Posted on April 15, 2008

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Ron Paul on Cavuto 22:45:37
Freedom Rally Update 21:23:24
Move to Paulville: the town where rightwingers will be free 17:54:56
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10 things you should know about John McCain (but probably don't) 23:47:57
D.C. hand guns 23:38:33
This bill has the potential to change the country MN 1261, check it out!! 23:28:51
NBC KPVI Idaho Ron Paul supporters updated 23:16:30
lie of the century-why we NEED Ron Paul 23:05:06
Evolution and the Ron Paul Revolution 22:52:38
Evolution and the Ron Paul Revolution 22:51:18
I Hit My Local Post Office Today With AFTF DVD's 22:18:39
McCain showing his true colors 21:36:49
IRS suffers significant loss in Court case... 21:33:57
U.S. Foreclosures Jump 57% as Homeowners Walk Away 20:53:15
Keith Olbermann again ignores Ron Paul 20:16:03
So what was the big announcement???? 19:55:54
Jesse Benton Marrying Ron's Granddaughter, Valori 19:49:42
Man in Evansville, IN forced to remove Ron Paul sign because it was offensive... except it wasn't and it was just a normal sign. 19:41:49
Reality? 19:27:37
Questions for Candidates 19:22:51
Ex-CIA Official: Cheney behind Basra offensive 19:11:51
Study: Single parents cost taxpayers $112 billion 18:53:58
Just want to wish you all a Happy Slavery Day!!! 18:32:54
A Tale of Triplets 18:19:23
RON PAUL On NEIL CAVUTO tonight- great interview! 18:15:24
Call to Action. H.R. 5719, Raises fees on HSA (Health Savings Accounts) 18:06:02
Free the FLDS: Online Petition to the Governor of Texas 18:01:59
Ohio CHANGE confronts CFR president Richard N Haass 17:43:31
Taxman - Beatles Cartoon 16:57:34
The Revolution: a Manifesto available ebay 16:57:12
Only A Miracle Can Save America Now - By Chuck Baldwin 16:55:34
Let me get this right 16:20:23
Ron Paul at Goucher College 4/14/08 16:02:03
Another reason why Oil hit 115.00! 15:11:15
Proposed changes in taxes after 2008 General election 14:50:37
Chuck Baldwin- Only a Miracle Can Save America Now. 14:42:07
Why do we have so many police? 14:40:45
Newsmax reporting that Iran attack coming 13:58:01
Gold and silver interesting today 13:47:06
Rothchilds host fundraiser for McCain 13:39:46
A Real Shocker: Military Releases High Casualty Figures (300,000) 13:20:01
What Happens When You Don't Pay The "Voluntary" Income Tax 13:19:14
Political Lore Radio!!! 12:56:07
60 000 people made homeless in our DEPRESSION and living in camps 12:48:16
Help needed, My Personal Computer 12:39:46
War with Iran coming? 11:53:23
$3 Trillion Dollar Shopping Spree 11:39:29
**cursing the loss of purchasing power!** 11:27:39
over 400 children taken from their parents in texas 11:14:55
Bob Barr: Wrong on Columbia 10:55:31
Missouri rejects real ID 10:45:19
Tell your congressman you want 10:40:10
JUST in case anybody thinks that Paul is wrong about spending: 10:39:31
Update on the Texas Polygamist situation 10:31:57
What is it that is just plain Wrong in this Photo? 10:11:45
France’s answer to global food crisis is EU protectionism...blames free market 09:46:20
Conquering Canada 09:25:01
A Real Eyeopener 09:07:07
The North American Union and the Larger Plan 09:02:00
World's new crisis: soaring food prices 08:14:36
what happend to the Search feature 08:04:13
Ron Paul was asked if he was a CFR member, see video 07:43:26
Take your money back!!! 07:24:21
ATTN Washington State Ron Paul supporters 07:12:31
@@Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The Next President's First Task [A Manifesto] 06:32:35
Ron Paul @ Penn State???? 05:28:20
WSJ: McCain Seeks Funds Despite Legal Hurdles (OUR CHANCE?) 03:39:23
The Greatest Ron Paul Conspiracy Theory - GREAT EDITORIAL 02:56:46
Bush / Cheney to Attempt Possible Coup 02:55:26
Oil Prices set NEW Record... dollar dumps...AGAIN! 01:32:01
Is there going to be a June 21st rally in Washington D.C. still 00:56:03
Anti-China Hypocrisy about Tibet 00:49:06
End The Mass State Income Tax Money Bomb 00:32:57