Posted on February 5, 2008

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Washington State - Your Help is Needed 22:58:52
Ron Paul wins 3 National Delegates from West Virginia 19:07:02
L@@K-RESULTS- Ya'll CAME to meet Ron Paul- Live 03:06:25
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Where do we go from here???? 23:59:09
Do We Want To WIN? 23:57:27
Minnesota MYSTERY where are the votes 23:53:04
Ron Paul is a GENIUS 23:52:07
RP is coming on strong in Montana may finish 2nd???? 23:51:27
Just saw Ron Paul at 21% (3rd) in North Dakota 23:47:53
-=Pissed @ the Media Money Bomb=- 23:46:22
My Colorado Experience!!! 23:44:54
Ron Paul Race Smear: Again 23:44:39
Are you on Drugs!! A brokered convention... Oh please... Yawn 23:44:00
LA primary 020908 RP leading 23:43:44
We Should All Be Very Proud 23:40:27
2 thirds now 23:38:49
2 thirds now 23:38:48
Is this possible? 23:37:31
Bad tasting medicine 23:36:16
How Ron Paul can Win Kansas 23:35:41
Phase Two of the Revolution 23:32:04
MSM Giving Huckster some RP treatment 23:30:59
3 Words - Speaker Ron Paul 23:30:24
Ron Paul 2nd in Minnesota!!! 23:27:07
The Whole Election is a Fraud - Freestate Project For Real! 23:27:06
CNN right now 23:27:04
The March 4th Money Bomb will keep RP in it til the Convention!!!! 23:26:39
RALLY CRY! 23:26:38
The Real Problem 23:26:24
I raised holy hell tonight!!! you would have been proud of me 23:26:12
Delegates and Straw Polls 23:25:41
For all of you that worked tirelessly for today - Thank you - We have just begun to fight! 23:22:50
What's with Utah? 23:22:28
Voters needed for survive 08 poll 23:19:46
What is the revolution? 23:19:10
A new paradigm by choice -- not looking for media's approval nor fighting its disapproval 23:17:13
McCain is perfect for first place 23:16:44
CA Election Returns 23:15:10, Response to "I Will Not Pay $40 for a Flag Because I am Broke." 23:14:21
Mexico Sucks.. 23:09:48
Oklahoma? 23:09:46
Stop complaining and become a delegate 23:08:37
*Help* Basically should EVERY RP supporter apply to be a delegate? 23:07:48
Canadians in the freezer for Ron Paul 23:02:41
Paul strikes deal with Huckabee for 3 of WV 18 delegates 23:02:26
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. 23:02:25
You Lily Livered Bunch 23:01:34
Now is the time for ALL OF US to Donate until we BLEED!! 23:00:27
How can I become a delegate? 23:00:16
What's all this talk about a brokered convention? 22:59:24
Remember The Alamo 22:59:01
My 13 YO Son Just Turned on CNN & FLIPPED OUT! Yelling WHATS WRONG with these people! They are ruining the country for US!! 22:57:12
This is the same people who are censoring Ron Paul 22:55:17
ron-paul-undo-empire 22:55:15
Hold the line 22:55:01
Anyone catch Don Lunsford on "Cavuto" today? 22:54:30
* * We Just Became 'Accidental' Delegates to the GOP Convention * * 22:52:57
Save The Sheeple 22:52:52
Ron Paul should have cried 22:50:06
whoever is inside the matrix already 22:41:10
(sorry guys I stand corrected) re please watch CNN website now 22:40:34
Its fixed 22:40:26
Everyone is about delegates and a brokered this!! 22:39:13
Vote in the morning! 22:37:40
Nashville Paul People 22:37:28
Ron Paul in 4th place in all states that are reporting? :( 22:37:23
Anyone else get harrassed at the polls? 22:35:56
We lose %9 of the vote in Georgia overnight 22:35:08
