Posted on February 4, 2008

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Super Tuesday: Get Out the Vote! 23:56:41
Good Morning America Wants Ron Paul Supporters (from Daily Dose) 22:05:49
Christian Business Daily endorses Ron Paul!!! 15:47:20
Ron's Strategy is Working! 14:44:33
Donate Today! 11:04:19
Video: Ron Paul After California GOP Debate 00:08:32
Keep Ron Paul in Congress No Matter What! 22:05:59
Dr. Paul's Book #3 on Amazon Bestseller List! 00:08:33
We have our Launching Point! A Ron Paul Newspaper! 14:05:51
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voter information 23:56:29
Is anyone aware of John Mccain being part of the " Keating Five"??? 23:56:24
What happened at the Super Bowl??? 23:52:29
'Divide and Conquer ' us stuff 23:35:24
cnn - fbi- wants- palm- prints- eye- scans- tattoo database 23:33:46
FROM RONPAUL2008.COM: Ron Paul Beats McCain in Maine 23:32:56
New Money Bomb is Set! March 4th is the date! The Constitution! 23:24:31
Mad T.V. satirical skit... 23:21:42
URGENT: In need of converting Romney supporters! 23:21:14
Stupid question 23:18:50
Iran Back Online Yet? 23:16:34
CNN I-Reporters reveal what they would do with rebate check 23:15:38
The Romney Reader..Dig in.. 23:10:18
I'm an idiot. Don't listen to me. 23:05:27
Hillary Crying Again @ Yale 23:04:52
McCain is now the Neo-Con Candidate. 23:04:48
The cut telecom cables reminds me of a Gilligan's Island episode 23:04:39
CNN doesn't even know there was a maine caucus??? 22:58:10
Great Crowds ,they just keep getting Bigger!! 22:57:56
RP suppoters on Radio today- Superbowl attempt 22:57:35
Ron Paul Live From U of M in Minnesota Mon Feb 4. full speech here 22:55:28
Ron Paul to the Top for Super Tuesday 22:54:22
What is a sample ballot for a caucus? (getting an education) 22:52:47
Why aren't Ron Paulers protesting these newspapers? 22:50:10
Ron Paul Supporter Explains Why Noncustodial Parents Should Back Paul's Candidacy 22:44:40
How to WIN Tuesday and beyond... 22:41:40
* 'Lonelist Ron Paul Supporter on Earth' outs Himself- Israel -Shimone Weisman* 22:40:40
Should Dr Paul get on TV, and cry like a baby? 22:38:33
I need your help GOTV 22:37:35
What is a supply sider 22:34:21
If you just saw RP live from U of Minnesota on JustinTV, U saw history in the making FANTASTIC!!! 22:33:06
mcain = bush on steroids 22:32:04
Best speech yet! 22:31:38
McCain admits he is illiterate. 22:29:29
Bill Maher on Larry King Live now 9:28 questions 22:29:22
Ron Paul in Charleston WV tomorrow 22:28:51
Keep Ron Paul on Top For Super Tuesday! 22:25:48
An idea for us to see how many of us there are for ourselves! 22:18:05
We RP supporters need YOU to at least read this! We want you to make the difference! 22:14:39
What a Video! Short and Powerful! Watch before you vote! 22:11:57
Emergency Cabinet Meeting an Ominous Sign called by Bush 22:09:24
British occupation of India 22:09:00
"most honest man in congress" quote by mccain reguarding Dr paul !! 22:07:18
PRESS RELEASE: from a Ron Paul supporter 22:02:53
christian-business-daily-endorses-ron paul 22:02:31
Ron Paul Supporters Unite!!! 22:01:27
Olbermann just spent half his show RAILING on McStain.. 21:52:08
I've shied away from religion my whole life...I won't get into it... 21:47:58
Great article 21:47:49
RP LIVE NOW! 7:42pm 21:41:50
Ron Paul Campaign Being Ripped Off in Alaska, but other places (?) 21:38:31
Is the FDIC preparing for bank runs? 21:31:58
ABC Will NOT cover Ron Paul on Super Tuesday as they promised us!!! 21:27:40
Excellent Video - Forward to Your Friends and Family 21:23:55
DO NOT RESPOND to or even read the only hit piece out today 21:22:36
Christian's for Ron Paul 21:20:07
Why is there SOOOO much bogus 21:16:27
What do precinct leaders do at the polls? 21:11:51
