Posted on March 11, 2008

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Dr Paul on Cavuto 21:57:51
Mid Atlantic Paulites Offering Lodging for the March 12:51:06
Send your thoughts to Mississippi today! 08:56:13
Coast to Coast: NO MORE EMAILS PLEASE 03:08:00
Show me your @!@!@LINKS!@!@!@ 00:19:25
Rand Paul gives campaign update on WBKO, KY 00:19:25
Rand Paul: Is the Revolution Over or Just Beginning? 00:19:26
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There were 11. Nine providentially removed. Who's next? 23:59:24
RED Alert! Calling on ALL Ron Paul Revolutionaries 23:57:09
Dr Paul and Rand Paul say McCain has enough delegates. Is this really true? 23:44:22
Ron Paul Liberty PAC, not Republican Liberty Caucus PAC 23:33:55
Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto 23:24:34
Vote Fraud Alert 23:16:30
Can anyone tell 23:09:49
McCain is calling delegates -- will you support him??? 23:07:32
Alaska needs help. 23:00:09
Central Banks Stabilize and Benefit National and Global Economies 22:58:49
Forget Obama Girl @ 98 22:45:31
Safe Havens? 22:32:59
ABSOLUTE best DIGG... get our man out there! 22:32:38
@ WH Press Sec NOT ALLOWED to Talk about the Dollar! @ 104 online & only 11 DIGGS?? 22:32:06
Watch This -- Let Freedom Ring! -- June 21st DC March 22:21:04
I don't understand...I just don't understand 22:11:09
Just on MSNBC. If you split $10k to avoid telling the government you face 5 years in prison. 22:08:54
Operation "Restituo Res Publica" Mind Control - Its Working On You Now 21:50:01
Delegates 21:47:24
How Caucus Processes are Manipulated 21:35:44
Tallahatchie 21:27:21
Politics: The People vs. Michael Chertoff 21:17:13
Murray Sabrin Update - one opponent remains in the race. 21:06:38
Is RP "OTHER"? 20:59:49
RELAX - You are all SAFE now 20:44:22
What the Hell Are We Waiting For??? 20:19:55
Will My Crack Tax Be Paying for These Hookers? 19:52:10
From Poland with L O V 3 19:51:29
The Queen versus The Masons 19:34:29
How to Write in Ron Paul for President 19:29:48
Diet Questions Answered!!! 19:28:02
More scandal for McInsane 19:26:32
lol Check out Mike Gravel's site: Clinton Will Use Ron Paul Delegate Strategy To Clinch Nomination 19:23:58
Sources: Spitzer Resignation Expected Wednesday 18:45:58
FYI 18:42:20
Are you in Mississippi? 18:40:34
Video of Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto 18:39:00
Tucker Snookered 18:22:21
Anyone know about this technology? 18:12:19
OMG! is RP intelligence influencing my state, too? 18:03:41
Don't listen to Ron Paul. He's been wrong before and he's wrong now! 17:57:09
Help fight for RP! (opensecrets... will only take a few minutes) 17:51:22
A little hope.... 17:43:14
RNC fund raising by phone in Texas 17:36:30
This is not good! 17:33:21
CNN Ron Paul is NOT dropping out! get your shovel! DIGG 17:29:26
Community Currency - The Anti-Fed Elixir 17:26:17
Michael Badnarik - Constitution/Bill of Rights Classes 17:14:41
Thank the Fed for 'Stagflation' 17:10:39
****Let's Win,Expose the Real McCain, Here's the Link**** 16:55:46
Ron Paul's My space surpasses 60,000 comments 16:39:55
McCain traitor to American Jobs, Airbus over Boeing.. 16:38:57
****Let's Win,Expose the Real McCain, Here's the Link**** 16:37:56
Here are 1,452 Paul Supporters. Makes me feel good! So f***g funny!. 16:37:52
Helpful website for "Breaking the Matrix"(?) 16:36:04
Ouch, my Ron Paul portrait just suffered a brutal critique.... 16:23:28
Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto in 5 16:17:34
criticle thinking time. fallon just resigned!!!!! 16:03:27
* FORGET the Republicans! 15:49:38
Ron Paul vs. Peed On 15:37:04