RECALL 22:33:11
Keep The Faith 22:32:20
Minnesotans put party over country 22:28:29
Where to start? 22:28:20
Alright Gang- SETTLE DOWN! 22:27:46
This movement can not survive under a Republican Party. 22:27:17
Infiltrate the Republican National Convention 22:23:00
Could it be our own fault...we didnt give the $23 mill the campaign said it needed 22:18:56
Paul Currently in 1st in Minnesota 22:18:06
Draft Ron Paul Pat Buchanan for 3rd party run 22:17:17
I say we Fight 22:14:11
Minnestota caucus -Ron Paul at 38% ? Tell me I'm not dreaming? 22:13:16
Delegate Count Update 22:10:53
Rowley, MA Precicnt results 22:09:17
Ron Paul 1ST PLACE in Minnesota so far! 22:07:16
WTF is happening in Montana?! 22:04:37
REMEMBER: These Vote Results are ALL CRAP 22:04:19
Romney wins Cascade County caucus; Paul second 22:03:53
CSPAN 9:00pm ET Ron Paul 22:03:08
>-[ rEVOLution War Meeting NOW!!]-< 22:01:07
BTW 22:00:30
What's with all of the inaccuracy today?!?!? 21:58:55
Too much to hope 21:58:32
Official Georgia Results 21:57:02
Ron Paul currently 4th in Montana, behind Huck? 21:56:17
This is what it's all about! 21:49:30
GOP race and Beer just like watching superbowl 21:48:32
Sweet Almighty do I hate Insane John McCain 21:47:38
Old Media is Having a Panic Attack!!! 21:46:30
911 - Everyone who had problems voting for Ron Paul NEEDS to report 21:45:01
EXCELLENT News for Ron Paul - Huck Takes the South 21:39:46
Romney is not faring well so far tonight 21:36:31
What is going on in NJ??? Politico #'s 21:33:31
Stocks 21:28:27
Giuliani beating Ron Paul in Missouri - NO, NOT KIDDING! 21:25:57
Paul at 23% (3rd place) in Montana - 3/56 counties reporting 21:22:44
Feeling good so far tonight 21:17:15
its happening in canada 21:14:43
SOS From the USA 21:13:38
Become a Delegate. 21:09:52
In it to Win it! 21:06:19
MSM is hitting it hard!!!!!! 21:04:10 21:03:12
Ron Paul Backer Cries Foul In Brooklyn 20:58:39
Ok this is enough 20:56:37
good 10-minute Ron Paul video recommendation? 20:52:40
F*ck the Neo CON!!!!!!!!! 20:50:16
paul-wins-3-national-delegates-from 20:48:52
Ron Paul in georgia 20:46:25
Come on montana!!!! 20:46:13
These elections are so fixed now there saying Obama wins White 20:44:20
Answer 10 questions and find out which presidential candidate you should vote for in 2008! 20:43:00
Huckabee says there was no deal in WV 20:41:56
Media 20:41:24
America does not want change 20:41:10
How The Markets Really Work-Spot On! 20:33:23
$270,000 needed by Feb 9th to save Ron Pauls seat in Congress from neocon rival 20:33:02
Paul And Huckabee Working Together On Super Tuesday??? 20:29:57
Great article which discusses Romney vs. Paul 20:27:29
wanna feel good canvas event? 20:22:44
What is the Max that we can donate? 20:21:27
Is there a list that shows which states are winner-take-all or not? Also, 20:19:35
My signs were stolen. 20:19:12
abc-news-on-trail-with-ron-paul.html 20:17:20
Major question about McCain, someone please find me the answer 20:14:48
CBS Evening News continues to say RP has NO DELEGATES!!! 20:11:18
vote dident count, not a joke! 20:08:27
Did you vote in California? Any hitch? 20:05:33
Did Huck go on a spending spree? 20:03:50
(Fraudulent? Biased?) Study: Project for Excellence in Journalism (HA!) 20:02:47
Just voted in NYC 8th District 19:59:15
cry-baby-clinton-yale 19:58:38