Where did the information come from 21:11:02
* RP Beats McCain--Primed to win over 1/3 of state delegates...Press Release * 21:09:25
Idea for endorsement 21:07:17
Read this please thank you. 21:05:19
Do this tomorrow if you can... 21:04:37
RON PAUL live NOW! 21:04:30
Ron Paul is DOWN!! 21:01:07
ABC news | On the Trail with: Ron Paul 20:52:46
California: One call from Paul three from ROMNEY 20:50:19
Ron Paul Live From U of M in Minnesota link here 20:49:07
Bankers are buying the U.S. Presidency 20:44:37
AWESOME...Full Page Ron Paul Ad to Run Monday, Feb. 4 20:44:28
http:///with-friends-like-these. 20:44:19
La raza and Southern poverty law center trying to get Lou Dobbs fired 20:43:39
clinton-wont-commit-to-renew.constitution 20:38:59
BEST Ron Paul Vid. Of the Week! 20:36:41
Just got phone call to vote for Mitt Romney 20:35:03
federal-reserve-stealing-iraqi-oil.html 20:33:43
Start passing it around... Next Money Bomb March 4th..Constitution Day!!! 20:33:08
+++To my Ron Paul friends+++ 20:31:51
* * CALLING ALL CHRISTIANS--put your 2 cents here...* * 20:30:37
CA voting question 20:26:52
WA Newspaper:Possible RP WIN in WA Caucuses 20:21:28
Ron Paul on Nuclear Power? 20:15:14
Just onn CNN group of Gansta Rappers endorse Obama 20:07:30
Notice To All Paul Voter!!! 19:57:05
John McCain - Democrat 19:56:35
Economic Freedom- Car that gets 300 MPG - Aptera. Made in USA! 19:48:46
Ron Paul: Who Owns You? (Narrated By George Carlin) 19:47:56
"Don't forget about Ron Paul" -Wolf 19:47:33
The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse 19:46:11
The FISA Debate has started again 19:37:25
why is this not frontpage news? 19:35:37
Fearless Vampire Killers 19:34:26
Why doesn't any politician talk about this? 19:33:32
DR. PAUL ommited from the MSM... again... 19:30:38
Obama Neck and Neck With Hillary 19:29:00
NEWSWEEK: ‘Spreading My Message’ Ron Paul 19:26:36
Ron Paul Second in Maine State Delegates with 35% 19:23:53 Helping to Restore America 19:23:10
Ron Paul to adress West Virginia State Convention! 19:14:25
New Yorkers: Good Morning America Needs You, Tomorrow! 19:12:39
Modern Marvels - "Money" on History Channel 6-7pm EST (now) 19:12:17
Great MSM Coverage Ron Paul Newsweek Interview 19:12:10
Severe storms in much of US Tuesday - 58mph winds, hail, tornadoes 19:11:43
The Revised Outlook for Super Tuesday 19:11:37
The Ron Paul Revolution Army 19:10:49
Ron: People hate the established canidates. You must keep running. 19:05:07
Ron Paul breathed life into this political process by having the courage to speak out... 19:03:33
Why John McCain scares the heck out of me 19:02:00
seems like Lou Dobbs endorsed McCain saying he is best for border security 19:01:11
It's Time we saw a miracle 19:01:06
I'm seeing a lot of commercials on the news channels from other candidates...but I haven't seen RP 18:56:25
This Country Is In a REVOLUTION, and I'm Just LUCKY Enough To Be a Part of It!! 18:47:14
L.A. Clearchannel KFI Host Kobylt Shills For Romney, says "I don't care about people's gun issues" 18:42:47
L.A. Clearchannel KFI Host Kobylt Shills For Romney, says "I don't care about people's gun issues" 18:35:18
VOTE feb 5 with $$$$ and/or TIME 18:32:49
CBS SHILLS: Opie & Anthony. Attack tomorrow! 18:32:17
All MOMS know this word ...'PUSHHH'!!! 18:30:15
Ron Paul and the ECONOMY! 18:14:09
When is enough enough? Now biometrics??WTF 18:12:14
FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping 18:10:18
Bank Run?. 18:07:27
Please read- Why we must continue Ron Paul's message. 18:00:18
Rebates: China Syndrome - Ron Paul on CNN! 17:52:54
Citing an "overwhelming response," Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul 17:51:23
We are painting the town Ron tonight. 17:49:08
