Posted on May 28, 2008

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Washington Post Slander 19:52:04
Reinventing Collapse: Introduction 10:57:34
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261 more votes in Idaho and Ron Paul gets another delegate - Make sure the vote count was correct 23:55:01
We the People rEVOLution -- The Profound Plan For Freedom! 23:44:21
We the People rEVOLution -- The Profound Plan For Freedom! 23:41:48
Constitutional Scholar: Bush Claims More Power Than King George III 23:33:24
What is the purpose of the March? 23:16:09
Counterpunch: An Exclusive Interview with Ron Paul 23:03:56
Idea: How about a Ron Paul T-Shirt day? 22:57:59
Free At Last — Army Intelligence Analyst Buswell, 'The 9/11 NCO,' Speaks Out 22:46:17
The Libertarian National Convention in Denver & the r3VOLution 22:39:47
ABC makes a run for the 'Border'....Homeland Security....Propoganda? 22:39:17
Letter to MN delegates from McCain supporters 22:35:16
I Do Believe.... This may hinder the Iraq deal I hope... 22:25:20
I hope this is not a duplicate post. 22:19:32
Judge Napolitano on Fox - A Nation of Sheep 22:13:31
Gary E. Johnson in 2012? 22:08:14
'Vitamin pills may cut effects of cancer drugs' 22:04:00
Ron Paul speech in Phoenix 22:02:50
Awsome Charles Linbergh video needs to go viral! Check it out 21:50:24
Sandpoint, Idaho 21:47:51
Only the good Doctor can right our ship 21:32:31
AOL POLL COME ON!! HE'S Losing!! 21:29:35
Rand Paul 2012 21:26:55
Right now there's a revolution!... Van Halen DIGG! 21:11:58
McCain's Lack of Discretion and Valor Continues to Unravel 21:09:53
McInsane in Reno 21:05:37
Croatian news site covers NAU and 9/11 21:04:36
Revolution MARCH UPDATE 9PM EASTERN MAY 28 LIVE 20:48:45
The reason i don't come in here any more..i bow to the few. 20:47:39
Ron Paul supporters on Van Halen Video 20:12:02
Glenn Beck says: "who's the smart guy from Texas? Gov. Bill Richardson?" 20:09:50
I don't know if anyone has Tivo but, 19:43:29
Ron Paul must STEP UP to the plate... 19:38:39
Plz. keep info bumpd 4 NV delegates/supporters-NO State party leaders (?) 19:19:22
GOOD article: from Liberty Maven- Ron Paul Divider or Uniter? 19:09:19
LOL! The Southern Avenger: Analysis of the GOP and why Ron Paul's message is right REPUBLICAN DOG FOOD SET TO EXPIRE! DIGG 19:07:48
Terrific Dr. Ron Article from Minneapolis. Tells it like it IS! 18:51:26
Congrats Phoenix! 18:39:40
Dear Libertarian Party: I want to break up 18:35:52
Paul not invited to MN GOP convention 18:18:22
Three little Warmongers exposed 17:59:58
Ronulan alert: Globe notes Paul high-water mark in Idaho 17:50:03
Nepalese Lawmakers Abolish Country's 239 Year-old Monarchy. Let's Abolish America's 95 Year-old Oligarchy 17:33:26
Big Daddy Cheney's War Machine [PIC] 16:35:31
New poll - vote! 16:34:07
Evidence of voter fraud in New Hampshire???? 16:32:08
Another piece falls from the cracking vase 16:30:50
Ron Paul Beats Barack Obama!!! (In Idaho) 16:29:46
Bush Belongs in Prison 16:20:31
ron paul on charles goyette show may 28 2008 16:10:58
Ex-Press Aide Writes That Bush Misled U.S. on Iraq 16:06:10
Nolan Chart: "Ron Paul out-draws McCain in Arizona" 16:03:32
Just Sit On It 15:39:52
Digg this - Fox News can't spit on our troops enough 15:33:23
Viva Dr Ron Paul Generation Keeps Fire Alive - NYC 9/11 BALLOT INITIATIVE IS ON 15:07:43
Operation Education: Spreading The Message (Sample Results Included!) Updated 06/24/08 15:05:52
A Message from A Beltway Libertarian 15:02:28
Scott McClellan spills the beans on White House BS 14:34:19