Attention Alaskans! 19:56:37
ron-paul-second-in-maine-state. 19:56:22
ron paul cleaning up 19:52:25
MSNBC story about Paul's 3 WV delegate deal 19:51:51
Important!!!! Negative voting experience? 19:51:48
One of the smartest guys I've ever seen... 19:50:49
Ron Paul Banner Just Towed Past Anaheim Hills, CA. 19:46:33
Great news from MONTANA!!!!!!!!! 19:42:54
Super Tuesday states: An idea for TODAY if you have Ron Paul stuff on your car! 19:27:31
Outrage in NY 19:19:42
WEST VIRGINIA - 2ND PLACE- 3 DELEGATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19:17:04
Olbermann on MSNBC Just Talked About West Virginia "Trade" Between Huckabee And PAul 19:15:17
Romney and Paul gave speeches in WV today. Paul got 3 delegates, Romney got 0 19:13:49
GOP rivals await Super Tuesday vote results USATODAY - Ron Paul photo included - he looks great! 19:12:49
Super Tuesday Information? 19:12:16
After the results are in tonight Paul should pwn the media 19:12:16
Iranian Oil Bourse IS A Reality 19:12:13
Illinois Voters...(last call)READ THIS BEFORE YOU VOTE 19:10:23
MSNBC not reporting from Ron Paul campaign tonight 19:02:53
Do you ever wake up and you can't move? 19:01:49
***Tell Russ Feingold to support RON PAUL*** (link inside) 19:01:44
My Snowman supports Ron Paul! (pics) 18:59:57
Everybody say "Thank You' 18:54:02
documentary 18:50:57
John McCain Endorses Ron Paul (sort of) 18:48:18
Paul eyes pivotal role with Alaska win 18:48:13
PBS only place to watch unbiased primary results? 18:47:17
WTF ! West Virginia whats going on.? 18:41:28
* Are we a empire that needs to ran or a Republic that needs to be free 18:41:14
California Scrapped Diebold 18:40:29
Proposed U.S. Federal Budget Over $20,000 per Working Individual! 18:40:23
Why Giuliani Failed.. Great post! DIIG 18:36:28
Which candidate is the best for your money? 18:34:45
'Complications put Iran war on ice' 18:34:22
Ron Paul signs Numbersusa no amnesty for illegals pledge 18:32:23
NEW YORK Voter Affidavit PDF 18:31:47
I VOTED TWICE TODAY!!!!! 18:31:08
Let them know the truth! 18:30:50
Huckabee slogan: Vote for me or go to Hell 18:30:10
Help Stop Rebates for Illegal Immagrants 18:27:48
Anyone else notice that KT is on nearly every thread 18:26:37
Huckabee, Paul and Romney working together against McCain 18:25:09
Help - question about Federal Reserve and banking system 18:24:04
a true Ron Paul Patriot 18:21:52
Is this how a great nation runs a primary? My vote better count! 18:16:52
Senator Joe Balyeat Endorsement of Ron Paul 18:15:59
M.M. You Should Rename This Site, "The Daily Troll" 18:13:53
A Democrat should win, if Ron Paul cannot.... 18:12:06
TODAY = THe Ultimate Fight! # Electoral Votes 18:11:11
'CRACK UP BOOM' - Flight into Real Goods 18:10:20
NPR attempts explanation, fails 18:04:43
Paul secured 20% of the votes in WV 18:03:46
Great endorsement 18:03:45
Please help with RP videos 18:03:18
@@@ Idea of how to fix the media biased @@@ 18:00:15
Shah of Iran with Mike Wallace - Newspapers are controlled and bias 17:55:30
Which candidate do you like least? 17:54:34
Super Tuesday DELEGATES 17:52:01
Five Minute Stump Speech to the GOP 17:48:07
Help! I need to find a California Primary Voter Station 17:42:03
small business/self-employed 17:37:49
Gas in Canada is less than $1 a gallon. 17:34:32