How do you make a video compiled of youtube clips? 17:45:32
Hillary won't sign restoration of basic Constitutional principles 17:43:17
For All of you Viguerie people who defended his petition site 17:40:32
Just got this off the GOP web site ,,PATRIOTS WIN ,,PATRIOTS 56 GIANTS 3 17:40:28
Mobilise every individual for a march on a major station! 17:36:57
World Bank (Fed Res) going to ask for govts (tax payers) "bailout" ? 17:33:51
Update: Louisiana Delegates 17:31:38
Bandwidth Exeeded? 17:31:00
Funny Money 17:30:23
CRITICALLY important read!! FBI wants YOUR biometrics!! 17:25:28
No, There Is No “IRS Revolution Bomb” 17:23:26
RP For Congress Site Is Down 17:22:59
Bush Seeks Budget of $3.1 Trillion 17:22:45
Very cool Constitution Money Bomb website... March 4th!!!!!! 17:14:26
HOW TO WIN -please reply- 17:13:29
Ron Paul 2 nd in Main 17:09:53
registered republican address lists by zip 17:09:12
ABC Reports Ron Paul First Place in Military Donations 17:05:49
NAGR gun rights survey 17:00:27
Ron Paul Beats McCain in Maine!!! 16:59:57
Heard RP on Radio AD in Virginia 16:59:10
Ron Paul Advertising website - needs hosting 16:58:49
Off topic, similar fight 16:56:47
Ron Paul was just in my town! 16:52:24
great youtube 16:48:18
Ron Paul Beats McCain in Maine Caucus, Primed to Win Over 1/3 of State Delegates (2/4/08) 16:47:37
Like it or not...the MSM is working. 16:47:04
approximately 3:35pm EST on CNN a woman called Obama Osama :o 16:44:45
Need help with precinct system 16:44:18
Campaign statement on Maine: 2nd place! Close on Romney's tail! 16:40:57
West Virginia: Most GOP Convention Delegates Up For Grabs 16:37:25
Letter from Saxby Chambliss (Georgia Senator) 16:37:02
We squeezed qhouliani out... start showing up at mcinsane and romney events 16:35:00
I Know How to Get the Pro-Israel People to Vote for Ron Paul on Super Tuesday 16:33:58
Are communists racists? 16:31:05
Is the GOP Running Against Paul in Texas 16:19:39
R3VOLUTION - PHASE 2 16:18:10
HUGE cache of RP articles: The good, the bad and the "you know" 16:17:12
"It's the beginning of the surveillance society " 16:06:44
Rally live on internet tonight from Minnesota 15:58:55
President's Day or March 4th- Constitution Day: Which should be the next money bomb??? 15:56:52
CNN Announces RP Top Fundraiser for 4thQ 2007 15:54:24
Email to HQ 15:53:21
Once you hear the message.. 15:50:34
New Ron Paul Chicago Rally Video - Please Watch and Pass On!!! 15:34:54
Neo-Cons Still OWN the precincts: Take them back 15:31:05
What to Say when people ask why RP is not on MSM 15:27:57
West Virginia Prediction - hope someone can help 15:26:40
Council for the National Interest Foundation report on cannidates Mitt bad 15:25:44
Native American voters...... 15:22:04
Cradle to Grave Slavery/HealthCare 15:21:59
Vote for Ron Paul's DELEGATES as well as for Ron Paul 15:20:45
Brings a tear to your eye does it not? 15:20:23
Monetary Guru sends email about other candidates credentials but NO MENTION of Ron Paul...Please email immediately! 15:17:13
Received Reply From Editor of The Plain Dealer 15:13:23
Straight from the horse's mouth....... I just spoke with the Maine GOP 15:06:50
Vandalized because I support Ron Paul (Feb 3rd) 15:01:59
Help Promote The March 4th 218th Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution Money Bomb 15:00:25! 14:49:39
Aaron Russos' Birthday was Valentines' Day 14:46:53
The real scoop about Maine 14:46:46
Ecuador Military Base in Miami 14:46:38
Ron Paul: Secretive elite controls America 14:42:41
Just got an automated call from Ron Paul telling me to vote... 14:41:16
** SIGN BOMB TONIGHT ** 14:41:02
Ron Paul Signs EVERYWHERE! 14:40:26
ONE DAY MORE! 14:37:15
Chilling new Ron Paul video 14:35:43
New, great Ron Paul articles 14:35:39
