Posted on March 10, 2008

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Ron Paul Interviewed on Antiwar Radio 13:01:21
Where do you get your news? 12:53:35
Ron Paul CNN Morning 03/10/08 11:49:43
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?? Is Bin Ladin ?? 23:45:08
"Local Paul backers not giving up fight" 23:27:12
Look what our SC meet-up is doing! 23:11:18
When we get to national convention... 23:01:18
Oldie, but a goodie 23:00:32
Message Goes Mainstreem 22:45:18
Republican Convention Rules 22:40:12 shows Ron Paul dropped out of the race! 22:39:16
US: Pesticide maker owned by political donor 22:23:44
7 Insane Conspiracies That Actually Happened 22:22:31
We're All In This Together 22:10:01
United States of Israel 22:01:52
Prayers for Paul, raise 'em HIGH 21:56:19
Reuters: "McCain budget numbers don't add up, experts say" 21:55:56
Congressional Candidate Exposed by Opponent of being Ron Paul Republican 21:55:54
Can We Still Go Third Party (Libertarian or Constitution Party) if the GOP Delegate Strategy Falls Short? 21:49:52
Just War Doctrine - use it to teach/educate Huckabee supporters 21:32:55
I have been threatened! 20:59:24
MUST WATCH for all Americans-constitution explained 20:47:31
US Prepares For Doomsday Rule As British Forces Arrive In America 20:41:23
The Tao of Gun 20:38:36
Are you frustrated with all the junk-mail ie credit card offers, etc? I have a SOLUTION! (This is Ron Paul canvassing info) 20:28:18
North Carolina Ballot Access Lawsuit Trial Likely in or Before June 20:16:38
7 Insane Conspiracies That Actually Happened 20:16:04
Ron Paul CNN Morning 03/10/08 20:15:39
DIGG FEST, Add your DIGG'S here 20:09:11
Let's help this RP Republican 20:06:42
100 Years in Iraq, a Position We Can All Get Behind 20:03:33
Terrific article, really great about Ron Paul 20:00:18
April Issue of Reason : 19:42:05
Another victory in minnesota! 19:21:33
Wanna vote 4 somthin? 19:19:20
An update From North Carolina Ron Paul meetup 19:18:55
Tucker Carlson has been fired! 19:02:23
Bush Taxpayer Funds Give-away - 4.9 million to Kenya 18:57:20
how long do we have? 18:47:31
This video is climbing... 18:44:05
Need HELP! up here in Oregon! 18:20:08
Will this be the 1st Revolution 18:20:06
Quoth McCain: "Like Most Americans, I Go See My Doctor Fairly Frequently." 18:14:50
DOES ANYONE KNOW...... 18:09:12
Please answer this question.... 18:02:43
The worst pyramid scheme of all time. 17:56:54
Republican Lawmaker wants to make anonymous internet posting illegal 17:56:48
My friends, the surge is NOT working 17:15:46
**YouTube - Ron Paul - I'm Still In It** CNN Mar. 10th DIGG! 16:53:20
To file or not to file a tax return for 2007 16:49:22
What happens to my mortgage if the banks fail? 16:47:00
Sobering News from North Carolina 16:31:04
Stock Market 16:29:48
****Pure WATER out of AIR!****** 16:19:11
The Revolution is alive and well in North Carolina 16:16:01
Obama won't get us out of Iraq--only RP can do it--DIGG 15:56:22
Federal Real Estate Reserve coming? 15:52:06
McCain for less government? 15:44:44
Universal Car Care 15:44:33
John McCain Takes Photos With 9/11 Truthers! SPREAD THIS! 15:42:40
Tar and feather spitzer! 15:39:57
CNN: Race is not over/youtube video 15:35:27
Delegates for McCain. You input is needed!!! 15:21:11
We Are All In This Together - June 21 Video 15:03:53
June 21 March Video 15:02:45
Tax Strike '08, April 15th -- More than just a DC rally! 15:01:23
How To Continue The Revolution. 14:59:54
Ron Paul to Guide the Revolution into the Future...? 14:59:53
Why are they so affriad of Ron Paul?! 14:45:42
Ron Paul Radio Interview 14:42:49
Tax Strike '08, April 15th -- More than just a DC rally! 14:34:50
gov,ag for ny eliot spinzer admitted guilt in at least 2 prositution rings 5g an hour per girl 14:24:50
Are you a Moneybomber or a Minuteman? 14:22:53
John McCain - The Most Flawed Presidential Candidate in History 14:16:52
Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson Tonight 13:59:23
Pharmaceuticals Found In DRINKER WATER 13:42:52
Free Constitution Training Course - Education is the Key! 13:33:16
"Federal Reserve Possible Target" CNN June 26, 1999 13:26:29
KBR Provides Contaminated Water for our Troops 13:05:17
Is the Gold Standard Still the Gold Standard among Monetary Systems? 12:50:43
please read... covers topics that will interest Ron Paul supporters... 12:31:08
Why is Gold & Silver going down for 4 straight days? 11:35:00
Are we headed for a repeat of 1930s-style bank failures? 11:16:09
THERE IS HOPE! 10:58:44
Anyone familiar with Link TV ? 10:52:26
Recruiting Huckabee Supporters to the Revolution 10:35:59
As the regular season is winding down, the Playoffs are just beginning 10:24:57
OT - "Why We Fight" documentary 10:13:26
Cop Arrests Fireman - Jury Awards $18k 10:01:25
Silver & Gold dipping again, hurry and buy. 09:58:48
Even Fox News has Ron Paul in the race.... 09:53:13
The United States is NOT OFF the Gold Standard 09:50:05
The American Revolution of 1776: The Manifesto 09:46:24
**** A Great Article Written about Dr. Paul, However, the Negitive comments, **** Require a Reckoning ***8 09:42:38
Ron on CNN Today: The Campaign Never Ends 09:30:26
Judge Attacks Homeschooling 09:17:05
Ron Paul #4 on Yahoo Top Searches 09:12:18
Oklahoma does it again! If you are from Oklahoma you MUST READ this. 09:04:11
Alex Jones: Question Your Reality 09:03:06
One Million Calls 09:02:06
Weekend watching: Taxi to the Dark Side 09:01:42
The Main Stream Media and its performers have committed suicide!! 09:01:18
We should write American Troops everywhere 08:27:09
**A Layman's Perspective on the Delegate Process** 08:26:25
Dollar dives as Fed rate cut eyed 07:28:00
Look at how the "MSM" fools the sheeple to vote McCain! 06:44:59
Dr. Paul # 4 Top Yahoo Search Today 06:14:52
Ron Paul on CNN Amer Morning 7:40ish am ET 3/10 06:07:03
Need Mapping Help 04:30:45
Drugs found in watersheds of 28 areas (AP) 03:55:51
MartFuncher- Are you guys going to protest the SPP meeting 03:07:59
Great Canadian Ron Paul Article! 02:56:04
ABC News Runs Defense For Puppy Killer 01:36:36
Question about the FED 00:27:34
NOT impressed with Tucker! 00:15:43
**** The R3volution Needs Regional Ware Houses? **** Action required..!! 00:04:56