SCOOP ONLY! all Election "scoop news" here.... 17:33:51
A Huckabee thing we can spin to our advantage 17:23:34
Over 4,000 Ron Paul supporters pack Univ of Minnesota Rally 17:19:54
Super Tuesday RP Ad on YouTube 17:17:38
HOW DO I FIND MY DELEGATE??!??!?! 17:16:30
No More Money Bombs until March 4th! 218th Anniv. of Const. 17:15:14
Investing questions 17:14:01
from WV Caucus to the National Convention 17:11:12
Is There An Honest TV Network To Watch For Up To Date Results? 17:10:15
A 360 17:04:59
Delegates not popular vote! 17:01:49
Dow -370 points on close, about 3%. Going to spark a worldwide selloff again? 16:59:51
Lexington MA HS Election - Paul off, Nader on the ballot 16:58:40
RP on Front page of national paper 16:46:44
Parents refuse to vote! HELP!!! 16:44:05
Just in from the south Alabama polls 16:42:29
Mitt Romney, quit whining 16:41:26
Alabama and early voting 16:38:44
Here is the prolbem and maybe the solution 16:36:46
Amazing. Ron Paul has finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in West Virginia, all on the same day 16:29:35
Huckabee Info from a previous post 16:22:04
Jesse Benton on with Alex Jones today (Feb. 5) 16:19:03
Now a total of 5 ME cables cut 16:14:06
Any one know where I can watch T.V. commercials for Romney and other candidates? 16:13:57
Ron Paul comes in 2nd in West Virginia. He gets second most delegates. 16:10:31
NY voters read HERE! - problems with voting machine "failures", on Republican side 16:07:53
I hate to admit it, but maybe the neocons are right... 16:03:07
What is the Ron Paul Movement? 16:01:59
wins all 18 W.Va. delegates 16:01:06
Thomas Jefferson Endorses Ron Paul 15:58:13
Handy Delegate Tracker 15:55:20
Actual Delegate Count? 15:53:33
anyone here who voted for Ron Paul in 88' besides me? 15:49:37
Ron Paul as Neo, Trashes the Media Talking Heads 15:47:23
How many Delegates does RP need at the National Convention? 15:45:59
Mitt Romney Voted Democrat??? WTF!!! 15:40:58
WV final results are in. 15:36:44
Huckabee wins WV 15:36:39
10yr old interviews Dr. Paul 15:36:12
Question from abroad 15:35:53
Do you think any of the candidates are voting for Ron Paul today? 15:35:51
Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul, Then and Now 15:34:56
One Man's Perspective On Super Tuesday 15:33:20
Is it a good idea to move to Canada????? 15:33:18
Government/MSM Propaganda Machine 15:27:41
How Ron Paul can do very well, or even win, after today. 15:25:32
Lowell Massachusetts Not Allowed to Photograph Ballot No Receipt! 15:22:48
Anyone in Nevada... 15:21:43
///Ron Paul speaks at NDSU /// 15:19:25
IMPORTANT - message from MAINE for EVERYONE 15:18:53
Good news so far... 15:14:40
+++Ron Paul the best choice+++ 15:12:02
Look to the future 15:07:42
Any Texas Delegates here....please explain the process 15:03:59
My Letter to the Editor 15:01:27
Remeber soldiers 14:57:33
Paul is behind here. Go here and Vote!!! 14:57:05
Ron Paul in the back of some people's conscious 14:55:12
Do they count provisional Ballots in Ca? 14:51:05
voting in orange county ny 14:48:21
AFTER Super Tuesday... 14:45:12
Fox News has 6 embedded reporters with candidates on SuperTues (today) 14:44:06
My wife and I are going to donate some more today! 14:37:45
California 5 14:36:20
Dow down over 300pts right now, rumors of inter-meeting rate cut from Fed again 14:36:05
