digg it! 00:21:02
Straw Poll//Ron is a worker--not a personality 00:18:32 00:15:36
Ron Paul on Ron Paul Radio 00:07:43
Ron Paul on Ron Paul Radio 00:06:14
Open letter to Dr. Paul 00:04:52
!! important!! Bump this video of Ron Paul winning the debate 00:02:26
Why was Anderson Vanderbilt such a weasel tonight? 00:00:40