Posted on February 20, 2008

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Video: You Are a New Force Within the Republican Party 18:00:41
CNN American Morning 12:08:13
Ron Paul On Lou Dobbs About NAU Super Highway Feb.19.2008 02:27:24
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Linda Goldthorpe, a 'Ron Paul Republican' Running for Congress Needs Support 23:56:54
Bill Maher mentions Ron Paul 23:39:32
Dirty Dirty McCain 23:39:05
Viewers Choice on Larry King Live 23:14:11
Montana may leave the Union over gun rights ! 23:08:54
Third Round of Sanctions on Iran seem Imminent 23:08:26
IF - it cost $28 million to get 280 delegates that would be $100,000 per delegate! What is wrong with this picture? 23:05:51
Another Great Article on Ron Paul on 23:05:04
What will happen to Canada after the American collapse? 23:03:41
Montana to secede from the U.S. over gun rights? 23:02:44
Ron Paul Freedom Rally Video and Song 22:50:24
Clinton vs Peter Paul starting tomorrow 22:48:18
Beijingers learn how to Cheer for the Olympics 22:43:39
Probably a dumb question but...... 22:43:18
/ 22:39:13
Vote Now--Who's the Biggest Bigot? 22:32:00
Vote Fraud 22:29:44
CNN: Paul's candidacy goes on 22:07:03
Didn't the Doc say we needed to HAVE FUN? 22:01:38
How to Win At Everything 21:52:04
Local advertising in DC up to the march 21:46:57
What ever happened to the guys who would make phone calls talking about vote for Ron Paul? 21:43:44
CALL TO ACTION: This worked before when 19,000 letters were sent and it can work again! 21:43:40
The Veterans March of 1932 21:28:00
Operation To Shoot Down Satellite Called A 'Test' 21:25:26
MEDIA FIREWORKS: McCain Pleads with NYT to Spike Story on Female Lobbyist 21:22:47
Lunar Eclipse in 30 min (Bomb) 21:18:39
Stimulating the economy 21:04:55
BOMBSHELL on McShame just added to tomorrow's (2/21) N.Y. Times!! 20:58:30
Yahoo news today, "McCains Economic Team" 20:57:12
Ammo against McCain. 20:54:25
I am flipping back and forth "Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs" 20:43:53
ABC co-anchor agrees with Ron Paul 20:42:12
Power of PowerPoint 20:37:58
Ron Paul and the Revolution test 20:26:57
The "Surge" is not working /.MSM has been lying to you again.. 20:25:01
Joy Behar/The View speaks well of Ron Paul 20:21:26
Precinct Leaders BOMB 20:18:51
Mike Bloomberg Claims Vote Fraud 20:17:23
Florida Ron Paul Delegates Needed !!! 20:05:01
Pass it around 20:02:51
*Hey Mr. McCain* A roadside bomb killed three US soldiers in Baghdad, the US military said in a statement on Wednesday. 19:53:05
I have something important to say - I hope you'll read this 19:51:24
Lou Dobbs & Wolf on CNN 30 minutes ago 19:40:56
Perfect for 2008 I'm on a LOW BUDGET (Old/New USA Theme Song) 19:26:45
The Valley of Elah 19:16:31
Please post your success stories! 18:56:41
Letterbomb Update! Still need MORE letters 18:35:58
What!?!? He beat us!?!? McCain January Haul Nearly $12 Million 18:08:32
Google headline:"Navy has 10 secs, $60M to kill satellite" - know what that is equal to? 17:47:55
a Means or an end 17:32:40
Fed Lowers Economic Forecast 17:31:51
Vote Fraud is more than uncounted ballots 17:24:00
gold prices today at 3:00 pm cst 17:12:13
more dismal news from the Fed 17:07:41
Looks like Iraq might heat up again. 17:02:43
This is what they are saying: Ron Paul doesn't have ANY support. Prove them wrong. 17:01:55
It's Time to Rein in Bush's *Bankrupt America* Budget 17:01:54
Paul/Bernanke YouTube videos 17:00:40
Pay Per View 16:59:33
** Mass Meditation Event during lunar eclipse @9PM EST 2/20 ** 16:59:32
Highschool Student Tasered by Cop 16:53:59
Dobbs On NAFTA Super Highway With Ron Paul 16:53:00
Why is Obama's pic feaured on the CA GOP website? 16:52:55
Linda Goldthorpe.... you have our backing! 16:51:23
Never Give Up!... Not Ron Paul 16:47:30
The United States gave billions of dollars in aid to the wealthy European principality of Andorra, which it mistakenly assumed w 16:38:04
Texans spread the news to support larry kilgore for US senate!!! 16:25:43
MUSHARRAF LOST!!! 16:03:31
PAUL MALL 15:59:59
Rush Bomb 15:53:49
Texas Primary - Rumor? 15:45:02
long time internet freedom pundit launches congressional exploratory 15:32:52
Please Help Dennis Kucinich 15:29:47
Huck Stayed In Race Because of Ron Paul 15:20:06