Cleveland Ohio GOP Poll - Including Ron Paul - Let's Vote 14:34:23
That felt REALLY GOOD!!!! 14:26:43
Hannity & Coulter supporting Romney on Faux News 13:36 EST 14:26:17
Manual voting booth......from LI, NY 14:25:29
A Romney surprise could help us 14:25:07
The Pentagon is actively seeking to filter and downgrade the internet, right under YOUR nose! 4th cable cut! 14:23:29
WTF! it has only been one state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14:20:21
* * The WHINING HAS BEGUN --Reality Check * * 14:15:13
Eric Whoru Promotes Ron Paul show 14:08:13
Before everyone gets all upset 14:08:02
Subliminal message put into Ron Paul's Mtv speach!!!! 14:06:41
names mean things: Diebold is called Premier Election Solutions 14:03:12
* * And Then They Came for Me--please help Stark County Woman * * 14:02:54
CNN ignores us again 14:02:23
RON PAUL Eliminated WV 14:01:23
Suggestions Needed - What non-MSM outlet are you all using?? 13:56:46
Ron Paul 35% Second Place in Maine !!! 13:56:25
Operation Mockingbird: CIA Media Manipulation 13:47:32
Vote and donate 13:41:58
Panem, Circenses, and Super Fat Tuesday 13:38:56
Ron Paul From 1984 13:36:42
WV Voting: Ron Paul Eliminated, his delegates have to vote for someone else this round 13:29:21
Mini Blimps at Safeway in Gilbert AZ!! 13:28:25
Voted in Illinois today 13:22:55
Illinois Voters...READ THIS BEFORE YOU VOTE 13:18:47
you guys watching WV, it sux. 13:16:44
!!!Economist: Expect Fed to lower Dow to 8,000!!! 13:13:34
What I've heard 13:13:06
Super Tuesday Sale 13:11:00
Has ANYONE seen TV ads for Ron Paul on TV these 6 days before Super Tuesday? 13:10:16
Military Draft? 13:06:54
New "Weapon" for Law Enforcement created by Homeland Security!!! 13:06:10
Please stop the deceptive forum-topic headlines 13:01:48
Rush vote for Ron Paul? 12:56:25
Gold Purchase? 12:54:47
Ron Paul answers Slashdot reader's questions 12:50:07
Ron Paul on 12:47:41
Anyone seen any Ron Paul ads in Cali? 12:47:00
Elections are Futures Markets in Stolen Property-H.L. Mencken 12:44:51
live feed of West Virgina (county by county) votes 12:44:11
FL voters can still become delegates!! Sign up here 12:42:09
24 Hours Later, Is Still Down 12:37:35
cry-baby-clinton @yale. 12:30:08
McCain+CNN+Brings up the Draft 12:26:37
Know your Enemy 12:26:06
Market down 2% today 12:25:34
Ron Paul on 12:22:47
ron paul picture on the 12:21:02
Meet the Supporters : Ron Paul 12:16:24
Ron Paul is a Robin Hood story 12:14:40
Duty To Guard Against Tyranny 12:10:07
Please stop posting false vote percentages! 12:07:55
I Dont Get To Vote :( 12:04:48
BEST Dr. Paul Video Ever! 12:02:45
New News Paper for the People of this Country 11:57:01
Confirmation - 4th undersea cable cut - Iran most affected 11:56:00
I Just Voted Here In Missouri 11:54:57
RON PAUL 1st PLACE IN 11 STATES!! 11:53:30
Ron Paul Finishes Second in Maine Caucus! 11:45:11
Who likes chess? 11:37:45
Worst Political Speech in World History... 11:37:34
RON PAUL AT 41% in 1st PLACE in ALASKA (YAHOO BUZZ not actual votes) - 10:35 AM EST 11:33:47
Cops Strip and brutalize woman 11:28:31
No Mention of Paul on ANY of the major networks! 11:28:26
Poll watchers needed - Tucson AZ 11:26:07
Newspaper for Liberty 11:18:55
"For you Ron Paul maniacs" -morning joe 10:15EST Text POLL 11:14:19
great way to get Ron Paul Votes :) 11:04:47
