Posted on March 18, 2008

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"Freedom Rally": Granny Needs Our Help!! (PLEASE KEEP BUMPED) 14:39:56
Peter Schiff On Glenn Beck 3/17: Ron Paul - Real Conservative 12:39:33
Ten Minutes. Must Watch Video 00:59:09
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What our socialist "friends" think about the economy. 23:54:19
Kent Snyder, Campaign Chairman for Ron Paul, where is he now? 23:45:34
Good website for food & must have 23:42:52
Washington Bans handguns 23:39:55
Kent Snyder Interview with Hand Signals, watch the other Guy. 23:37:53
UPDATED More MO - SORRY GUYS! 23:26:01
The Romney Connection 23:11:01
Off topic: Re: DARPA 23:09:53
D.C. v Heller Oral Argument--things looking up for freedom 22:56:50
++++Peace Frog++++ 22:54:35
How do I add a signature/quote? 22:48:21
McCain forgets his own talking points or gets confused-Alzheimers?? 22:47:32
Great Investment for Paul Supporters! 22:42:50
boy oh boy infomercial 22:25:54
McCain says NC is stealing SCs water! 22:20:10
Daddy WarBucks: It's Starting To Happen - They're Looking For Answers REDUX 22:08:23
Aaron Russo may have been right about the Economic collapse 22:06:10
WE MUST SPREAD RON PAUL'S MESSAGE~it becomes Our own. 21:47:16
RAW: McCain's Foreign Policy Gaffe 21:45:14
You had heard this right? 21:40:29
Ted McAvoy for US Congress 21:37:55
How much money and how many lawyers would it take to sue the FED? 21:31:16
NORTH AMERICAN UNION coming to a country near you..... 21:25:24
Newspaper covers the RP revolt in Missiouri this past weekend - Oh Yea! 21:12:32
DC v. Heller 21:08:50
Peter Schiff BloombergTV 21:04:43
C-SPAN is re-airing the Supreme Court Hearing on the D.C. handgun ban. 21:00:25
What is the true reason for... 20:34:16
Bernanke commits treason??? 20:24:34
The Battle of Trenton 20:22:47
posted on youtube today "RON PAUL'S (not so?) NEW AD "THE ECONOMY" " 20:22:00
What's to understand here? 20:21:49
Fed Poll!! 20:20:13
I have a state pension---should I pull it out? 20:06:46
AMERO follow by economic melt down 20:02:18
HR 2755-Abolish the Fed-Sample Letter to use on your Congressional reps 20:02:07
Yeah we still have our 2nd Amendment rights! Right? 20:01:40
Lou Dobbs - RP in negative context! 19:54:57
Book Suggestions about the Economy 19:49:20
California - Recall Election - Nancy Pelosi 19:17:12
OLD SCHOOL- Just a Year ago we did it! - It's time again 19:14:46
Ron Paul exposes United Nations (1990's?) 18:38:27
Pennsylvania Delegates need mailers printed 18:29:14
Bernanke Praises Study Linking Monetary Policy and Depression 18:28:37
Insider trading by JP Morgan, only the well-heeled need apply! 18:19:13
Ammo Registration Coming to Your State! 18:19:07
***recent short term loans going to investment banks has not happened since 1930's **** so where are we headed???? 18:12:10
McCain doesn't know who the enemy is 18:11:46
---...If you are wondering why Gold and Silver dropped.. ---- 17:56:55
1/2 page flier with Ron Paul collage 17:12:18
Seeking Libertarian Artists skilled in Photoshop 17:08:43
Policy of Non-intervensionism- What if Ron Paul paid a visit to Iraq? 17:05:04
Went to get the petition for city council today... yelled at the clerk 16:59:27
Will you vote for me? P.S. I am not Ron Paul 16:55:02
Sounds good, but... Anyone know what RP did? 16:51:00
"Freedom Rally" Money Bomb Starts Now!! (PLEASE KEEP BUMPED) 16:29:24
Video: U.S. Treasury Secretary - Henry Paulson Does Not Know The State of The Economy! 16:25:45
The Good Doctor says They Can Buy Time and Manipulate But..... 16:12:59
Ron Paul on Fox Business Channel Tonight (3-18) 7:00 PM 16:12:25
Cong Ron Paul 16:11:12
All You Need To Know - Highlight Video of Ron Paul Speeches 16:09:36
Whistleblower exposes insider trading program at JP Morgan 16:05:33
Someone should have thought of this earlier. 16:04:29
GOLD 978$ DAMMIT 16:03:36
Ron Paul backers succeed in guerilla takeover of some GOP caucuses 15:52:49
Whats going on in the market? 15:36:42
Fed Giving out Free Money!!! 15:34:37
Lovely Playmobil "police state" toys... 15:24:45
ARKANSAS: Get Pryor out of Senate: Vote 4 Percefull 15:17:01
