Posted on May 17, 2008

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Zogby: 48% of Voters Dissatisfied With Candidates. 11:10:57
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Need to locate delegate contact information for project 23:45:18
The Trickle Down Screw-Up Theory and Why I agree With Ron Paul, Even When I Don't. 23:39:56
Ron Paul: My Letter To Friends & Family 23:32:08
Louisville rally 23:28:54
We are all Gods children 23:26:38
FLDS being tried collectively 23:20:20
Ron Paul would be MAD AS HELL at this! 23:09:07
Mr Nystrom Question?? 22:55:20
The Breaking Point????????? 22:52:45
George W. Bush's Top Five Reasons Why John McCain is Unfit to Be President 22:48:28
U.S. Senate Panel Reaches Agreement on Anti-US Dollar Measure 22:44:25
I just got my invitation to John McCain's $500 a plate fundraiser 22:42:15
H.R. 1146 American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2007 introduced by Ron Paul 22:06:32
Random Poll- Who was the worst president? 21:45:57
20th Hijacker Imprisoned for 6 Years, Tortured and Freed! 21:22:24
I remember finding a president... 21:12:23
What? No Ted Kennedy has a Stroke thread? 21:05:17
Patriots to Ron Paul, Challenge McCain!! Action Item! 20:25:38
Price of power: McCain action helped Arizona land developer 20:15:08
"The Red Pill" 19:36:32
US soldier refuses to serve in ‘illegal Iraq war’ 19:04:23
Update: Ron Paul's visit in Louisville. 18:54:32
DHS Wants to Spy on Americans, Dems Charge 18:51:35
To Stealth, Or Not To Stealth; The Delegate Dilemna 18:51:12
Feel-good older video Power to the Peaceful Galloway song -very nice 18:50:23
US soldier refuses to serve in ‘illegal Iraq war’ 18:49:05
Latest Troll attack from L.G.! Flag every post from this SOB! 18:36:47
LG - Put the gas down and hand me the matches! 18:35:29
We have a great moderator! 18:30:44
Georgia GOP Unity Does NOT Include Ron Paul Republicans 18:01:51
A fight we can almost agree on . . . Ron Paul or None Of The Above (NOTA) 17:55:58
Extraordinary Times, Intentional Collapse, and Takedown of the U.S.A. 17:03:16
Christian Science Monitor on Ron Paul,,,,,,, A respectfull positive artical 16:57:56
So What If Iran Has a Bomb? 16:05:46
RP COULD WIN! IF - 1 million RP supporters could convert 200 McCain supporters over the next 3 months. 15:53:59
We Need A Union Like The EU 15:36:03
Please contribute to this Ron Paul candidate running for state Rep $5 will do 15:31:10
Libertarian Candidate Links to Ron Paul Videos and Books! 15:25:17
If It Hurt's When I... 14:45:45
Security for Delegates (and others!) 14:19:26
GA Convention Update 13:46:04
Alright, LISTEN UP people! 13:32:57
irony once again on dailypaul 13:17:57
RON PAUL @ Bowling Green High School 5/16/08 DIGG & SEE! 12:39:45
Does Jesus have a bloodline? New Documentary "Bloodline" 12:25:24
What about the House vote on 5/15 to defund the war ? 12:23:56
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy hospitalized with symptoms of stroke 12:22:12
I think I see a pattern here. NeoCon strategy 12:18:37
Update on Nevada State Republican Convention 11:53:36
Where the hell are McChains health records !!! 11:40:15
Anyone seen this yet-Huckabee's blunder about Obama having a gun aimed at him. 11:15:25
Best Revolution March video EVER / July 12th 2008 (LETS MAKE THIS VIDEO GO AWOL) NOW GO GO GO 10:18:36
Emergency! We are being kicked out of the GA convention! 09:39:58
Senate Moves Forward on Orwellian "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act" 09:37:07
Money Bomb today!!! Please help Missouri! 09:24:42
Help Missouri's 300 Contested Delegates!! 09:23:16
Soldier refuses to serve in Iraq 07:40:12
Great video. Please rate 06:17:30
Neo-Con Radio Host Publicly Shamed During Interview 04:32:04
"The Bible is a book of HATE" & More S***: Says Office of Global Antisemitism 04:15:13
Paul's book officially #1 in NYT nonfiction list now. 03:12:46
Asian Secret Society to Take out World Elite. 03:03:08
did bush rape a woman in 2002? watch this video tell me what you think? 02:51:28
hey i just seen a digg hit peice on mcstain and his father (uss liberty!)bloody hands WOW! 02:48:20
Border Patrol agent accused of drug smuggling 02:47:34
Some hypotheticals 02:46:32
Editorial: The Current State of Iraq--Epic 02:33:45
Interesting Murray Sabrin Likes Ron Paul, Supports John McCain? 02:13:50
NYT: Conflict Issues for McCain 01:58:17
Do you want the message of freedom to spread across the globe? Let's make The Revolution: A Manifesto international! 01:57:46
Rove refuses call to testify under oath 01:55:25
Calling all Patriots, UNITE!!! 01:33:32
Calling all Patriots, UNITE!!! 01:31:43
My buddy went to Texas last week, and he said he ran into tons of people who still love W. Bush 01:28:30
In need of info for advancing Dr. Paul's message. When the Fed 'prints money' how does it do it? 01:03:29
Maryland, the Free State, NEEDS HELP! 00:56:40