Win, lose or draw 11:03:21
Look At What I Found 10:59:16
The day before Super Tuesday, Corporate Media (CBS, NBC & ABC News) excluded Ron Paul in negligence to mention the campaign 10:52:32
John Zogby 'BAFFLED' by lack of Paul Votes 10:51:48
WV - RON PAUL Gop Convention Speech. 9:50am, Windows Media Link, NOW!!! 10:50:52
Poll on WND go vote 10:45:35
Robbed of my right to vote!!! :( 10:45:11
Horrible Weather 10:43:32
Boortz Poll - Vote Now 10:33:35
election becomes battle of bands 10:25:14
Share your Ron Paul voting experience 10:15:31
Is it OK to Waterboard Corrupt Politicians Regarding Who Paid Them What? 10:09:17
West Virginia speech on super tuesday at 9.30 am 09:58:35
clinton-wont-commit-to-renew constitution 09:56:59
CSPAN Washington Journal Call-in 09:55:57
The Revolution: A Manifesto - NO. 1 Bestseller on Amazon! 09:55:02
military-backs-ron-paul-for-president 09:48:38
Ron Paul Signs ‘Numbers USA’ Pledge to Oppose Amnesty and Secure America’s 09:47:01
LETS START THE REVOLUTION? why pay for something that you get nothing in return. 09:38:22
Help is needed anti- American group La Raza on the attack 09:37:35
Track ballots, memory cards, and cartridges 09:37:25
CNN and Fox News 09:34:31
Well folks MSM as usual. 09:32:34
Are you kidding?! MSM saying McCain winning in AZ 09:31:53
President Clinton and Vice-President Clinton 09:20:07
atta boy Mellencamp! 09:18:32
R.J. Matson Cartoon is Insulting to Ron Paul 09:10:35
Ron Paul Rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota Draws 4,000 09:06:16
Today is the Big Day 08:59:47
Voter Affidavits 08:59:29
Bunk From Libertarian Website 08:48:50
Bank Failure-First of 2008! 08:47:08
Romney now says he is leading a citizen revolution.... 08:41:28
Ron Paul Beats McCain in Maine Caucus! 08:39:25
what if this happened here? 08:39:14
Healthcare in America 08:37:15
Take back the Power Centers ~ G. Edward Griffin ~ An Idea Whose Time Has Come 07:56:11
To all you "UNCONVENTIONAL AND FIERCELY LOYAL" supporters! 07:40:13
Question: How does it work (Delegates vs Popular Votes) ??? Somebody please explain this! 07:02:01
Alaska Ron Paul Article 06:43:11
Ron Paul's Illinois Fund-Raising Numbers Reveal Widespread Support 06:40:42
CNN Makes No Note of Ron Paul 06:18:04
Simple Way To Get Alot More Ron Paul Supporters 06:06:58
Minnesota Rally Video 06:02:45
Hilllary Becomes First Candidate to Promote Men's Rights Agenda 05:48:56
Paul eyes pivotal role with Alaska win 05:27:58
Super Tuesday Is Also a Super Media Day For Ron Paul! RP's Message IS being heard! 05:21:46
ABC blackout FCC complaint correct number to call... 05:09:11
Change Is Not Enough. I'm Revolting. 05:08:34
*** Do you people actually realize what is happening?*** 04:38:50
WHY I support the Doctor: Sept 19, 1984-Dr.Ron Paul describes America, in one page: speech given on House Flr. 04:38:45
3Com Schedules Vote on Huawei Deal 04:28:31
Ron Paul's international support 04:10:38
Wow - read this economics comic by Peter Schiff's father 04:00:38
Poll - Please crosspost 03:24:58
Forget About Minnesota!!! 03:17:21
We won the Straw Polls, Now We WILL Win the Nomination!!! 03:02:23
New Web Page For Patriotism 02:59:18
U.S. Troops Asked If They Would Shoot American Citizens 02:57:56
Can Ron Paul stop this 02:55:11
This bit of trivia about Bush nearly knocked me out of my chair!! 02:53:04