How to Market a Toxic Waste 15:28:01
Ron Paul 4:20 (est) Fox "Your World w/ Neil Cavuto" 15:14:00
Amazon reviews as political commentary 14:53:04
Let me be the first to request a.... 14:32:28
The Revolution: A Manifesto - Read excerpt on Amazon!!! 14:30:16
Pentagon Study of 600,000 Iraqi Documents Finds No Link Between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein 14:25:51
Why is Dr. Paul not the nominee of the Republican party? DIGG IT 14:15:28
The real quesiton about Spitzer 13:49:42
New AOL StrawPoll ***Let's make Dr. Ron Paul First in every state*** 13:13:41
Schwarzenegger to support home schooling. 13:09:42
Spitzer Swallows! 13:04:33
Fed leads fresh $200bn money market intervention, today 03/11/2008 12:55:04
Just received this response from opensecrets 12:45:23
Warren Buffett WARNS about the thermonuclear financial bomb of over $500 TRILLION in derivatives precipitating Global Depression 12:09:32
RP position on neo-conservatism 11:54:29
Freedom Revivals 11:25:37
TIME for Dr. Paul to Make Himself Super Available!!! 11:17:21
The Value is in What you Own 10:55:51
So who is really paying for 10:53:26
Explicit instructions for Martial Law 10:42:08
Patriot rallies 10:40:39
Does anyone have? 10:38:15
Freedom Keepers Rallies 10:26:11
That's it. Invite the FBI to your meeting. I just did. 10:20:09
Is the stock market climb today... 10:10:17
Larry King..still asking for viewer's choice "who do you want to see live" 09:55:38
Silver 09:41:22
Russian terrorism is a false flag operation: crackdowns to come 09:37:31
Feds to inject cash 08:58:35
The disturbing truth about Obama 08:55:42
For fun- AOL straw poll 08:52:45
Website and radio ad 08:49:28
Ralph Nader talks sense 08:18:39
Fed to cut interest rates before March 18 08:02:57
Feds file CONSPIRACY charges in Manhatten involving Prostitution 07:37:56
John McCain willingly takes photos with 911 Truthers! 07:31:15
Could someone direct me to the post on The Beast/Visa Card 07:23:26
"Ron Paul, Jr." Running for Congress in N.C. 07:11:33
If You Believe in Justice and Want to Win, Read This 06:57:00
WH Press Sec NOT ALLOWED to Talk about the Dollar 06:37:09
WH Press Sec NOT ALLOWED to Talk about the Dollar 06:34:43
Karl Rove: ‘I Fully Expect To Be Indicted By The End Of The Year’ 06:13:50
Effort to Impeach Cheney 05:51:45
Ron Paul on CNN Monday- Clarifies- HE'S STILL IN 05:23:40
Ron Paul Interviewed on Antiwar Radio 04:38:01
A link from drudge, related to Mcplane :-) 04:28:15
Stop emailing Coast to Coast, now target HQ! 03:51:38
What do you think of this for a super money bomb idea? Please read my thread on Ron Paul Forums! 03:34:08
You Gotta Love this Guy! 03:16:41
Will it be Inflation or Deflation? 03:06:26
TODAY! Election in Indiana 7th district 02:55:11
McCain considered switching to Democrat in 2004? 02:54:22
Merged radio network to battle 'disinformation' 01:56:11
Huck's army - understanding Huck's supporters. 01:53:27
Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Paul 01:47:24
McCain Angry? 01:28:49
For those who want HOPE... 01:24:26
Worthwhile new film on DVD: Washington, you're fired 01:19:55
Congratulate yourselves! 01:12:59
Let's take back the AOL Straw Poll... 01:04:49
Nader Begins Petitioning In New Mexico 00:43:32
Can anyone help me find a thread from yesterday that 00:41:58
Was Ron On Fox News In the Last couple of days? Anyone have it? 00:35:33
Glowing in the Dark 00:14:59
Hmmmm.....Tucker Carlson "replaced" on MSNBC 00:13:02
Obama rejects being Clinton's No. 2. <<<A Funny CNN Headline 00:12:55
Say a Prayer For Our Mississippi Primaries Tomorrow! 00:06:45
Losing a dream to outsourcing and empire 00:05:24