Ben Stein Forgets Ron Paul 14:27:40
Rand Paul Fighting Mad Re Washington Post Slander! 14:14:53
Paul mcain debate 13:58:42
If Only There Was A Daily Paul Filter 13:37:34
Freedom of association in Colorado about to be banned 13:33:12
Are we facing another great depression? 12:58:21
Obama n Hillary Communist Fashion 12:45:10
Propaganda Campaign 12:44:43
Lieberman is an IDIOT! legislation to regulate how much oil,gold, and silver you may purchase! 12:43:23
For PA: Abolish School Taxes! 12:33:16
All London Police officers to be "chipped" 12:29:00
IRS workers clash with Homeland security police. (w/Video) 12:09:19
Where has the America gone that we once knew? 12:09:16
Barack Obama Invents An Uncle To Liberate Auschwitz 12:04:30
Paul has best showing yet in Idaho (The Boston Globe) 11:59:49
Bioethanol: Saving the environment by starving humans 11:59:19
Hip Hop Video gets the Police State 11:52:49
Ron Paul is a genius! No BS! 11:45:41
We have a lot in common with this Donkey and his (GOP) master 11:42:39
**Global War behind the scenes** 11:37:58
In Refusal Of Murder 11:26:27
Official Press Release: Ron Paul Grassroots - A Gem in Idaho 11:23:52
CIA Drug Pilot Linked to Russian Mob 11:17:40
The old Guard 11:07:13
How to make a Facist State, by Prescot Bush. 11:06:03
POW/MIA - Drugs - McCain - Any connections????? 11:02:14
We need to help these guys end the war! 10:49:33
Gun dealer takes on New York City in court 10:41:49
Are Idahoans Smarter Than The Rest Of The U.S.? 10:30:50
It's the Revolution, Stupid! 09:43:15
Al K. Duh supporters to call for use of WMD 09:40:02
Vacation NOW in S Dakota 09:30:32
Marines bring combat training to Indianapolis 09:25:36
Does Scott McClellan's Forthcoming Book Change Anything With Regard to Ron Paul's Nomination Chances? 08:35:39
Operation Hannibal 08:30:52
Why a third party run CAN work! 07:50:27
****Are You an Enemy of the State?**** 07:41:23
this is like reading a horror story from Nazi Germany....BUT WAIT it is--IT'S NAZI TEXAS 07:09:26
Want to BE happy-motivated & INSPIRED?- for Ron Paul-watch this!!!!NOW!! 05:34:40
Malcom's no friend 04:47:19
The 10 Most Powerful Minnesota Republicans 04:31:06
Lisbon Treaty - Ireland decides 04:09:53
Best documentary yet, on who killed JFK Jr 03:32:11
New delegate here 03:19:09
Protesters interrupt McCain in Denver - 03:10:14
30% of the Voters in Idaho say NO to John McCain 02:21:41
We should stay at 24%, the counties left are in our favor 02:03:35
83% Reporting, McCain Down To 70% 01:59:23
Connecticut done with Lieberman over McCain 01:52:47
Boundary County 40% of the vote - does anyone know is that the highest of the campaign 01:36:26
Project Revolution: The Peaceful Restoration of Constitutional Order 01:33:33
Ron Paul Beats Clinton and Obama COMBINED In Idaho! 01:25:42
Ron Paul received more votes than ALL of the democratic candidates combined! Go Idaho!! 01:19:59
Idaho at 23% High Tide WORKS!!! It's not to late to donate! 01:05:37
**6** Paul Delegates are going to the RNC from Idaho, 5 Extra Delegates Guaranteed undecided. 00:50:33
nevermind.... just ignore this. 00:48:41
Why a 3rd Party or Independent Run Will Not Work! 00:48:28
Do not slander our delegates hard work by promoting this Bob Barr guy 00:26:02
Ron Paul Republican Phil Hart winning District 3 with 73%!! 00:21:24
Whats fun about this is Huckabee, Romney, Giuliani all out, and we are still having fun 00:19:41
CDR.. 40 plus members and rising... 00:18:29
If percentages stay the same - Uncommitted will get 1 delegate 00:14:30
28% of GOP voters REJECT McCain 00:09:37