Super Tuesday Bomb 2:00am already at yesterdays 10:00am total. 02:45:13
RP's ads -- Better, but do they hit the mark? 02:34:57
Press TV- Paul: "Take back your civil liberties" 02:34:47
Alex Jones Explains How Dr. Paul Will Eliminate Taxes! 02:34:29
Help Ron Paul get the Job Done! 02:23:34
Will Romney or Huckabee drop out of the race tomorrow? 02:15:23
Recycling when the government gets invovled... Hopefully not coming to a city near you! 02:15:14
Welcome To Fascism 02:11:49
If Ron Paul is not President the WORLD will never trust us again 02:11:30
Jamie Has a Hissy (please read and thumb) 02:11:05
Ron Paul Signs ‘Numbers USA’ Pledge! 02:02:18
“The Myth of a Maverick”: 01:51:59
Karl Rove Joins Faux News Channel! 01:51:54
A Proclamation (From 1776) 01:50:10
The Decline and Fall of America, Movie.. Must See! 01:48:58
**Important last minute update for Californians** 01:48:55
7 Montana State Legislators Endorse Ron Paul! 01:48:48
LOL..RIGHT NOW..Look how many Positive Ron Paul Storys are on the Front Page 01:40:36
Fragile Dollar Hegemony: Iran's Oil Bourse could Topple the Dollar 01:38:04
Stay Late and Watch the Vote Counts!!! 01:37:42
When you go vote tomorrow bring a FRIEND! 01:36:34
RON PAUL KNOWS ALL ABOUT THIS: Central Bankers Can't Avoid Peril Without Helping Hand!!! 01:33:23
* * Store Front Make-over, OUT OF BUSINESS * * 01:31:01
an Obama knockout punch will benefit Paul 01:27:50
Pre-Super Tuesday News Coverage 01:23:27
GrannyWarriors for Ron Paul 01:18:06
Ron Paul Picks Up 40th Anti-Illegal Immigration Group Endorsement 01:16:11
Yippee!! 1 county Maine Results...Go Ron Paul! 01:13:26
It's February 5 right now, 9:15 PST - Vote with Money 01:13:14
Ron Paul Billboard 01:06:21
L@@K-Mobile Billboards- spreading the message !!! 01:03:41
Somebody please give a run down of how tomorrow will likely go and the direction the RP Campaign will likely go after tomorrow? 00:55:27
Jay Leno 00:52:43
Send this to ALL especially Hillary supporters 00:47:48
+++Newsweek: Ron Paul on when he might drop out+++ 00:42:37
Bush Admits He Plans to Attack Iran. And has a lot to do in his last year. 00:41:51
DRAFT RON PAUL for Third PARTY 00:40:55
Ron Paul Rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota Draws 4,000 (More than Hillary) 00:37:54
AOL Poll Reset - VOTE! 00:35:37 00:33:55
everybody just relax, pray hard and GET OUT THE VOTE!!!! 00:33:26
Credit Card Processing Fees for Donations Cost the Campaign Approx. One Half Million Dollars 00:33:01
Ron Paul raised more in small donations (defined as those of $200 and less) than any other Presiedential candidate. 00:32:33
Help with a GOOD answer to this voter's philosophy on the election 00:23:44
I was gonna max out tonight, but im not going to because... 00:22:14
Va Senator Warner stumping for McCain in NJ finds revolution instead 00:17:36
How can we Boycott CNN and FOX??? as a group? 00:16:24 00:15:06
"Spot the differences" ad campaign 00:11:27
Ron Paul Second in Maine State Delegates with 35% VIDEO 00:09:00
Smacking down the local TN newspaper! (letter) 00:08:46
Outlook for Super Tuesday 00:08:38
I got my wife, mother-in-law, dad, mother and 8 of my friends to vote for Ron tomorrow in California! 00:05:49
Money Bomb in March?! Guys, We have 3 million to go to hit tomorrow's goal for crying out loud!! 00:04:45