Posted on March 31, 2008

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I will be on RPRRADIO.COM Thursday April 3rd from 4-6pm Central time. 20:10:45
RON PAUL to be on GLENN BECK April 1st. 16:01:01
Ron Paul Interview - WOR Radio New York - 3/31/2008 11:46:30
★★ April 1 Money Bomb ★★ 11:38:59
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Alaska Converts McCain Delegates to Ron Paul 23:51:47
The People 23:47:34
The Desperate Neocon Establishment in New Jersey 23:24:09
FORWARD AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE<><>important<><> 22:57:27
The London Independent Says, USA 2008 - The Great Depression 22:23:50
Gulf of Tonken 22:23:01
This is my country... 22:21:42
Nationalize the Federal Reserve? 22:19:18
GOP Will Try To Raise Money on Mc Cain's Behalf 22:14:59
? for self : " Am I a S'm'ERF " ? 22:13:25
Ron Paul on Beck Television show TOMORROW/ BECK IS ALLY! 22:12:44
Does the U.S. Constitution still exist? 21:51:56
How much longer before it gets economically really bad? 21:46:10
The economic crisis's your chance to say when/what will happen! 21:42:40
New Book from Barry Goldwater, Jr. 21:21:36
Moqtada Al-Sadr asserts dominance, embarrasses Maliki and U.S. 21:02:01
DIGG blocking all attempts to link to DailyPaul Convention info 21:00:04
TEXAS Delegation Organizer 20:30:29
Ron Paul will be on Glenn Beck's TV show to talk about the Fed. (April 1'st) 20:29:11
The True Origin of POLITICS 20:09:40
Is this going on anyplace else??? 19:58:16
The future of oil and war 19:38:45
The Fed & More: Lew Rockwell on radio Tues. AM 19:37:03
Interesting story about MLK's FBI surveillance 19:35:03
*** VoterVoter Ad Site *** 19:16:54
Glenn Beck 19:12:44
McCain gets a D from O'Neil 19:11:36
Tyrant Lincoln 18:51:16
A reminder and a warning...... 18:43:54
Obama: I don't carry a Council on Foreign Relations card or know any 'special handshake' 18:40:50
Alaska Converts McCain Delegates to Ron Paul 18:32:40
HIGH TIDE AIRTIME - currently at $5,702 - please help!!! 18:13:57
Great Barrington, MA has it's own currency 17:54:50
Encouraging News! 17:54:25
The Feudal Serfdom 17:35:18
Ron Paul calls Obama a fraud 17:30:00
The Lessons of Basra 17:19:32
April 1 Money Bomb - Midnight Tonight 17:09:31
We have been very carefully bamboozled 16:56:59
Ron Paul Interview - WOR Radio New York - 3/31/2008 16:56:52
*Don't read this$ 16:53:21
Obama: Change we can believe in 16:05:53
Governor: South Carolina will not file extension for Real ID 15:56:51
Great Lakes Terrorism??? 15:49:08
The TOWER OF BABEL Returns 15:46:01
Serfs AHOY!! 15:40:20
POLL: Should the FED Be given more power? 15:27:45
Listen to Pastor Lindsey Williams Today on RPRRADIO.COM 15:27:44
HUD Secretary Jackson Resigns; is Under Criminal Investigation 15:16:54
I Need Your Help - Tough Questions for the Republican Party Leadership 14:28:42
Why Ron Paul had no chance... 14:16:08
Three questions on silver purchases.... 14:15:56
license plate scanning 14:04:41
Lesson from New Hampshire 13:56:47
Happy Serfs 13:56:11
Idaho State Legislature Tries to Exclude Ron Paul Republicans 13:28:34
Ron Paul to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at FFF Conference 13:23:23
Dr. Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Tomorrow 13:04:46
Surprise, surprise... CNN lies about Paulson's FED proposal 12:59:03
Ron Paul Congressional Website Column - "On Money, Inflation and Government" March 30, 2008 12:45:25
Paulson Proposes Financial Overhaul 12:34:57
Revealed: Top McCain advisors lobbied for predatory lenders 12:33:34
