Posted on May 15, 2008

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Ron Paul on KTSA San Antonio today 13:05:58
Ron Paul publicly names neocons 06:16:41
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Digg and Fav -- Iraq War Veterans speak out 23:20:02
Show Our Mettle - Give For China and Myanmar 22:50:04
Mr. Mortgage talks about the April Foreclosure Report -- Good video. 22:31:45
***Please Help Serve Petitions On Your Local Congressmen*** PLEASE keep bumped!! 22:27:53
56 Diggs - Calls on GOP leadership to resign. 22:20:56
You Can Have Your Country Back by Four-Thirty(A Must Watch Video) 22:08:51
Watch this video -- Reflect and Recharge! 21:59:49
Ron Paul Ad In Idaho Whoo Hoo! 21:03:23
Blackwater's Proposed San Diego Training Facility Draws Criticism 21:00:15
Ron Paul Videos 20:40:19
**Get picked up protesting and they will take a sample of your DNA** 20:34:45
***DEBATING THE NATIONAL ID CARD****: Please click here!!! 20:30:24
Home Distillation = Fuel Alternative 20:27:37
You people must not care about the second amendment. David Olofson convicted of transfering a machine gun 20:23:50
McCain camp just sent this to my inbox.... 19:56:19
Lost ur job???? 19:56:08
daily Paul's Worst 100 Figures in the World 19:25:56
Join The Revolution 4 Freedom Festival in Sturgis, S.D. (Keep Bumped) 19:19:51
Daily Paul's Top 100 Most Influential Figures in the World 19:08:36
The House just voted to 149 to 141 to cut off funding for the war in Iraq. 18:59:08
It couldn't happen here! 18:53:22
Challenge McCain Delegates -- Any ideas? 18:52:57
Marathon Oil taking over BP 18:51:43
US Using Food Crisis To Boost Bio-Engineered Crops 18:33:37
How Ironic... the peace loving Republicans are holding up the warmongering Democrats' agenda 18:06:28
Yahoo: Ron Paul get's second wind 17:59:29
McCain brings up Iranian hostage crisis to say that Reagan didn't "appease" enemies--- YEAH, RIGHT! 17:56:44
Connecticut Man Says Cops Broke Into His Home and Ripped Out His Catheter 17:48:05
***Food for Thought****** Old adage... 17:10:24
Is Bobb Barr the anointed one to wreck The Ron Paul movement? 16:45:31
Attention New Jersey/Public Hearing for Proposed Voter Verified Paper Trail for the Sequoia, AVC Advantage Voting Machine 16:39:33
Anyone out there good at making YouTube Videos? 16:35:52
We Need To Infiltrate over 4,000 16:35:40
Modern-Day Limited-Government Movement Has Been Co-opted - by Ron Paul 16:15:38
Economic Causes of War - Ludwig Von Mises 16:10:56
Ron Paul could reMake FREE TO CHOOSE 16:03:55
Get a look at this crock of CRAP! 15:58:45
Lawyers for RNC protesters go to court Friday 15:40:17
OBAMA plans to give UN .7% of US gdp to feed hungry around world and disarm US citizens. 15:31:44
Ron Paul, McCain AOL Poll 15:17:24
Ron Paul, McCain AOL Poll 15:15:06
McAmnesty fixes health records? 15:12:38
They're pushing planned RNC protestors away from Convention site 15:01:56
Pentagon General Calls for US to Sponsor Terrorism Against Iran 14:58:51
Look up ANYONE's LICENSE! 14:54:29
Ron Paul Supporters, What Are Your Plans? 14:50:34
Paul's Forign Policy Ideas 14:21:19
"This is bullshit." 14:20:41
545 people, my email 14:15:05
The Battle for America has Begun....Strategic Forecasts 12:41:12
New favorite Ron Paul web site 12:33:24
Want a good laugh!! watch this! 12:25:36
Call The Neo-Con Bluff, Help Them Go Overseas 12:19:10
Bob Barr and Mike Huckabee - Assassins of the Ron Paul Revolution? 12:06:28
Video: The U. S. is NOT a DEMOCRACY! Great video series explaining why our founders did their best to avoid DEMOCRACY. 12:04:59
****DO NOT put anything in a safe deposite box**** 11:58:36
Good article on YAHOO about Ron Paul Republicans!!! 11:37:43
Costa Rica Suspected of Having Bananas of Mass Destruction 11:33:58
Road Check Points/ Nebraska 11:26:15
Modern day "V for Vendetta" - The Anti-Terrorist 11:11:48
This was taken off yesterday 11:02:43
Troops speak out about Iraq 11:01:16
Which "Miss Ron Paul" did you vote for? 10:56:35
The Patriot Himself Tonight 10:45:40
only President Ron Paul can stop directive 51 10:44:03
How did you find out about Ron Paul??? 10:33:13
Anyone listening to CrackCain talk? 10:20:29
McCain's dream team: Paul, Huckabee, Buffett 10:02:44
Bush pays homage to Iraq dead; gives up golf 09:37:16
best written article yet 09:20:48 09:14:59
recipes that stretch food 08:40:14
Volcker: How Congress Can Destroy the U.S. Central Bank 08:27:55
Paul Likens Financial System to a Fed-fed Drug Addict 08:14:39
Dobbs:No more gun rights, not even for soldiers.... 07:00:33
Radio host briefly mentions Ron Paul as the only real republican in the race. 06:51:33
"Rock The Revolution" BookSigning/RallyConcert May 17th w/ Ron Paul 05:36:33
The income tax is theft. 05:04:36
I cooked black-eyed peas for dinner. 04:44:21
East Texas pastor threatened by anonymous men in dark suits for giving talk to Boy Scouts about bill of rights 04:34:42
911 operator: 'I don't give a sh*t what happens to you' 04:24:15
JPMorgan Chase CEO: Recession Just Beginning 04:17:44
Drug Civil War rages in Mexico 04:10:49
The joys and triumph of socialized healthcare for the peasant masses. 03:11:46
Liberty Harvest: Anybody getting their gardens ready? Part II 02:23:14
Keith Olbermann's Scathing Critique of Bush's War 5/14 02:08:34
Ron Paul Nobel Peace Prize Nominee 01:56:01
Ex-officer tells court he covered up botched raid 01:23:30
***According to UK Ambassador Greenstock, We Knew No WMD in Iraq*** 01:12:31
Aol has a list on its home page saying how some celebrities are voting 00:51:26
Glenn Beck wants you to email him 00:49:00
Will Ron Paul Supporters Show Up At The GOP Convention? 00:47:28