Comic Relief 15:16:18
Upadte From BJ Lawson (Another Key Endorsment) 14:41:49
FOX vs FCC Now cspan 2:50pm est 3/18/08 14:40:48
This is for those of you that have doubted my posts about the delegate process 14:36:13
Raleigh NC Real ID Protest 14:32:43
Draft Rand Paul - Independent Candidate for President 14:31:41
IN YOUR OPINION??? - What would be better for the Amercian People? 14:22:35
QUESTION - Could the grassroots movment start its own currnecy? 14:15:59
Bear Stearns Bank Run: A Signal of the Next Depression? 13:39:25
What do you know about 13:32:54
Boycott Olympics & Sponsers 13:15:43
What is the last straw on the camel's back for you? 13:13:32
More reasons for smaller federal government 13:10:54
Lost Gold Parabola 13:05:49
Internet Addiction Could Be Classified As Mental Illness 13:00:36
Something fun -- Lil Bush is f*cking McCain! 12:51:56
Livestream to right to bear arms argument 12:40:26
"Bring your daughter to war day." Hilarious video! 12:39:39
Lets Name Name(s)... DP-Poll :-) >>> 12:38:45
Now Is The Time! 12:21:34
Do You Hear the People Sing? - Ron Paul edition 11:57:17
Ben BERNANKE, Bush, Bank Bailouts, & The T.V. Downfall of Eliot SPITZER: Unbelievable Connection Revealed! 11:38:39
The Onion Candidate Profile on Ron Paul 11:36:54
URGENT : If you want Dr. Paul to continue in the race untill September we need to do this now. A MUST READ 11:33:39
National City Bank in Ohio up for sale loses 43% in stock value, one of the biggest banks where I live 11:18:42
The "conscience" complaint I have experienced and encountered 11:15:16
Financial Meltdown A Gigantic Fraud, could this be true? 10:58:14
SC- Getting Lindsey Graham out -We got our man! UPDATED 10:48:43
You Ready For This? 10:43:01
forgive me if this has already been posted.. 10:18:43
Ron Paul/ Lee Iacocca Ticket? 10:17:14
Listen to CSPAN NOW!! 10:13AM EST 10:13:23
To all Ron Paul supporters. Keep your mouths shut! 10:12:17
Obama's minister brouhaha 10:09:22
Moderator: Take down the video post 09:59:24
Moderator: Take down the video post 09:59:05
ATTENTION! 09:47:56
***DON'T Panic - Start PRODUCING******* (Feds Cause Depression) 09:16:46
Money may not be so safe at Lehmen, though 09:10:50
Fed Cheerleaders--disgusting!!! 08:57:46
Making a Recession Great 08:50:40
Ron Paul's Missouri supporters take charge of weekend county caucuses 08:31:21
We need a C-SPAN team! 08:30:09
The Economic Committee of Congress says the war has so far cost a US family of four $16,900, a bill that could rise to $37,000 08:29:16
Our money in the bank appears to be safe. 07:21:00
Ten Minutes. Must Watch Video 06:58:13
The VISA IPO. Here comes the BEAST! 05:31:04
Cali, Gold, weird regulations starting!!! 03:38:50
Do you believe this? 03:35:21
The Revolution is Alive and Well in Nevada! 03:09:01
RateMyCop 'You Have the Right to Remain Informed' 03:08:33
the movie NETWORK---see it---again! 02:47:17
***are americans brainwashed*** 02:30:55
TRADERS-hope you knew that 80 is the "new Par" 02:25:27
Folks I need Feedback for the Money Bomb WEB PAGE!! 02:02:52
Another Front of the Revolution 01:52:42
Fiscal War, AWOL Candidates 01:30:14
Ron Paul backers succeed in guerilla takeover of some GOP caucuses 01:29:47
$$$ Sorry, I wasn’t pessimistic enough! $$$ 01:29:43
Please DO NOT start calling Oregon. 01:22:50
Banks face "new world order," consolidation: report 01:16:53
Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck Saying RON PAUL THE ONLY ONE WHO HAD COURAGE TO TELL THE TRUTH here is the video 01:01:34
100 Year Old Electric Car Makes A Comeback 00:42:28
We should have another money bomb!! Everyone donate 20 bucks on April 1 00:25:52
Obama Attended Hate America Sermon 00:24:05
Technology is advancing at a scary pace 00:20:23
We need to all get more signs out there 00:20:16
+ + + MSM REPORT: Ron Paul’s Missouri supporters take charge of weekend county caucuses + + + 00:18:10
Who is the lessor evil? 00:17:43
Is anyone else expecting to see Ron Paul come off the ropes and land a viscious knockout blow? 00:04:44
Billboard Liberation Front Improves AT&T Billboard in San Franscisco 00:03:26