Think LONG TERM - Why 3rd party is bad & staying GOP is good! 14:32:40
Time to start to call the Maine GOP and demand the rest of the vote count 14:29:35
ok so this is a fourm where you are not allowed to express your veiws ? 14:27:50
Bush Unveils $3.1 Trillion Spending Plan 14:18:06
The Evolution of Evil 14:14:47
Ron Paul Strategy Works! 14:10:47
Good Morning in Alaska = -42 below, Half Page Ron Paul Ad and Good Article in The Opinion Page 14:05:10
Obama, Brzezinski, Lake, Clarke, Rwanda, Congo, Afghanistan 14:04:30
only RON PAUL has the answer to this question! 13:57:26
Contra Costa College- Get out and Vote Rally TODAY 13:56:14
It's Time for a Love Revolution 13:55:21
A message from Carol Paul 13:53:42
Rasmussen bias in their polling charts 13:49:31
Any other troops have this experience? 13:45:57
Maine Final Results? 13:44:24
40 MIN RP interview on GOLDSILVER.COM - Very informative 13:42:30
Slashdot Comments Accepted on Repub Race 13:42:28
The Ron Paul Graphics Group 13:39:57
New Carol Paul Message 13:39:15
YOU can go to Washington for free and help Ron. Here's how 13:32:04
International Assistance - Is This Possible? 13:25:39
We need not just Ron Paul. With our grass roots we can get enough Paulites to swing votes. 13:24:23
Arizona Ron Paul Supporters Needed 13:23:54
Feb. 5: Where is Ron Paul spending the day? 13:23:02
Petrodollar Warfare 13:14:11
Why is Paul campaign making calls today to FLORIDA to urge votes?! 13:13:54
HEADLINE : Ron Paul Supporters changing the way... 13:13:53
MSM beating Paulites 13:09:43
Win or Lose, The GOP is going to Rue the Day that they 13:08:35
Potential Delegates Please read..... 13:08:05
Donate now......Also set a date for a new Money Bomb! 12:59:35
Who said we couldn't advertise during the SUPER BOWL? 12:59:23
ronpaulgraphs huge spike 12:51:44
Go Minnesota !! 12:51:11
If McCain Was Such a Great Naval Leader as He Claimed at a recent Debate, Why didn't he 12:50:44
FAKE DONATION WEBSITE--Someone investigate this please!! 12:48:28
Minneapolis, MN Ron Paul Rally Moves To Larger Venue ! 12:47:13
Charlotte March & Sign Wave - Feb 03 12:44:52
Hawaii and Maine?? 12:43:37
Entertaining video 12:37:16
No, There Is No “IRS Revolution Bomb” 12:36:23
Alabama @ Work WUVA TV 12:28:06
Better Economic Investment...?? 12:16:32
Great News Out of Minneapolis!! 12:14:19
I repeat--we need 3.3 million by midnight tomorrow night!! 12:10:03
Ron Paul on CNBC's MAD MONEY - AWESOME interview 12:05:31
with-friends-like-these.html 12:04:15
great ron paul youtube video i made 11:58:57
Spread the word to all 11:57:16
The Vermont State Legislature Claims, "Bush can not permanently federalize the Guard!" 11:51:29
FRAUD: 11:49:29
kramer-calls-for-investigation-of-fed.& videos by Paul 11:48:19
Maine: We could say we were 2nd with McInsane, 19%. 11:45:53
Money Bomb: Starting now through midnight tomorrow--3.3million 11:43:41
Ron Paul talking point 11:32:05
Constitutional College 11:32:01
Viral video : Speed Date Ron Paul (or Ron Paul in 60 seconds) 11:28:10
Shut up and put your money where your mouth is! 11:28:03
Bank Run? 11:21:52
Fundraising 11:21:17
Monkey Mania 11:19:42
Time to get seriously organized 11:17:45
The John Birch Society Mail System Take Action! Contact your U.S. reps online now! 11:14:52
Half of Republican voters think McCain will stop illegal immigration -- Give them the truth Monday 11:05:13
ALL CALL,, To anyone that sees media sensorship taking place 10:56:27
Ron Paul's Golden Touch (Superbowl Upset Premonition) 10:55:21
Good Thoughts 10:51:04
People who are maxed can donate to RP congress reelection 10:50:34
IDEA: Regarding the Money Bombs (Plz hear me out) Suggestions? 10:37:10
S.O.S. to the world media!!!!! 10:34:10
