Posted on March 16, 2008

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Ron Paul: What the Price of Gold is Telling Us 15:24:42
Excellent New Video from High Tide 13:22:53
The Revolution Continues in Michigan!! 12:48:12
Landslide Victory for Ron Paul in Missouri!! We can still do it! 11:13:33
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Post time /Peter Schiff NOW 23:51:31
Suggestion 23:49:33
Outrageous - Taxpayers Bail Out Bear Stearns; JP Morgan Buys for $2 / Share 23:48:57
GengisKahn What is up with YOU? 23:46:02
Oregon can be a statement for Ron Paul! 23:42:21
Take a little break... 23:23:47
Alex Jones strikes again 23:23:34
Everyone needs to be watching CNBC NOW!! Feds issue EMERGENCY measure 3.5% cut!!! WE ARE GOING DOWN NOW!! 23:22:17
Please vote for Dr. Paul on the Youtube Video Awards 23:17:36
All Pages Available on Amazon of Dr. Paul's New Book 23:01:40
*** energy * without * oil ** or * gas** 23:01:11
Sorry, check out the sludge on drudge if ya geta.. 22:54:40
What states are left still? 22:37:09
Got this from meetup today, had to share with financial meltdown going on 22:16:33
krugerrand and what else Should I buy? 22:11:28
Police pursue anti-government 'John Adams' blogger 21:47:38
It's a MELTDOWN. Dollar collapsing. 21:39:29
We the People , ATTENTION ALL PATRIOTS , r3VOLution!!! 21:35:14
We the People , ATTENTION ALL PATRIOTS , r3VOLution!!! 21:32:21
We the People , ATTENTION ALL PATRIOTS , r3VOLution!!! 21:27:04
TONIGHT on "The Freedom Message": Global Financial Meltdown in Progress NOW :: Peter Schiff Special Guest 21:24:22
**Aimee*Allen**Barry Manilow****George*Carlin** 21:02:18
So, have any states had their state conventions yet? 20:52:20 Porn Thread 20:38:58
Connect the DOTS.... B informed.... YOU Decide 20:31:49
YouTube Video "Best of" Vote 20:19:26
Bear Stearns is History! 20:11:16
Ben Stein shows fascism in new movie-EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed 19:55:58
Gold and Silver SKYROCKETING Tonight CAUTION!!!!!!! 19:46:58
I hope someone is recording the John Adams mini-series on HBO tonight 19:27:55
********** Get Ready for Monday The Federal Reserve Neocons making The moves ********** 19:23:34
Here's why silver is a better investment than gold: 19:14:35
****AAron Russo**** 19:14:02
TIME Mag "Do Americans Care About Big Brother?" 19:09:19
What are YOU going to do after the Conventions? 18:42:27
"anti-" ron paul video 18:06:44
Great New Site! Get "Freedom Rally" info all in one place! (PLEASE KEEP BUMPED) 17:36:16
WE CAN WIN : Keep this up extremely important : How we are winning with the delegate process explained in depth. 17:32:17
Delegates 17:24:41
Peter Schiff on Cavuto 3/15 -- Monday may very well be very bad!!! 17:18:06
Sign Up at 17:14:06
Dr. Murray Sabrin News 17:05:37
Landslide Victory for Ron Paul in Missouri!! We can still do it! 16:48:01
We Need The Trolls 16:27:42
U.S. Supreme Court News 16:21:28
******Ron Paul's REAL take on Spitzer********DIGG! 16:20:59
Supreme Court will start the process to rule on the Second Amendment this week. 16:16:29
Nothing to see here...all settled... 15:31:59
New Rally Video WE WERE BORN FOR THIS! 15:29:37
A true American Policeman 15:28:24
Hey make a copy, I did 15:15:31
How to learn from the Caucus Wins in Texas, Missouri, Nevada, etc 15:06:53
"What's Goin' On?" - Timeless 14:41:35
Reno Nevada County Convention Results 14:33:59
Secret Session March 13, 2008 14:31:45
Was this financial meltdown planned? 14:22:05
Take Back America Freedom Rally & Petition!! (Keep Bumped) 14:17:26
MSM on Missouri, Nevada 14:10:45
Did you sign the petition for Dr. Paul's "Comprehensive Health Care Reform Act" (H.R. 3343)? 14:02:29
Landslide in Jackson Country (Kansas City) Missouri for Ron Paul 13:51:43
PA Canvassing Strategy? 13:34:33
The conservative voice is finding its voice!!! 13:29:54
CNN - Where are the Founding Fathers When You Need Them 13:02:45
Ron Paul to Abolish $$ The Federal Federal Reserve $$ 12:48:06
PSA from Jon Lajoie... Don't Miss It!! 12:20:06
LA Tent City BBC Video (March 14 2008) 12:08:33
McCain supporter comment. 12:05:54
Bear Stearns Bailout Was `Finger in the Dike,' Historians Say 12:03:34
Ron Paul Campaign to Be Discussed Today on Radio 12:02:09
We The People 11:49:10
Flood Youtube with emails!! 11:48:56
Whatcom County County Washington State Caucus takes 32 out 38 delegates!!! 11:46:46
The Flat Earth Society 11:46:39
Why Impeach Now?? 11:42:51
Off Topic: Trans-formation of America 11:32:05
Original Jurisdiction - Important 11:27:03
Fed Reserve Created With Good Intentions But Gone astray like Enron? 11:16:30
War****** 11:11:59
Yahoo Candidate Badge 10:56:01
** The Federal Non Reserve Bank** 10:43:04
2007 Bilderberg agenda?? 10:10:53
BLOCK Blackwater: Sign the Petition 10:04:53
Ron Paul on Spitzer 09:59:56
What's The Best E-Mail Provider? 09:56:21
Paranoid or Prepared? Survival in our future? 09:55:23
Fantastic Article to Introduce New People to Ron PAUL! 09:13:06
SGP on monday nite??? 09:04:18 no more available????? 08:51:17
Phenomenal Video--Please make it viral! 08:10:52
The Revolution March!!! 07:54:00
The Power of Paul. 07:52:58
Politics: The People vs. Michael Chertoff 07:47:38
The Eminent Domain Battle 07:47:12
Kucinich Brief in Texas Primary Ballot Access Case 07:46:37
Tips For Remaining Caucuses 06:11:43
$$$$ The Revolution: A Manifesto $$$$ NEW BOOK EXERT AVAILABLE HERE!!!! 06:11:12
Bushwhacked Constitution? Need help. 06:09:44
National Security Letters. 06:06:19
Invite The Pope To The March? 05:36:56
Texas Delegates...PLEASE HELP! - March 29th 04:59:09
Sign away your freedom.... 03:54:57
What do you think Ron Pauls first actions as president would be? 02:43:26
Response to: "Truth and the Ron Paul Movement" 02:31:31
What is the best strategy to win PA? 02:19:43
What is the best strategy to win PA? 02:19:42
Permission for Ron Paul Animation TV ad 02:03:22
John McCain Will Not Win The GOP Nomination in St. Paul 01:25:14
Florida Town Bans Baggy Pants 01:06:33
Ron Paul "The High Tide" 01:05:54
Alternative Media to Support 00:59:47
Storey County's Overwhelmingly for Ron Paul!!! 00:56:50
{~Dr. Paul~} Addressing Congress 00:46:28
**** Truth about the Federal Reserve Bank ** 00:29:35
RP Propoganda Poster Auction 00:21:58
lynnopoly's find- GOP delegate rule book 00:20:30