How Many Have seen America: Freedom to Fascism on You Tube ?? And Free TOOLS we can use to Elect Ron Paul 14:52:00
Documentary with Ron Paul and David Walker 14:47:52
My Blog on Ron Paul 14:42:40
Michigan Dist 1 LInda Goldthorpe 14:37:34
Neat video re: blowback 14:35:53
Joy Behar praises Ron Paul on "The View" 14:21:20
Behar talking about Paul on the View NOW 14:15:54
Yo! I'm feel'n Ron Paul!!! 14:15:11
I know everyone has thought about it (destroying your TV) 13:45:25
Black Gold!!! 13:45:21
Hey you Texan Paulites ........ 13:44:48
David Walker joins forces with the Pete Peterson? 13:44:23
***Please Help Rate These RP Videos On CNN's IReport*** 13:36:48
Did anyone hear me on CSPAN radio yesterday morning? 13:24:02
Truth is stranger than fiction: Leo Wanta 13:17:42
Could HQ simply offer people $5,000 to become a delegate/campaign worker? 13:02:32
Stop McCain from coming to my city 12:40:14
After This Election, I am Leaving The GOP and I Let Them Know It 12:31:42
U.S. to Pass More UN Sanctions on Iran 12:29:34
Chuck Baldwin's Latest is a must read for everyone 12:17:27
Economic Crisis.... Please read! 12:16:10
$ 0 spent in RI 12:15:22
Transparency begins at home 12:10:49
hear no evil, speak no evil.... 11:48:02
For Those Who Think There is No Free Market Solution to the Global Energy Crisis 11:47:11
Ron Paul March - BULLS ON PARADE***** 11:33:27
Legislation Against NAU!!!! 11:31:51
the federal government is paying out 150 million dollars to 12 areas in Maine 11:24:53
Got Faint? Not when Obama is around with water! 11:22:05
Yard Signs + other Excess Materials Auction on Ebay Closing Soon!!! 11:21:23
How is it Romney got 20%? 11:15:42
MSNBC uses Osama picture for Obama! 11:08:27
HR3835 10:45:38
What happened in the primaries yesterday? 10:32:19
Too true to be funny.. gotta watch this! 10:27:12
manystrom, put up the march widget!!!!!!!` 10:26:11
US War Leaders Flee America During Most Dangerous Week 10:24:39
Guerilla Marketing: How we MAKE and TAKE our coverage 10:18:09
Post on front page! How To Restore The Republic!!! 10:01:06
Dropping Shoes 09:59:00
Junk Silver vs. Bullion 09:36:49
have you seen this video yet? YOU NEED TO NOW, RIGHT NOW! 09:33:51
Gamers will soon be able to interact with the virtual world using their thoughts and emotions alone. 09:26:23
@@@Help Ron Paul Win Ohio’s 88 Delegates!@@@@@@ 06:57:29
Why is CNN flashing **Republican Convention to be held May 16 -18*? 06:36:51
It Is No A Religious Conflict By Rabbi Weiss 06:24:34
Ron Paul on CNN 8:15AM 2/20/08 06:16:24
ron Paul CNN @ 8:15 A.M 06:12:39
Top U.S. accountant warns of pending fiscal tsunami 06:07:51
Coming Soon? From Prison to Populus? 05:41:41
Found In A Pool of Blood 04:53:30
Highschool Student Tasered by Cop 04:52:59
Guess who came to vote.... 04:37:12
Hillary's Strategy Makes No Sense. 04:27:12
Youtube clip: America heading towards fascism 04:04:40
McCain aide linked to Russian billionaire 03:59:42
gun company cuts ties with blackwater 03:55:47
Oregon GOP in debt 03:37:25
Odd percentages in Wisconsin 03:20:56
Is there any way 02:35:30
Washington Results Updated !! 02:30:59
Ohio.... it's getting "crazy" on tv, phone call. 02:25:09
All our lives we've been waiting for someone to call our leader 02:16:56
Please don't change the name of 02:15:42
has anyone noticed... 02:15:33
Keith Olbermann Tears Bush apart! 01:38:51
Presidents Can't Manage the Economy 01:38:08
FEMA Coffins In Georgia? 01:33:27
These Guys Were Serious in 1997 01:16:53
"OTHER" votes IN 2nd PLACE IN WASHINGTON 01:15:20
You're Not Going to Believe This... 01:09:31
Already voted? CHECK THIS OUT! 01:01:39
Someone posted a forum topic about precinct leaders and I had a thought 00:44:21
Salivary gland Cancer & Cell phones 00:42:02
Washington: Ron Paul Vote + Other Beats Huckabee 00:40:59
who controls our children? 00:36:14
Luskin goes over to McCain Campain - What does that say about him? 00:28:55
The Nature of Government by Ayn Rand 00:28:08
Ron Paul has Asked us to sign up as PRECINCT LEADERS! Let's cover all 180000 precincts! 00:23:15
NH Recount results 00:23:14
Prodigy of Mobb Deep endorses Ron 00:17:37
Nice, Main Stream Media reporting on NAU!! :) with RP 00:13:02
The Unmasking of the Corporate Media 00:04:59
Ron Paul supporters have rattled McCain 00:01:02