Please Put Donation Counter on Top of this Page! 10:32:43
IMPORTANT! Why Ron Paul Must NEVER Run as an Independent. 10:28:22
GOP Convention Needs Volunteers!! 10:22:23
When is the next Money Bomb??/ 10:20:37
Do you want to keep RP in the hunt????........... We must donte to the campaign. 10:17:12
Why Hasn't EVERY Voter Heard About This?! 10:12:53
1/30 CNN Debate Parody Video 10:12:23
Update: Message from Ingrid‏ albert Howard 10:04:02
This should be in the headlines for Super Tuesday!! 09:48:19
Iran Launches "Satellite Capable" Rocket into space. 09:44:22
Hope For America 09:28:04
Cspan Discusses Paul Supporters Endorsement of Romney 09:01:35
The Tennessean disrespects RON PAUL 08:59:12
Pentagon the 46th country in oil consumption 08:28:26
Neo-Cons Exposed In Washington Post-THERE IS HOPE FOR AMERICA 08:21:42
election-becomes-battle-of-bands 08:20:23
Check out these Sites to Continue the Fight 08:20:02
Advertising RON PAUL 08:07:25
Update: Message from Ingrid‏ albert Howard 07:46:47
China Banks #1 in New World Order 07:30:06
The Tennessean leaves out Ron Paul! 07:22:49
super-tuesday-canvassing-ebay-auction. 07:12:49
ron paul after california gop. 06:05:05
ron-paul-very-likely-to-win-washington 05:56:07
GREAT news article on MSM ignoring Ron Paul 05:47:06
Ron Paul must go over the media to the public 05:35:47
Foo Fighters Confirmed? 05:32:17
Wow...The Anti-right 05:30:01 05:14:53
Ron Paul vs. McCain by the states 05:14:04
Take a look for yourself 04:50:58
Has Anyone Seen Any RP TV ads in California? 04:46:31
Luskin throws RP's name around every chance he gets. 04:35:49
Iran 04:29:34
I made a vid. 04:19:53
What the media does not explain about Maine 04:16:07
Paul Campaign Awakening Understanding 04:07:06
Money Bomb for the Congressional Campaign 03:31:41
just one victory 03:11:06
PLEASE help me with the best answer to an on-the-fence voter!! 03:09:36
Ron Paul: Alaskans' Choice for a Stronger America 03:06:40
When the lights go out.. (keeping an IP database) 02:53:47
Come on people! Help Ron Paul reach 8.4 million 02:39:46
US raid kills nine Iraqi civilians 02:26:25
Ron Paul Is Popular at the SUPER BOWL! 02:26:11
Inspiration From the Superbowl 02:23:38
Quick Laugh Break! 02:23:14
where did Mikehuckabeeforum go 02:16:12
Ron Paul? 02:05:36
this is why they hate us 02:03:15
If Ron Paul doesn't get elected 01:58:42
Time is running out! Dominate this poll!! 01:54:14
Real Patriot Acts - Grassroots Paper Trail Campaign 01:47:55
Yahoo numbers cannot be trusted - Video 01:46:08
SCARY -- the polar opposite of Ron Paul - this is what we're in for 01:45:59
tool for Tennessee supporters 01:45:03
The real John McCain (great article) 01:43:54
Fourth cable break in Middle East -- second in Persian Gulf 01:38:58
Iran War Inevitable 01:38:05
Live Super Tuesday coverage all day! 01:32:59
Neocons 01:13:05
The Federal Reserve - Who Needs It? How Panama Has Thrived Without A Central Bank 01:11:52
Speaking to undecided Republican delegates tomorrow... 00:59:30
* * Fox Boycott??? Why so many DP'ers on here watching Super Bowl?" 00:40:16
I'm a Gator 00:38:21
what is up with maine!? 00:35:35
My Desire for REAL Change in our Country.... 00:30:55
Dr. Paul in Victoria, TX 2/2 - musical composite & full speech 00:30:51
Trevor Lyman We Need You!!!! 00:29:20
Flawed Cindy McCain has a grudge list. Didn't the paranoid Nixon keep an enemies list? 00:20:03
US anti-missile ship to dock in Haifa... Serious blow to Russia and Iran 00:14:08
Every inch... Every inch we get is one step closer. 00:10:29
JOIN ROLLING THUNDER - call Talk Radio around the clock, website lists shows by hour 00:09:50
Are the donations to the electoral campaign tax deductible? 00:04:35
Tent City, CA--Is this where we are heading? (video) 00:01:33