Posted on May 10, 2008

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Abolish Police. Elect sheriffs. 23:49:25
Leader of GOP National Convention quits after Myanmar ties reported 23:34:42
This is completely beyond the pale. 23:21:56
Social Security News Article... great Ron Paul Mention! 23:16:19
FDA Protects Chinese Murderers 22:51:13
McCain says Iraq war was for oil ! 22:33:56
The Disclosure Project 22:26:25
Bush's New World Order Speech (see Masonic hand signal) 22:21:13
AZ GOP Convention a farce - Don't you guys care about this? 22:05:14
NEW National Defense slim jim 21:54:49
Got a whole new out look..Yep..! 21:18:11
Sheriff Richard Mack wrote this……………… 20:59:10
GOP National convention leader linked to Myanmar Junta- Resigns 20:53:18
The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder 20:52:43
Any News from Utah 20:52:13
RFFM: McCain NOT Solidifying Party Base 20:34:32
****What's your opinion on ANARCHO-CAPITALISM???**** 19:58:08
Chavez accused of sponsoring terrorism 19:56:03
Is there anything more Sexy, than a RP Woman stacked with the Truth! 19:47:05
737 pm eastern time watch cspan now no fly list lawsuit 19:35:41
'Recommend' friendly review to promote RP's "Revolution" 19:33:17
Do We Really Have the Power to Transform this Nation and Prevail? - I Say Yes We Do! 19:26:56
Spent my stimulus today. 19:00:52
Wife's beer fortune gives McCain access to millions 18:49:38
Leader of GOP convention quits after Myanmar ties reported 18:25:31
This... 18:23:38
George Green (The Big Picture - An Economic Picture for coming times 18:12:51
Madonna Accidently Diggs Ron Paul! VIDEO SPREAD 17:56:17
the govt's eugenics program 17:54:53
Gag on 2nd Amendment Is City’s Aim in Guns Suit 17:51:19
hide your pc 17:02:55
Thought you might be interested in this..Christians 16:59:54
Recall your senator today!!!!! 16:36:53
Need Help with Revolution message at church tomorrow 16:16:45
Bush last opportunity to save his legacy: Time to invade Myanmar? 16:01:58
Ron Paul's Manifesto 15:44:36
Aimee Allen Revolution song broadcasting on MTV 15:24:57
Reddit: Analysis: RP was right again, the Beirut Violence in Context 15:17:08
Another problem arises for McCain 14:37:50
Sounds like the "purge" of commanders opposed to war with Iran has started. 14:28:49
Congress Moves $300 Billion Housing Bailout 14:28:46
FBI uses software made by Chinese firms? 14:25:32
"We're the legal parents." -- Texas CPS 14:24:32
Barns and Nobles got rid of the political book table in my area 14:19:29
Politico's Ask Bush ANYTHING!! 14:16:24
Another Random Act of Jealousy 14:10:00
Another bright idea: Invade Burma? 14:08:25
The big longer big medicine 14:03:42
Ron Paul Revolution Surprise (spread the word) 13:34:13
My experience handing out flyers at Utah GOP state con 13:18:10
Utah Convention TODAY - SATURDAY, May 10, 2008 13:05:03
Revolution on youtube 11:58:10
MTV's Aimee Allen, Ron Paul Anthem Music Video MUST SEE!! 11:56:59
New Poll - How will you vote in November? 11:53:38
Alternative Fuels Black Hole. Is There One? 11:05:13
US The Most Manipulated Population on Earth:The Art of Deception 10:50:57
The software that could change the world 10:24:48
WE ARE GAINING !Ron Paul is a Pres. Candidate on the New York Times site next to... 10:18:39
Surprise GOP rule switch? (Steve Parent gets a mention in the Salt Lake Tribune article) 09:47:43
How to become the media... 09:29:21
Nail in the Coffin of Lies 09:08:25
Lodge of Cowards Training - Bill Clinton 08:06:45
Free Advertising for Ron's "The Revolution" 07:45:43
No Chance? No Problem, Says Paul. 06:41:49
Libertarians for Justice - 9/11 Congressional Inquiry Project 06:40:33
McKook continues to stumble... 06:39:52
Plan Mexico: The SPP and the militarization of Mexico 06:21:19
Cheney Aide Subpoenaed to Testify to Congress 05:58:11
Michael Scheuer on Aljazeera - Stands Up for Ron Paul 05:43:46
New World Order for Dummies 04:35:56
Mccain supporters want to debate with us? @ / moderated by Dr Juan Hernandez 03:47:40
The Lucrative Art of War 03:35:19
Some McCain forums 03:27:45
McCain fooled me 03:21:33
New Resource: 03:00:09
Not directly related to Ron Paul, but interesting- Cell Phones affect Brain wave patterns 02:49:07
The revolution a manifesto is 02:20:05
Energy Invention Suppression Cases August 30 2007 02:13:30
Unreal.: Fallen soldiers cremated at pet hospital 02:12:13
So, How's it looking in Utah? 01:32:51
Who's afraid of the bid bad Trilateral Comission? 01:26:56
Socialized (Universal) Health Care -- is this what you want? 01:09:37
2 hr video of how this entire thing came about 00:46:30
THIS IS FREAKIN' GREAT! Converstion with Gen. Smedley Butler USMC 00:45:43
KBR Questioned on Labor Abuses in Iraq 00:09:04