What's going on with Gold & Silver? 12:22:52
In a truely free society, should we give the government the power to enforce patent and copy right laws? 12:16:11
Unbelievable addition to the Freedom Rally 12:11:56
TN Gov. Bredesen Taking a Tally - Call If You Oppose the REAL ID! 11:50:17
Google = CIA 11:49:03
At Least there is no profiling anymore.....Here it Comes! 11:38:25
PATROIT formed between close friends or ... 11:22:39
They are trying to sign the rights of the Great Lakes over to the United Nations, it is called Agenda 21, 11:06:42
Obama (or Clinton) and the Nationalization of the American Economy 11:02:50
Sweeping financial overhaul -largest since Depression 10:56:22
*&*Truck strike alert 10:55:50
We weren't just going to go in and steal the presidency,lickety split 10:48:01
This huge crack in our foundation 10:30:32
******AMAZING SITE***** Pls keep this up!!!!! World Map of Terrorism 10:28:06
Ron Paul Radio Interveiw 10:14:15
RP Econ Adviser Schiff: Government Regulation Is Not The Answer 10:00:56
Here's our competition!! 09:57:45
Telegraph/UK: Fed eyes Nordic-style nationalisation of US banks 09:54:46
Why this movement is slowing down...HERE 09:40:32
INFO TO PASS ON!!! 09:02:09
12 year old fighting back against tyranny. 08:59:04
Is our movement slowing down? 08:57:36
Ron Paul WOR Interview MP3 Here 08:48:08
Government Takeover of the Church 08:31:53
The Best Birthday Gift Ever 08:23:06
What's to come with the banking system 08:17:27
Community service (joke) 08:16:47
The Control Over Publishing Companies/Print Media 08:16:02
Where's the "Media Blitz," DaddyWarBucks? 08:15:18
Texas Prosecutes Little Old Ladies for Voter Fraud 07:47:10
New Post! Liberty Community in Brazil. I am willing to donate small plots of land to individuals to start a community. 07:41:43
Dont mind the article. A picture is worth a thousand words. 06:45:32
2008 Asheville [N.C.] "Constitutial Convention" ala 1775 05:01:30
Videos of Ron Paul talking about several issues. 04:41:28
Planning for Iran Attack? update 03:54:22
Better late then never! Visit 03:51:02
SOME PLEASE COMMENT!! What does this mean?" 03:50:26
McCain warns of Iraq 'genocide' THIS GUY SUCKS!!! 03:33:50
U.S. soldiers hobbies: Puppy Killing 03:09:36
RON PAUL CAN WIN THE ELECTION, FOR REAL! Steve is willing to go on Coast to Coast to explain the DELEGATE PROCESS!! PLEASE HELP! 02:57:32
Please LOOK! Help RON PAUL supporters in Ohio!!! 02:45:02
Support Daniel Brackins for Congress 02:38:38
College Republican GOP yell "taze him" to Karl Rove Heckler 02:16:01
Senior Democrats mull Al Gore's nomination 02:08:25
A Look back at Kent State 02:04:48
IMPORTANT - Resolution to Remove Mccain Delegates 01:56:45
Governor Mark Sanford WILL hold a press conference on the national ID, TOMORROW MONDAY MARCH 31, 2008 01:55:16
Remember Phil? 01:53:23
President Bush BOOED DIGG AND REDDIT 01:42:09
Waaahoooo Ron Paul mentioned on George Noorey 01:24:18
What would be the money goal for the money bomb on Tuesday? 01:24:16
Ladies and Gentlemen..prepare to defend yourselves! 01:14:49
Camp Revolution - July 2008 01:12:22
Switch to Mike Gravel - libertarian candidate? 00:48:07
ARE THERE NO MUSIC LOVERS OUT THERE???David Wilcox FREE ANTI-BUSH SONG to listen to about the state of our country. GREAT STUFF! 00:43:23
Remember this guys?: "I take my orders from the Constitution!", this was what woke my love for Ron Paul! 00:38:16
Time for something positive 00:37:17
A focus on elections for sheriff, court rules in our favor. 00:20:21